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A young boy stays the night at his cousins house
"Why do we have to go to their house?" I complained to my mom as we got in the car to go to my cousin Jack and Mia's house.

"Because, your uncle is gone all day today and they need someone to look after them while their mom is gone doing things. It will only be for a little while." She said as she started the car, and we were on our way.

Going to my cousins house was always really annoying for me. I didn't mind hanging with them, especially after the special night at my house with Mia, but Jack really bothered me sometimes. And at my house, at least, we could occupy ourselves playing videogames or something, but his house was so boring. And his mom, my Aunt, really made it worse.

My Aunt Judy was kind hearted, I guess you could say, and had good intentions... But in my view, she was not a good motherly figure. She plays favorites. Mia was her favorite child because Mia was normal. Sometimes, it seems like she regretted ever having Jack. But it wasn't fair to him, maybe he'd be more normal if his mom cared about him. But regardless of what i think, she did things the way she wanted, and her husband, my uncle, just went along with it.

On the up side, my aunt Judy was pretty nice to look at. She had shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes, she was pretty tan, about 5 foot 6, i'd say 140 pounds, but her best features were definately her rack and ass. She had an amazing, lucious, full ass that made you stare when she walked by. But, even better, was my favorite part of her. She had the most amazing rack for a woman her age, it didnt sag for its size, and she showed it off sometimes. I'd say she was at least a DD.

We got to her house and my aunt Judy opened the door. She let us in and called Jack and Mia downstairs, and she walked out the door to go shopping. We hung around for a little and watched TV, but his mom blocked out all the fun channels. By the time she got home, it was later and almost time for us to go. Right as my mom suggested we leave, I heard the words i was dreading all day.

"Hey John, why dont you sleep over?" My aunt Judy asked.

I knew immediately that once she asked, she'd do anything to make it work, so i just agreed and waved my family goodbye, knowing i was in for a boring night. Jack and I went up to his room and talked for a little, and Mia came in with us too. we went outside and played around a bit before we came inside. It was dark by then, so we all went to our rooms. I was going to sleep on the floor in Jack's room.

Once again, me and jack got into an argument over something stupid, so I went downstairs to sleep on the couch. I took a blanket and pillow and tried to sleep on my uncomfortable new bed, but i thought i heard something coming from the other room. Knowing i had nothing to do, I got up and walked over to the door and opened it, only to see the most amazing thing i'd seen all day.

In the room, i saw my aunt Judy sprawled across the bed, eyes closed, moaning loudly while she fingered herself. I felt my dick getting hard at the sight of it, but i didnt quite know what to do. I ducked down and hid in the bathroom. I cracked open the door just a bit to sneak a peek. I started at her, hands on her amazing, firm breasts, with 2 fingers inside her pussy. An idea popped into my head, and i took out my phone and began to record what i was seeing. I set my phone in a position so it recorded it without me having to hold it.

I waited a few minutes for her to stop, but then i saw her get up, still naked, to go to the bathroom. I knew i had basically nowere to go, but i attempted to hide in the cabinets under the sink. she walked over to the toilet and i heard her pee. The sound subsided, she got up, but before she left, there was a long silence. The cabinet doors came open, and i fell out, along with a few bottles that i couldnt read. I laid on the floor and looked up at my naked aunt, as she waved my phone in front of her.

"John, were you spying?" She taunted

"Um... Yes." I confessed, knowing i couldnt lie in my position.

"John, It's very flattering that you would want to remember this." she said to me, winking at me.

"Oh, um, yeah, i uh..." i stammered, totally mesmorized by her amazing body hanging over me.

"Oh, come here." she said, straightening up and walking to her bed. I got up and laid down next to her.

"John, i only do this because your uncle is... Well, he's not enough to satisfy me." she confided in me. "He's not very... large and he's just not willing to give me what i want. And that is why i'm horny all the time, John."

I was speechless. I couldnt believe what i was hearing. Who wouldnt want to be banging my aunt Judy all the time?

"So John, I have something to ask you. Will you please, fuck me? I need it badly John, really bad." She begged me, and i realized i was in control of the situation.

Without saying anything, i took my shirt off, and came towards her, kissing her carefully, but then harder as i pressed her naked body against me. I felt the warmpth from her pussy between my legs, driving my cock mad, as i took my arms from her back and used them to take the rest of my clothes off. My rock hard cock rubbed against her leg as we kissed more.

"John! Oh my, you're quite big for a boy your age! Unghh i cant take it anymore! FUCK ME!" She said as she guided my dick with her hand into her wet pussy

The feeling was like nothing i've ever felt before. The inside of her pussy was a paradise for my cock. it was hot, and wet like i couldnt believe. It was like her pussy was made to fit my cock inside her, as i drove deeper into her. I pulled partially out, and thrusted into her once again, already consumed by the overwhelming feeling of our bodies together. We fucked hard for a few minutes while i grabbed and squeezed her tits, sucking on her nipples while she moaned loudly.

"Unghh! John! I'm gonna cum!" she whispered into my ear

She drove onto my cock, grinding away like never before, her pussy consuming every inch of me. I felt her muscles pulse as she fell away into an amazing orgasm, her legs shaking in response to it. Her juices flooded out and left a big wet spot on the bed. I told her i was almost ready to cum too, and she took my cock in her mouth. She sucked it like an expert, and when i was about to blow my load into her mouth, she took it out and pointed it at her tits. I blew a massive load all over her tits.

"John... Thank you..." She said between breaths.

"No, Thank you, that was amazing." I whispered into her ear, and i got up to get dressed. "But i need to act like this never happened." I said while i put on my pants

"Oh, that wont be a problem John, but if i ever need that again, i may have you sleep over again." she said.

I turned around to walk out the door, still shirtless, and as i closed the door behind me, i found my cousin jack waiting for me, arms crossed. "I saw everything" he said.


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2012-11-04 08:10:57
Great let jack fuck your mum ;)

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2011-06-28 06:53:16
I don't see part 3 in your list of stories, only part one, twice. Let him explore his bisexual side with his male cousin, get all his female family members pregnant and the asian girl too after banging them in all 3 holes each as well as getting them to be bisexual with each other.......

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2011-06-27 21:41:45
Awsome keep writing please

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2011-06-27 21:13:42
Great story. I only fouud the series tonight and i loved it. Although some proper naming would be nice (part 1, part 2, part 3 etc).

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