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How I lost my virginity to my own mother !
This is a true story at how I had sex for the first time to my mom.
To start off, I was a 14 year old boy and my mom was a 39 year old woman. My mom had long curly brown hair while I had straight and short brown hair (most likely from my dad). My dad and mom divorced when I was 6 after my mom caught him sleeping with her cousin. She took me, and we started living in a 2 room small apartment. Because of that, mom and I started becoming really close such as we told each other everything that happened and secrets and friendly stuff like that.

When I turned 14, my relationship with my mom was at an all time high. She was now 5'8 while I was 5'6. We always kissed on the cheek whenever I came back from school and she came back from work. One day, when I came back early from school, I saw my mom walking from the kitchen to her room. She turned to me when she saw me. Thats when I realized she wasn't wearing a bra and was using her left hand to cover her nipples. Her long hair was wet.

I turned away, "Oh shit. Sorry mom."
Mom said, "It's okay, I have them covered, why are you home so early?"
I looked at my mom's body. She was apparantly wearing panties.
"The phone started ringing while I was taking a shower so I put something on and went to get it." She said.
I smiled, "You look very good mom."
She smiled back at me, "Thanks, I am going to go put something on."

I liked the way my mom's body looked. Even though it was wrong, I tried to think of a excuse before she went to put something on.
"Wait Mom."
She looked a little suprised as her hazel eyes glared at me. "Yes?"
I didn't know what to say. "Um, I was wondering, well, um, I have never seen a girl's body before, is it alright if maybe I can just well, you know, like see." I was embaressed.
She seemed embaressed also but smiled again. "Well, I guess no harm can be done, just a quick look which you must promise to tell no one about."
She walked to the door and locked it. The curtains were closed already. "You promise you won't tell anyone?"
"Yes, I promise." I said.

She slowly removed her hands revealing her large breasts and big erect nipples. I got an erection right then and there. She then pulled down her panties showing me a bit of pubic hair around her vagina. I stared in awe.
She smiled, "How do you like em'?"
My erection was just to much, I had to find another excuse. "Just so you wouldn't be embaressed alone..."
I quickly undid my pants, shirt, and underwear letting my erection fly in the air. We then just stared at one another. After a while, we both blushed and started laughing. Here we were, mother and son, showing our bodies to one another. I wasn't embaressed and I hope she wasn't either. I wanted to feel her so I told a bold chance and walked closer to mom and hugged her. "Mom, thank you for everything. I love you."
I felt her wrapping her body around me. I felt my mom's nipples touching my nipples, my erection was touching her vagina. After a while, she let go and smiled.

"If you want, for a second, to put it inside, I would be happy with that." She walked and sat down on the sofa. She opened up her legs for me to see her vagina in full view. It was just amazing! I slowly walked towards her until I rested in between her legs. Feeling my excitement and sensations rising in my cock, I held my penis and slowly inserted it into my mom's hole. She moaned very slowly. My penis went in quite easily since she just took a shower. I felt pre-cum pouring out inside. Once I was all the way in, I started pushing in and out.
"Uh, Jake, make sure you,oh uh, pull out, uh,oh,uh..."
After 10 seconds, I groaned, the biggest groan I have ever heard from myself. Knowing I was past the point of no return, and I tried pulling out but I wasn't quick enough and I exploded inside her my mom, grinding my pelvis against her with each forward thrust, dumping a huge load into her. My mom screamed as she came at the same time I did. I fell on my mom and we both took a quick nap on the sofa, not realizing what I had just done.

When I woke up, I realized that I just lost my virginity to my own mother. I didn't know what to think. She was in the washroom taking another shower... 3 weeks went by, we didn't have sex but we did kiss and hug a lot. The sad part was when she told me that she was pregnant. I was scared but she said she was alright with giving birth to my child. After seven and a half months of waiting, my child was born. It was a little girl with my mom's hazel eyes and my straight brown hair. We named her Jenna. My mom and I never told anyone it was my baby. I pretended to be Jenna's older brother and pretended that Jenna was a adopted baby. I loved her and I still do. She still thinks I am her brother even though she is 10 years old now. Hopefully she doesn't find out the truth. My mom is also happy because she thought the baby should be aborted because she might have incest birth defects but she didn't.

And that is my story. Please comment on how I can improve, this is my first story I have done. EVER. I will read all comments. Till next time. Take care.

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2017-01-01 06:02:10
i had an erection

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2016-12-07 22:45:09
i like this stories they make me wet


2016-10-04 02:54:16
"First Time With Mom" - Fourteen Year Old Novice Virgin Son, Jake and Thirty-nine Year Old Fertile Divorced Mother, Unnamed.

Talk about "a quickie", both literally and figuratively, this story... and male character son, Jake did an initial teaser--the shortness of the story with minimal details and the quick "dip" of Jake's wiener-dick into his mother's pussy--son's dick in, barely, two/three pumps, blow his wad, and out; and the story teased with one very small, minimal stick of the dick into momma's pussy, small amount but enough ejaculate to impregnate his Unnamed mother...and eight or eight and half months later a daughter/sister is born! Unfortunately for the expecting-more readers, there is no more fucking, loving, foreplay, blowjob(s) nor pussy-eating after the initial and once only impregnation shot!!!

Though short, quick and lacking, the story could have had merit worthy of some praise, though Jake did, if but only once, fuck his mother.

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2016-09-16 09:05:32
don't believe a word of it

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2016-06-11 04:52:08
Anna L. her vernon indiana.has tiny wrinkled old ass and big saggy tits with huge dark areoleas . Strong pussy smell is hot

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