I am writing about a party I went to this past weekend. It was
a typical college party, lots of drinking, some joints going around,
loud music and of course, lots of hot girls. As the night went on, the
drinks were kicking in and I was super buzzed. As I went to get another
drink, I walked past the laundry room, where there was a group of my
buddies hanging out, smoking a fat joint. I decided to go in and have
some as well.
In the room I noticed there was this hot chic named Rachel. She was
pretty buzzed like the rest of us and as the joint went around, she
smoked and passed it . When someone yelled for her to get a shotgun
hit from one of the guys. Giggling and enjoying the moment, she said
"sure, why not" and one of the guys stepped up and took a huge hit. He
pulled her close then kissed her deep, passing the smoke from him to
her. She reached around and pulled his head in and kissed him for a
moment, then let go to blow out the smoke. Seeing that this set a
different mood in the room, one of the guys said he wanted a turn too
and then a couple guys said they wanted to see her tits. She laughed
and was like, no, but after a couple of the guys were cheering to see
as well, Rachel said fuck it and pulled her shirt up. As she worked her
shirt up, the guys were yelling for more. Rachel loved this and slipped
her shirt over her tits, showing her milky white tits with hard pink
nipples. At this point, everyone was excited and telling her how hot
she was. Then the call went out for more, "show us that ass", someone
yelled out. Without hesitation, Rachel turned and slowly worked her
pants down over her ass, wiggling her pants down to show her tight ass,
with a red thong disappearing between her yummy ass cheeks. Rachel was
hot, and the guys were loving it. Once Rachel's pants were down, hands
began touching her from all over. The guy she kissed went in and kissed
her again, this time reaching over and squeezing her tits softly,
pulling her close as he kissed her. She moaned and kissed him back
deep. As one of the guys worked his hand down her back, she pushed
back, pushing her hot ass out. Before she knew it, there were hands
rubbing over her hot panty covered pussy too, and on her ass and her
tits, there were hands all over her. Rachel was loving it. One of the
guys walked up and told her to check this out and as she looked over,
she could see he had his rock hard cock out. She looked at him and went
to her knees. This got the crowd going. Rachel was sucking his cock
deep, all while guys were touching her tits and cheering her on. At one
point, one of the guys worked his hand into her panties and began
finger fucking her. He told everyone how wet and tight she was. At this
point Rachel was sucking cock and moaning deep from the intense finger
fucking she was getting, all in front of at least eleven guys. Seeing
her be such a slut got my cock rock hard. I decided fuck it and stepped
up and offered her my cock as well. Looking up at me and smiling, she
swallowed my cock deep. Rachel kept looking up at me while she sucked
me and jerked the other guy off. Seeing her movements intensify and her
moans deepen, I looked up and could see one of the guys in the room
sliding his cock into her pussy. His cock was shiny and wet with her
juices. What a little slut you are I told her and she just moaned more,
smiling up at me, her eyes rolling back as she got packed with cock
from both ends. I reached down and pulled her mouth deeper onto my
cock, making her gag. She was such a slut I figured fuck it, treat her
like one. The guys loved this and as she gagged, the guy fucking her
drilled deep, packing her so full of dick. She was going nuts and she
pulled away for air, only to be pulled over to another cock. As I
looked around, I could see almost every guy in the room had his cock
out and was working there way in to have her take care of it. A couple
guys were videotaping this too. Looking back at her, she was now being
fed three cocks. Rachel was sucking one, and stroking two while her
pussy got hammered. One of the guys groaned and started to cum. Rachel
took his cock and swallowed it, sucking his cum from his thick cock.
Then another guy said he was cumming and she did the same thing,
swallowing his load of hot cum. She was loving this and you could tell.
She was creamy with white pussy cream running down her legs. Her
asshole was wet and spread, so the guy fucking her said "who wants to
fuck that ass". Rachel was being face fucked so hard, she couldn't say
anything about the guys switching positions for her have a guy under
her, sliding his cock inside her pussy, as another guy slowly worked
his cock into her asshole. At this point she was moaning so deep. While
having her mouth fucked deep, I walked to where I could see behind her
and her asshole and pussy were so packed full of dick. Her juices from
her pussy were running all over both cocks. I got in there so I could
be next and as one of the guys said he was cumming, he pumped his cum
deep into her ass. Stroke after stroke he filled her tight ass. As he
moved away, I stepped in and worked my cock into her ass, filling it so
deep. What dirty little fuck she was. I could feel her ass tighten
around my cock as the guy below me pumped his cock in and out of her
pussy. I reached up and grabbed her by the air and pushed her mouth
deeper onto the cock she was sucking as I fucked her asshole slowly at
first, then pounding it deep and hard. I straddled her, then leaned in
and told her how hot she was and how hot it was seeing her get fucked
like this. Suddenly, she was shaking and the guys went crazy. She was
cumming and squirting all over my cock and the cock in her pussy. Over
and over her holes pulsed as she came so hard. By this time at least
two more guys had cum in her mouth and she was shaking uncontrollably
as she was sandwiched and fucked. I then felt my cock swell and I
packed her ass as deep as I could. It felt so good inside her I yelled
I was cumming and she pushed back, working her asshole back and forth,
pumping my cum out of my cock. The guy below me felt this and started
to cum to. Load after load of hot cum, Rachel took them all, sucking
and fucking. As she started to cum again, suddenly there was another
girls voice. She was in shock seeing Rachel getting fucked like this.
As she moved in closer, the guys grabbed at her, telling her to join
in. She looked over at Rachel and could see she was just being fucked
like a whore. She asked if she was ok and the guys said yeah, go see,
