t all started on Friday night a couple summers ago. My gorgeous wife
Robin was sitting with me looking at videos and pictures online. Not
finding much but political bullshit and some lame videos, we came
across a video of a girl stripping online, on a web cam. Seeing this
caught interest from both of us, but especially Robin. As she watched,
Robin commented," wow she is hot". Watching more of the video, the girl
slowly stripped down to just a sheer pair of pink panties. Robin told
me she could tell that the girl was turned on. I asked her how she
could tell, and she said, because I am! With that, she reached over
and grabbed my cock through my shorts, giving it a good firm squeeze.
As we watched the video some more, Robin kept a good hold on my
hardening cock. Robin said the look the girl has in her eyes shows
she is hot. The tight bodied brunette in the video slowly peeled her
panties off, to show her glistening wet pussy. Robin moaned in approval
and said her pussy looked good. Somewhat stunned, I asked her if she
would ever be with a woman. That's when Robin told me that she already
kind of had tried it. Before I could say more, she told me to shut up
and watch the slut on the video play with her pussy. As I did, Robin
watched and moaned her approval when the girl would shake, or squirm
while rubbing her pink clit. Robin liked it when the girl fingered her
pussy and showed how wet she was. I was so hard by now, Robin moved
down, pulling my rock hard cock out. She looked up at me and began to
tell me that when she was younger, her and a friend would kiss, touch
and sometimes play with toys. They would do this together, while
watching each other, telling each other what felt good. Then she took
my cock into her mouth, rolling her tongue over the head, making me
moan at the sensation of her hot mouth closing over my cock head, then
slowly working down until my cock was balls deep in her mouth. My Wife
can suck cock so good, but this time she was hot, and ready for some
cock and some pussy. As Robin sucked my cock, she would pause and tell
me that her and her friend would fuck each other with dildos, sometimes
in the ass. Pumping my cock with her hand, and taking the head into her
mouth, Robin was getting me close to filling her mouth with hot cum.
When she told me she would like to fuck a woman sometime in front of or
with me, someone she could lay next to and kiss, someone to touch and
caress, someone she could slide her fingers into and feel a nice wet
hot tight pussy taking them deep. Between the dirty talk and the wicked
job Robin was doing on my cock, I couldn't hold back and I lost it,
cumming in Robin's mouth, filling her throat and cheeks full of hot
cum. Pumping my cock with her hand and sucking on the head, Robin
moaned as she worked out every last drop of my cum. Not wasting a drop,
like a good girl, she looked over at the video and stood up.
With a grin, Robin said she was off to take a shower and said if I
wanted, I could watch. Catching my breath, I got up and walked in the
bathroom behind her. Seeing her strip down to her thong, made me think
back to the video we had just watched of the hottie stripping, then
playing with herself. Seeing this, sparked my cock up again, and I sat
down on the counter while Robin stepped into the shower. As I sat
there, I could see the hot water run over her naked body. She is so hot
at only 5'4, nice creamy white skin, brown hair, nice natural tits and
a wicked little tight ass. Best of all, she has a sweet pink, shaved,
super tight pussy. I could see her hands run down over her breasts,
slowly circling each nipple with her finger tips. She looked up at me
and I could tell she was horny. Robin said we should look at porn
online together more often. She said she liked watching the girl in the
video get herself turned on, then to see her play with her pussy. As
Robin told me this, I could see her close her eyes and her hands went
down to her own pussy. Robin told me she would have eaten the girls
pussy so good if she were there with her. At this point, she is rubbing
her clit and her knees are bending slightly. She tells me that her
pussy is so wet and she wants me to watch her, she wants me to stroke
my cock while watching her fuck her pussy. As I did this, she kept
rubbing her clit, but now she had a finger buried deep in her wet hole,
pumping in and out as she told me what she would do with the girl in
the video. Robin moaned out "I'm cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck I'm
cumming". Robin came so hard, she almost slipped. Finishing up her
