Yet Another CAW 7 entry
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Debra picked up the phone, “What?” she began sounding annoyed, “Okay?” a long pause and then “What’s the bid?” she scribbled on a yellow legal pad as she took down details “We will” she kept writing “we will be” she underlined a figure “I’ll tell the Captain you’ll have your answer in the next hour”, “Yes sir”. Debra stood up smoothing her uniform skirt it was ochre green and was complimented by the light green of her cotton blouse.”
She stood and knocked on the door behind her, she entered “Captain” she said “We have a mission if you want it”

“How much?”

“1 million credits”.


“West Africa apparently there has been an incursion”.

“Local or…”

“Or it looks like they dropped a medium harvester”.

“Oh really?”

“Full rights”.

“Oh very nice, back up?”

“No one is willing after the last disaster against a harvester.”

The world had changed with the appearance of the Alien races. Several liberal minded politicians had been sent to negotiate with them. The Aliens had promptly used them as hosts to breed more aliens from and then when they had been expended in that use the aliens had eaten them. This was well documented because the Aliens didn’t really care about high-speed transmissions of what was happening where. There had been a 48 hour episode of everything that had happened to the diplomats. It showed everything from the Alien queens laying eggs in the body cavities of the victims to the embryonic aliens eating their way out. Since then a state of war had existed but the Aliens weren’t trying very hard to win. It was just an exercise in numbers. The Aliens had more; one human host could spawn as many as forty aliens, depending on the species.

There were three known species. The Grays, which everyone was familiar with from all the myths about Roswell. It turns out that the Grays were bred almost exclusively as hosts, they were also used as cannon fodder and front line troops. They were weak and pretty pathetic really. There were also the Reptililoids, dumb and tough but could hatch eggs without any ill effects so long as it was in small numbers. Finally there were Tenticlauts which as far as anyone could tell were the leader group there was always at least one of them with any ship. They were smart, tricky and most of them were drones.

The Queen Tenticlauts were the ones that everyone worried about. Half a company of UN troops were impregnated by alien eggs last harvester mission. Of that group the rest were killed and the survivors lived for a week before the aliens killed them. Two of those survived, and normal troops wouldn’t go into combat against the aliens after that, at least not against something as big as a harvester. Scientists had identified other larger ships in orbit but they didn’t come down, and all attempts to shoot them out of the sky had been ineffective. The Aliens didn’t seem to have an active plan. They appeared to judge the human race as weak and not worthy of fighting, or conquering for that matter. They would sometimes lose a ship, a small one, but they had so many that it didn’t seem to matter.

Mercenary Groups sprang up. That’s where the hanging cross came in. They had never actually lost a battle against the aliens. It was only platoon strength at its greatest but usually it was a 20-man jump group.

Captain Jayne Lee hit the large red button on the corner of her desk. A klaxon sounded outside and within five minutes there was the sound of boots on the parade ground. Captain Lee stepped out on to the parade ground. “Our objective is in West Africa. It’s a harvester ship, and it was moving in to touch down. We are active to go. Anyone who does not wish to go is dismissed. The rest of you MOUNT UP”

The military designated Peregrine, a jet-powered version of the Osprey armed with cluster munitions and hellfire antitank missiles, lifted off the ground and hovered a few seconds before it hurtled into the early morning sky.

Halfway across the Atlantic it caught a refueler and returned back on course… it flew over the LZ at high altitude and dropped a daisy cutter over the projected Landing Zone. The Peregrine banked hard and slowed as the daisy cutter cleared a football field sized area. The harvester ship was just outside the blast area. Apparently the munition woke up some of the inhabitants as one of the access doors opened and several Gray’s poured out into the newly made clearing. At ten feet above the LZ, the group of twenty women leaped out of the back of the hovering craft. Heavy weapons fire opened the battlefield composition, like the drum roll at the beginning of a symphony augmented by the hard cracks of grenades exploding. The group approached the primary door, shooting down the corridor, the muted screams of the Grays echoing off the sterile walls. Red flares illuminated the corridor. The soldiers which had surprisingly suffered no casualties to date slipped down the corridor, tossing stun grenades down the hall when it came to a “T”. They pushed down one corridor with the bulk of troops moving slowly. They encountered no resistance and found the harvester hold. Thirty odd men, women and children all packed into a cage. They left them, knowing that turning them loose at this point would only cause confusion.

