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In life, we all have to make decisions. Sometimes, these decisions are easy, but sometimes they are “hard”! But some decisions are so hard, that you don’t know which route you will decide to take until the very last moment. Now, it’s time for Harry to make the most difficult decision of his life!
Authors Note: Hello and welcome to the FULL edition of “I Don’t Want The World, I Want You!”. You may have read, or noticed the individual parts of this story on this site before. As the story is now finished, I thought I would do what I did with my previous story (“Help!”) and post it all in one place so that you can read the whole thing however you like. So without further ado, here it is, I hope you like it! :)

I Don’t Want The World, I Want You!


Beep beep beep ... beep beep beep...

“Ohhhhh!” Harry groaned as he clumsily and carelessly felt his way around the smooth wooden surface of the cabinet, searching sleepily for the small plastic alarm clock.

“Haha” came the familiar chuckle from the other side of the bed.

Harry switched off the alarm before sighing in relief at the peace. He plonked his weary head back on the soft, fluffy, sleep-persuading pillow, then turned to look at the man beside him. Adam lay still beside him with closed eyes and a slight grin on his attractive face.

“You know Adam, you laugh at me every morning and I can never work out what’s so funny!” Harry muttered.

“Good morning to you too!” Adam responded sarcastically.

“Sorry” Harry chuckled, “good morning hunny” he replied with a small kiss on the cheek.

“That’s better”.

They laughed together for a second as Adam struggled to allow his eyes to adjust to the morning light which poured through the gaps in the closed curtains. The face he was pulling whilst he tried to open his eyes just made Harry laugh more. Eventually, they regained their composure and Adam managed to keep his eyes open.

Taking his first look into those expressive brown eyes which he loved so much, Harry asked, “So why do you giggle at me first thing every morning?”

“Ah, you know me babe, always giggling at something” Adam smiled.

“Hmmm,” Harry agreed, “That’s why I love you”.

“What because I laugh at you every morning?” he asked glancing wearily over at the man he loved, still struggling to keep his eyes open.

“No!” Harry grinned, “because you’re always happy!”.

“Yes well you have to be.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked curiously.

Adam leaned over onto his side so that he could face Harry properly. Gazing into his tired green eyes he asked, “What’s with the philosophical mood this morning? Usually I just get a cuddle” He smiled.

“Hmm,” Harry answered, “no reason, I just want to talk to my boyfriend for a while” he smiled back.

“Aww well aint that sweet” Adam mocked, making a silly face like that face that people make when they see a new-born baby, or a puppy.

Harry laughed uncontrollably, “Oh shut up” he said feeling a little embarrassed, looking up at the ceiling to hide his embarrassment.

Adam reached over to the other side of the big king-sized bed to where his boyfriend was led. Harry felt his warm, loving hand caress his cheek and upper neck. Harry grinned and turned his head back towards him. He saw the sparkle in Adam’s caring brown eyes. It always amazed Harry how fresh and attractive Adam looked, even first thing in the morning. Harry released his arm from under the covers and reached out to hold Adam’s strong, muscular arm. As Adam caressed Harry’s face, Harry stroked Adam’s arm, sharing the intimate warmth which seeped from their hot bodies.

Adam decided to take it to the next level. He leaned over more and slowly moved his soft red lips nearer to Harry’s face. Feeling his boyfriends warm breath on his face, Harry took the hint. He leaned in and gently placed his moist juicy lips on his boyfriend’s. The kiss was gentle and passionate. It was the kind of kiss which only two men who were deeply in love could share. Their eyes were closed once more as they allowed their mouths to do all the talking. The room filled with the sound of passion as the lustful kiss got more heated by the second. Before they knew it, their hands were going crazy as if following the lead set by their tongues. Harry moaned at the feeling he was getting from Adam’s busy hands as they caressed his back and shoulders. Harry reached one hand around to the back of Adam’s head and ran it though his soft silky hair. Breaking the kiss momentarily he said;

“Man I fucking love you!”

