This last Friday night, was HOT! I had to sit down and write to all
the readers out there. Enjoy, I know I did.
It all started out with my Wife Robin and I hanging out at our house,
getting dinner ready, as well as some other things. We had plans with a
friend who was coming over and we wanted to make sure everything was in
order. Plans were to do some tattoo work, which is what I do for a
living. Then we were all going to relax with a joint, watch a movie and
just chill.
As the night started, I had gotten set up for the tattoo, and Robin
asked me to come into the bathroom real quick. As I walked in, there
she was with her pants down, showing me her sweet tight ass, with a
lace white thong tucked between her yummy ass cheeks. Knowing how much
I like to be teased, Robin pushed back so I could run my hand over her
ass. As I gave her cheeks a squeeze, then worked my hand lower, running
my fingers over her lace covered pussy. Robin let out a light moan. I
could feel the heat of her pussy. She was hot and wet. After I rubbed
her pussy for a minute, I brought my fingers to my nose and her pussy
smelled so good. As I went to pull her panties to the side so I could
lick it, there suddenly was a knock at the door. Breaking from the
trance I was in, I asked Robin to go answer it. Asking me why, I showed
her the huge hard on I had. Giggling, Robin yells out, "Come in".
Before I could say anything, Robin pushed me out of the bathroom and
locked the door. Trying to get back in, I see robin has locked the
door. Then I realize, our friend Sarah is standing in the doorway,
looking over at me, saying hello and walking toward me to give me a
hug. Not sure of what to do, I turned and went to her and gave her a
hug. As we hugged, all was normal, then with a pause, Sarah giggled and
asked if she had come at the wrong time, or the right time. Smiling and
blushing both, I asked what did she mean? She looked down and pointed
at my hard on. At this point I figured what the hell, so I told her
what Robin had done and we could hear Robin laughing. Sarah said she
thought it was great and looked down at the bulge in my pants and said
to me, "that looks great too". With a smile, she hugged me again, but
pulled in close to me, pressing her firm tits against my chest.
Suddenly I felt her hand caress my cock. I was buzzing from the
feeling of this tight bodied hottie, rubbing my cock, then giving it a
hard squeeze. She whispered to keep it a secret, then kissed my cheek.
Yelling out for Robin to come out, Sarah turned and went to the
bathroom to see why Robin was in there laughing instead of coming out
to see her. Next thing I know, there both in the bathroom giggling.
Girls being girls, always in groups to the bathroom, I asked through
the door if they wanted some drinks. Both said yes, so, I went back
into the kitchen, got some cold beers out, and set us up in the living
After about five minutes, the girls joined me, and we all got ready to
do some tattoo work. As we drank our beers, a joint got lit up, we all
started to chat about the tattoo and Sarah said she had been thinking
of adding something to the design. This took me having to free hand
some of the design on her with a marker. As Sarah pulled her shirt
off, I asked her to take her bra off too, so it was easier for me to
work. Doing like she was asked, Sarah did just that. As she peeled her
shirt off, then her bra, her small, firm tits with super hard nipples
were there for Robin and I to see. Keeping somewhat professional, I
tried not to stare, but damn, she looked so good. I looked over at
Robin and she was locked on to Sarah's tits and without hesitation, she
told her how nice her tits were. Sarah loved the compliment and giggled.
I could tell she was ready to just ravage Sarah. So I asked Robin if
she would get me a new marker, so I could draw on Sarah. As she walked
out of the room, I moved in and took Sarah's tits into my hands and
squeezed them, they were so firm. Her nipples were so hard, I just had
to lick and suck on them. As my tongue moved over one nipple, I pinched
the other, rolling it between my fingers. Sarah put her hand on my head
and moaned how good it felt. Next thing I know, I hear Robin, "what
the fuck", not knowing what was going to happen, Sarah said, would you
like to lick them too? As I looked over at Robin, she smiled at me and
said, "you weren't supposed to start without me". Robin moved in close
and kissed Sarah deep, caressing her face and neck, while there tongues
moved together softly. It was so hot seeing them kiss. Still squeezing
Sarah's tits, I could hear her moan when I pinched and sucked her
nipples. She was breathing heavier now, pulling Robin's head to her so
she could kiss her deeper. I reached over and caressed Robins ass,
knowing how wet she already was, I moved my fingers over her pussy. She
moaned and got week in the knees and shook a little. Sarah then told
Robin to take her shirt off, she wanted to see her tits. Since it would
only be fair she said with a sly smirk.