“Captain,” the radio crackled, “I see group of eight incoming, one tent, and the rest are snakes.

“Copy. We will pull back to the main hallway. Take down as many as possible.”

The heavy thump as the 102 mm gun began firing at the inbound hostiles was audible even inside the great ship.

“Eye’s Sit rep” Captain Lee said into her throat mike.

“Stun batons,” she said to the soldiers around her. The scout, who had been sniping outside, walked straight into the group. They thumped her two or three times with stun batons and she fell into a heap, spasming on the floor. A few seconds later they were faced with the horror of a Tenteclaut. They jabbed it over and over again with their batons until it collapsed into a pool of ooze.

There was a crowd of ten people who stood dumbly in the hallway. “Medic up” Captain Lee said and she motioned for the bulk of the squad to follow her down the other corridor. It turned and there was an elevator. There was no music though Jayne felt like there should be. The doors opened and their guns were leveled. Into the green illuminated passage they moved.

They made it to the door to the cockpit. There were three Tenteclauts inside… the weapons spat death… smashing into the squishy flesh of the enemy. When the three enemies collapsed into a pile of goo, three of the soldiers ran forward and stabbed them with their batons to make sure they stayed down.

They entered a second elevator, which led to the engine room. They rushed the Tenteclaut who turned to see them as they ran out of the door, the stun batons humming. Two of the five soldiers were stopped dead before they reached their target but the other three hit the monster with full charge.

They called in their air support, which had been waiting on station and watched as it dropped six containers, cryo boxes. The soldiers loaded the monsters into the boxes. After sweeping the ship for other enemies and finding nothing they secured it, and called in UN heavy lift to transport the ship it to the coast, where it would be loaded aboard a barge and shipped back to base.

This series of events apparently set the enemy back; there were no new attacks for a while. “Captain we have tested all of your personnel and we have discovered that with the right equipment.”
“Bottom line Doctor” Captain Jayne said.

“We will be able to shield your troops from the enemy’s mind control abilities, and we have also discovered a way to stimulate the same area’s in the minds of soldiers with varying degrees of success.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean Doc?”

“It means that the psionic ability will vary from person to person, those who are least susceptible to the mind control are actually the strongest so if you have any suggestions we can begin testing for abilities.

“Begin immediately now if there is nothing else?”

“That is all for now Captain”.

Captain Jayne walked to the cavernous hangar where a dozen or so scientists and engineers were working on disassembling the enormous harvester. They had pulled most of the major components out already and were working on reverse engineering the various components. She observed for a few moments and then went back to her office.

“Captain?” Debra asked.

“Yes Deb?”

“Well I got this memo that said all personnel are to be tested for psi abilities.”


“Does that include me?”

“If you would rather not?”

“No I just well I never thought of myself as a… soldier really?”

“You were issued a side arm. There is no reason why you couldn’t go into the field”.

“I know but I have no combat time”.

“That isn’t an issue, Deb. We are all equal when it comes to psi at least until we are tested.”

“Should I go, I mean can I go for testing now?”

“I don’t see why not?”

“Thank you Ma’am… I’ll be back when I’m finished”

“See you soon.” Jayne smiled as the younger woman walked out into the dust outside.

Deb walked into the Lab, “I’m here to be tested” she said to the woman behind the desk. Shortly she was led to a small room where she was hooked up to a series of monitors and she was shown a room with two rodents in it, hamsters.

“Just try and influence their behavior anyway you can” the doctor said. After a few moments she was able to make the two animals run in circles and do flips. “Stop” the doctor said. Debra realized that she was sweating profusely and the light hurt her eyes. “We are ready for phase two”.

She was led to another room the probes were re-attached and the lights were dimmed. The window opened to a monkey masturbating furiously. Deb concentrated again. The monkey stopped she had it do jumping jacks, and then she had it open a can of paint that was in its’ enclosure and had it write on the wall: “More bananas and I’ll stop beating off!”

“Stop” the Doctor, said again “Report tomorrow for phase three.”
“Doctor how many…”

“You are the first we have tested”.

