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I had my face in my hands and was giving one sigh after another. I was in the Bellagio casino, and I had just lost a 100K at blackjack. The dealer had a smug look on his face at my suffering.
“How did it come to this?” I kept muttering. I still had 500K with me, but my recent loss had just left a huge crater in my pile of chips.
“How about you quit while you’re ahead?” The dealer asked.
“Hell no. If I’m going to go out, I’m going out in a blaze of glory. I’m all in.” I said, pushing all of my chips into the middle of the table.
“Oh, this is better than TV. Honestly, this is like cheating Walt Griswold.” He said as he handed me two cards, flipping them both face-side-up. He had two cards in front of him, facedown. I gave a small but confident smile and tapped the table.
“Are you sure? You have seventeen, it’s a lot more shameful to go overboard then to stop when you know you should.” The dealer asked, giddy with the hope that I would fail.
“Blaze of glory my friend, blaze of glory.” I said, tapping again. The dealer sighed with a smile and handed me another facedown card. He flipped it over along with his cards and his jaw dropped when he saw it was a four.
“Twenty-one! Hallelujah!” I hollered, falling to my knees with my fists in the air. The dealer just stared at the card in disbelief while I did a victory dance.
“Pay up, motherfucker!” I taunted. The dealer grudgingly pushed over my one million dollars in casino chips. I poured them all into a plastic bag, gave the dealer the finger, and strolled off.
“Hmm, too easy.” I chuckled, returning to my normal personality.
Jenny and I had spent almost a week in Vegas, working the casinos like hacked computer games. We spent every day and night growing our fortune. With our genius intellects, we were able to win almost every game that was within our control. However, that doesn’t mean our finances weren’t shooting up in a straight line.
We constantly had to lose games on purpose in order to avoid suspicion. Casinos watched every player like a hawk to make sure that no one was counting cards or cheating the games. The penalty for being caught was steep. Basically, we just lost small amounts often, and won huge when we wanted to. We pretended to just be another silly couple with more cash than brains that celebrated every win like it was New Year’s. We were so good that all the money we purposefully lost was pure winnings; I had literally won a million dollars, not 500K. In fact, we had over fourteen million dollars all together (minus hotel expenses).
As I cashed in my casino chips, Jenny met up with me and kissed me on the cheek.
“That was a nice show you put on.” She said, both sweetly and sarcastically.
“I really got to lay off the tequila. I can’t tell if it makes my acting skills better or turns me into an actual idiot.” I sighed as we stepped into the elevator.
“Well if it does make your acting skills better, then it means we only have to wait for Marti Gras and you’ll be able to take over all of Hollywood.” She joked.
“So how much did you make this round?” She asked, trying to peek into the paper bag that the exchange office had given me.
“You first.” I teased.
“700K” She said proudly, opening up the paper bag with her cash in it.
“That’s good, that’s good… But I made a million.” I said, showing her my bag.
“No way!” She said shrilly.
“What do you know, women really do make seventy cents for every dollar a man makes!” I joked, causing Jenny to laugh and elbow me in the ribs.

It was two in the morning when we stepped into our room, but neither of us was very tired.
“How about we rent a movie and pig out with some room service?” I suggested.
“That would be perfect.” Jenny said dreamily as she stepped into the bedroom. I picked up the phone and dialed room service.
“Hi, I’m in the third honeymoon suite. Could I get a serving of fried chicken, a bottle of rum with a two-liter bottle of Coke, and a couple of ice cream Sundays? Thank you.” I said before hanging up the phone.
I sat down on the living room couch and turned on the TV. As I surfed through the list of on-demand movies, I heard Jenny come up behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders and I looked up with a smile. Jenny’s face was hidden by her huge breasts, which were covering my face. I flicked my tongue between them, savoring the taste and softness. Jenny giggled and began massaging my shoulders.
“Come on baby, get out of those clothes and relax a little.” She hummed.
“That would be a pretty awkward moment when the food I ordered shows up.” I replied.
“Suit yourself.” She pouted as she climbed over the couch and sat down, leaning against me. I wrapped my arm around her and began working my fingers between her legs, making her hum and purr.
Minutes after we started the movie, our food was delivered. I tipped the bellhop and put the food down on the table. As per my unspoken promise, I undressed before sitting down, much to Jenny’s enjoyment. Jenny laid back against me with our naked bodies pressed together like two puzzle pieces, and we feasted while watching the movie. Eating fried chicken with Coke to wash it down while you watch a movie naked with your lover pressed against you in the Bellagio hotel is the greatest definition I can think of for the term “heaven”.
“Jenny, could you hand me a couple napkins please?” I asked as we ate our Sundays. As Jenny reached out to grab some napkins on the table, her Sunday fell over, covering her chest in ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup.
“Oh, that’s cold!” She yelped.
“Are you ok?” I asked, moving out from under her.
“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m blocking it now.” She sighed, using willpower to keep the stinging of the cold from reaching her mind. I smiled and leaned down, dragging my tongue up the center of her chest and licking up the ice cream and chocolate syrup.
“Ooh!” She cooed before I kissed her.