Adam didn’t have time to respond before his mouth was covered once again with Harry’s eager lips. He gave up on trying to respond when his mouth was invaded again by Harry’s slippery tongue. Adam followed suit, allowing his tongue to get involved, wrestling with the instrument which was fighting against it. The battle was too fierce, Harry had to come up for air. He broke the kiss and smiled at his lover as he grabbed him by the waist and rolled him over so that Adam was now on top of him. Right away he noticed the stiffness of Adam’s cock pressing into his own rock hard organ. Adam moaned in pleasure as their two throbbing, smooth, rock-hard dicks rubbed up against each other. They both paused and closed their eyes for no more than a few seconds as their excited penises twitched and danced simultaneously, each time creating a new wave of pleasure for them both. Adam giggled slightly when he glanced down and saw the look of ecstasy on his boyfriend’s face. Acknowledging the fact that he was being watched he opened his eyes and straightened his face before giving in and joining the giggle.

“Why are you so damn so cute?” Adam asked before stating “Thank god it’s the weekend!”

“Tell me about it!” Harry replied, “Now are you gonna fuck me or not?!”

With that message clearly received, Adam grinned flirtatiously, not moving or saying a word. He wanted to wait for a reaction. He wanted Harry to beg to be fucked! Harry looked impatiently up into the other man’s playful eyes and he knew exactly what he was trying to do. He figured he may as well play along; after all, he was the one who suggested it.

“Oh come on baby please” Harry begged.

“Please what?” Adam teased.

“Fuck me baby, go on! I want you to fuck me, I want your big hard cock in my tight little ass hole! FUCK MEEEEE!”

“Hmmmmm...” Adam continued to tease.

Adam grinned at his boyfriend with that mischievous glint in the corners of his stunning brown eyes. Harry loved being teased like this, it was a game which he was always more than willing to play with the man who he loved and adored. It was a game which made him hot, made him horny, made him forget about everything other than the fact that he was about to make hot steamy love with Adam. The fact that soon, he would have that gorgeous, hot, smooth, sexy body all over him. He was ready.

Adam didn’t keep him waiting any longer. He was satisfied that Harry was ready to be fucked. He firmly grasped Harry’s raging hard penis and jerked it up and down vigorously, feeling it twitch and throb in his warm hand. The two men shared a brief kiss before Adam hastily began pecking his way all the way down over Harry’s hard, hairy chest and tightened toned six-pack stomach. He stopped momentarily at the navel. Harry squirmed uncontrollably when his boyfriend inserted his warm wet tongue into his belly button and circled it around in playful circles. He then moved away from his navel and looked upwards. Adam felt excited by the lustful look in Harry’s vibrant, glowing green eyes. They shared a tense moment, full of anticipation. The atmosphere heated even more. Keeping eye contact, Adam slowly descended down towards Harry’s smooth crotch. Harry closed his eyes and rolled his head back in anticipation of what he knew was about to happen. His cock twitched massively as Adam’s slippery tongue made tender contact with the head of his solid dick.

“Mmmmmpphhhh!!!” Harry grunted, biting his lower lip with his perfect white teeth.

His upper body tensed up, all his muscles contracting simultaneously as he felt the bulbous head of his pulsating manhood plop into his boyfriend’s steamy mouth. Adam’s silky lips devouring his tender cock head. The pleasure became even more intense as those same gorgeous, smooth, wet lips glided downwards, engulfing his shaft. Adam, having had plenty of practice over the years, had no problem getting the delicious wad of man meat all the way into his mouth and straight down his eager throat. He sucked gently as he let his juicy lips slide up and down Harry’s smooth shaft. He made use of his tongue, using it to sensually massage the pulsating organ.

“Oooohh yeahhh!!!” Harry moaned in ecstasy as he felt a wave of hot, slippery saliva drip slowly down his cock when Adam’s lips slid off of him and gasped quickly for air before getting immediately back to work.

The pleasure was amazing. Harry and Adam were enjoying every intimate second of this steamy encounter. However, Harry still wanted more. He wanted to be fucked! After all that begging earlier he had built up an appetite. He loved getting his dick sucked but right now, he wanted nothing more than to feel his boyfriend’s hot hard penis, throbbing inside of his tight ass hole. The next time Adam came up for air, he made his move!