“What’s phase three?”

“We implant the psionic amplifier along your jawbone, and from that point on you will be psionically active. We will issue mind shields for most of the rest of the personnel later this week.” He handed her a pair of dark glasses. “It appears that photophobia is a side effect of the exertion.”

“Anything else I should worry about Doc?”

“We really don’t know you’re the first candidate, so any effects that you have later on today we would like to know about. Come in tomorrow in the morning and we will debrief you on that and then prep you for surgery.”

“Isn’t that…”

“Too soon, no we have the highest priority on this if there are issues with your implant we will want to know and we are unsure if any other abilities might show themselves.”


“You will be granted a week of convalescent leave after the surgery.”

She made it back to the headquarters building. “How did it go?” Captain Jayne asked.

“They want me for phase three tomorrow” Deb replied, “Will you be able to manage without me?”

“I’m sure we can get someone to fill in”.

Debra was okay for about an hour. The lights still hurt her eyes but overall she felt okay and then she was hit with nausea and stomach cramps. She spent a half hour in the bathroom throwing up. Captain Jayne had two soldiers escort her home as she could barely stand. She was sick most of the night, but in the morning though she felt right as rain and reported first to the office to let the captain know that she was going for surgery. She then went to the lab and told them about the side effects of the psi testing. They took notes and then ushered her into a pre-op theater. “Sign here” one of the technicians said, she did, now count down from ten, she heard someone say.

When she woke up her entire head hurt. After a few minutes and some pain pills she was able to talk awkwardly. “Don’t talk” the nurse said.

Then how the fuck am I suppose to tell you that I feel like I have been run over by a truck
she thought.

“Exactly like that” the nurse replied.

That worked? She thought.

“It did I can hear you quite well. I’ll get you something for the pain” a few minutes later the doctor walked in as the nurse handed her a cup and the pills. She swallowed them and the doctor said “The procedure went perfectly as planned. You will have some pain over the next week or so and it should be tolerable with over-the-counter medication. Don’t try and do any psi manipulations to anyone we will want you fully recovered when you get back for more testing.

She took a bus into town, splurged and got a nice hotel for the week. She ran her hand over the small incision mark on the right side of her neck. She slept for the first couple of days only coming out for meals. It was mid-day on the third day when she realized that she didn’t hurt anymore. She went down to the bar and found a place and ordered a beer.

“Who’s that?” she overheard from the end of the bar.

“Merc I think saw her come in a few days ago in uniform”

“Hey Babe,” a guy sidled up beside her “Can I buy you a drink?”

“I’m…” she looked at him and he was handsome enough she thought “sure you can buy me a drink”.

“Hey bitch” a girl at the end of the bar approached her with violence in her voice. “You can’t come in here and hog up all the men I don’t care…”

Shut up Deb projected .

“Don’t tell me to shut up”.

SHUT UP! Deb pushed at the woman who stopped dead in her tracks. YOU can’t move. Deb took her beer and walked up to the woman and leaned over to where she stood frozen “Go back to your friends, you don’t want to fuck with me” she whispered “Unless you want me to make you do something embarrassing that you’ll never live down”

She walked back to her seat and let go of the woman. She paused for a moment and then rage in her eye walked up and tapped Deb on the shoulder. Deb turned and finished her first beer. “Yes?” Debra asked.

“Look Bitch with the invaders and everything it’s damn hard to find a man and we would appreciate the opportunity, especially since you’re obviously not a breeder”.

“I can’t let a man buy me a drink?” Debra asked.

“Not in my bar you can’t”.

“I’ll just go” Debra said downing her beer, not wanting to push her abilities.

“Oh no, not until you have learned your place” the woman said grabbing Deb’s shoulder and spinning her around. Deb reacted, throwing a punch while at the same time freezing the woman in place with her thoughts. Debra threw a series of quick punches like she did in the gym, she woman quickly crumpled onto the floor. She walked up to her room, there would be no charges as the police didn’t mess with mercenaries unless they started something, and lawsuits well let’s just say that those didn’t happen much.