I went back down, running my tongue up her chest and licking the ice cream. I wrapped my tongue around her left nipple, sucking on it hungrily. I then shifted to her right, savoring the taste of chocolate syrup that coated her breast. I kissed her again and she slipped her tongue between my lips, slurping the ice cream out of my mouth.
I suddenly jerked as I felt my dick submerged in something cold. I looked down and saw that while I had been kissing Jenny, she had grabbed my Sunday and… you know what she did.
“Aw, come on! What did I do to you? Seriously, I wasn’t finished with it!” I groaned.
“Don’t worry baby, dessert is on me.” She said coyly as she gently pushed me onto my back.
She crouched over me and poured the rest of the Sunday on my chest. She leaned down and took a broad lick, then moved up so that I could take a turn and lick some of the ice cream off of her. We moved back and forth, licking the ice cream off each other’s chest and cleaning each other with our tongues like a pair of affectionate cats.
After Jenny licked every glob of ice cream and chocolate syrup off of my chest, she moved down and ran her tongue up the shaft of my erect cock. She traced the head with her tongue, teasing me, and then wrapped her lips around it, sucking on it gently. Before she could take the whole thing in her mouth, I stopped her and moved underneath her, getting into the 69 position.
I flicked my tongue between the lips of her wet pussy as she sucked on my cock like it was a Popsicle. With the whole thing in her mouth, I sent my tongue up inside her, burying my face in her pussy. Our chests and stomachs were constantly rubbing up against each other as Jenny lathered my phallus with saliva and licked it up in an endless cycle and I probed every hot wet corner of her soft pussy, going so deep that my nose was buried between the flower petal-like lips. As she massaged my cock with her tongue and cheeks, I was rubbing her back and shoulders, trying to give her a massage.
Without warning, Jenny released my cock, leaving it with a thick coating of saliva. Her breathing was quick and shallow with arousal. She moved her pussy off of my face and onto my erect cock, grinding the soft lips against the shaft. We both got up, I on my knees and Jenny on all fours. I guided my manhood to the lips of her wet pussy and forced it in, causing Jenny to gasp as I mounted her.
With my hands on her hips, I began moving back and forth, driving my cock deep inside her. Jenny gave an ongoing mix of high and low moans with each thrust, for this new position allowed me to drive far deeper into a corner of her pussy that I hadn’t been able to explore much. Truth be told, I was skeptical about this position. I thought it focused too much on the kinky and erotic physical feeling, and less about the emotional bond between to people. But Jenny wanted it, and I would do anything to make her happy.
I leaned forward, pressing my chest against her back, wrapped my arm diagonally across her chest, and rested my chin on her shoulder, trying to make as much contact as possible as I drove my cock in as fast as possible.
“Oh god Adrian, you’re driving me crazy!” She whined, holding onto the couch as if an earthquake was rocking the building.
“Oh Adrian!” She moaned as we both had gushing orgasms, spraying each other with our juices.
I leaned back, pulling out of her with a web of semen stretching from the head of my dick to the swollen lips of her pussy. Jenny collapsed, and we were both silent for several seconds as we both tried to catch our breath. Both the couch and we were a sticky mess of chocolate syrup, ice cream, and genetic material. Seriously, we were lying in Ground Zero.
“Jenny?” I panted.
“Yeah?” She replied.
“I think we need to take a shower.” I said.

I was lying on my back on the shower floor with Jenny on top of me. My erect manhood was deep in her asshole, and she was bouncing up and down on it with a high moan passing from between her lips. With the hot water of the shower on our bodies and extravagant erotic feeling of my phallus been driven up Jenny’s anus, our bodies were ecstatic with physical bliss. Jenny had one hand on the center of my chest for support and was running her other hand through her long golden hair, and I was running my hands all over her body, giving her a full massage.
With our bodies filled with both exhaustion and euphoria, it didn’t take much to trigger that last great orgasm. Jenny’s body was shaking like a relief as I shot countless jets of semen up inside her and she had climax after climax. Jenny collapsed on top of me, and I couldn’t help but softly laugh.
I turned off the water, and like with the first time we made love in the shower, I had to carry her to bed because her legs were shaking too much for her to walk. As I put her in the bed and laid beside her, Jenny rolled over to me.
“You know Adrian, I know that you have a plan to change the world, but I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t also love to just stay here and do this with you for the rest of our lives; play these casino’s so well that it’s tragic, retire to our honeymoon suit, and make sweet passionate love until I’m almost unconscious from so many climaxes.” She hummed as she kissed me.
“Well do you want to stay? If you want to stay, I’ll forget my plan. We can stay here in Vegas, get a nice penthouse, become rich… I mean richer, and give each other our hearts throughout the nights.”
“No, I don’t want to stay. I want your plan to succeed and I don’t want to hold you back. I’m happy with whatever you chose, I just want to come back here someday.” She said as she snuggled up against me and leaned her head on my shoulder.
“I’m willing to do anything to make you happy, but you don’t care what I decide because you’ll be happy either way. Seriously Jenny, these are the kind of things that can make a man go insane.” I joked. After she laughed, I then spoke up.