Harry felt the head of his cock slip out of his boyfriend’s tights lips. It twitched with excitement. Before Adam had a chance to take his next gulp of Harry’s delicious meat, Harry latched his hands firmly onto either side of Adam’s pretty face and pulled him upwards. Forcing his lips onto Adam’s, Harry took the opportunity to gain full control of the situation. Harry removed his hands from Adam’s face, and then while kissing him deeply and passionately, grabbed hold of Adam’s gorgeous, smooth, round buttocks. He played with his ass for a while, massaging the cheeks and kneading them like dough in his hands. Adam gave in with no fight, trusting his lover, giving him total control over his body.

Adam felt Harry’s hands loosen on his bum and smoothly slide up over his hips onto the sides of his stomach. Harry took full advantage of his dominance and gently pushed one side of Adam’s warm stomach while pulling the other side towards him. Their silky-smooth, sexy, hairless bodies somersaulted and rolled over each other putting Harry on top of his partner. Their throbbing hard-on’s rubbed together, oozing pre-cum. They glanced into each other’s eyes momentarily as Harry got to work on lubricating Adam’s boner with his slippery saliva. He flew down the bed as fast as he could and plonked his boyfriend’s bulging cock head into his hungry mouth. He let his lips glide over the shaft making extra sure that it was coated with a layer of his sloppy spit. Adam practically screamed in pleasure!

“Oh yes! Yeah baby work my cock! Oh yeeaaaaah!!!”

Harry continued to vigorously thrust the meat deep into his throat, preparing it for the main course. He was hot, he could almost feel it in his ass already. He continued sucking for literally a few more seconds but then he could wait no longer! He eagerly removed Adam’s dick from his mouth and immediately leapt up onto his stomach. Adam was taken a little by surprise, wincing in pain as Harry’s hungry ass thumped down on his stomach. Harry wanted anal sex so bad that he didn’t even notice Adam’s pain! He had turned into a full blown snarling animal and he wasn’t going to stop until he got his satisfaction! He spat onto his hand and rubbed it into his ass. He grabbed hold of Adam’s pulsating member and positioned it directly level with his puckered hole. He looked into his lover’s eyes and saw the anticipation in those dazzling brown orbs. Adam did the same but from his view, he saw raw animalistic lust in Harry’s glowing green eyes. Then it happened.

Adam purred softly as he felt the tip of his penis sink into the other man’s moist man-hole. Harry closed his eyes, rolled his head back and moaned softly and quietly into the air as he slowly sank further and further down towards the hard, tensed body of the man he was in love with. The atmosphere was calming down as this tender, delicate operation unfolded. However they both knew that this was just the calm before the storm...


It was lunch time by the time they had finished fooling around. Harry and Adam were now sat at the kitchen table eating their breakfasts. Harry was wearing nothing but a pair of tight, white boxer briefs and Adam was dressed in his pink dressing gown. They were discussing what their plan was for the rest of their Sunday together. Both of them adored weekends because it the only time they really got to spend alone with each other. What with both of them being at work during the week and all of the other various chores and activities which always seemed to pop up, it was sometimes difficult for Harry and Adam to find space in their schedules for quality time together. They had enjoyed a relaxed Saturday together the day before which had left them with some things which they needed to do later that Sunday.

Harry handed the almost empty milk carton to Adam after pouring some of its contents into his cereal bowl. Adam took it from him with a smile and poured the remainder of the carton into his coffee. Adam never ate cereal; he always said that it reminded him of bird feed. Instead, he preferred to have something else with his coffee in the morning, today it was toast. Harry on the other hand always had cereal for breakfast, he didn’t however like coffee. Because of this there was just about enough milk to cover one cup of coffee for Adam and one bowl of cereal for Harry, perfect.

“We really need to go shopping today babe, we’re running out of everything.” Adam stated seriously, looking intently at the empty carton.