ask her. The other girl, " Sonya", went over to her, kneeled down and
as she asked Rachel if she was ok, Rachel screamed out YES, and that
she was cumming again. Sonya was shocked and to everyone's surprise,
leaned in and kissed Rachel. Rachel kissed her back, sharing some of
the cum in her mouth from all the cocks she had just sucked off. Sonya
pulled her hair and told her she was a dirty whore. Rachel was again
being double fucked after two more guys filled her with cum. Her pussy
and ass were dribbling cum down her legs now and both of her holes were
stretched open, getting fucked over and over. Sonya was suddenly pulled
to her feet, taken by her hair and stripped of her clothes. The guys
had no mercy on her and made her go to her knees. She was surrounded by
at least 6 guys, all with hard cocks out, some with cum and pussy juice
on them still from fucking Rachel. Sonya sucked them all, one by one. I
stepped in and she swallowed my dick, looking up at me and moaning. I
could see her body getting fondled by the guys and I could hear Rachel
next to me getting fucked still. I looked over and the guys were
holding Rachel up in the air, spreading her legs open wide, fucking her
so deep. One of the guys had to be about 10 inches and really thick. As
he filled her pussy, she yelled out how fucking good it felt having his
cock fuck her hole. He pounded her, making her pussy squirt. He
worked his cock in deep, filling her tight pussy over and over until he
pumped his cum into her. She was loving it and told him she could feel
his cock pulsing as he came in her. Sonya was sucking cock after cock,
moaning and rubbing cock after cock over mouth and face. Looking over
at Rachel, Sonya told the guys to fuck her like Rachel. After
switching to a doggie, straddling a thick cock and pushing her ass
out, Sonya's pussy was slowly filled with hard cock. While she was
fucked, Rachel was positioned in front of her. Sonya was told to eat
her holes and lick them clean. Doing as she was told, Sonya buried her
face deep into Rachel's holes, she licked her pussy and ass. Sonya
screamed and moaned into Rachel's holes, shaking while her pussy was
fucked deep. I couldn't believe what these two sluts were doing.
Stroking my cock, I went over and placed it at Rachel's mouth. She took
it in deep like she was hungry for it, sucking me hard, stroking me at
the same time. I looked up and could see Sonya looking up at me while
she was eating Rachel's holes, closing her eyes and moaning as she was
fucked hard. I could see her sweet ass in the air, untouched and
unfucked. I pulled my cock from Rachel's mouth and went around to
Sonya's ass. I knew I had been replaced as soon as I walked away from
Rachel, so I looked up to see who it was and I was surprised to see the
guy with the ten inch cock, stuffing it into Rachel's mouth. She was
shaking from Sonya's tongue lashing and intense finger fucking. I
leaned in and licked Sonya's asshole, getting it all wet, sending goose
bumps over her whole body. Her asshole was so tight, I slowly worked
my finger in it, working it in and out. Sonya looked back at me and
said it felt fucking good and started to cum, telling me how fucking
hot that felt with my finger in her ass and a cock in her pussy. I
worked my finger in deeper, finger fucking her super tight asshole
deeper and deeper. Sonya was shaking, getting my finger all wet,
moaning and cumming over and over. I knew she was ready to be ass
fucked, so I moved up and placed my cock at her asshole and slowly
worked the head in, inch by inch I filled her asshole with my cock. She
was so tight. As I fucked her, I looked up and could see she was
fingering Rachel's asshole and pussy hardcore, almost fisting her pussy
and three fingers in her ass, making her shake. Rachel was still
sucking that giant cock deep and hard. As I fucked Sonya deeper, her
asshole squeezed my cock so tight, I lost it and came deep in her ass.
At the same time the guy fucking Sonya's tight pussy came hard, pumping
load after load in her hole. Suddenly, Rachel lost it and came hard on
Sonya's mouth and fingers. The guy Rachel was sucking off, came in her
mouth, pumping load after hot load of cum into her mouth. Working my
cock in and out of Sonya's ass, making sure I worked out every drop of
my cum for her, she began to shake and lost it, she came so hard,
shaking and yelling out "fuck yeah, oh my fucken god, I'm cumming, fuck
me, I'm fucking cumming so hard". Her hole was so tight, I could feel
every pulse of her orgasm. I was still hard so I worked my cock in and
out of her slowly, driving her orgasm even harder, making her shake so
hard. Sonya came again, squirting on my cock and the guy in her pussy.
Rachel looked back and cheered her on and we packed her holes as deep
as possible. Rachel said to pack her deep, then turned and worked her
hand under Sonya and began rubbing her clit. Sonya's eyes rolled back
and she came over and over and over, squirting white cum from her
pussy, soaking my cock, the other guys cock and Rachel's hand. The
girls kissed deep and I pulled my cock from Sonya's asshole. She
slumped over and her and Rachel laid with each other on the floor.
At this point, we had all been at it for about 2 hours, but there were
guys still wanting in on the action. Seeing the girls were wearing
down, I yelled out last call and told everyone to get in a circle. With
the girls in the middle, the guys got around them and began to jerk
off. The girls kissed and rubbed each others pussies and one by one,
got showered by hot cum. It was so hot seeing these two gorgeous girls
covered in hot cum, all wet and super fucked. One by one the guys
left. After the party, the girls took a shower together and that was
the end of the night.
I talked to the guys about the party a couple days after and the
estimated count of guys the girls took on was about sixteen for Rachel
and about eleven for Sonya, plus the girls fucked each other silly in
the process. I talked to the girls later and they said they wanted to
do it again. Gotta love dirty girls. I can't wait for the next party.

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2015-01-31 21:06:22
fuck,,,,my BF had a poker party and talked me into,,( not That he had to too hard ,,I love cock) being there waitress slut.... I loved all 6 cocks!!! I want that again.... even 16....

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2012-12-05 01:18:23
could you make paragraphs its a good story just sucks trying to read it the way its set up

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