As Robin removed her top and released her gorgeous tits, Sarah smiled
and took them in her hands, then licked and sucked them slowly. Robin
arched her back, and pulled Sarah's mouth to her tits, telling her how
good it felt having her mouth on her. As the girls played, I worked my
hand over Sarah's pussy and she shook, moaning deep. Robin looked down
at me and told me to rub both there hot pussies. As the girls went back
to kissing, I unbuttoned Robins pants and removed them, exposing her
soaking wet panties. Then I reached over and undid the snaps on Sarah's
pants. She wiggled so I could pull them off of her easier. Sarah had on
a black sheer thong, which I could see was wet with her pussy juice.
Not wasting any time, I worked my fingers over her pussy and asshole,
lightly stroking her clit with my finger tips, then laying three of my
fingers over her pussy, rubbing it harder. Sarah was moaning and
pushing at my hand with her pussy. She was so wet, my fingers were
slick with her juices. I took my fingers to there mouths and they both
licked them eagerly. Sarah said, I want to taste Robin too. Hearing
that, Robin said then lick my pussy. Sarah was shocked and looked down
at my hand which was now buried in Robin's panties, finger fucking her
pussy. She was so wet, Sarah could hear my fingers fucking her. I told
them to get in a 69 position with Sarah on top. Mmm, seeing her ass in
the air was so hot. At only nineteen years old, she was smooth and
soft. I caressed her tight ass and moved in closer to smell her sweet
pussy and asshole. Robin was now licking her swollen clit and looking
up at me while she ate Sarah's pussy. Sarah was moaning loud, telling
Robin how fucken good it felt to have her licking her pussy. As I took
my cock out, I went around and pulled Sarah's head up from Robin's
pussy. She looked at my cock and said, "oh yeah, great it is". She
leaned in and took it deep into her mouth. She was moaning while
sucking me and I knew Robin was licking her pussy good, fingering her
ass and pussy at the same time, I figured it wouldn't be long until she
was cumming. So I pulled her hot mouth from my cock and kissed her,
then told her to get back to work on Robins sweet pussy. Stepping back
for a second, I thought, get the camera! Without saying a word, I
walked out of the room to get the camera. I could hear moans while I
was in the other room, Sarah was telling Robin to eat her holes like a
dirty slut. Dirty girls and they were all mine to fuck. =)
When I walked back into the room, Robin had switched positions and was
eating Sarah from behind, doggie while Sarah straddled the back of the
chair. These two were so hot, I started taking pics and some short
vids. Robin had her ass out and as I took pics, I came up behind her
and slowly worked the head of my cock into her pussy. With this she
moaned and told me to fuck her, "fucking fuck me" she said. She was so
wet, my cock slid in to her nice and easy, stretching her tight pussy.
The feeling of her pussy on my hard cock is amazing. Robin is always so
tight and so hot, feels so good around my cock.
As I fucked her pussy, Sarah was looking over her shoulder at me,
watching me fuck my Wife, who happened to have her mouth buried in her
ass. Sarah then asked, do I get some cock? I told Robin, get next to
her, push those asses out. The girls did as they were told and I moved
in behind Sarah and worked the head of my cock over her pussy. She was
so wet, so pink and completely shaved. Her pussy felt so good against
my cock. I worked the head of my cock into her, feeling how tight her
young pussy was, then inch by inch, I pushed my cock into her hole.
Sarah was moaning and telling me how fucken good it felt. Robin was
looking back at me and was rubbing her own pussy from below. I reached
over and slid two fingers into Robins pussy, finger fucking her deep
while I fucked Sarah next to her. Both girls were so wet and so hot. I
had two sweet, hot, tight, wet shaved pussies all to myself. =)
Sarah was begging me to fuck her harder, so I did a little, asking her
if that's what she wanted. Sarah replied, "no, I want more, give it to
me", teasing her some more, I fucked her hard and deep, pounding her,
"she yelled fuck yeah, like that". Then I slowed down again. She was
pushing back, trying to fuck my cock, but I wanted to tease her some
more. This had her going nuts, she was begging me to fuck her, to fuck
her like a dirty whore, she wanted my cock balls deep in her, please
she said. With that, I grabbed her hip with one hand, and pulled her
into me so I could go deeper. Without the ability to scream or moan,
she just kept her mouth open and eyes rolled back as I filled her pussy
completely full of hard cock, over and over, drilling her sweet pussy.
Sarah was so wet, her juice was running down my balls and down her
legs. Robin was watching me, telling me to fuck her harder, all while
I had three fingers packed in her pussy. Both girls were going nuts,
then together, both girls started shaking and cumming. Sarah's pussy
squeezed around my cock, pulsing over and over as she came hard on my
dick. Robin was squirting hard as I packed her pussy with fingers,
fucking her deep. She was shaking and cumming so hard. Without giving
them a chance to break, I told Robin to get her toy. I laid Sarah down
and told her we had a treat for her. Suddenly she pulled me close and
gave me a deep kiss, then said she had never had sex like this before.
