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I never expected to see up their skirts but I sure liked looking at their panties.
Fbailey story number 595

I Can See Your Panties

I was invited to my boss’ house. She ran the bakery that I worked at after school and on Saturday. This was Sunday though and the bakery was closed. I had been invited to spend the day with her and her daughters in their swimming pool. Her husband was out of town on business and she wanted the company.

I was sixteen at the time and her daughters Melody and Christy were fourteen and thirteen years old respectively. Ginger was thirty-four years old and a very pretty lady.

When I arrived we sat in the living room talking. Melody and Christy were sitting on the floor with their knees up, I could easily see their panties. Ginger went to the kitchen for drinks so I took the opportunity to tell the girls that I could see their panties and they needed to be more ladylike.

I was not prepared for their answer. It seems that their father insisted that they sit in a way to show him their panties. I was astounded to say the least.

When Ginger came back into the room Melody said that I had asked them to keep their legs closed.

Ginger laughed and said, “In this house the man rules. My husband is the man of this house and he insists that our panties show…that is if we are allowed to wear any in his presence. Sitting in this chair you were not able to see my panties but then again, I am not wearing any.”

As an after thought she added, “Oh yes, and we girls are not allowed to wear anything in the swimming pool. You will really get an eye full then.”

I asked, “Does your husband know that you invited me over?”

Again she laughed and said, “Of course he does. It was his suggestion to invite you here in the first place.”

I asked, “So it is all right if I look up your skirt?”

The girls giggled and Ginger sat down on the floor with her daughters. Her short skirt hid very little. Her feet were apart, her knees were wide apart, and I got a great view of her white panties stretched tightly across her puffy pussy. They looked new and were made of cotton, and then I saw the start of a wet spot from her pussy leaking. I knew that my cock was leaking just like that, in my underwear.

I asked, “Does you husband invite many men here to look up your skirts?”

Ginger smiled and said, “As a mater of fact he does invite a few men over to look up my skirt and to fuck me. However, you are the first teenager that we have invited over to look up our daughter’s skirts and to fuck them.”

Shocked I asked, “What?”

Ginger said, “They are both virgins and they picked you out…both of them. They need a boyfriend to take them out on dates and to school dances. In exchange you get to fuck them both as often as you want too.”

Again I was in shock as I asked, “Really? Any time that I want too?”

Ginger laughed and replied, “Yes, anytime and as often as you want too. You can spend the night in their beds if you wish.”

I looked closer to the wet spot in her panties and it was much bigger, I smiled, and then I asked, “What about you?”

Ginger laughed and said, “Just like a man, give him an inch and he takes a mile.” There was a slight pause then she continued, “You may fuck me only on Sundays and here in my house. However, you must show me respect at work. Understood?”

I replied, “Yes, I understand.”

I knelt down on the floor in front of the three girls. I reached out a hand toward Melody’s crotch and she parted her legs for me so that I could caress her panty-covered pussy. When I reached for Christy’s pussy she too opened her legs and giggled as I tickled her panty-covered pussy. Then I reached for Ginger’s crotch. She not only spread her knees further apart but she also lifted her ass up off the rug and moved it closer to me. I reached out and hooked a finger in the leg opening and drew her panties toward me and away from her body. I then moved them to the side and looked directly at her bald pussy. I poked two fingers into her moist hole and said, “I want to loose my virginity in you, then I’ll take your daughter’s virginities, and after that I would be pleased to have two girlfriends as pretty and willing as they are.”

Ginger said, “Girls we need to get naked for him. You get started and I’ll join you as soon as he is done finger fucking me.” There was a gentle laugh and two giggles as the girls stood up.

Christy was the first to get totally naked and sit back down in front of me with her legs spread. Melody joined her shortly and I looked at her breasts, they were big for a girl her age and quite firm looking. Christy was well on her way to having a nice set too.

I removed my fingers from Ginger’s pussy and slipped one from each hand into her daughter’s pussies. I did not feel a hymen but that was probably a good thing. I didn’t want to cause my new girlfriends any pain.

Ginger stripped and sat back down in front of me. I had caught a few glimpses down her blouses over the past few months but nothing did justice to seeing them bouncing around free like they were. They were big and heavy and they rested on her ribcage. Her bra must really get a work out holding those babies in. I now knew where her daughters had gotten their big breasts.

I got closer to her and pushed her knees back against her body, she rolled backwards, and I entered her. My cock felt right at home inside her warm wet pussy. It was as if her pussy were made for me. Apparently she had similar thoughts because she said, “Oh your cock feels perfect. I have certainly had my share of stiff dicks but yours really does feel perfect.” Then she had an orgasm and said, “Girls, you are going to love having him in you. Keep him happy or I just might try to take him away from you.” That was when I came in her.

Melody asked me if she could be next and I said, yes. Then she kissed me and we started making out. She was a good kisser, she was pretty, had a great body, and she would let me fuck her whenever I wanted too. She was the perfect girlfriend. Plus she was willing to share me with her sister and her mother. I could not be happier. Then I took her virginity right there on the very same spot that I had lost mine with her mother a while before. I could not believe how nice her tight pussy felt on my hard cock. It too was a perfect fit but just tighter. The friction was unbelievable and I came much quicker than I wanted too…but then again I could fuck her as often as I wanted too, with her parent’s permission. I rolled off to her side rolling her with me. We were connected at the crotch for a few minutes until I had softened enough to slip out of her vice like pussy.

Melody said, “I love you. I’m so happy that you want me to be your girlfriend.”

I sincerely replied, “I love you too and I’m proud to be your boyfriend.”

Christy snuggled into me and said, “I’m your girlfriend too and I’m next.” Then that little thirteen-year-old started sucking my cock. When it was hard she said, “I’ll give you my virginity but I want an orgasm in return. All of the older girls talk about them and I want one.” She was serious too.

I was not too versed in the art of making love but I had been studying for this day most of my teen years. I had also cum twice so I was pretty confident that I could pull it off. I rolled over toward Christy and started making out with her. She was just as good at it as her sister was. I played with her breasts and she liked it. Then I played with her pussy and she liked that too. I tickled her tiny clit until I had her wiggling pretty good, then I went down on her and started licking her sensitive clit with my rough tongue. As much as I enjoyed eating her pussy I managed to crawl up her body and slip my cock into her. She cooed and started to fuck me. I was giving her long slow strokes for several minutes, and then she started to buck under me and tried to throw me off. I held on and gave her thrust for thrust until she cried out, “Oh God…oh God…oh!” Then Christy started to shake and vibrate under me. In another minute she moaned, “I had my first orgasm ever and it was wonderful. Give me another one and I’ll be yours forever.” It took me another several minutes but eventually I started to cum inside her, somehow that sparked her second orgasm and she was even more vocal that time.

I stayed there until after dark. I only went home because I had too. My mother would not let me sleep over with my girlfriends.

Fortunately Ginger had a nice long talk with my mother and smoothed everything over. I had to check in with my mother after school and then go to work for Ginger but I could sleep with the girls every night…as long as I kept my grades up.

I kept my grades up, I graduated from high school, and then I graduated from college. I married Christy and we now have two daughters…age thirteen and fourteen…and they are asking for a boyfriend. Christy took over her mother’s bakery business and the girls like the fourteen-year-old boy that works for her.

Here we go again…

The End
I Can See Your Panties
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