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the first time I fucked my mom.
This happened many years ago when I was in my mid twenties.
Mom called me and said she had not seen me in ages and wanted to have me over for supper. When I got there she asked if I wanted a beer or a shot of tequila, both I said. She got me the drinks and the same for herself. She is not a drinker and I said she had no chance at keeping up with me. She said she would do her damndest to make me eat my words.

After about an hour, three beers and four shots later she said she had to pee. When she came back almost ten minutes later she was wearing her housecoat and her hair was wet, whats the matter I asked, fall in? nah she slurred, I just needed to get comfy and rinsed off, I was working in the yard most of the day. I handed her a fresh beer and poured us two shots. Bottoms up I said and she downed the shot and chugged the beer. I followed suit and got another round ready.

About an hour later she had to pee again. As she stood up she staggered a bit and held onto the table for support, I guess we should have eaten something earlier she said. She managed to get to the bathroom and back but when she returned I noticed the housecoat was a bit looser and open a bit lower. I could tell then that she had nothing on under it and my cock started to thicken a bit.

She stands about 5 foot four and was about 120 lbs a few years ago before the old man fucked off with a twenty one year olld redhead. Now about five years later she had gained a few pounds but still looked great in my opinion. It had been years since I had seen her naked in the shower but I remembered she had fingertip sized nipples and a silver dollar on each side of her nipple might cover her dark brown aereolas. I was starting to get a plan together in my head. I downed my drinks and told her to do the same. She almost fell off her chair but she was game for another round.

After another beer and about twenty minutes later she had to pee again. She tried to get up but couldnt quite make it. Help me dammit before I pee on the chair she said. I helped her up and led her to the bathroom. Can you do it yourself now I asked and she slurred a negative. I untied the belt and opened the robe. I looked at her fantastic tits and said WOW MOM, you look great!! She mumbled a bit and I helped her sit. Seconds later the yellow cascade began. Suddenly I had to piss as well. I said hurry mom, I gotta pee now too. Go ahead she said, I dare you.

Well, cant pass up a chance like that I thought so I dropped my pants and got ready to pee. Dont piss all over me she slurred get down and pee through the gap between my legs. I dropped to my knees and aimed my cock at the hole. It went well for a few seconds but then she shifted a bit and the next thing I knew I was pissing all over her pussy. Its not shaved but not real bushy either, I guess she trims it to about a half inch long. She moaned a little and that made me push a bit harder and aim at her clit. Thats when she let out a little gasp. I knew right then I was going to fuck her.

When I was done she mumbled something about a washcloth. I looked at the sink and found it. I ran it under the warm water and tried to hand it to her but she told me to wipe her with it. Right on I thought, my hand dipping between her thighs and wiping off her plump pussy lips. I tossed the cloth away and put my hand back again, gently rubbing her sex cleft. She giggled a bit and told me I lost the cloth. Feels nicer doesnt it I asked. Yeah but you should not be rubbing me there she said.

I helped her up and guided her to the bed. She sat down heavily and flopped down on her back. I watched in awe as her great tits jiggled and bounced then came to rest. I quickly took off my clothes and gave my cock a little rub. She said my cock had gotten a lot bigger since the last time she saw it and that I had a boner then too. She had caught me jerking off many years ago but never brought it up until today.

I got between her legs and told her that I was going to fuck her. She said I shouldnt talk like that but never said no or stop. I started by kissing her neck and between those great tits. I took each nipple in my mouth in turn and she seemed to realy like it. I kissed my way down to her pussy and inhaled her sweet essence and my cock throbbed. I couldnt wait any longer I raised myself up and aimed my rock hard cock at her sweet cunt. A few gentle thrusts and I was half way in. A hard, deeeep push and I was balls deep in my own mother. I pumped and grunted for a couple of minutes then lifted her legs onto my shoulders and fucked her for all I was worth.

She was loving it! She hadnt had any cock for the last five years and here is her son trying to make up for it in one hard fuck. I couldnt hold back much longer and told her so. Im gonna cum mom, Im going to fill your cunt with my sperm and then I want you to lick my hard cock clean. Oh yeah, thats it , yeah, yeah, oh fuck Im cumming , oh yeah take my hot cum you horny old drunken bitch I yelled. Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck your mommy you ungreatful hard cocked bastard she yelled back. I shot a fuckin huge load of son spunk into her mommy hole then laid on top of her kissing her neck, cheeks and finaly slipping my tongue into her mouth. I slid out of her well fucked but still very tight cunt and laid beside her, holding my drunk mom, stroking her hair and telling her how much I loved her and that now I was going to fuck her whenever I felt like it.

We never did eat supper but after a sober fuck in the morning we showered and fucked again. Then she made me breakfast. I just couldnt leave without sucking her awesome tits one more time. As I opened the door to leave who should be standing there about to knock but my older sister.

She was shocked to see mom standing there with her tits hanging out covered with my spit (and a couple of hickeys on those sweet tits) and a lump in my pants that was ready to split my zipper. But thats a story for another time.

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2015-04-02 17:43:43
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2012-09-16 11:04:34
A good story, it must be true (just the facts) or it would have been embellished more.

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2011-08-07 11:27:21
I was kind of embarrassing after mom and I had sex on a camping trip. She let me fucked her all night and I cum 3 times in her soft tight pussy. Mother said that she loves it. Whenever I see mom's milky white mature body and that juicy soft mound I always got hard and fucked her pussy. But, always felt guilty after my hard dick got soft in her cunt. I am quite used to it now. I know my mother needs man's hard dick in her womanly hole and if not me it would some other men. I am selfish. My mother's pussy is mine.

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2011-07-20 10:06:21
i love eating my mom shit

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2011-07-14 14:17:33
The first time I fucked my mother's pussy was when she was very drunk one Saturday night after party. I loved her fact juicy clean-shaved mature cunt. I wasn't able to last long on each fuck,but, I could cum 3-4 times while mom and I had sex. Mom's pussy was the best and fitted my 6 in. well. We had sex about once a week when she was drunk. Mom never let me touch her or play with her pussy when she's sober. But, I don't care as long as I have her ass.

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