“By the way, I was able to find one of my targets.” I said. Jenny looked up at me.
“Really?” She asked.
“Yeah, I’m going to talk to him tomorrow if I can find him. Let’s just hope everything goes according to plan.” I said.

I stood at a craps table, watching the game progress and trying to get a handle on the rules. On the other side of the table was my target; a man with connections that I needed. He had a shaved head and was dressed in a black business suit. On his hand was a gold ring with a symbol stamped into it.
“One hundred grand on ten.” He said with his Italian accent, causing hushed muttering throughout the crowd. Several people placed similar bets, but at much smaller amounts. Before the dealer could throw the dice, I spoke up.
“I’ll match that bet.” I said. The dealer raised his eyebrows and the dice were cast, rolling up ten Loud cheering rang through the crowd as the winners were handed their money.
“You’re quite the high roller.” The man said as we were each given a huge pile of chips.
“You’re one to talk. What do you do in order to afford gambling such large amounts?” I asked.
“I am a doctor, Dr. Anthony Alfonse. I am a family physician for wealthy clients all across Europe, and my services strike up generous payments.” He said.
“You’re clients, or CLIENT? Doctors of your skill and profession usually cling to one rich and ailing client, but act as more than just a family physician. For a doctor that makes house calls across Europe, I find it strange that you would be all the way out here in Europe, because that would mean losing valuable business, not to mention the fact that your status as a family physician to many clients binds you to them, and it would be rare for them all to avoid sickness and injury.
You’re on paid vacation, either from the hospital that you actually work at, or from your one rich client that gave you this vacation time. You would never be able to convince multiple clients to all give you vacation time.” I said.
No one was paying attention to us as the game continued. Dr. Alfonse was glaring at me with suspicion.
“Regardless of whether you are indeed a family physician or work at a hospital, the money you are throwing around shows that you are indeed well-known and well-respected. I’m looking for a business opportunity, and I’m sure someone of your profession and connections could help me out.” I said slyly.
“And what do you do as a profession?” He asked, trying to figure out if he should flee.
“I create medical and surgical machinery. In fact I designed and built a revolutionary piece of technology that is being installed in hospitals around the globe. Someone of your stature should surely have heard of it. It is known as the Adroid.” I said with a smile. The doctor’s eyes widened and I nodded just as he was about to say my name.
“Tell your client about what just happened here. I imagine he’ll want to contact me.” I said as I walked away.

Jenny and I were sitting in a dark theater, watching an opera with dinner.
“Do you think he’ll show up?” Jenny asked as she ate her lobster.
“He’ll definitely look for us, it’s all a matter of how much effort he’ll actually put into finding us.” I said confidently. Minutes after I spoke the words, Dr. Alfonse sat down on the other side of the table.
“It seems that your technological and medical prowess precede you, Mr. Ashford. My client is very interested doing business with you, and specifically told me to hunt you down the second I spoke your name. It seems the authorities weren’t the only ones searching for you.” He said calmly, but with distrust. Jenny turned to me, wondering what was going on. I had not told her about this stage in my plan.
“I imagine that your client will not be able to come out and meet me here in Vegas, due to his condition?” I asked.
“That is correct. I have a limo waiting outside, with a teleconference system set up. He is very anxious to meet you, so if it is not too much to ask, will you please finish your meal and come with me?” He asked. I turned to Jenny.
“I’m all set, how about you?” I asked.
“I’m ready to go.” She replied, wiping the butter from the lobster off her lips.
“Ah, where are my manners? You must be Jenny Donovan, I have heard that you are as beautiful as you are deadly, but I must say that claim does not do you justice.” Alfonse said, shaking her hand. Jenny giggled at the compliment.

We walked out of the theater and climbed into a limo. The vehicle sped off the second the doors were closed. Inside, a computer with a mobile server had been hooked up the limo’s electrical system. It had both a microphone and a set of speakers for the teleconference. Dr. Alfonse turned on the computer, and the image of an old man instantly appeared on the screen. He was in his early seventies and sitting in a wheelchair, and while he did appear to be sick, he did not have an oxygen tank with him, but both of his arms were in slings.
“Mr. Ashford and Ms. Donovan, allow me to introduce you to-”
“Professor Demetri Medici, professor of history at Pontifica Università Gregoriana, the Pontifical Gregorian University in Vatican City.” I interrupted. Everyone stared at me with disbelief.
“How do you know who I am?” Professor Medici asked.
“Because I’ve been watching you, all of you, just like how you’ve been watching me. People like me with genius intellects have been on the watch-list of your group for decades, and I know when I’m being watched and followed.” I said confidently. Jenny stared at me with disbelief.
“And what group exactly do you think I am in?” Medici asked.
“The group with the same symbol as your doctor’s ring.” I asked. Jenny switched her gaze to Alfonse’ ring and gasped when she recognized the symbol.
“The Freemasons?” She asked, gripping my arm.
“That’s correct. But contrary to popular belief, the Freemasons don’t do anything to shape this world and never have, but they do indeed keep their eyes open and watch everything. Ever since my IQ topped 200 and I began building surgical technology, the masons have been keeping a close tab on me.” I said to her, making sure that everyone could hear.
