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A wish for A wish

I was pissed, I felt my hands clenched into fists as Tabitha told me she was going to prom with Andy rather than me. Now normally I wouldn’t be this upset over being turned down, but a week ago she had told me that she would go with me.

“Uhh Tyler please understand,” she had said, “Andy’s really special to me.” When I didn’t respond, she tried to compromise by saying that she’ll give me a handjob later. Compared to what she and Andy will be doing on prom night, the handjob seemed like a fucking weak offer.

“Whatever,” I said grudgingly and walked off. To calm myself down I went to the gym for about two hours. The sky was darkening as I walked home. It wasn’t until I reached my street when I heard a cry. Turning my head towards the sound, I saw a man in a white uniform trying to take a bag from an old lady, the old lady struggled to fight against him. I grabbed my cell phone and quickly punched the numbers for the police and told them the situation. I was able to catch the man in surprise by charging right into him knocking him out cold.

About seven minutes later the police arrived and hauled the guy off. I turned to leave, but the old lady stopped me.

“Thank you young man,” she said.

“Ah no problem ma’am,”

She then offered the bag up to me and said, “Please accept this as my gratitude,” I looked from the bag back to the old lady and finally took it, the old lady nodded and turned to walk away. I looked into the bag and saw what looked like an old fashion dusty as hell lamp. I looked up but to my surprise the old woman was gone. Later that night at my house, I sat at my bed staring intently at the lamp. I grabbed it and with a damp towel started wiping around it to get rid of the dust. Doing that reminded me of the movie Aladdin and just for fun I started to rub my arm against the lamp. For the first five seconds nothing happen, and I was about to stop until the lamp started vibrating like crazy and a faint purple smoke started spewing out of it. At that moment the whole house felt like it was shaking and the whole room was turning a red.

I was getting so damned scared that I almost shouted, “I wish this shit would stop.”

Then I suddenly heard, “Your wish is my command master,” Immediately everything was normal again. Still scared as hell I grabbed the lamp and shoved it in my closet and piled it with clothes. At that moment my seven year old brother bounded in my room.

“Your toooo loud,” He exclaimed at the top of his lungs.

“What do you want,” I said scowling. He looked around and pointed at my 3ds.

“I want that.” He screeched.

“Well too bad, my 3ds is not to be loaned to anyone under the category of obnoxious.”

Suddenly he started wailing around my room screaming off his bratty head, “AAAAH, I WAAAAAANT IIIT, AAAAAAAAH.”


After that he immediately stopped his eyes droopy. He then fell asleep right on the floor. I carried him to his room and placed him on his bed.

“What the hell just happened,” I asked myself. When I got back to my room, I nearly had a fit. Thick purple smoke filled my room, I watched in both awe and horror as the smoke began to compress itself into a human shape. The shape took a step towards me, then the smoke disappeared entirely and it left behind the hottest girl I’ve ever seen.

She was only a few inches shorter than me, her skin was lightly tanned, she had shoulder length black hair, and brown eyes. Her breasts were mid-C’s and very perky, she had a nice and voluptuous ass that I grab for hours, the fact that she had a great body was reinforced by her clothes. She was wearing what seemed like a two-piece bikini except it was purple laced with what looked like pure gold. This made her small nipples quite visible. Her body just seemed too perfect, at that moment she took another step towards me and wrapped her arms around my neck and embraced me in the hottest kiss ever. It was heavenly, her lips were so smooth and soft that my body responded naturally and soon we were locked in a passionate motion, our lips upon one another and our tongues endlessly dancing around each other. After about five minutes of this, she slowly withdrew and gave me a sexy smile.

“Greetings Master,” She said her arms still wrapped around me.

My mind was still hazy from the kiss and all I could answer was, “ugh huh.”(Not the best)

She giggled and gave me a quick kiss.

That kiss snapped me out of my hazy state.

“Wait-, who are you,” I stammered.

“I would’ve thought that was obvious,” She smiled.

“Are you a genie?”

