Ready to be fucked bad girl? =) This is for you.

It was a Fri night, I had invited my friend Shelley over for some drinks, smoke a joint, relax some.
First let me tell you about her, she is sexy, petite, naughty naughty and adventurous. One night her and I were kicking back at her place, and after a couple drinks, she told me about a fantasy she had of multiple men taking her into a room, or outside, anywhere and just fucking her like sex slave. Turned on hearing this, Shelley told me she would be the ultimate fuck slut for a group of men. As she continued telling me her fantasy, my cock grew , getting harder and harder. What a naughty slut I thought, mmm, to see her sucking, fucking, all holes being filled, hair being pulled, ass being spanked, face slapped and name calling, making sure she knew what she was there for… mmm, fuck, my mind wandered and before I knew it, my cock was rock solid, I could feel it throbbing in my pants. I told Shelley that she should try it sometime and as I got up, trying to excuse myself to go get a drink, she noticed my hard on and giggled some. Shelley told me I was naughty as well, getting all hard for her while she talked dirty to me about her fantasies. Admitting to her that it was super hot hearing her talk like that, imagining it in my mind as she said it had me super turned on. Shelley reached up, stroking my cock through my pants. As I sighed, Shelley squeezed and stroked my dick, making a wet spot on my jeans from the pre cum coming out from being so fucking hard and turned on. Shelley unzipped my pants, looking up at me, she told me she was going to suck my cock, hard and deep, like a good slut would. As soon as she quit talking, her mouth took my cock deep into her throat,, mmm, fuck her mouth felt so good, so hot, so wet and smooth.. She worked my balls at the same time with her hand, bringing them up some for when she sucked deep, so she could lick them a little while she gagged my meat down.. As I looked down at her, I realized she liked being fucked like a slut, so I grabbed her head and sank my cock into her throat, deep as fuck. Shelley looked up, gagging over and over, trying to push me away, I pressed deeper. Mmm, seeing her struggle was so fucking hot. I pulled my cock from her mouth for a second, leaned in as she gasped for air, and whispered that she was going to get used like whore real good, right fucking now… Then I told her to tell me what she wanted… without hesitation, Shelley responds with, "fuck me, fuck my mouth, my holes, please, give it to me fucking gagggg…", before she could finish, my cock was back in her mouth, mmmm, she looked so hot with her mouth around my dick.. This time, she put her hands behind her, holding her feet. =) I took her hair and as my cock filled her mouth, I could feel it slip into her throat, then deeper.. Mmm, her eyes were rolling back and I held her nose, not allowing her to breath.. Close to passing out, I let her breath for a second, slipping my wet cock from her mouth and rubbing it all over her face.. Shelley was fucking loving it, mmm, such a worthy fuck, earning the title of whore.. After slapping my wet cock over her face for a min, I slipped it back into that mouth, going deep, fast, hard, making her spit poor from her mouth, down her chin on to the floor.. I could see Shelley shaking a little, so I leaned in, told her to look at me and I told her she would enjoy this, as she felt my cock packing her throat full, I started to cum….mm, my cock was so deep in her throat, I just filled her throat with cum…, then slowly slipped my cock out, pumping load after load of hot cum onto her tongue, then onto her pretty pink lips.. , Shelley was breathing hard, getting air for the first time for a minute, leaned in and wanted more.. Lol, I couldn't believe itm she was now my slut, I had broken her in good. That night went on for about 6 days as we fucked and sucked in every way possible.. But we can write another story on that later. Back to today.
When Shelley arrived at my place, I had a fat joint rolled, some drinks made, all ready to go. When I heard her knock at the door, I told her to just come on in. When she did, I was in aww, she looked super hot, wearing a tight pair of jeans, cowgirl hat, and a rock shirt, cut in the front to show off her gorgeous tits. Shelley has a wonderful body, so when she dresses to show it off, it is impossible not to look and stare, and drool.. Lol So I told her how good she looked. With a quick kiss, she said ty and kissed me again, deep playing with my tongue with hers.. =)
As we sat down, we lit the joint and she told me about her week, how things are going with her and what not. Just making conversation. While we smoked, the subject got more relaxed as we relaxed. Suddenly Shelley told me she had gotten a new pair of panties and asked if I wanted to see them. Fuck yeah I want to see them I said, so Shelley stood up, slowly worked her way out of her jeans, wiggling her sweet ass slowly from them, all for me to see.. She loved teasing me and I knew it. Mmmm, loved the new panties, sheer white, showing her pretty pussy inside through the material.. I whistled and told her how yummy she looked in her new panties. I then told her to come closer and push her ass out at me.. As she did this, I reached out to feel her pussy and she was wet… Her pussy juice was slick, coating her panties, allowing my finger to glide smoothly over her pussy. Shelley moaned, pushing back for more.. I loved how hot she was for me, just as much as I was for her.. =) She begged me to finger her pussy, she said she had been thinking about my cock all day and wanted me to finger her cunt, finger fuck me she said, now motherfucker she demanded.. Wow, a new side of her, she normally was submissive, but she was taking command.. I liked it and peeled her new panties to the side and rolled my finger tips around her pussy lips, getting them nice and wet with her juice, then I packed two fingers into her hole. Shelley moaned loud, telling me how fucking good it felt… before I knew it, she was cumming, shaking so hard she almost fell over.. Her pussy juice running down my hand onto my wrist.. Mmmm, what a naughty fuck she was being. I helped her lay down, as I brought my cum soaked fingers to her mouth, having her help me lick them clean as we shared her cum and kissed=)..
