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Boys will be boys... and these boys get what they want.
"Lend me forty bucks Jordyn," Jason said in a persuasive tone of voice. Jordyn sat on the couch in her small bedroom, pissed off.
I laid in her bed, next to her brother Jason, and Dillon, whom was a friend of all three of us.
"No," she said. "I know you're going to use it for pot. You smoked up in my room, you're being a dick, I'm not lending you money."
Jason laughed, "Lend me the money or I rape your friend."
"Fuck off, Jay."
At that, Jason grabbed me by my hair, stuffed my face into his crotch under the blanket. He began thrusting and I felt a wee bit of a boner against my face.
"Jordyn! Jordyn! Jordyn!" I screamed, laughing, but also horrified.
After she screamed some foul insults at him, Jason let go of my hair, and I poked my head out from under the covers. Jordyn was red faced and angry.
Dillon threw a glance in my direction, nodded at Jason, then the two got up and left.
I sat on the couch next to Jordyn, "That was freaking gross. Thanks." I said, kind of bitterly.
She scowled, as I received a text from Jason- "Talk her into it ;)"
I sighed, "Jordyn," I said, "I think you should just lend him the cash."
She turned, her blonde hair swinging, brown eyes angry behind her glasses, "Get out."
"What?" I asked, I'd never seen her this mad.
"Get. Out."
"No, Jordyn, it's," she stood, hauled me up by my arm, and pushed me out the door, I heard the lock click, and her stereo went on. Loud.
"Well, fuck." I murmured to myself.
I meandered into Jason's room where he and Dillon were watching a movie. The two f them sat on the edge of Jason's bed, watching the screen intently.
"Did you get it?" Jason asked.
"No, she kicked me out." I was surprised she'd even been able to. I was a little larger, size 16 built like Marilyn Monroe. I had DD tits, and a toned ass and legs from acting and dancing in musicals.
Dillon turned, eyebrows raised, "So shes pissed then."
I nodded and took a seat on the beanbag chair next to the bed.
"naw, Aiden, get up here."
He moved over slightly, and patted the empty space between he and DiIlon on the bed. I complied, of course, and went and sat between them.
They kept making sexual comments, I went along with them, because I assumed they were joking, as they always were. Jason grabbed my tits at one point, and I just laughed and shook them a bit.
After a while, I got bored, and thought I should go see what Jordyn was doing, even though I could still hear loud metal coming form her room. I went to get up, but Jason looped an arm around my waist, and pulled me back down. Dillon moved away from me a little bit.
Jason leaned in, kissing my neck, "Stay a while."
That made me a little uncomfortable, but his grip was iron around me, so I didn't try to get up again.
"If I raped you right now, would you take it?"
"Hmm... I don't think so," I said, laughing a little.
He nodded at Dillon, who rose, and walked towards the door.
Jason swung his leg over me, and pushed me by my shoulders, his legs were on either side of my chest, pinning me down. I writhed as he got a little closer, thrusting, teasing. I put my hands on his thighs, and tried to push him away, but he took both wrists in one hand, and pinned my arms just over my head.
I heard the door shut, and Dillon locked it. He turned on Jason's stereo, just as loud at Jordyn's.
Jason stared at me with his huge blue eyes, undoing his pants with one hand. His blonde hair hung in his face a bit as he looked downwards. He somehow managed to kick off his pants and boxers while keeping me, still writhing, subdued.
Jason's huge 8 inch cock pressed against my lips. I'd blown him before, but this was entirely different, I felt threatened.
"Open, Aiden"
I shook my head no.
"I don't want to hurt you sweet cheeks, but I will. And I can. You know I can."
I turned my head to the side, defiant. I felt someone tug up the end of my light peasant top, and start to loosen my belt.
Jason took his free hand, and slapped my face, but lightly.
Out of instinct, I turned, looking at him, mouth opened in shock.
He apparently knew I'd do that, because he took the opportunity to shove the head of his dick into my mouth.
He grabbed my jaw, holding my mouth open, and said, "If you bite me, I will make this even worse for you.
Dillon had removed my belt, and was pulling my pants down. I kicked my legs frantically, but he didn't seem to notice.
Jason had both his hands on my head, I had my hands on his thighs again, trying to push him away. I felt the muscles flex, his skin hot under my hands. His cock continued to grow in my mouth, thrusting lightly. He got a little deeper with each thrust, and I knew he was planning on making me deep throat him.
Dillon was tugging at my underwear as Jason continued to ride my face. His huge dick filled my mouth. I resigned myself to the fact that he was just going to continue, and relaxed my throat muscles.
I heard Dillon murmur something as he removed my panties.
"Just don't touch her cunt. I want to rip her apart."

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2016-12-27 06:57:19
Shit,,,,,I would take that cock down my throat anytime!!!! My BF asked if I would take care of his buddy that was going through a divorce,,,,,,. I looked at his budget,,,,smiled at him and said sure!!! Now I suck his Fat 9" cock everything he comes over!!!!!

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2011-06-28 02:45:03
A little short , but good job so far..

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OK, good start, keep it going...

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