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How I learned to suck Cock

I had an older man who asked me to help him in his garage and he had a girlie mag there where i would see it. he apologized and then asked have i ever seen such a thing. i hadnt and he asked it could be our secret it i want to take a look. of course it gave me a big hard on. he pointed to it and said that happens to me to and pointed to himself and i could see a big bulge. he said it kind of gets uncomfortable and hurts. he likes to take it out so it feels better. would i mind if he did and he of coures didnt wait. he just unzipped and pulled out this big hard cock with a big mushroom head.......

He stroked his and told me it feels so good and maybe i want to do the same. we would meet and do that and one day as i was going thru the mag and jo together he said you know it might be nicer if you can use both hands to page thru and i will stroke your cock for you. he didnt hesitate and jsut started and it felt good so i didnt protest. then he would always stroke me off till i came. He then introduced his wifes panties and would rub me with them and it felt so good. he told me secretly that sometimes he just liked to put them on becaus e they feel so good. He asked if i wanted to try that. i was hesitant and he kept insisting so i did. and he told me how hot i looked and how hard it made him and i found myslef feeling very horny about it.

He started adding feminine things to add like crotchless nylons , mini skirt, sheer top and one day had high heels. he was just turning me into his girly plaything. He always said how hot i made him and how he loved seeing me dressed. He said we should hvae a girls name for me just for playtime. he decided he would call me allison.

One day he said he had a surprise for me. he did this after i was all dressed up girly in his house. his wife was gone. he has me standing in full glory all feminine and he opens a door and out steps a friend of his. i was embarrased and in shock and having a fit and my nieghbor came over and held me and said please dont worry and dont feel bad. my friend really loves how you look and it makes him excited. He told me that mans wife doensnt have sex with him anymore and he just wanted to help him out and he knew he would find me exciting and wanted us to let him jack off looking at me. after i calmed down i was feeling sexy and i guess having another to admire me was turning me on. little did i know where this would lead.

How i eventually was taught to suck his cock. and how one day his friend said they had thought of a new fun game for us. and he had an outfit. he said first i had to undress completley and he told me to close my eyes. he said he was going to put a necklace on and i felt him reach around me and he started putting somthing around my neck. then i heard a click and he told me to open my eyes. he had put a collar on me and attached a leash to it. he was holding the leash and my neighbor pulled out a ballerina skirt and he made me step into it while he held it open, he had a little see thru top he put on me also. they told me that would remind me who the girl is today. and the leash is to remind me they are my handlers or he said maybe you call us masters like you would with a puppy. they introduced me to spanking and a third friend with a very large cock. and actually this was the day i sucked my first cock and it wasnt my neighbor but this new stranger they introduced me to. They told me they were honoring him by sharing me with him. i just thought i would be modeling like for my neighbor and friend. The planned a little initiation and a graduation they called it. The new man seemed to be in charge. He was the alpha. My initiation was not just sucking but getting cum in my mouth .

They made me kneel down in front of him and told me to admire his cock. It was the biggest of the 3 men and a big large mushrooom head. One of hte men held my head as they guided me to his big cock. he asked me to look up at him. he was very excited and as he came he held it there and they held me down. He grunted and i felt 4 spurts of hot cum in my mouth. I was surprised i didnt gag. i just held his cum. he pulled out and then came down and looked in my eyes. He told me to swallow it for him. He said remember how your friend (my neighbor sucked me and swallowd my cum and was grateful to me for it)
He said that's what i should do. its a special gift he is giving me and i should be grateful for it. And he said your neighbor and friend and going to share theirs with you now also. My neighbor put his cock up to my mouth and the friend whispered in my ear. Be a good girl Allison open you mouth and suck ---- you know you need it. Your graduating now. He slipped it in with all the slippery cum on my lips and tongue and he didnt last long and he took hold of my head and grunted saying Allison this is for your darling, take my love baby and he spurted loads of hot cum. he slipped it out and his friend insterted his cock and in a short time came as well. they all three got face to face with me and told me to swallow. THey told me i was now THEIR BITCH . Tottally theirs and i must be there for them when they need it and do as im told.

My neighbor took over again told me to look in his eyes and said Allision your a beautiful girl and we love you . you have become the perfect bitch and now you belong to all three of us. Do you understand. All through school until i went to college i was their GIRL. i came home from college and we would get together as well. Occasionally they would bring in a fourth sometimes and make me take care of him for them. I learned the 3rd guy who i first sucked was actually teaching the neighbor and his buddy how to find and work with a young boy to train him. and thats why when they felt it was time. he got the honor of christening me with his sperm first. he was the alpha male of the 3 and commanded most get togethers. He loved to spank me and make me dance to sexy music all dressed up. By the way after they had all cum they took turns sucking me until i came and the alpaha swallowed my sperm.

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2014-03-11 06:50:54
I thought this was a very hot story,i loved it!

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I thought this was a very hot story,i loved it!

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I thought this was a very hot story,i loved it!

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I liked it. It made me remember the first time an older man taught me to suck

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