“Tell me about it!” Harry replied with a mouth full of cereal, “We don’t even have any sugar!”.

“I know,” Adam laughed, finding the way his boyfriend ate and spoke at the same time hilarious! “I need to get some credit for my phone too.”

“Hmm, shopping today then. Should be fun. I love our special Sundays!”

“Me too babe” Adam muttered, pecking Harry lightly on the cheek as the toast popped out of the toaster and he stood to go and get it.

He wandered over to the toaster, selecting a table knife from the drawer next to the sink as he passed it. Placing the knife on the countertop he plucked the toast from the steaming toaster and dropped it quickly onto the waiting plate so as not to burn his fingers. After collecting the margarine from the refrigerator he began preparing his toast.

“Hey guess what!” Adam suggested.

Harry looked round to show he was listening while crunching his cereal.

“We’re out of marge!” he giggled.

Harry couldn’t help but grin foolishly. He tried desperately not to laugh when he felt the milk trying to burst out of his mouth. A small amount of it dribbled out from the corner of his stretched lips. The smile disappeared from Adam’s face as he tried to hide the fact that he was mildly turned on by what he saw. The creamy, white liquid, trickling down his boyfriend’s sexy face. Of course his attempt to hide it was completely futile. Harry saw it in his face straight away. He swallowed what was in his mouth and smirked knowingly at Adam as if to say “caught you”! Adam turned away in embarrassment, turning his attention back to his now cold toast.

Scraping the remainder of the margarine out of the plastic tub he did his best to butter his toast. He glanced back momentarily to see if he was still being watched. Sure enough, Harry was still there in exactly the same place with exactly the same cheeky smirk on his face. Adam turned around fully and looked him in the eye. There was a knowing silence for the next few moments.

“Oh alright! Don’t rub it in!” Adam remarked shyly.

“What’s that?” Harry teased, “You want me to rub it in! You want me to rub my hot sticky cum all over your body?!”

“What?” came the humoured reply.

“You heard me!”

“But, we, we just had sex half an hour ago!”

“Are you saying you don’t want my cum baby?” Harry tested.

“Well, I don’t know.” Adam answered seductively. “You might just have to persuade me.”

Of course, Harry took that as a certain yes. He stood up, took his partner by the hand and led him eagerly to the shower. He was hot and he was ready for round two!


It was a quarter past three in the afternoon and Harry and Adam were now in town, shopping for groceries. They had finally finished fooling around with each other after sharing a very pleasurable shower together. They were at the supermarket and as usual, Adam was going way over the top buying things which they didn’t need just because they were on special offer.

“Baby are you sure we really need a pack of assorted multicoloured pencil decorations?” Harry questioned in a monotone voice.

“No, but they’re cute don’t you think? They’re cheap too.”

“Well, whatever but try not to over-do it ok?”

Adam replied with a smile. That way he didn’t have to say yes or no, he didn’t have to commit or promise anything but it would be enough to shut Harry up. It was a technique which he had used many times before and it usually worked.

“Anyway, is there anywhere else you want to go after we’re done here or are we done shopping after this?” Adam asked.

“Uh, I think we’re pretty much done aren’t we? Besides, it’s a Sunday so everything will be closing soon. What are we going to eat tonight? Have we bought anything for dinner?”

“Yeah I guess it is near closing time isn’t it.” Adam answered glancing at his watch. “No we haven’t thought about dinner yet have we?”. He looked up at the freezer unit in front of him, “How about pizza?”

“Sounds good to me” Harry responded happily.

Adam grabbed a pizza from the freezer, tossed it in the basket and they made their way to the checkout. After paying and bagging up that week’s groceries, they left the supermarket and headed to the car park. They were just about to get into Harry’s red ford focus when Harry stopped suddenly.

“FUCK!” Harry shouted.

“What have you forgotten this time?” Adam questioned.

“It’s James’s birthday on Tuesday and we haven’t got him a present yet!” Harry groaned, pissed off and stressed out.

“Well, don’t panic, we’ll just go back into town and get him something!” Adam replied calmly, trying to relax his boyfriend.

