I woke up this morning and my pussy was soaking wet from having dreamed about it last night. I didn't hesitate to slide my hand down to my pussy and slowly masturbate to the scene of Daddy spurting his gooey cum all over me like he did last night. Mom had already left to go to work and Dad was loading up his truck and about to leave. I hoped he would come back in to say goodbye to me and catch me fingering my wet little snatch for him, but he didn't. I heard his truck start up noisily and he pulled out. I was alone with my thoughts, but oh what wonderful thoughts they were. I let my fingers glide smoothly in and out of my dripping whole with one hand and started fondling my little titties with the other. First I just rubbed them sensually then I started pinching and teasing them as I began to drive my right hand harder into my cunt. Before long I was moaning loudly "DADDY, DADDY, fuck me Daddy, uuuggh". My left hand clamped down hard on my little boob and shoved two fingers into my tight little cunt and came hard at the thought of Daddy plowing my young body hard.

I got up and got dressed for school. I could barely focus all day in any of my classes. All that was on my mind was Daddy's dick. A couple of my friends asked if I was okay and commented that I looked a little lost, I dare not tell any of them what I was really thinking about. My little nipples were perky and hard all day from the memory of last night. I forgot to put on my bra this morning before leaving too, so I got lots of glances from the boys all day as they tried to get a good look at my perky little tits. It was nice to get the attention, but none of those boys mattered anymore, all I wanted was Daddy.

At one point during history class I got bored during the teachers presentation and started lustfully thinking about the events of last night. I thought about being hidden under the desk all naked and wet with Daddy's dick only an inch from my lips as pumped it hard watching that porn flick. I wished I would have sucked his dick when he started that way we could have done more last night, alas it was not the time I suppose. But what a gorgeous dick he had. I felt my panties getting all wet while I was sitting in the class room. My poor little nipples were just aching to be played with. The lights were off because we were watching a movie and I was sitting in the back of the class so I discreetly pulled my hand up and started massaging my boobs. That only made things worse, my pussy was now drenched and I could feel the juices running down my ass. I let my hand fall to my lap and started slowly rubbing my pussy through my shorts while thinking about Daddy's dick in my face and his hot cum all over me. I was getting really hot and worked up. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed me yet. To my right was a girl texting and looking oblivious to the events around her and to my left I saw a cute looking boy. As I looked left I saw him quickly look away, as if he didn't want me to catch him looking at me. I was still rubbing my pussy and thought, 'why not give him a little show' and pulled my left hand up to start rubbing my breasts again. I looked over to the left again and caught the boy staring at me rubbing my nipples through my shirt. I was turned on all the more. Who knew I was a exhibitionist? Anyway, I pulled my hand down because that would draw more attention than my hand on my pussy slowly rubbing and grinding on my hard little clit. I looked over to the left and saw the boy adjusting his shorts to compensate for his erection. That just made me think about Daddy's dick all over again. I ground my hand hard on my wet crotch and quickly grabbed one of my breasts with my left hand and felt the orgasm surge through my body. It was calm and quiet but it felt so good. I looked over at the boy next to me and he was holding his cock through his jeans. It was hard to tell, but I think there was a wet spot on the front of his pants where he came.

The rest of the day couldn't have gone by fast enough. I didn't have cheerleader practice that day so I went straight home and got on the computer. I wanted to find the video that Daddy was watching and just let it play while I fingered myself until he got home. I knew that Mom had a dinner event that evening but Daddy wasn't working late, so today was my chance to break some ground with him.

Right at five-thirty I heard him pulled into the drive and just in time had I found what I hoped was the video he had been enjoying so much last night. I was completely naked again and decide to hide under the computer desk until he sat down and saw the monitor. I was shaking with anticipation. I heard him come into the house and go to the bedroom to take off some of his stinky work clothes then I heard the door to the computer room open.

He came in and sat down in just his boxers with his legs spread so that I could see his cock through the leg holes. It was limp, but oh how it made me excited.

"What the hell?" he yelped as he saw the computer monitor. At that moment I leaped into action. I quickly reached up his shorts and grabbed hold of his cock and started stroking it. "Why don't you hit play Daddy?" I asked coyly up at him then proceeded to move my mouth closer to his cock and lick it for him. My other hand was already on my wet cunt finger-fucking myself like I had been doing all afternoon while planning this.

"But this is wrong baby, we shouldn't be doing this. Last night was a mistake"

"We shouldn't be, but I don't seem to have the will to stop. I love you Daddy and I want you so bad. Please Daddy, let me suck your big fat cock, you don't have to do anything" I could tell it was working a little because his cock was fully grown and throbbing in my hand and twitched every time I licked it.

"I shouldn't let you, your to young and your my daughter, that's double wrong."

"I know Daddy, but I won't tell anyone, and if you don't who's to say I won't tell Mom about our little episode last night. You know she wouldn't even be happy about you jerking off let alone spurting your hot load all over her precious little girl." I didn't let him answer and proceeded to suck hard on his throbbing cock. I got it nice and slick with my spit as my lips glided up and down his shaft all the while using one hand to play with my clit and finger my dripping little slit. I kept bobbing up and down on his cock and used my left hand to cup his balls and fondle them. I heard a little moan as I did this and that gave me a clue. "Why don't you hit play Daddy, don't you like this video?" I said as I removed my mouth from his shaft so I could lick and suck on his balls while I stroked it slick shaft.

"Damn baby girl, that feels good." He said and finally hit play. I continued my assault on his cock and occasionally switched to make sure his balls got plenty of attention from my young mouth. I kept looking up at him while I was sucking his dick and every time I looked up he seemed to have been paying more attention to me than to the monitor. I kept hearing pleasant moans and grunts from him, but started getting frustrated because I wanted his cum and I was starting to think I was doing something wrong.

As I moved from his cock to his balls one time I asked "Daddy, are you going to cum for me, I want you to cum like you did last night?"

"Oh you do huh? You want Daddy's cum blasted all over you again?" I nodded yes as I continued to suck hard on his bulging cock. "Suck on my balls and get them all wet and keep licking them you dirty little girl. Stroke my cock hard and fast, just like that .Ughh yeah, keep going."

"You gonna cum for me Daddy, cum all over me Daddy. Cum in my face and shoot it all over my young little tits and body." He took his cock in his hands and started pumping it hard and fast. I knew he was about to cum so I sat back and shoved two fingers deep into my hot young snatch and ground down hard on them.

"Mmm Daddy, Cum all over me. I want your cum. I want to cum with you, make me cum Daddy, shoot it all over me"

The look on his face got very serious as he watched his little daughter fingering her hole for him and begging for his hot jizz. I heard daddy grunting "I'm gonna cum baby, here it comes. Aaaggghhhh." And with that he shot a huge load of hot gooey cum all over my face just like I wanted. I could feel it splattering all over me and running down my body. I scooped it up as he finished and greedily licked it off my hands and swallowed it. I leaned back forward and sucked the last few drops from his still hard cock and moaned loudly with and intense orgasm that made my head spin.

We both sat there for a minute glorifying in the moment and catching our breathe. "You can't let anyone know about this baby, I will get into a lot of trouble if ANYONE catches on, do you understand"

"I know Daddy, I won't tell anyone, I wouldn't risk losing you for anything."

"Ok, I believe you, now go get some clothes on, your mother will be home soon and we can't be caught laying around naked and all sexed up when she gets home."

"Ok Daddy, I'm just gonna go shower, care to join me?" I said coyly.

"Not tonight pumpkin, like I said, your mom will be home soon." He said, "But maybe another night." He winked at me as I closed the door and he pulled his shorts back up.

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