If you haven’t read the first story its about a girl who is going to visit family in Missouri she shares a train ride with an older man. She pretends to fall asleep he fingers her until she is turned on and they have sex.

I wake up on the floor a few hours (I assume it has been a few hours because of how stiff my body is) to find myself almost completely naked except for my skirt and I am still in the arms of my new lover Todd who is still asleep. I roll over on my back to stretch and in the compartment window I see a man staring at me. He is smiling and staring at my body, I get turned on. So I spread my legs and start rubbing my tits and I run my hands down my body when I get to my skirt I pull it up and start fingering myself. With one hand I slide my finger into my tight little pussy and the other I play with my tits rubbing them and making my nipples hard. The man watches me for a few more minutes I had started playing with myself to turn him on, but now I am getting into it. He opens the door and comes in he doesn’t touch me yet he just watches me.

After a few minutes of watching me play with myself he starts to undress, in less then a minute he is completely naked. I stop playing with myself and just watch him he gets down on the floor with me and he grabs my ankles and he pulls me forward he gets between my legs and starts kissing me and running his hands all over my body. He pinches my nipples getting them nice and hard and starts sucking on them. I wrap my legs around his waist he puts his dick inside me and starts fucking me. It feels so good I start moaning as he is fucking me I look over and Todd has woken up and is watching us fuck. He has a smile on his face and a hard on. The man sees Todd is awake so he pulls out of me and flips me on my tummy and brings me on my knees so I am on my hands and knees.

He then inters me from behind. Todd quickly moves forward putting his dick in my mouth. Todd grabs me by the back of my head and starts to fuck my mouth; I just open my mouth and try not to choke. The stranger is fucking me hard, he is grunting like a wild animal he thrusts into me so hard it slams me forward taking Todd’s cock all the way to the back of my throat. The stranger is fucking me so hard that if Todd wasn’t if front of me I would have fallen down several times. Both men are now thrusting at the same time. I feel myself about to cum I start moaning around Todd’s cock I start pushing my hips into the strangers cock as hard as I can. He can feel my intensity so he digs his nails into my hips and starts to jerk my hips back hard. I am taking all of him inside of me. We are fucking at a fevered pace Todd lets go of my head and arches his back because I am getting fucked so fast it is causing me to suck Todd faster. I feel my pussy start to tingle and I know I am seconds from cumming so I start moaning loader and I spread my legs wider hopping to get him deeper inside me. I know both men are close to cumming as well. I can’t hold it anymore I cum so hard my knees go weak and I start to sink to the floor. Todd pulls out of my mouth and comes on my hair and back. My chest sinks completely to the floor and the stranger thrusts into me a few more times before he comes inside me. We lay on the floor for awhile catching our breath, then over the speaker the conductor says that we will be there in a few minutes. So we all slowly get up and get dressed. I have to throw my hair up because it is wet from the cum.

I get off the train with Todd’s phone number in my purse; I see my aunt and uncle waiting for me. I go over and give them hugs and kisses. My aunt has tears in her eyes because she hasn’t seen me in years. We chat for a few minutes then we go back to there place. It is a big beautiful old farm house and my aunt told me that they have farm hands living in the servants courters of the house. A husband and wife with there three sons. My aunt introduces me to the farm hands Sam who is the husband Mattie his wife there oldest son Jake who is nineteen Brent who is seventeen and Andy who is fourteen. I smile and play nice for a little bit then excuse my self to get settled in. I go to my room it is beautiful a queen sized bed and a dresser with a huge mirror on it. I put my clothes away and go to take a shower because I am very sticky from my train ride.

After a few days I get used to the routine of the farm early mornings early nights chores but everyone is very happy here. And so an I. Everyone has gone to bed but I cannot sleep because my room is so hot I take my pajama bottoms off hoping to cool off a little bit but it doesn’t help. So I go down stairs to the living room were it is cooler. I lay down on the couch and I soon start cooling down so I start rubbing my thighs and I pull my t-shirt up to my waist and I start running my nails over my tummy giving myself goose bumps. I start playing with my tits getting my nipples hard. I start fingering myself I put one leg on the ground and have one leg on the couch. My fingers are wet from my pussy juices I start to get into it I start to moan I am getting close to cumming I start fingering myself faster and with the other hand I start playing with my tit. I am rubbing my tit and pinching my nipple while fingering myself.. My hips start thrusting into my hand it feels so good and as I cum I squeeze my tit so hard I leave nail marks. Then I see movement from the door way so I look over and see the farm hand Sam staring at me. So I pull my fingers out of my pussy while he is watching me and lick my fingers. He stares for a little bit longer and walks off. I smile to myself thinking I could have some fun with him.

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2013-07-25 16:15:13
Awesome. Look forward to Part 3.

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