“Yeah we’ll have to because we both have work tomorrow. We need to hurry though before all the shops shut!”

So the boys put the groceries in the car and ran back into town, frantically trying to think about what to buy James as they ran. James was Harry’s best friend. They had known each other since high school and were very close. They had always joked with each other saying that if James wasn’t straight, they would definitely be an item. Harry knew that it wouldn’t bother James at all if he didn’t buy him anything for his birthday, but it was important to Harry that he got a present for him, whatever it was. He and James had been the best of friends for as long as he could remember and neither of them had ever forgotten the other’s birthday. Harry was determined that this wasn’t going to be the first time he didn’t get something.

“What’s the time?” Harry asked, his voice changing volume as his body jerked up and down while he ran.

“Twenty to four” Adam replied in a simple, straight to the point way.

They kept on running until they got back to where the shops were. Harry had no idea what he was going to end up buying; he just knew that he needed to decide on something fast. He was stuck. He didn’t just want to buy some random junk because then it wouldn’t mean anything. No chocolates or wine or all that boring stuff which people always buy for people’s birthday. It had to be thought out, it had to be appropriate, it had to be perfect. But he didn’t have enough time to think. He was panicking, worrying, desperately trying to come up with an idea. No matter how hard he tried to think, he just couldn’t come up with anything. After a while, he figured that a good place to start would probably be the gift shop on the corner of the street he and Adam were now on. It was a pokey little shop which he very rarely visited but he thought that it might at least give him some ideas, even if he didn’t actually buy anything there.

“Harry wait up!” Adam panted, out of breath from running. “Where are we going?”.

“The gift shop” Harry replied coldly.

“What for, it’s just full of cheap crap?” Adam asked, speaking his mind.

“Well do you have a better idea?!” came the slightly heated response.

“Hey, don’t you get angry with me! It’s not my fault you forgot your best friend’s birthday!”

“Oh shut up Adam, you don’t know what you’re talking about!” Harry answered feeling that Adam’s comment was uncalled for.

“And don’t tell me to shut up either!” Adam protested, raising his voice.

“Then don’t say stupid things!” Harry responded.

“Now, hold on a minute!” Adam complained as he grabbed his boyfriend’s shoulder and turned him around to face him. “There’s no need to speak to me like that! All I asked was where you were going and you spoke to me like I was nobody. I hate it when you’re like this! I’m not putting up with it, I should matter more to you than James’s birthday present. He won’t even care if you don’t get him anything. There’s no point in rushing around, and there’s even less point in me arguing with you because my feelings obviously don’t mean that much to you! I’ll see you at home!”.

Adam turned and walked away before Harry got a chance to reply. Harry had the car keys so Adam would have to walk all the way home. That was a long way from town and Harry really didn’t want him walking that far on his own. He also didn’t want him to be upset with him. He didn’t mean to hurt him and he really didn’t want to fall out with him after such a great morning with him.

“Adam wait!” Harry shouted, calling him back.

Adam didn’t answer and just kept on walking. He wasn’t interested in whatever it was that Harry had to say. He was clearly upset by how he had been treated. As much as he wanted to stop him, Harry knew that once Adam had made up his mind, there was nothing he could do to change it. He decided to just let him go and he would try to sort things out between them later when he got home.

Now Harry was really worked up. Not only did he have the pressure of trying to find a suitable gift for James’s birthday before the shops closed, but now there was tension between him and Adam which would also play on his mind. This wasn’t what he had in mind when he and Adam left home earlier that day. The day which had started so well and was rapidly going off the rails. For now though, he needed to concentrate on what he was doing, so as difficult as it was to do, he tried to forget about his relationship troubles and think purely about gift shopping. He turned away from watching Adam walking off into the distance, turned towards the gift shop with his head bowed down, and began to walk. His mood had turned quickly from good to bad. He felt really bad about what had happened and knew that usually, it took a long time for him and Adam to recover from these little fights, even when they didn’t really mean anything and to him, seemed completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things. He knew one thing though. He really wasn’t looking forward to the rest of the day. What was he going to say when he got home? He didn’t know but he knew he had to make things right somehow.


