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Alexa wants to go to an orgy and get fucked. What a better place to go than a Frat Party?
Alexa had a tight, curvy body that sported D-cup breasts and a round, firm sexy ass. Her eyes were ocean blue and her skin was tan, making her almost angelic-looking in certain poses.

She had a insane sexual appetite. She literally had no control. Since high school she had developed the art of the hand job and now that she was in college, she was becoming a college blow job princess. She had many boyfriends. Many of the guys she went out with on a regular basis. She's done almost everything. She's had guys cum on her face, her tits, her stomach, her back, on her ass, on her pussy, in her mouth, and just about everywhere imaginable. She'd never been in a threesome, however. It was her ultimate fantasy to get used by two guys.

On this particular mid-Fall day she was wearing a sexy miniskirt. She wore heels and a white t-shirt that was great for showing off her dreamy curves. Almost every guy she passed did a double take and looked back at her. Every time one of them lustfully eyed her ass and tits she got so wet she had to resist the urge run back to her apartment and masturbate.

Eventually she couldn't take it and went into an unused bathroom on the fourth floor of the library and started masturbating. She fantasized about being at a college party and getting fucked by multiple men in front of everyone. The girls would wish they could be more like her, as the guys came in her mouth and shoved their big dicks in her tiny ass and pussy. She imagined huge college boy cocks while having cum splattered all over her tits. Then, when she'd satisfied every single guy at the party and was walking home, she fantasized that every guy who saw her would bend her over a fence or stand her up against a wall and fuck her. This last thought was so arousing that she came and moaned extremely loudly, not caring if anyone outside could hear. She squirted onto the toilet and bathroom floor.

Feeling relieved, she cleaned herself up and began to exit the large library. As she did so she noticed a xeroxed florescent pink sheet with the words "Party in Heaven & Hell" on it. It was a party flier. The party was being hosted by the Sigma Chi's, a popular frat on campus. The party was to begin at 8:00 pm tonight and last until everyone passed out. The Sigma Chi's had also hosted a "Wild Science" party last semester where everyone wore lab coats and nothing else and drank booze from test tubes and beakers. The party had quickly degenerated into a massive orgy with guys and girls fucking everywhere in the frat house. Alexa herself hadn't been, but she'd seen plenty of the video footage taken by her friends who'd gone.

She grabbed the flier and put it into her backpack. Should she go? It wasn't difficult to decide. For Alexa, sexual adventure and fulfillment made her feel more alive than anything else. She wanted to get a good fucking. She wanted to be aroused by and turn on as many people as possible. She would take her roommate, Jenna with her. Jenna had been a very close friend in high school and knew all of Alexa's secrets. Jenna was also completely horny and was always going to the frat parties in order to scam with the guys. Jenna loved sex and loved threesomes. It was Jenna's deions of sex with two guys that made Alexa fantasize about doing it too.

As they walked across campus Alexa thought about what she would do first. She would get a drink. She loved anything with Vodka. She decided that since this was a party with the theme of “Heaven & Hell”, that there was sure t be jungle juice somewhere. She would drink jungle juice to loosen up and wait for things to liven up.

The nighttime air was cool as Alexa and Jenna walked briskly across campus. Her dress was sexy. It was a red knit polo dress that came down precisely halfway between her knees and thighs and was tight. It was not see through but left little to the imagination. Her shapely tits were 34-D's, she wore no bra and this knit dress clung to her tits and hung on her ass. She also wore brown heels that heightened her appearance and caused her ass to stick out more. She wore sexy thong panties and her hair was made-up perfectly topped off with a little red set of Devils Horns. Jenna was dressed as a slutty Nun. She wore a gray mini-toga with slits up each side and her curvy little ass showed when ever she would bend over. Jenna was blonde and trimmed her blonde pubic hair to a 1” stripe. She wore devil red panties. She had great C-cup tits and her nipples always seemed hard. Jenna wanted to get laid tonight.

As they walked along, all the guys they came across stared at their bouncing titties. The more that her tits bounced, the more Alexa became aroused. One look at her beautiful face and smoking hot body and they completely disregarded whoever they were with. She knew that they all wanted her. One group of guys called out as they passed by. “Hey Hotties!, If you're looking for a party, it's in my pants!” Alexa and Jenna loved the attention. They soon made it to the frat house.

It was 10:00 PM when she arrived and people were already drunk. Bass-filled dance music were being blasted and people were freak-dancing, grinding, and playing drinking games with each other. The ratio of girls to guys was about even and almost everyone was dressed as a character from either heaven or hell. Many of the frat guys, living up to their eccentric behavior, were walking around in red boxers or white togas. The house president wore a Pope costume but the robe was so short that his dick could be seen peeking out from the bottom. Most of the girls wore either Devil or Angel costumes that accentuated their tits and sexy legs. The more boob or thigh a girl could show, the more popular she was. Alexa found this scene extremely arousing and felt her juices start to slowly drip down her leg.

She took four shots of vodka in a row. Shortly after a guy came up to her and over the music said, "Alexa! What's up baby?, Damn, you girls are sure hot tonight!”