“Then it seems that the Status Quo has changed. I will not insult you by denying your claims, but I was told you want to make a business deal, and I would prefer to get straight to business.” Medici said.
“Oh course. Now, from my information on you, you are currently suffering from a disease that is causing severe clotting in your extremities. Seeing as how you are already in that wheelchair and both your arms are in slings, I would say that the disease has already progressed and is beginning to cause muscle death. I also know that many of your “business partners” are also suffering from the same disease.”
“Your sources are as impressive as you are. How much experience do you have with surgical procedures?” Medici asked.
“Very little, though my knowledge in the field of surgery and medicine is quite prominent. For years, I have read and memorized almost every medical and surgical book I could get my hands on. I have also preformed hundreds of dissections on animals that passed away in pet stores, spent ours performing digital autopsies online, and have blueprints of the human body secured in my memory.” I said proudly.
“And your technical skills speak for themselves. Now, as you have said, my disease is creating blood clots in my extremities and causing muscle death. The disease does not affect the rest of my body and the clots break up before they can spread, but my limbs are wasting away. I have already had my feet amputated before they could become gangrenous, and my hands won’t last much longer. I am fine with prosthetics on my legs, but to lose use of both my hands would be devastating to the life I live. I would lose the ability to do anything on my own.
Adrian Ashford, here is my business proposition; the loss of my hands is inevitable, but what can be done afterwards is what is important. I want you to remove my hands and give me mechanical replacements, using your skills as an engineer. As you said, several of my “business partners” have the same disease, and they too want the same procedure done.” He said. Jenny turned to me and saw that I had a small smile on my face.
‘Exactly as I predicted he would want. Everything is going according to plan, down to every last detail.’ I thought to myself.
“And what exactly will I get in return for my services? As you said, you don’t want to lose your hands and with them lose the freedom of being able to do things on your own. I imagine your “business partners” feel the same way. What are you and your friends willing to pay for freedom and physical independence?” I asked.
“Safe asylum in Vatican City, your bank accounts unfrozen so that you may get your royalty payments that still have been coming in, and payment of a hundred million dollars in whatever form of currency you would like.” He said without hesitation. I chuckled.
“That is a very generous deal, but that isn’t quite what I would like. Instead of the hundred million dollars, I want IN.” I said. Everyone looked at me with confusion.
“In? In what? You want to become a Freemason? Well there are easier ways to become a Freemason than-”
“No, not a Freemason. I mean higher up.” I said, interrupting Medici. The limo was silent for several moments.
“You can’t honestly mean…” He began.
“You said that you wouldn’t insult me my denying my claims, and I have been correct on every single matter. I wouldn’t even be here if I wasn’t absolutely sure that I was right on this matter.”
“If you honestly think it exists, then you are a lot less intelligent than a thought you were.” Medici laughed.
“Don’t lie to me. You’re almost sixty IQ points short of being able to lie to me.” I challenged. Medici lost his smile.
“You want to become a member of the Illuminati.” He said with his tone serious. Jenny gripped my arm.
“The Illuminati?! You mean the group that conspiracy theorists have been raving about for decades?” She asked with disbelief.
“The very same. I’ve been watching their movements for years, knowing that they’ve also been watching mine. It’s a myth that the Freemasons control the world, but the Freemasons themselves are under the commands of a tight ring of intellectuals known as the Illuminati. While it is true, there are only a handful of people, including myself, that are not in the Illuminati but know that it is undeniably true and have even seen the proof. Just because those conspiracy theorists happen to say something that is true, doesn’t mean that they themselves are correct.
Just like the Freemasons, they take absolutely no action in the events of the world. They have a strict rule to never intervene, unless it is in the face of complete annihilation. But every member of the Illuminati must have both an incredibly high IQ and be in a position of incredible political or economic power, or have strong connections to someone with incredible political or economic power.
Along with teaching history in Vatican City, Professor Medici here is also a board member of one of the greatest banks in all of Europe. All of his friends with the disease that plagues him are in the Illuminati as well. In fact, the disease is proof. Isn’t that correct, professor?” I asked smugly.
“That is correct. My disease is the result of an assassination attempt. The CEO of a bio-weaponry company exposed us to one of his diseases because we refused to let him become a member. I’m just glad that he overestimated the power of his disease.” Medici said.
“So do we have a deal?” I asked.
“I will have to convene with the other members. The limo driver will bring you to an airport where Dr. Alfonse’ jet is waiting. I will have an answer by the time you get there. If you are allowed in, get on the jet and we will fly you out immediately.” Medici said.
“Before you go, I have one final demand: Jenny must be allowed in as well. I’m not doing anything without her.” I said. Jenny wrapped her fingers around my hand and kissed me on the cheek.
“Very well.” Professor Medici said dryly before the computer was turned off.
“Dr. Alfonse, tell the driver we need to stop at the Bellagio so that Jenny and I can collect our things.” I said as I leaned back and wrapped my arm around Jenny.

“I hope they agree, I would love to see Vatican City.” Jenny said dreamily as we packed our things.