Harry got home around six o’clock that evening. He had got James a present which he was fairly happy with considering the circumstances under which he had to buy it. He was sure that James would appreciate it and was satisfied with what he’d got. When he arrived at the front door, he noticed something peculiar. At the foot of the door, there was a brown paper bag with a note attached to the outside. Harry bent down and cautiously picked the bag up. He eagerly peeled off the note, the tape catching slightly on the paper bag, ripping it a little. He began to read the note, interested to find out what it said.

Harry, I dropped by earlier today to give this to you but there was no answer so I assumed you were out somewhere. I really wanted to give this to you in person but never mind. With this note, you should have got a paper bag with a box in it. Inside that box is something very important so I hope that you get it with no issues. I apologise for leaving it at your door but I didn’t have much time to wait around as I have to go to a meeting. Anyway I have your number so I will give you a call when I get home, I’ll look forward to speaking to you.


As soon as he read the name Mark, Harry’s jaw dropped. All of a sudden, he knew what was in the box. It was an answer. An answer he had been waiting for since before he could remember. This box could be the key to the start of the rest of his life.

Before he opened the mystery box, he entered his and Adam’s flat. He knew that the opening of this box had the potential to be a life changing and very special moment. He wanted Adam to be there when he opened it. Harry placed the box, still inside the paper bag, down onto the dining table. He stood and stared at it for a while, thinking deeply about how much this insignificant, average looking box could change his and Adam’s lives forever. That was when he noticed that it was strange that Adam wasn’t home yet. Although Adam walked home from town instead of getting in the car, he still should have been back ages ago as the walk from town was only around 20 minutes. It had been much longer than that since they had fallen out earlier. Why wasn’t he back? Harry decided to send his boyfriend a text message. He snatched his phone from his right trouser pocket and started writing a text.

Adam, I’m sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have treated you like I did, and I shouldn’t have let you walk home on your own. I’m worried about you, where are you? Please come home, I have something here which I want to share with you, it’s important to me that you are here with me for this. Text me back when you get this.

Love you lots. Harry. Xxx

After pressing the send button, Harry took a seat on one of the hard wooden dining chairs, placed his phone gently on the dining table in front of him, and waited patiently for a reply. His head was empty as he blankly stared at the brown paper bag in front of him. His heart was beating quicker than usual as he stressfully waited for a reply from Adam, time evaporating as the clock ticked away on the wall behind him. It must have been a good half an hour before Adam finally responded. Harry almost jumped out of his skin as the phone buzzed and shook on the wooden table, harshly breaking the silence which surrounded it. He scooped it up rapidly into his hands and began to read.

Hey, I’m at my sisters. I was going to stay here tonight. Is it really that important that it can’t wait until tomorrow? I can come back if it really means that much but you will have to pick me up because I’m not walking all the way home from Mary’s. I don’t really care either way, I’m still not happy with you about earlier so I don’t know.

Harry thought carefully about what he should say in response to that. He wanted his boyfriend beside him when he opened the package, It was important for the both of them. On the other hand he also realised that Adam needed some time to get over what had happened earlier that day. It was a tough decision. He knew that Adam wouldn’t be in a good mood if he came home, but if the package contained what he thought it did, then he was sure that Adam would soon forget about that meaningless fight from earlier. This could be big. Much bigger and much more significant in the grand scheme of things than a silly little argument over something Harry said in the high street. It was a risk Harry was willing to take so he replied to Adam’s text, stating that he would pick him up in about 30 minutes. He put his phone back into his pocket, grabbed the car keys and headed out of the door.

Mary’s house was on the opposite side of town to where the guys lived. It was a long way even in the car so it was understandable that Adam didn’t want to walk home. It was a boring drive too, with nothing much to look at other than houses and the odd little shop or take-away restaurant every now and again. On this occasion though, Harry really didn’t care. He had plenty on his mind to keep him occupied on the journey. His head was all over the place. He didn’t know what the hell to think. Should he be excited about the package at home on the dining table? Or anxious about what kind of mood Adam was going to be in when he got to Mary’s house? Or maybe he should feel sorry about the way he acted earlier in the street by the gift shop. His mind was heavily occupied as he drove hurriedly through the oddly quiet housing estate.