Alexa looked up as she attempted to recover from downing so much alcohol. It was John one of her steady oral sex-buddies. "Hey John!" she replied and gave him an enthusiastic hug. “Sweet party!” she said.

John laughed and gave her a grin. He was a nice guy. He was also very handsome. John was tall, skinny, and had a 6 inch penis. For Alexa, anything this was an ideal size. She liked being able to deep throat a guy and found that the guys with more than 9 inches caused her to gag. Alexa felt the alcohol warming her body and her pussy began to throb and was getting wet.
Jenna was also pounding anything with tequila. She had already caught the eye of the Sigma Chi House President named David. She kept looking at his cock sticking out from under his Pope costume. David came over and symbolically offered his ring as he was doing his best to act like a Pope. Jenna grabbed his hand and put it on her boob and she reached under his robe and gave his cock a good jerking. David immediately became fully erect.
Being a lightweight, Alexa was drunk already and wasted no time. She leaned forward and started making out with John passionately. He lifted up the back of her dress and grabbed her ass, exposing her to the 20 other people in the living room.

"Holy Shit! Look at that fine ass!" some nerdy first year Pledge shouted and everyone turned and looked to see what was happening.

"Show us some pussy!” some frat guy in a Nun's habit shouted. A general chorus erupted and everyone, male and female, was shouting for them to get dirty.

Alexa responded by un-doing the rope belt on John's toga and whipped out is cock from the front hole in his boxers. It was raging hard and she wasted no time licking all over his massive purple head. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked his cock fervently. As John groaned in pleasure, Alexa was bent over completely exposing her ass and panties under her red dress. As she did so, another muscular frat guy wearing nothing but a set of devil's horns came up behind her and started rubbing her clit and pussy with one hand and sliding off her panties with the other. Everyone was screaming appreciatively and Alexa moaned loudly as she sucked off her friend John. Impatient at her speed, John grabbed her head and fucked her face like it was another pussy.

"YES! FUCK HER!" someone shouted. Alexa didn't care. She wanted it too. She knew that all these people at the party were getting horny because of her and she knew these guys wanted to please her. The room was packed now. There must have been at least 100 people watching her.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum!" John moaned and squirted a load of hot sperm into her mouth while the guy behind her fingered her pussy mercilessly. The nerdy Pledge came up and, with a beer-coated finger, stuck his thumb deep into her ass. It felt so good that Alexa grunted with passion. John's load was huge, it was too much to handle. It dripped onto her chin and, with her head and body moving around, got smeared over her face. When he pulled out he had one more spurt to go and it landed on his leg. Jenna saw it and bent over to lick the sperm from his leg. David the house President saw Jenna's fine ass and put his rock hard cock into Jenna's wet pussy. She whimpered as he entered her with his 10 inch cock. Jenna's eyes rolled toward the back of her head as he pounded his huge dick in and out of her. John had already began to rub Jenna's tits through her angels costume. She felt a wave of hot pussy juice begin to sprinkle out of her cunt in between the thrusts of David's cock.

Alexa had began kissing another one of her regular boyfriends named Chris. He gropped her tit's and she loved it. He then shoved his dick into her mouth. The nerdy Pledge shoved his tiny cock into her pussy and started fucking her. He had never fucked a girl before and the crowd knew it as they started chanting wildly “Fuck the Pledge! Fuck the Pledge!” She was getting sandwiched in between two guys in front of a huge crowd and absolutely loving it.

The Pledge was pounding her pussy as hard as he could. Alexa couldn't help herself. She came everywhere. Her whole body tightened and convulsed as she had the biggest orgasm she'd ever had in her entire life. She squirted stream after stream out of her pussy and her clit was on fire. She moaned so loudly that Chris couldn't hold back his huge globs of cum as he unloaded it all over her face. Some of the younger guys came up to Alexa and took turns fondling her huge tits as they jacked themselves off.
After David filled Jenna's pussy with cum two more guys stepped up and decided to double penetrate her. One got under her and filled her hot cunt while the other shoved his cock deep into her ass. Jenna loved being fucked up the ass ever since her freshman year when she began putting her vibrator in her own ass. She loved the sensation of two horny cocks pounding in and out of her.
As Alexa gazed around the room she could see the others engaging in sex too. One nearby girl had crawled up on a nearby couch and shoved a guy's head onto her clit while she jerked off a second guy. She could see guys jerking themselves off as they watched her. This made Alexa even more hot. She loved to watch guys jacking themselves off and because she was making eye contact with them she began to shutter with her own climax. Some of the other girls were rubbing each others tits, others fingered themselves. Couples on the dance floor were fucking as they danced. The party had turned into an orgy of sex.

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2012-01-20 03:38:05
I know what erotica site YOU'RE a fan of. Funny way of showing your appreciation. Search The Slut Within by Chimpanzee for the original. -A-

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2012-01-20 02:55:47
I know what erotica site YOU'RE a fan of. Funny way of showing your appreciation. Search The Slut Within for the original. -A-

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2012-01-20 02:55:17
I know what erotica site YOU'RE a fan of. Funny way of showing your appreciation. Search The Slut Within for the original.

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2011-06-29 05:30:22
well written but wish you made a couple more parts of the old one.

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