The passion in her eyes was intense. With this, I moved over her and
placed my cock at her mouth. Sarah took it in deep, sucking and licking
all her cum from my cock. She was sucking it so good and deep, taking
it into her throat and gagging on it, then taking it out and sucking on
my balls. Damn she was good. As I looked down at her sucking and
looking back at me, her eyes got big and then she moaned so loud. I
knew Robin had gotten her toy and was using it on Sarah's pussy.
This is where it gets fun. See, Robin and I had planned to seduce
Sarah. We had been wanting to fuck her since we met her and bought some
toys just in case. Well, good thing, because Sarah was now getting
filled with rubber cock on one end, and my cock on the other. As Robin
and I fucked Sarah, we turned so we could see each other. Robin was
fucking her so hard and deep. The rubber cock was covered with white
cream from Sarah's hot pussy. She was cumming, but was also being used
as a fuck toy for Robin and I. Going deeper into her throat with my
cock, Robin saw this and went deeper into her pussy. We had Sarah so
packed she was uncontrolably shaking, cumming over and over,
Robin then said, let's double fuck this slut. Sarah didn't ask
questions, or protest, she just got on top of Robin, slid that thick
rubber cock back into her pussy and worked it in deep. I stepped up
behind her and placed my cock at her asshole. Robin kissed her and held
her close as I filled her asshole deep with thick cock. I could feel
the rubber cock in her pussy and her asshole was so fucken tight. She
MOTHERFUCKERS". With that, we went to town, Robin started pumping her
rubber cock in and out of her, fucking her deep and hard. I did the
same and took Sarah's hair in my hand and pulled it as I fucked her
tight asshole, pulling out sometimes to see how stretched her ass was,
then back in slowly, inch by inch. I couldn't hold back and I told
Sarah in her ear that I was going to fill her ass with my hot cum. This
took her over the edge as well and she went limp, shaking and moaning
that she was cumming so hard. Robin was still fucking her hard, which
kept me going too, pumping load after load of hot cumm into her tight
After slowly pulling out of her, Robin took her by the waist and kept
fucking her. So I got the camera and took some pics. Sarah was riding
Robins rubber cock and I could see my cumm dribbling out of her
asshole. What a dirty fucken slut. I rested for a few minutes while
they fucked and I asked Sarah if she would like to re pay the treat.
Robin had never been double fucked, at least not anal and pussy. "I'll
talk about that in another letter"=). She seemed nervous, so Sarah
asked me to go in the other room with her real quick and asked Robin to
stay there. Doing as she was told, like a good girl. Sarah took me by
the hand and led me to the other room. When we got in there, she asked
me what other toys we had. I took her over and showed her the toy
drawer. She lit up, looking at all the toys, big dildos, huge dildos,
whips and handcuffs. She said she thought we were kinky, but she never
imagined that much. As I stood over her, she looked up and saw my rock
hard cock. She looked at me and took it into her mouth, sucking it
deep, hard and fast. She pulled away and grabbed the handcuffs and a
whip. Lets fuck her good and hard she said. I want to see you fuck your
Wife like a dirty whore, the dirty whore that she is.
Followed by a deep kiss, we went into the living room to find Robin
fucking her pussy deep with the rubber cock. Sarah said, no slut, not
until I say and walked over, slapped her, took the dildo from her puss
y and instructed her to get on her knees. Robin did as she was told.
Sarah walked around, handcuffing Robin in the front, then began
whipping her. Robin's ass was so red after about ten lashings, she was
begging Sarah to stop. Sarah told me to come over and fuck Robin. As I
did, Sarah put the strap on cock on . I worked my cock deep into my
Wife, who was dripping wet by now. Her pussy was so fucken tight, I
could barely get my cock in her. Sarah then walked around and grabbed
Robins head and told her to suck her rubber cock good, suck all that
pussy juice from that dick. Sarah was fucking Robin's mouth, deep and
hard, I could feel her pussy clench when Sarah would make her gag on
it. Sarah was calling her a fucken slut and a dirty whore, while
fucking her mouth. The whole time, Robin was handcuffed, so she
couldn't protest. Seeing these sluts in action, turned me into an
animal and I started to fuck Robin, hard, really hard and super fucken
deep. I was packing her hole so fucken good. I could hear light moans,
but Sarah didn't let up, she made Robin suck that cock. Feeling my
orgasm coming on, I said I was about to cumm. Sarah looked at me and
said "cumm in her, I want to lick it all out". I lost it at that point
and came so hard. I filled Robins pussy so full of hot cumm.
It was another great Fri night..
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