Trees and lamp posts flashed passed the window without recognition as the cogs in Harry’s mind accelerated, spinning faster and faster like the wheels on Harry’s car as their tyres sped across the surface of the road. The suspension absorbing the impact of the small bumps in the tarmac, indicator lights flashing, cogs turning, wheels spinning round and round and round again, Harry’s concentration rapidly slipping away into the realm of his own thoughts. His concentration should have been on the road, but there was too much to think about. His eyes were looking but they saw nothing. His hands were steering but there was no feeling. The real world around him felt like it was rapidly becoming invisible, insensible, unthinkable, when suddenly a car seemed to appear from nowhere! Time slowed down as his full attention was grabbed sharply in an instant by the horrified face of the young lady in the driver’s seat of the black Mercedes in front of him as he slammed his foot onto the heavy brake pedal. A loud screech bellowed through the quiet street as the brake discs locked onto the wheels, smoke pouring off of the tires as they locked and slid over the road surface before the inevitable moment when the two vehicles smashed together! Harry braced himself; he knew this was going to hurt!



When Harry woke up he was in a hospital bed. He felt confused and he didn’t have a clue why he was in hospital. He looked around the room. It was white and green, the same as all hospitals are. He looked to his right to find a window. That’s when he realised that it was night time. How late? He didn’t know but it was dark outside. His neck hurt when he rolled his head to the left to see Adam on the big, tatty brown chair next to the bed. He was sleeping like an angel. He looked adorable, with his head tilted to one side like a puppy dog. Harry decided not to wake him. He looked peaceful. He noticed on the wall behind where Adam was sat, there was a small white clock. It was 5.34am. That explained why it was so quiet and why there didn’t seem to be anyone around.

A few more minutes passed while Harry happily looked on while his loyal boyfriend snoozed peacefully at his bed side. Then, just as Harry was about to turn away so he could try to sit himself up in the uncomfortable bed, Adam’s eyes started to twitch. Gradually he came too and saw Harry’s battered, bruised face looking back at him. When Adam realised what that meant, his eyes shot open and a grateful, relieved smile stretched across his face.

“Hi there sleepy head” Harry spoke.

“How are you feeling?” Adam asked, getting to the point.

“Sore” Harry answered simply and truthfully. “What happened?”

“You don’t remember?” Adam responded baffled by the response to his question.

“No” came another straightforward answer.

“Well, I don’t know exactly what happened, but you were in a car crash, a pretty bad one.”

“Oh,” Harry exclaimed, confused as to how he could forget something that serious, “when?” was all he could think to ask.

“A couple of days ago” Adam answered with a worried expression. He was bothered by the fact Harry couldn’t remember. Did that mean there was something wrong with him?

“Days!” Harry said, startled.

“Mhmm, you’ve been unconscious for a while”.

“You don’t say! What day is it?”

“It’s Tuesday now, early, but it’s Tuesday. The 7th. It’s James’ birthday today. Remember?” Adam asked, testing Harry’s memory.

“Shit! Does he know about all this?”

“Yeah, I called him last night and told him all about it. He said he would stop by later if he wasn’t busy but it’s his birthday so he probably will be busy.”

“Aww man, why does it always happen to me? And I got him a really cool present too.”

“I know babe. I saw it, he’ll love it, he’s always wanted a silver necklace.”

Adam got the confirmation that he remembered at least something from the past few days when Harry responded “Yeah that’s what I thought on Sunday. The gift shop was rubbish so I went to the Jewellery store instead”.

Then, as he thought about Adam finding the necklace, he remembered about the bag with the box inside it. He looked abruptly at his boyfriend and uttered cautiously, “did you find anything else when you saw the necklace?”.

“Yes. I saw the bag, and the note. It all made sense when I read that. I knew why you wanted me to come home. It’s a big deal isn’t it?” Adam responded.