“Yeah,” she said smiling, “I have many names but recently I’ve been using Gabriela Thompson since it’s the most up to date.”

“But enough about me, lets talk about you Master. You requested two wishes, so you have one more wish. Once your last wish is granted I’ll have to take your soul.”

My eyes nearly popped out of my head, “Wait--WHAT? My soul?”

She nodded solemnly, “As instructed in Dijin Arts, once the third wish has been granted, the genie must take the wisher’s soul or they lose power.” Her arms tighten around me as she pressed her body into mine, allowing me to feel her breast even more and they felt damn good. But my situation was still pretty bad.

“Do I have to lose my soul?”

She thought for a moment, and then a sly smile appeared on her face, “There is an alternative way for you to preserve your soul and still retain an infinite amount of wishes.” She then looked up at me, her eyes seemingly sparkling, “But will you be willing to do it?” I quickly nodded, anything sounded better than losing my soul for two retarded wishes. Her smile deepened, “Good, the alternative route is for you to become my servant for all eternity and fulfill my desires. Your wishes will be based on the number of wishes you have made come true. Am I understood?” I didn’t waste another moment thinking.

“I accept.”

She smiled again and said, “Then the contract is sealed with this.” She kissed me again this time more passionately than before. She grinded her chest against my own slowly at first then started picking up speed. I was rapidly developing a raging hard on.

“Ah damn..please don’t notice.” I prayed to myself. I cursed whatever fate that caused her look down at my hard on.

She dropped to her knees and rubbed her hand against my cock. I gave a soft groan.

“Master do you want me?” she asked looking up at me, her hand going between her legs, “Do you?” I was so hypnotized that I was barely able to nod. “Then I’ll start you off with a wish of my own. You have one wish left at the moment. I wish to you is to make love to me and make me cum real good. If you fail to complete any of these objectives than your soul is mine master.”

I gulped but responded, “Ok.”

She smiled, “Then let us begin,” and with that she pulled both my pants and boxers down, revealing my hard six inch cock. She studied it, “Hmmm not bad. But I think about two more inches for length and half an inch for width will do the trick.” As soon as she had utter the words, my cock began to hurt like shit, I looked down and saw that it was indeed growing. Not just in length but in width as well.

“Holy Shit,” was all I could say.

“Much better,” Gabriela said smiling as her tender hand started stroking my cock. Her other hand was between her legs rubbing her clit. Then she spat on my cock and rubbed her saliva on it. After a few more strokes, she gave the tip a kiss and opened her mouth taking in about four inches in her mouth. My body shudder as her hand went routinely between rubbing my cock’s shaft and massaging my balls. Every few minutes she would lash her tongue at the head and go back to bobbing her head back and forth sucking my cock. I grabbed her head and started to thrust into her mouth. Her hand was now in her undergarment fingering her pussy as she started picking up her speed. Eventually I could feel the pressure in my balls building, and knew that I was about to cum. Gabriela must have known as well cause she was going even faster.

“OH SHIT,” I cried as I came, my cock released three full loads into her mouth. Gabriela kept her mouth on my cock the entire time, I watched as she slowly swallowed the cum, after that she let my cock out of her mouth. She then let a small amount of cum dribble from her mouth and seductively wiped it across her arms while allowing her hands to roam her body. Finally she stood up and sat on my bed and beckon me to sit before her. Excited as hell, I knelt before Gabriela.

“Now it’s your turn to pleasure me,” she said smiling as she removed her fancy garments thus revealing her tiny pink nipples and smooth pussy. She spread her legs and gave me a better look at her pussy while saying, “Now please me,”

If I hadn’t came from the blowjob, I would have came just from this sight. It was an understatement to say a hot girl or a sexy diva sat before me. Gabriela was more of an angel..No a fucking goddess in my eyes. I drew my head near her pussy and was intoxicated by its fragrance. I placed my lips on her clit and breathed into her pussy. Her moans gave me confidence to continue. My tongue slowly going through each fold of her pussy, while my hands gripped her tight ass and slowly made their way to her ass hole. Gabriela moans increased as her body shudder every time my fingers would slightly prod her asshole or whenever I would lick her pussy. She then grabbed my head and pulled me in deeper.