I recommended another drink and Shelley accepted. I told her to relax and I would get what we needed. =) While making some drinks, I got the rest of the joint and went back in the room where we were hanging out. As I walked in, Shelley was sitting on the bed, legs spread, fingers rubbing over her pussy. Mmm, what a yummmy site to see. As she played with her pussy, I could hear how wet she was=).. I sat our drinks down and leaned in over Shelley, watching her rub her pussy, slipping her fingers into her wet hole. She was soaking wet. As she started to cum, she spread her pussy lips and white creamy cum pored from her hole.. =) I was so hard, I couldn't wait to fuck her, feeling that creamy wet pussy taking my cock.. Shelley begged for her drink, poor thing was getting her work out.. Lol As she pounded down her drink, she slowly worked my cock from my shorts. As she rolled her fingers over the head, she told me she felt tired a little.. Then she said she wanted to lay down for a min, then she slowly fell asleep.. =) Now the fun begins. Shelley didn't know it, but her fantasy of being a group whore was about to become true. I had drugged her a little, not enough to hurt her, but enough to make my plan work out while she was out.. I picked her up and carried her into the other room, where I had toys, lubes, paddles, restraints, etc set up. Making sure she was secure, I strapped her onto the bed, laying her on her back.. Mmmm, she looked so good naked on the bed all tied up=).
About five minutes later, the guys got there. These are a few guys I know from college, we had all fucked a couple college girls together when I told them about Shelley, we planned it out.
When we all got in the room, everyone was impressed at the gorgeous fuck slut we had for playtime. Ibn no time at all, the guys were on her, feeling her tits, feeling her pussy.. One of the guys said, fuck she is soaking wet… lol, yeah, she is a naughty girl guys..
As she started to come around, Shelley was not sure at first what was happening, but being as horny as she was and waking up to four guys working her tits and pussy over, then seeing hard cock after hard cock, all ready to fuck her.. She was not complaining. I walked over, and told her, surprise=). With that said, it was on. I slipped my cock into her mouth as one of the guys pulled her legs up, slowly filling her pussy with hard cock.. Shelley was moaning so deep, felt so good on my cock. As I pumped her throat with my cock, the guys switched out, each getting a turn in at her tight pussy.. Shelley was shaking, cumming over and over.. As I let her breath here and there, she begged for more.. So we flipped her, I sat in front of her as she sucked my cock, one of the guys got under her and slipped his cock in her pussy, then another one mounted her from behind and slipped his cock in her ass.. Fuck I couldn't believe how hard she was moaning, all while just sucking my cock so fucking deep, gagging her self on my meat. She was loving being a whore.. Mmmm, As the guys got going, so did Shelley, she worked my cock good, moving back and forth as the guys pounded her holes.. I could hear ass slapping and spitting going on, as the guys spread her ass apart spitting into her asshole getting it nice and wet. See, one of the guys had a huge cock, maybe 13" and super thick. I invited him just to make sure she got her holes fucked with that giant cock..
I looked at her and told her what a good girl she was, watching him move into position, I could see Shelley's eyes open huge, feeling her asshole being filled to the max with his giant cock.. I smiled at her and told her I had been planning this for awhile, to see her be what she wanted to be, a fucking dirty group whore. Shelley's eyes rolled back, as my buddy held her hips and sank his dick balls deep into her asshole.. Then out, then back in deep, harder then harder until her was fucking her long, hard and deep. Shelley could barely keep my cock in her mouth she was getting fucked so good.
Next thing I know, someone is cumming. Shelley loved it, feeling her ass getting filled with hot cum.. Mmm, then another load deep in her pussy.. I couldn't resist, I filled her mouth with my cum, only to pass her mouth off to my other buddy so she could suck him dry too..
After everyone shot there cum into this slut fuck, we decided to leave her tied up, gagged her, got cleaned up then went out for something to eat.=)
Being gone about an hour or so, we got back to find the whore in the same spot, cum dried all over her, trying with all she has to get free.. Lol, I told her, babe, we have just gotten started on you=)..

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2011-06-30 01:09:08
not really for literary value. i just find the story easier to read if i can see actually structure and not just unfiltered thoughts.


2011-06-29 10:19:09
Why does it matter about the paragraphs? Your going to read it all anyway...

And textspeak is what our world is coming to. Harley whore it's not like this story is going to be published in a book. It is this authors way of writing. Look at Charles dickens he makes up his own words. You don't see people putting a negative view on his work because of it. And his work is harder to read because of makin up words. This author of this story wrote a fabulous story and so what if he used "textspeak" you still understood it. Didn't you?

Harley WhoreReport

2011-06-28 22:39:00
What's your objection to paragraphs - did you write this on your phone or something? Also, textspeak and emoticons are the province of teenage girls, not writers who want their stories to be read and appreciated.

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