When he heard that, Harry remembered a little bit more. The text messages came flooding back into his head, filling in a little bit more of the jigsaw puzzle, repainting the blank area of the picture between getting home that Sunday evening and Waking up in Hospital.

“I haven’t opened it yet by the way!” Adam pointed out.

“Oh,” Harry said, more interested in what happened after the text messages, “So how did you get home?” He asked, he was plainly confused and Adam could see him trying to work it all out.

Adam did his best to help him build up a fuller picture answering; “You were going to pick me up.” He paused briefly before continuing, “But I got worried after about an hour. You said twenty minutes so I tried to call you but your phone just kept ringing and…” Adam stopped.

He turned away as he started to break down. Tears started forming in his eyes as he thought about what would have been happening at the other end of the phone line. How Harry would have been sat there unconscious in the ruined car as the phone rang pointlessly on the seat next to him. He tried to hide his emotion but it was no use. He stood up and ran out of the room with his head in his hands, crying his heart out.

Harry watched as the man he loved disappeared through the hospital doors. He too began to cry, feeling bad for putting Adam through all of this. It was times like this when Harry realised just how much Adam meant to him. He would do anything for that man. He would go to the edge of the world and back, he would steal, lie and cheat for him if he wanted him too. He would even die for him. That’s how much he loved the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. And that’s when it hit him right in the face. The package didn’t matter at all. He had been stupid. It was a potentially life changing answer which had the potential to help Harry achieve his dream of becoming a professional song writer. However, what Harry had previously failed to realise was that no matter what answer he got from the package. Whether it was the invitation and keys to Harry and Adam’s dream life in America, or whether it was something else. What he was only just beginning to realise as the memories of the horrible accident slowly and gradually flooded back into his head, was that the most important thing, was that they had each other. His real dream wasn’t to be rich and famous. He didn’t really care about fancy cars, big expensive houses and massive showy yachts. His real dream was to spend the rest of his life with the man he loved with all his heart.

When Adam came back into the room a few minutes later, he was glad to see a smile on Harry’s face. It made him happy to see him smiling again.

“I remembered.” Harry said, opting for a simple sentence once again.

“All of it?” Adam questioned.

“All of it.” Harry answered.

“So what now? Shall we open the package?” Adam asked, thinking that’s what the next thing on Harry’s mind would be.

“No.” Harry replied.

“No? But this means the world to you doesn’t it?” Adam responded, baffled once more by what had escaped his boyfriend’s lips.

“It did, but it doesn’t any more. You know why?”

“No not really. Why?”

“Because although that means the world, I’ve realised something which I should have realised a long time ago.” Harry stated.

“And what’s that?” Adam asked, still puzzled.

“I don’t want the world, I want you!”.

Adam’s heart melted at that moment. For the first time in as long as he could remember, he was speechless. He really didn’t know how to respond. A solitary tear flowed gracefully down his soft cheek as a familiar smile stretched across his handsome face. Nothing more needed to be said. Their relationship was renewed. Adam knelt down beside the hospital bed and he and Harry embraced tenderly. They were happy, and that’s what really mattered. No amount of bickering, no amount of money and no amount of pain could get in the way of the happiness that Harry and Adam felt at that moment. They would open the box eventually and maybe their lives would change drastically when they did, but no matter what was going to happen later that Tuesday, they were in love, and they were happy in each other’s arms.

The End.

Thank you very much for reading “I Don’t Want The World, I Want You!”. Whether you’ve read it before or whether this is the first time you have read it, I really hope that you enjoyed it. I wish that I could say that I enjoyed writing it, but the truth is that personally, I didn’t like it haha. This is why I decided to make it a shorter than I originally planned. Now I will be moving on to my next story which I have already started, and am MUCH happier with! I think you will like it too when I post it. I won’t give away too much about it, but I will say that it’s a lot of fun to write, and that I will post it as soon as I am able too. So remember to keep an eye out for my next story! ;)

Thank you once again for reading, and I will speak to you all soon!

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