Debra lay in bed feeling depressed, and she let her thoughts drift. There was a young couple on their honeymoon next door to her. She realized that if she relaxed she could hear their thoughts. She wondered… she planted a thought. She walked out the door a few minutes later and neighbors door opened the groom still in his Tuxedo exited carrying an Ice bucket. Debra walked into the room as he left. “Hi” she said to the woman who was lounging on the king sized bed.

“How the… who the hell are you?”

Relax you want this Debra pushed. “Lets get you comfortable” Debra said, approaching the nymph like blonde. Debra reached up and brushed the woman’s hair our of the way and gently worked the fasteners on the back of the woman’s dress. “What is your name?”

“Kimberly, I… I don’t know…”

“My name is Debra I’m a old friend of yours” she reinforced the suggestion with some flows of her will.

“How long has it been Debra, I’m so surprised, I’m sorry you didn’t get an invitation to the wedding.”

That’s okay, you invited me to your wedding night as a special gift to your husband Debra pushed. “It’s been too long Kim” Debra said helping her out of her dress. Debra let her hands dance across Kim’s back lightly caressing her panty-clad ass. “These are lovely stockings” she said running her fingers down the insides of Kim’s thighs. Debra stripped down to her bra and panties, and walked into the bathroom, just moments before Craig, Kim’s husband, returned with the ice.

“Just you and me Baby” he said putting down the ice.

“Craig, lover, sweetie, I have a present for you.” Kim said.

“Yes Baby my friend Debra is here”

“Um I don’t understand”.

“I want you to fuck us both and, I want you to have the night of your life tonight” and she opened the bathroom door to reveal Debra clad only in her panties. Craig gasped as he looked at his wife with her arm around Debra’s shoulder. Debra leaned over and kissed Kim.

“Fucking hot!” Craig said mouth open “I didn’t know you were like this”. The two women took Craig by the arms and led him over to the bed. Kim undressed Craig’s upper body as Debra undressed the bottom. Kim was kissing Craig, while Debra worked his nice package with her lips. Debra luxuriated in the feeling of a hard warm cock in her mouth; it had been six months at least since she had gotten any action at all. She savored the silken spongy piece of man meat suckling lightly as her fingers caressed Craig’s generous ball sack. “Oh baby” Craig moaned Debra stood and pushed Craig onto the bed. Craig crawled up so he was completely on the bed and Debra got up and stood behind Kim. She worked the fastener to Kim’s bra and Kim let it slide down. She kissed Kim’s neck her hands groping and cupping the other woman’s breasts. Debra let one hand snake down between the woman’s legs under her panties until her fingertips grazed the swollen flesh of the mouth of her sex. Debra pulled Kim’s panties down and the two women climbed onto the bed. Debra took Craig’s cock in hand and held it as Kim positioned herself over it…

… Debra woke several hours later still tangled in the sheets. She extricated herself and went to her room. She was halfway through her shower when a loud, booming explosion rocked the hotel. She hurried out of the shower and pulled her uniform on over her still wet skin. She pulled her cap on and hurried to the window. A ship that she had seen designated as a heavy scout was sitting right in the middle of the parking lot. She didn’t have a gun, so she pulled her phone out and dialed her office as she watched from the window. “Hanging Cross Mercenary Division Headquarters”.

“This is Debra Marquez Access Code 2154Alpha. Put me through to the Captain”.

“Captain Jayne Lee”.

“Captain, I am at the hotel Platzo 50 kilometers north of base. There is a heavy scout in the parking lot and it looks like the enemy is loaded for bear. I can see several craters in the street and it looks like they are carrying rifles.”


“I have no weapons and I’m on the sixth floor…”

“I’ll scramble but I don’t know what good it will do”.

“Yes sir, I will try and do what I can to minimize the civilian casualties.”

“Stay put Deb, that’s an order”.

“Yes sir” she hung up the phone and watched, as the aliens seemed to unleash bolts of energy from the weapons they were carrying. Green flashes of light that looked like tracer fire but were far too slow and then it would hit something and it would turn into slag. Debra looked out into the hall… there were four of them, Grays coming down the hall they were each carrying a gun, whatever it was… she focused on the one in the back, his mind felt so very different, she wrestled with him mentally. And then she could see through his eyes. She fired the weapon into the backs of his companions in a stuttering burst. She then had him walk down the hall and stop in front of the doorway where she was hiding. She made him drop all of it’s equipment, some kind of med pouch if she got it right in the sort of mental acrobatic translation two of what she took to be grenades a spare clip of ammo and the weapon. She worked out how to load and unload the weapon and then how the trigger mechanism worked, with the help of her captive.

