Dear readers, I am writing to tell you all about an evening I had recently with a friend of mine.
It was a Tuesday, after work. I was kicking back at the house, having a cold beer, when there was a knock at the door. I got up and when I answered the door, to my surprise it was Suzette. We have been friends for a long time, I have always thought she was hot, but she has always had a boyfriend, so trying to be respectful, never made a try. But as I looked over her, I instantly got turned on. She looked so good, with short shorts, tight shirt that squeezed her beautiful tits so nicely. Mmm, next thing I knew, I was in a fantasy, lol then coming back to reality and realized I was still standing there with Suzette. Lol Getting a kick out of it and with Suzette's personality, she gave me a hard time about daydreaming..
After she came in, we chatted and she told me she came by, because her and her boyfriend were having an argument, and that she needed a place to crash for the night without anyone knowing where she was. So, I agreed and offered her a place on the couch for the night, which she accepted. I felt bad for her, I gave her a hug and asked if she wanted a beer. Knowing she likes beer as much as I do, we sat and drank, one, then two, then a few each out on the deck, chatting, but mostly letting Suzette talk about things that are upsetting her and why things are going bad in her relationship. Always good to have a friend who will listen she told me, then leaned in and kissed me. It was just a soft kiss, but was amazing. Just feeling her lips against mine, intense. I had fantasized about her, many time while stroking my cock in the shower, so to feel her kiss me, mmm, instant hard on..
So as we chatted more, we moved into the house from the deck, grabbed a couple more beers, then ended up in the living room. As we kicked back on the couches, we put in a movie. Suzette asked me if I wanted to lay with her, in case she got cold. I agreed of course. See, Suzette is a gorgeous brunette, beautiful brown eyes, thick hair, a wicked ass and body, a great personality, sense of humor and adventure, and best of all, she is naughty. She writes naughty stories and has me proof read them for her and damn, I love reading the naughty thoughts she has. As we set up to lay down, I got some blankets for Suzette for the night and when I returned, she had turned the lights down, had the movie going and was laying on the couch, wearing a really long t shirt. She said she changed real quick, she had brought her pajamas and some other stuff in a small bag.
Thinking to myself, this is going to be interesting, she wants me to lay with her, she is wearing a long t-shirt, and I already had a hard on. Good thing the lights were low, otherwise she would clearly be able to see my hard on.
Moving in behind Suzette, spooning somewhat, we chatted as the movie played, sipping our beers off and on.. Suzette moved up to get her beer off the center table and her shirt moved up over her hot ass. I could see she was wearing panties only under her shirt, looked like a pretty pink g string. Mmm, fuck I was so hard, I was doing all I could not to just ravage her right there. Suzette stayed like that for a moment, sipping some drinks off her beer. She then looked back and caught me looking at her ass. She giggled some and said, "like what you see"?. Shaking my head yes and then telling her I have always thought she has a nice ass. Suzette said ty and said at least someone notices. See, apparently a lot of the issues with her boyfriend are sexual. He just is not satisfying her. She told me he wont go down on her, and he doesn't like getting head, basically he was lame and she needed to have her pussy licked sometimes, laughing and telling me, "is that to damn much for someone to ask".. As I stuttered out a no, Suzette told me to spank her ass once, she wanted to feel the sting. So I pulled her shirt up some more and caressed her sweet ass with my hand, warming up the spot, then bringing my hand back, I came down hard spanking her firm ass. She moaned out loud, loving it.. Such a naughty girl. Fuck, by this time, my cock was hard enough to cut steel.
Suzette was super buzzed and not longer after that, she fell asleep, with her ass showing, big hand print on So, I covered her up, then went into the bathroom, where I stroked my cock. I took my thick long shaft into my hand and pumped it long and slow, imagining it was Suzette's tight pussy taking my cock deep inside her. My cock was so hard, the head so swollen, pre cum dripping from the tip, I knew at this rate, I would cum in no time… then suddenly, the door opens and Suzette walks in. The spot I was in, Is sorta off to the side, so she didn't see me right away, but as she rounded the corner, there I was, cock in hand. Suzette stopped, took a second to realize what she was seeing and then told me she was sorry to interupt.. But then she kept staring at my cock.. Suzette then asked me if she could watch me.. I was stunned, I had never had anyone ask me to jerk off while they watched me… Being so turned on from this, I pumped my cock, hard, with long stroked, working my fingers over the ridge of the head. Suzette told me I had a beautiful cock and that it had been a long time since she had been fucked by a hard cock. As she talked dirty, Suzette pulled her pink panties off, then brought them to me, telling me to smell them as I stroked my dick for her. As she sat on the counter, spreading her legs, I could see her pretty shaved pink and very wet pussy. I had wanted to see her body for so long, but getting to see her play with her pussy, spreading her lips, rubbing her finger tip lightly over her swollen clit.. Mmm, I was pumping my cock so hard for her, Suzette told me she couldn't wait to see me shoot my hot cum, licking her lips, she said fuck it, when your gonna cum, cum on me, please, I want to feel your hot cum on me..
