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my story continues
the next day i went round to harveys house to see what he wanted to do for the day. when i got there harvey wasnt in the best of moods when i went into his room he said "thanks for knocking" i said "do you want me to leave?" harvey gave a big breath out and said "im sorry babe" i sat on his bed next to him took his hand and said "whats up babe" "my dad is being a total fucking jerk. i told him im gay and im going out with a fantastic guy (i smiled at that point) but he called me a dirty fag and i wasnt his son" "baby im so sorry" harvey hugged me and started crying into my shoulder i said "hey baby dont cry he really isnt worth it if he wants to continue being a cave man let him" harvey got up and said "i need to talk to my dad if i have to i will lie to him and say im not really gay" i stood up and stopped harvey from moving up and down his room and said "babe that wont work and you shouldnt be ashamed of who you are or who your with" harvey went from looking at the floor to looking at me in the eyes he gorgous eyes was full of tears he said "im not ashamed of you baby i love you so much" "harvey baby stop crying. get dressed baby im taking you shopping. come on baby dry your eyes" harvey gave me a smiled and got dressed i took harveys hands and said "be proud"

me and harvey got into my car and we drove to the mall and did a lot of shopping and i reminded harvey that there is a dinner party at my house tomorrow that he and this mom are to attended harvey said "he was looking forward to it" and i said i was too so when me and hravey got back we was laughting and joking and generlly more in love than we have been before when we got inside harvey house bella said to harvey "you look alot happyier" harvey answered "i am because im a lucky guy. i have a fantastic mother and an amazing parner" he and harvey exchanged loving looks after he said that and a smile for one another we went into harveys room to try on all are new clothes i put some music on and said to harvey "time for a fashion show" harvey smiled at me a grabbed a bad and got changed into a outfit and modeled it for me i did the same but i modeled the new boxer short id just brought we was modeling for each other for about a hour and then i said to harvey "fuck me" harvey got up and rammed me into a wall it hurt but i found it a turn on so i went with it harvey was kissing down my neck and i was tugging at his clothes i undid his tshirt and his pants and he pushed me on his bed we was both in are boxer shorts and he tok mine off i took his off to and i shoved my dick into him we was fucking for a good hour when i told harvey i was going to cum i cummed in harveys ass when we was done me and harvey went and had a shower and watched a movie i ended up sleeping at harveys house then next morning i had to leave early to get ready for the dinner party this afternoon i woke harvey up and said "babe ive got to go i will see you later. i hope your feeling alot better today because you need to remember that you are a special guy and i love you more than anything in the word babe" i kissed harvey goodbye and got into my car and drove home when i got home my mom was on edge a little about all the dinner party detail she was testing food and choosing a dinner set and other thing so i decided to go into my bed room and have a shower i got into the shower and i jacked off over harvey i kept thinking about the night before and how hot and amazing it was i wanted harvey again so decided to ask harvey for sex tonight so i got my cell out and text him saying i want you tonight can i have you harvey messeged me back and said you can have me when ever you want me i smiled at his reply and decided i was going to make more of a effort for him tonight so i went to the spa and had a massarge and a face wash and a few other things on my way home i seen kyle and i just said fuck off to him i couldnt be bovvered t get into anything with him because i was really looking forward to tonight and nothing was going to fuck it up for me i couldnt wait to see jason and his family because they was like family them self and it was always good fun when they was around are estate and i really wanted harvey to meet jasn because i thought they would get on really well (your have to wait and see if they do lol) when i went home i had my suit really t put on so i put it on and got ready for the dinner party i got a call of harvey i said "hey babe" harvey said "hey im on my way over babe" i said "okay babe i cant wait to see you looking all hot in a suit" harvey answered me with a vain "you know im going to look hot" i laughted and said yes i do babe

to be continued

but im like crazy busy sorry to all my followers but i will get round to it i promise you please comment and rate because they mean alot to us both and we like readong your thoughts on are life also me and harvey have set a wedding date so we really cant wait

much love to you all hope you enjoy also remember if you need my help on anything message me on here i will get back to you i promise

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2016-09-23 14:28:07
I love your stories. I am reading them all. Are you guys married yet? Some day I would love to meet you and Harvey. I would like to talk to you in private.


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2013-01-23 19:30:22
What liberating knowledge. Give me lbirety or give me death.

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2013-01-23 19:30:21
Intelligence and smilpitciy - easy to understand how you think.


2011-07-11 18:10:03
after much delay part 30 in now published :) x

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2011-07-11 07:30:02
arrrr! harvey answer ur fucking cell!!! i need you to come my house the fucking flowers are wrong the bastards sent red roses not fucking white and the cake has the wrong frosting and my suit needs taking in please help im on the vurge of crying babe please come round ilu x

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