“Not just Vatican City, but we’ll be able to tour all across Europe. Venice, France, London, Berlin…”
“Maybe a quick stop in Amsterdam.” She hinted.
“Whores and drugs? Eh, not my cup of tea.” I shrugged.
“I just love you so much.” She giggled as she kissed me on the cheek.

As we walked through the Bellagio lobby with the bellhop carrying our luggage, the woman behind the desk repeatedly switched her gaze between her computer screen and us. She was reading an article on and it was about the string of massacres spread out across the country, with our pictures below the headline.
“Oh my god.” She gasped as she recognized us.
As she picked up the phone, Jenny, the bellhop, and I stepped out into the street. I handed the bellhop ten bucks and he left us with our luggage.
“Adrian…” Jenny began. Only with our fully utilized hearing could we hear the woman behind the desk.
“I know; she’s calling the police. We can’t let them figure out where we’re going.” I said as I walked over to Dr. Alfonse.
“The police are on the way, we’ll meet you at the airport.” I said to him. He nodded and climbed back into the limo. As he sped off, Jenny and I calmly made our way to the parking area. As we loaded our things into the car, the sounds of police sirens could be heard in the distance.
“I’ll draw their attention and lead them away. Once the coast is clear, get to the airport. I’ll meet you there.” I instructed.
“Adrian, you can’t fight them all. These are trained police officers.” Jenny warned. Before replying, I opened up one of our luggage bags and pulled out my black coat. The pockets and interior were filled with darts, and my sheathed lance was wrapped up in it. Before I put it on, I secured my bulletproof vest, though that was all I had time to put on.
“Don’t worry my love, this will not be my last stand. I’ll block the road, and then you come out and try to run me over. You’ll just look like a scared bystander trying to get away.” I said as I put on my coat and hooked up the sheath of my lance to the back of my belt.
I calmly walked out into the middle of the street, which had been cleared of cars as the police approached. I stood in the middle of the road and activated my adrenal glands, saturating my body with adrenalin and enhancing my reaction speed and reflexes to near-superhuman levels. As the squad of police cars sped down the Vegas Strip towards me, I reached into my pockets and pulled out several darts.
Once the cars were in range, I took careful aim and threw the spikes with devastating power. The first car that was struck had its lights blown out and the windshield filled with cracks, making it impossible to see through. It crashed into a parked car and the siren fell silent as the airbags inflated and slammed into the officers inside.
The second car that was struck had the left rearview mirror ripped off. The driver instinctively swerved to the left, exposing his right front tire. A well-placed dart popped the tire, causing the front-right corner of the vehicle to sink. With the vehicle’s weight and inertia being focused on that lower corner, the car swerved out of control and flipped over.
I threw four darts at the third car, using the first two to shatter the windshield and the third and fourth to stab the cops in the front seats. The darts had only struck their shoulders and the wounds were shallow, but the car swerved out of control and crashed into a parked van. The three cop cars were now blocking the road, and as per my instructions, I could hear Jenny driving towards me at top speed.
I jumped out of the way of the car and watched Jenny speed away, knowing that she was worried about me.
I took a deep breath and sprinted away from the car wreck, running out onto the next road and fleeing into the alley across the street from the Bellagio. My senses were on full alert as I counted every audible siren and tried to figure out their location and distance. Identifying the location and distance of each was like an equation, with compensations for sound waves bouncing off buildings and cars and being distorted by background noise as the variables. I was working on dozens of these equations at once in my mind, and using them to create a digital map of the city, with the locations of cop cars marked.
I ran out into a busy street, filled with people and cars. Keeping low to the ground and parallel to the road, I sprinted down the sidewalk, shooting past everyone in my path and maneuvering through the crowds. In my mind, I was calculating the fastest route to the airport while avoiding the police. In a matter of seconds, I plotted out the full route and formed my plan.
I needed to cut across the next intersection, but it was filled with cars. I stepped out into the street and used my sense of hearing and sight to identify every car in the four streets leading to the intersection. After plotting out the course and speed of every car and creating a mental simulation of distance-to-speed ratios, I took a deep breath and climbed up onto a parked car.
People on the sidewalk stared at me as I stood on the roof of the car, looking down the street. As a car passed by, I jumped into the air and landed on the roof. Before the driver could slam his feet on the brakes, I jumped to the next car, and then a third. Moving as fast as lightning, I jumped from car to car, moving before the drivers could come to a stop.
At the intersection, I jumped from the roof of a sedan, to a van, and then up onto a tourism bus. I ran across the roof of a bus and jumped onto the next car. Down the street, a police siren lit up on the roof of a black mustang. However, it was a single siren that could be placed and removed at any time, not a pair of sirens like on a police cruiser. Inside were Agents Mason and Hoffman.
“Hmm, FBI.” I chuckled.
I jumped off the bus and onto the next car as the traffic opened up for the disguised cop car. Jumping from car to car, I ran away from the two FBI agents as they tried to get through the chaotic traffic. In only a few seconds, they broke free of the intersection and sped after me, driving down the middle of the road with all of the cars moving out of the way.