She took the weapon and shouldered it pointed it at the head of the gray and squeezed the trigger. His head turned into a pink mist and the wall behind him smoldered she could see clear out of the hotel though the smoking hole. She took the stairs as quickly as she could, stepping out into the lobby to see three Reptilians she fired, emptying the ten shots of the magazine at them. The first two twitched in death spasm but the third appeared to be reaching for one of the grenades. She jammed the second magazine into place and fired catching the carpet on fire in the place where its head had been a moment before. She collected three extra magazines and two more grenades. She heard the scream of the turbine engines of the Peregrine as it slowed nearby and then a heavy thud followed by a loud explosion. She watched in horror as the stricken aircraft hurtled towards the ground in front of the hotel.

Debra reached out with her mind; there were still people alive in the now burning Peregrine. She worked the door but it jammed halfway open. She looked around. The streets were empty except for a few burning cars so she climbed inside and started pulling the living out. Nine out of the twenty on board were not completely broken six were so badly injured that she didn’t dare move them the rest were dead. Captain Lee was among the nine. “Debra I told you to stay put,” she said, angrily pulling the bloody mat of tangled hair out of her eyes.

“I know, I didn’t have any choice.”

“That’s okay Deb, let’s see what we can do”.

“Where did you… Is that an alien weapon?”

Debra nodded “Blew the fuckers heads clean off”.

“Okay” she handed Debra a radio and throat mike and one of the other soldiers hooked it up on her uniform. “Home plate, strike actual, requesting air support”.

“Strike Actual, Home plate copies gun-ships enroute”.

“Copy Home plate, advise gunships ground fire is to be expected, proceed with extreme caution”.

“Copy Actual wilco”.

The sound of the alien guns was unique, kind of like a squelching burp. The ten women moved quickly toward the sound, They turned the corner to find three Reptilians, and apparently the Tenteclaut leader. The first fire team opened up on the Reptilians who turned and returned fire. One of the soldiers caught a blast in the chest and fell to the ground, unmoving a smoking hole where her chest used to be. One of the soldiers turned and leveled her weapon at the Captain but before she could pull the trigger her comrade hit her with a stun rod. The Tenteclaut was carrying two weapons what looked like a rocket launcher and a heavier version of what Debra was carrying. Debra fired at the Reptilians, they fell large holes appearing on their torsos as a rocket exploded from the launcher. It heading straight up and then came down ballistically towards where the group was standing. “Scatter” Debra screamed as she pumped rounds in the direction of the Tenteclaut. There was a horrendous boom and everything was black.

When Debra woke up, she was in the field hospital. The Captain was standing next to her. “I take it we won?” she croaked.

Captain Lee smiled “These are for you” she said handing Debra a jewelry box. Inside was the silver bar of a lieutenant and another collar device that she didn’t recognize. It was a stylized eye.

“What’s this?”

“Your new rank and collar designation”.

“What’s the new designation?”

“Psi Op”.

“How many have been tested?”

“Ten so far, none are as strong as you. We will need you to train them.”

“Then what?”

“Then we hire out to the UN and Merc groups ‘till we get this thing under control”.

“I really hope we do sir”.

“Yeah till then I guess we will be whoring ourselves out to the highest bidder”
“You make that sound so lovely” Deb grinned and realized that her face hurt.

“Try not to move too much Deb. You took some shrapnel in your back and side, we had to sedate you pretty heavy, and you have flash burns on your legs and face. I won’t tell you about your hair, but you should be out by the end of the week.”

At that moment, a young girl rushed into the room and handed the Captain a slip of paper. “What is it?” Deb asked as she saw the Captains face go ashen.

“They have wiped out the entire UN Security Council… they are all… as good as dead” Captain Lee gasped trying to catch her breath.

“Looks like my medical leave has been shortened and you need to get tested Captain.”

“How..?” Debra just tapped the side of her scull.

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