“Oooh my god.” She moaned. Eventually I withdrew one of my hands and grabbed her breast, fondling and groping it and twirling her nipple admiring how hard it was becoming. Then I withdrew my other hand from her ass and used it to insanely finger her pussy starting with one finger then two. I felt her body shook as she released a moan, and from how tight her pussy was squeezing my finger, I think it was safe to assume that she had came. I ended my assault and sat down on the bed next to her and waited for her to regain her breath. When she did, she took my hand and placed my fingers in her mouth and greedily sucked onto them. I found that very sexy.

Finally she stopped and said smiling, “Incredible, for a seventeen year old, you’re really good.”

“Thanks,” I reply. Gabriela stood up and pushed me to lie on my back and then straddle up on me. She pulled my shirt off and threw it aside, then let her hands feel all over the muscles I’ve developed.

“Nice,” I heard her whisper. She then grinded her pussy against my cock. We both moaned in ecstasy. Gabriela then lifted her ass just so it was a few inches above my cock and lowered her ass just in front my cock and started grinding it with her ass. My new hard on was getting painfully worse with each teases, so when Gabriela lifted her ass again in another attempt to tease me, I grabbed her ass and forced it down while thrusting my cock up. The resulting unison was so pleasurable and felt so natural. As soon as my cock had entered her pussy, I was fucking Gabriela like crazy. It didn’t take Gabriela long to match my pace and soon we were both moaning. It felt amazing and our rhythm was undisturbed, Gabriela would lift her ass to the very tip of my cock and slam her ass down just when I would thrust up. My hands were routinely smacking and groping her ass to fondling pulling her nipples. Her body was delicious especially her nipples, I would suck and nibble on it for as long as possible. Soon my balls felt the same pressure as before. I knew Gabriel was close to cumming as well for her pace and rhythm was growing wild. She was the first to cum, her pussy was squeezing the life out of my cock as I continued to thrust. It was at that moment I came right in her pussy. It felt so amazing as my cock released three full loads. After that Gabriela collapsed on me with my deflated cock still in her pussy.

“That was wonderful Master,” Gabriela said and gave me a passionate kiss. The kiss seemed to have woken my cock, cause it was getting harder. Gabriela broke off the kiss and said with a sly smile, “Whoa slow down. We have all eternity my Dear Master.”

To Be Continue..

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2011-11-03 15:04:02
I was 13 and went with my sister who was 17 to a party and she was supposed to look after me.
Within 30 minutes of us getting there she was upstairs with one boy in her mouth and another in her hole. I watched for a while and it made me feel very nice so I accepted a drink from an older man and let him take me upstairs.
He was really nice with me and took off my clothes then kissed me all over especially between my legs. I'd not actually had sex but had seen on the porn channel what to do so I rubbed his cock and tried to suck it but it was too thick to go in my mouth so I opened my legs 'cos I really wanted him to fuck me. It took ages for him to get into me and really hurt but when he was in I loved it. I think he cum as he went in and again at least three times before he pulled out.
My hole was very sore but lovely and juicy and in the morning sis told me the man was over 40 years old and would pay to fuck me some more so for 2 years I let him and it was lovely.

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2011-08-17 21:29:00
Very Good Story, good start. You Write, Edit and Space well. This is not exactly my Genre but I want to see where it goes.

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2011-08-13 00:20:21
Hmmm nice story. I wish I could off found that lamp to make my wishes
Boy she would be soar for a couple of days .after I finish with her. She wount
Be able to sit down for a long while after I finish fucking that tight ass of her?


2011-07-02 20:24:22
Thx for all the feedback. I really appreciate, this is my first time writing and posting a story online. The next part will be finish either tomorrow or the day after. Please look forward to it.^^

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2011-07-01 18:23:23
Great story keep it up

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