I smiled as they approached and jumped into the air. I landed on the hood of their car and they stared in disbelief as I looked down at them with a devious smile. Before they could react, I drew my lance and pierced the windshield, reaching down and stabbing Agent Mason who was behind the wheel. I stabbed him in the gut, intentionally missing all of his internal organs and innards. I didn’t want to kill him; I just wanted to slow him down.
Coughing up blood, Mason stomped on the brakes, sending me flying off the hood of the car. In midair, I took control of my trajectory, altered my flight pattern, and landed on my feet.
“Ouch that stings.” I winced at my twisted ankle.
Landing on the hood of the speeding car and then on the ground like that had done a number on my ankles. I was lucky it wasn’t broken, but I would need some time to deal with the pain before being able to run again. Moving as fast as my ankle would allow, I fled down the street and ducked into the next alley.
“Go after him, I’ll be fine!” Mason said, gripping his bleeding stomach.
“You aren’t fine, that bastard stabbed you!” Hoffman yelled as he pulled a first aid kit out of the glove compartment.
“I think he missed all of my organs, maybe even on purpose. Listen, he was limping away. This is our best chance to catch him! He ducked into the next alley, go get him while we still have the chance!” Mason said, spitting up blood. Hoffman finally nodded and climbed out of the car. With his gun in hand, he ran down the sidewalk towards the alley.
In the ally, I was sitting on a trashcan, trying to loosen up the muscles in my ankle so that it wouldn’t hurt to run on it. A bullet struck the brick wall above me, missing my head by only a few inches. I jumped to my feet and looked down the alley, spotting Agent Hoffman.
“You’re under arrest for the murder of almost a hundred people, and aggravated assault against my partner.” He cursed.
“You’re partner will be fine, that was not a lethal wound. He was an obstacle in my path and I just needed him out of my way. I cannot allow my plans to be detoured by the FBI.” I said calmly as I slowly drew my lance, with Agent Mason’s blood still dripping from the end.
“I don’t care what your plans are, this ends tonight.” He said as pulled his trigger.
With adrenalin enhancing my senses, the agent firing his gun seemed as slow as a steamroller. I had more than enough time to react and defend myself. Like when I faced Ben, I imaged a beam of red light shining out of the agent’s gun, telling me exactly where it was aimed. With inhuman speed, I moved my lance in the bullet’s path before the firing pin could even strike the primer, compensating for recoil and other variables.
The bullet was fired, moving through the air so fast that not even my eyes could catch it, but it did not matter. The bullet struck my lance and was deflected, falling to the ground as a piece of crumpled copper. Agent Hoffman stared with disbelief and fired another round, not bothering to change his target. With only a few centimeters in difference, I was able to readjust instantly, deflecting the second bullet.
Agent Hoffman emptied his entire clip, but my near-superhuman reflexes allowed me to block and deflect every one. Unable to believe what he was seeing, Hoffman dropped his gun and didn’t move to pick it up.
“You are out of your league Agent, I have evolved to a point where your guns are useless against me. While we are of the same species, we are worlds apart in every aspect. I suggest you leave to tend to your partner, before you end up like him.” I warned.
Releasing a roar of anger, Agent Hoffman drew a police baton and charged towards me, about to swing it from the side.
“You’re full of openings.” I muttered as I reached out with my lance.
As the agent swung his arm to strike me with the police baton, the tip of my lance pierced his elbow, driving between the bones and cartilage, completely stopping his attack. Hoffman shouted in agony and fell to his knees.
“Had I been serious with that counterattack, I could have sent the lance in all the way and completely severed your forearm. The bones in your elbow would have been crushed, the nerves torn, and the muscles ripped apart. No surgeon would be able to reattach it. I’ll say this again; leave before you end up like your partner. My plans are too important for me to be wasting time with you.” I said as I pulled my weapon free.
As I walked away, Agent Hoffman pulled out a stun gun and pulled the trigger. Two barbs were launched from the end, connected by long wires. They lodged themselves in my back and my body began to jerk as the electricity coursed through my body, though that was all it did. I turned back to the agent.
“Nice try, but I’m using my entire brain, much more than the regular criminals you use this weapon on. With my entire brain active, my nerves carry far greater electrical impulses than the regular person, meaning that your stun gun can’t overwhelm my muscle control. Add in the fact that I can block pain, and the most you’ve given me is some harmless muscle stimulation.” I said as I ripped the barbs out of my coat.
“What the hell are you planning?” Hoffman cursed as he got to he feet.
“I can’t tell you. If word were to get out as to what my plans are, my associates would never let me continue.” I said if I walked away.
“Tell me what you’re planning goddamnit!” He yelled as he got to his feet and charged towards me, about to punch me with his good hand. I turned around and caught his wrist, completely stopping him. Hoffman was a very large man, with a great amount of strength in his punches, but his power was nothing compared to mine.
“You want to know? Fine.” I said before stabbing him in the thigh with my lance. He howled in pain and fell to the ground, holding his leg.
“However, once I tell you, I will kill you. As I said, I can’t afford to let my plans be known by anyone, especially my associates. For the price of death, are you still willing to hear my plans?” I asked. Hoffman was silent.