At this point, I was close, I could smell her sweet pussy juice on the panties she gave me and I was rolling my fingers over my cock head, it was so swollen and so wet from my pre cum, I told Suzette I was close and moved over to her.. But before I could cum on her, Suzette leaned in and took my cock in her mouth, sucking my cum from my cock.. Mmm, fuck I was cumming so hard in her mouth. Suzette swallowed every drop, pumping my cock with her hand, she sucked harder, and harder, making sure she got all of it, almost making my knees go out.. Lol
Suzette told me my cock tasted good after she pulled it from her soft lips. She looked up at me and then took my cock back into her mouth.. I could feel her hand working my balls and I knew I would be ready to go again at this rate. Suzette started to deep throat my cock, so deep, gagging on it, then sticking her tongue out to tongue my balls while she gagged that hard fucking dick down.. What a naughty fuck I said as I looked down at her, taking her hair and pushing my cock deeper into her throat. Suzette loved this, reaching down, playing with her pussy while I fucked her mouth.. . As I started to cum again, Suzette started cumming too. I held her head and kept my cock deep in her throat, pumping load after hot load of cum into her mouth. Suzette was rubbing her pussy so hard, cumming over and over, taking my cock from her mouth, she kissed at the base of my dick as she played with her pussy… Watching her cum was so hot. When Suzette was done cumming, she got up, gave me a kiss, then walked out of the bathroom. I sat there for a minute, still in shock. After gathering myself, I walked out, to find her sleeping on the couch. Her ass showing, no panties, her wet pussy was visible and noticeably wet… so, I decided, fuck it, take some pics. I grabbed my camera and snapped some pics of her pussy and ass, getting close ups, showing how wet her pussy was. Unable to resist, I reached out to feel her pussy and mmmm, she was so hot, so wet and as my finger slipped past her lips, lightly entering her pussy hole, I could feel how tight she was. Suzette moved a little, pushing her ass back. She was asleep, but in between, so as my fingers went deeper inside of her, she moaned a soft moan, pushing back so I could finger her deeper. Mmm, feeling her tight pussy taking my fingers, feeling how smooth shaven she was and how wet. Suzette woke and told me how good it felt.. She said she loved being woken up like that and missed it.. "something she didn't get at home". So, I leaned in, kissed her back, then her neck, as I slowly slid my hard cock over her ass.. Suzette told me she loved sucking my cock, felt good having such a hard thick cock in her mouth.. Suzette knew I liked when I was talked dirty to, got me going, so as she told me naughty things, I worked my cock head over her pussy a little, making sure it was wet, then slowly, inch by inch I filled her pussy. Suzette was so hot, her pussy squeezed my cock tight, I pumped in and out, with long slow strokes, then slow deep strokes, just filling her tight pussy so full of my cock… =) Suzette told me how good it felt, saying "fuck, oh fuck yeah, fuck me" in between moans, she was loving it, and so was I, her pussy felt so good taking my cock. When I looked down, I could see her pussy juice, all creamy white all over my cock.. Mmm, I love seeing a woman's cum on my cock like that.
Suzette told me to fuck her harder, she wanted more, telling me to fucking give her all of it as I picked up my pace, longer, deeper strokes in and out of her. I reached down at one point, spread her ass cheeks and rubbed her asshole with my thumb, driving her nuts. As I packed my cock, balls deep into her, I slipped the tip of my thumb in her ass, using her creamy pussy juice for lube, I could feel her pushing back, then as I worked my cock around inside of her, she started to cum. I could feel her pussy pulse around my thick shaft, just keeping my cock as deep inside her as possible while she shook and came all over me. As I slowly pulled my cock from her pussy, I leaned in, kissed her back some more, then told her how much I liked feeling her so close to me. Then rolling her over, I kissed her lips, pulling her legs up and apart, I slid my cock over her pussy again, this time rubbing my swollen cock head over her clit.. It was so swollen I could feel her clit under the ridge of my head, felt so good. Suzette told me to keep doing that and that it felt so good, so fucking good, oh I am cumming again she tried to say as she shook and reached out, grabbing my arms, digging her nails in deep.. Mmmm, Feeling the pain from her nails digging in, made me cum.. Suzette pulled me in close, telling me to cum in her pussy, telling me she wanted to feel my hot cum inside her.. Such lovely things to hear while cumming in such a hot tight pussy.. Suzette knew exactly what to say and exactly how to work her tight pussy over my cock to make me cum hard, and that I did.. =)
After filling Suzette's pussy with my hot cum, I held her close for awhile, kissing, looking at each other, she was just so beautiful and sexy… I was still inside her and I could feel her squeezing my cock again.. Such a naughty girl, teasing me for some more.=)..


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Thank you all for reading and enjoying.

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God,,, wish that was my mouth his cock came into !!! When I was married,, I fucked who ever knocked on the door... Yes,,, I was, and am a dirty cock loving slut!!! At least my ex husbands friends still love my cock sucking and wet pussy!!!

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TtYIDy Somewhere in the Internet I have already read almost the same selection of information, but anyway thanks!!...

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that was very hot but he should have eaten her out

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