shower and orgasm, she got out of the shower and came over to me for a
With just a light drying off, she went over and laid on the bed. Before
she could say anything, I went over and laid next to her. I slowly
kissed her lips, then her neck. As I nibbled on her neck, she moaned
and told me how hot she was and she wanted me to fuck her deep and
hard. So I moved up and kissed her deep. Tasting her tongue in my mouth
mixed with the feeling of her hot naked body against mine had me rock
hard again and ready to fuck Robin like she wanted. As I worked my way
down her naked body, sucking and nibbling on each of her stiff nipples,
then squeezing each of her breasts hard, I worked one hand lower, until
I was running a finger tip over her swollen clit. She was so wet, I was
able to use her pussy juice to lubricate my finger tips, so they slid
over her clit so smoothly, she moaned and begged me to finger her pussy
hole. Robin told me she wanted to feel my fingers fill her pussy, one
at time until packed full. She loves her pussy licked, fingered or
fucked, so as I fingered her, I told her to work on her clit. She did
as she was told and began to rub her clit so fast and hard. Suddenly,
and not only a minute later she was shaking and moaning "Fuck I'm
cumming again, oh yeah, oh my god". Her pussy was so tight, I could
feel and see her pulsing muscles squeezing my fingers over and over.
With this came white creamy pussy juice, covering my fingers.
Letting Robin relax a little for a minute, I slowly worked my fingers,
one by one from her pussy, all while kissing her deep.
While Robin took a quick break, I rolled a joint and told her how hot
that was. She told me she was so turned on from the video and wanted to
watch more. I told her we should smoke the joint while watching a
porno. Agreeing, we put in a dvd and lit up the joint. The dvd was a
cheap four hour one, but had some good scenes. We scanned through a
couple scenes, while smoking off the joint, when one scene came up of
two couples, having sex in the same room. This looked good and we
decided on that one. Robin was sitting next to me, still naked and
looking so yummy. I looked over and kissed her shoulders, telling her
how beautiful she is and how hot it is to watch her cumm. Robin looked
over and told me she liked it too, and wanted to sit on my lap while we
watch the scene. Suddenly, she moved over me and slowly worked her way
down over my cock. As she moved down, she worked her pussy right over
my cockhead and took it into her hole, nice and slow. Robin was so wet
and so hot inside, the feeling was amazing as I slid inside her pussy.
She moaned and told me she loved it when I kissed her and she wanted
my cock pounded in her, now, and deep. Holding her hips, I worked her
tight body down on my cock, filling her wet hole deep. Robin moaned
loud, telling me "Fuck me, fuck me fucker, give me that cock". She was
so wet, I could feel her juice running down onto my balls, then more
until I was all wet. I was so wet, I realized my slutty wife was
squirting on my cock. Feeling this, I stepped it up and really started
to fuck her pussy deep and hard, pulling her onto me while grinding my
cock up into her. Robin was screaming, barely able to keep her breath.
She was screaming how fucking good it felt to squirt on my cock. I
reached one hand around and felt that her asshole was soaked, so I slid
one finger tip up to it and worked around it some. This really got her
attention and she wanted more, so I slid it in further. As I started
to finger fuck her asshole, she begged me for more. So I slid another
finger in and deeper, she moaned deeper, with a grunt, telling me "Fuck
yeah, finger my ass and fuck my pussy, oh yeah, dirty fucker".
Knowing how much I love dirty talk and the feeling of how tight her
already tight pussy got, when my fingers filled her ass, pushed me over
the edge and I came deep inside of her pussy. Grinding deep on my cock,
Robin moaned and shook, telling me she was cumming. I held her close
as she shook and moaned into my chest, biting me hard while she came on
me. While we came to the end of our orgasms, I held Robin close and we
watched the video of the two couples fucking, I told her I thought it
would be hot to see her with another woman, or to possibly swing with
the right couple. She kissed me and said yeah it would be hot. Maybe
one of these Friday nights? With that and some kissing, we went to bed.

It was an amazing Friday night.

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