“Very well.” I said before stabbing through his coat on his right side, destroying his radio, which had been set to receive and transmit the conversation. Hoffman cursed at how easily I saw through his plan.
“Now that no one can listen in, I will tell you.
I have recently become a member of a very powerful society, one that people laugh at as a myth without knowing its true power. The group I am talking is the Illuminati, the puppeteers of the Freemasons.” I said, sheathing my lance.
“You can’t be serious.” Hoffman growled.
“I’ve already heard that once this evening and I would prefer not to hear it again. For an agent of the FBI, you don’t have many manners.
The Illuminati do exist and their influence reaches all around this globe. While they have the potential to change the world, they chose to let societies rule themselves. They only act in the face of total annihilation. The last time they used their influence was to stop the Cold War before the US and Russia could obliterate all life on earth.
I will take command of the Illuminati and change that. I will use their power and connections to bring peace to this world.” I said hauntingly.
“And how the hell do you plan on doing that?” Hoffman asked angrily.
“By bringing the world to the brink of death. I plan of giving nuclear weapons to every country on earth.” I said. Hoffman stared at me wide-eyed.
“How the hell will that bring world peace?! It will only doom us all!” He yelled.
“On the contrary. By spreading power throughout the nations of the world, I will create the ultimate force to prevent war: fear. Anger and greed create wars, but fear can prevent them. Nuclear weapons have taken this role and performed beautifully.
For example: after WWII, everyone believed the US and Russia would fight each other. People were making bomb shelters in their back yards before atomic bombs were even invented. The war between America and Russia was inevitable, yet something stopped it, and that something was the atomic bomb.
With the atomic bomb in America’s arsenal, Russia stepped down its aggravated attempts of control out of fear, and when Russia achieved nuclear power, America did the same. Such was the Cold War, though through my eyes, I see it as the Cold Peace. If it weren’t for the fact that America was more paranoid about communism than Russian nuclear strikes, the Cold War would have acted as the perfect example of peace instilled by fear.
I plan on recreating that Status Quo but on a worldwide scale. After the fall of the Soviet Union, literally thousands of Russian nuclear bombs went missing. Who else would possess all of those bombs other than the Illuminati, the group that refuses to act unless the world is in imminent danger?
Once I get my hands on those nukes and the Illuminati’s connections, I will distribute them to every country on earth. Consider this; since the end of WWII, has the US waged any war on a country with nuclear weapons? Russia? Pakistan? North Korea?
Ever since nuclear power went up for grabs, no two nuclear countries have declared open war on each other, out of fear of a nuclear exchange. However America alone has invaded countless countries without nuclear weapons because they had nothing to fear.
By giving every nation on earth nuclear weapons, every country will have equal power. No one would dare wage war on another country if there was a possibility of nuclear retaliation.”
“But what about countries controlled by madmen, or terrorists taking one of those bombs?! If nuclear weapons become more available, nuclear war will be unavoidable!” Hoffman argued.
“I have considered those possibilities and compensated. I plan on giving every country only a very small number of nuclear bombs, so small that you could count them all on one hand. With only a small arsenal to look after, there will be no chance of any of the nuclear bombs going missing like after the fall of the Soviet Union. Unstoppable security measures will be put in place on each bomb, ensuring that they will never be stolen or lost.
And if one country does indeed decide to wage nuclear war on another country, its number of targets will be incredibly small. Consider all of the major cities in America; the nation would still be able to survive if a few of them were lost during a nuclear exchange. If two countries wage war on each other, the exchange will be very brief, and the will to fight would be crushed under the loss of life.
Not to mention the fact that if a brief nuclear war starts, there will be almost no chance of other countries wanting to get involved. It won’t be like a bar fight where one guy punches another guy and it turns into a domino affect. If two countries wage war, the nuclear exchange would make examples out of them, and other countries would be too terrified to make the same mistake.
I’m sure you’re also wondering about the nuclear bombs already in possession of countries like America and Russia. Don’t worry about them; once the Illuminati are under my control, finding and destroying them will be like child’s play. With all of the countries equal, war will become obsolete, and peace will be installed, whether people like it or not.” I said.
“But that’s not peace! That’s just fear and pain crushing everyone, all forced to live under the threat of nuclear war!” Hoffman yelled defiantly.
“Exactly; peace. That is the only peace that can be established in this world of ours. Humans are barbaric and ignorant, and the only way to keep them from snapping at each other is to lock them up like the rabid animals they are. Your definition of peace is a delusion created out of denial of human nature. As an agent of the FBI, can you honestly tell me that humans are capable of understanding each other and being happily at peace? Do you really think that our modern societies have a chance at achieving peace, when history has proven us incapable?” I asked. We were both silent for several seconds.
“In school, I was given the nickname Adroid because of my cold logic and inhuman personality. Someone once asked me how I could be so harsh and calculating, and I replied by stating I chose to see the world and solve problems in the way a machine would. By forsaking my human identity, I was able to come up with this solution.
Humans cannot create peace for a human world, just like how many Americans can’t understand why people in other countries hate us. Humans’ faulty logic and humanitarian idealism blocks the key to true peace, and only with the mind of a machine can those obstacles be removed and peace achieved.
The human race is like a child; it needs its parents to make the right decisions for it because it is incapable of making the correct choices for itself. Humans may have created machines, but since machines will someday surpass humans, they must act as parents of the human race, and only with machine logic can the safety of the human race be ensured.
I forsake my machine side to be with the one I love, but I did not lose my view of this world and my logic. I have the body of a man and the mind of a machine, so I am the only one who can deliver this species to the nirvana of peace.
That is my plan Agent, and as I said before, I cannot let you live now that you have heard it.” I said as I raised my lance. The agent looked up at me, trying to think of an argument he could make.
“I would have preferred to kill as few innocent people as possible, but you refused to move out of my path. I am sorry, but I must silence you for the sake of peace.” I said as I brought the lance down.

“You’re late.” Jenny said with a smile as she sat on the hood of our car. Behind her was Dr. Alfonse’ private jet, ready to take off.
“Sorry, I wanted to play one last round of blackjack, then I got on a winning streak… and now I’m bankrupt.” I joked as I walked over to her.
“I have good news, they accepted us. We’re now members of the Illuminati.” She said, still in disbelief that the Illuminati actually existed.
“Of course they did, I knew they would.” I said with a smug grin.
“All according to plan huh?” She asked as she kissed me on the cheek.
“A few steps off, but pretty much according to plan.” I said, wrapping my arm around.
“Our stuff has been loaded onto the jet. I guess it’s time to get going.” She said with a hint of sadness.
“Don’t worry darling, we’ll come back here some day. We’ll come back, tour America again, work the Vegas casinos, visit our hometown, and do whatever we want. We aren’t even eighteen yet, we literally have all the time in the world. I know it feels weird to be leaving home.” I said to comfort her. She smiled.
“I’m not leaving home. For me, home is wherever you are.” She said sweetly.
“Oh my god, that is so corny.” I joked. Laughing to point that she couldn’t breathe, Jenny shoved me off of the car.
Dr. Alfonse stepped out of the jet and walked over to us.
“Mr. Ashford, Ms. Donovan, I suggest we leave.” He said.
“Of course, we’re ready to go.” I said as I stood up. Jenny and I climbed up the stairs and stepped into the private jet. We took two seats facing each other and couldn’t help but smile as the plane took off. As Dr. Alfonse went up to talk to the pilot, Jenny asked me,
“How did you get all of that information on the Illuminati?” She asked.
“Well it all began with curiosity. I heard the name and I looked up the Illuminati online. I found it interesting and I did some more research, reading through thousands of pages of conspiracy theories, history, rumors, supposed member lists, and every scrap of information I could find. But I wasn’t satisfied because I hadn’t found the kind of information I was looking for.
I realized that I needed to dig deeper. I needed to get to the real underbelly of the Internet to find the people who had the information I was looking for. I need to find the shamans of the online world, the oldest nerds on the Internet. I needed to find the guys who had been surfing the web since it was invented and had been involved in every huge event in Internet history.
I began my search in the social areas of the oldest and most famous corners of the internet: World of Warcraft, Halo, Google chat rooms, information sites, websites with debates on history and science,, everything that drew the most people and the smarted people. Once there, I searched for the people who were “in charge”. I looked through the strongest players, the smartest advisors, and everyone who knew the most about that particular area.
I asked them if there was anyone they knew that was older or more famous in the online community than themselves. I followed their directions to whatever names they gave me, and asked the same question. I crawled up the Internet hierarchy, asking everyone if they knew anyone above them. The web may seem random, but there is a chain of command, you just have to untangle it.
I really got excited when the results I got all started pointing to a handful of people and the same names kept popping up. I knew that I had found them, the Keepers of the Online Archives. These were men and women who saw absolutely everything on the Internet and were always aware of any new information that came online.
Actually making contact with them was kind of tricky, for many of them didn’t want to be found. They had a lot of information that a lot of people would kill for, so they wanted to stay hidden and be left with their stream of information. Once I finally contacted them, I worked to gain their trust and began asking them about the Illuminati.
These people had all the information I wanted; member lists, member requirements, history, current activities, and even the list of people of interest. Imagine my surprise when I found out that they had been keeping a close eye on me. A few of these people were high-ranking Freemasons and even a few Illuminati members themselves.
I looked up the people on the members list, again having to dig deep in the Internet to find the information I was looking for. Professor Medici was one of the people I looked up, and after I found out about his condition, I knew that I had something he would want: my medical and technical skills.
At the time I wasn’t sure if I would even make contact with the Illuminati, because I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. I knew that the Illuminati would in all likelihood have the means for me to put my nuclear bomb plan into action, but I was unsure what path to take. Then fate made the decision for me.” I mused.
Dr. Alfonse then walked over to us.
“We’re going to stop on the eastern coast to refuel, refuel again in England, and from there, we’ll head to Vatican City.” He said. As he walked away, I turned to Jenny.
“We’re on our way.” I said to her.

To my loyal fans:
I hope you don't find the Freemason/Illuminati thing cliche, it's the only way to make Adrian's plan possible. Part 8 will be up soon.

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