A virgin rapist
Introductory note:
For those readers who aren’t in the U.K, lots of houses are semi-detached meaning that they have one wall that’s common to both houses. Unlike row houses they aren’t attached both sides.

The Story:

When I was sixteen I was obsessed with sex. I daydreamed about it all day and had wet dreams at night. What made it worse was that I wasn’t getting any. I don’t know why but however hard I tried I never got beyond a simple kiss before the girl dumped me. Maybe I was trying too hard. I worked out in the gym three afternoons a week after school, even though I wasn’t a jock, and had built myself a muscular body but I didn’t seem to attract the girls. All I could think of was to buy porno magazines at a sleazy bookstore down by the train station. I saw pictures of girls being fucked in lots of ways but looking and doing don’t give the same satisfaction. Sure I masturbated but it didn’t help much. I banged my head against the wall and it took my mind of the subject for a little while, but it wasn’t a solution.

What made it worse of all was the girl next door. She was two years older than me and absolutely gorgeous; full, firm breasts, long legs, an enticing bottom and hips that swung like they should. Her hair was naturally blonde and she wore it long, her eyes were blue, her skin was flawless and, as far as she was concerned, I didn’t exist.

Her family had moved in when I was ten and she was twelve. I’d tried to be friends but she really felt herself superior. Six years later she was eighteen, I was sixteen and nothing had changed – except I was obsessed with sex and she had become totally physically mature. During the summers, ever since she was sixteen, she would change into a small bikini and sunbath in the back garden, lying on a towel. When she was lying on her tummy she’d undo the strap of the bikini top and let it drop. From my window I could see her nude body and the side of her full breasts. As you might expect, I was more than a little excited!

But what could I do? There wasn’t much, except dream of how I might get her. That is, until one day the summer I was sixteen. Caroline, that was her name, had graduated secondary school and was waiting for her “A” level exam results to see if she had got into university, where she was intending to study to be a doctor. In the mean time she had an intern job in a lab so was home all summer. So was I, as I’d messed up my classes (too much thinking about sex and not about science, English, history and all), and had summer classes every morning.

My chance came when my mother announced that the neighbors were going away for a couple of weeks and maybe we should invite Caroline to eat her evening meals with us. Dad agreed and the invitation was given and accepted, but not for every day. I wasn’t sure whether to be pleased or not. How could I sit and eat calmly when all I wanted to do was to leap across the table and fondle her breasts and slip my hand in her panties?

She came to dinner and totally ignored me, as usual. I made clever remarks and she looked at me as if I didn’t exist. It pissed me off. I decided to actually put one of my plans into action or I’d explode.

Just a quick summary of the plan; our two houses were identical but reversed as in all semi-detached houses. Each had a ground floor and a first and a second floor for bedrooms. My parents slept on the first floor where there was the bathroom and the guest bedroom. I slept on the top floor and there was another spare room that had been my brother’s before he moved out. In my bedroom there was a trapdoor into the attic, which was empty apart from a few old suitcases and boxes. From conversation I knew that both Caroline’s and her parent’s room were on the first floor and both the top rooms were unused.

What I’d dreamed of doing, and was going to try, was to get into the attic and pull out some of the bricks between our two houses. Then I’d creep through the hole, get down through the trap door into their spare rooms and sneak down to Caroline’s room when she was asleep and fuck her.

As you have probably worked out, it wasn’t the simplest of plans but I thought I’d worked out the bugs. I could pick out the bricks in the afternoons when I was the only person in the two houses and, after I’d gone through put them all back and then let myself out through the French windows into their back garden and hop the fence and come in by our back door which was never bolted and there was always a spare key hidden under a stone.

I got some tools and worked away at the bricks. The first one was the hardest but the mortar was dry and I after two afternoons of hard work I’d made a hole big enough for me to squeeze through. The third afternoon I explored her house. I dropped through the attic trap and gently lowered myself to the floor. I found a chair that I could use to climb back up and made sure I could put the trap door back in place. Next I went downstairs and found Caroline’s room. Oh God I could smell her there! I found my mouth going dry. She had a very girly room with a four-poster bed – that would be great for tying her to.

I decided to do it Friday night as Caroline went out with girlfriends that evening which would give me time to get prepared. About nine o’clock I told my parents that the T.V. program they’d chosen didn’t interest me and I was going to read one of my summer reading books and go to sleep early. We said goodnight and I went up to my room. I knew they wouldn’t come to check on me, they never did. I changed into some secondhand clothes that I’d bought and no one knew that I had. I could throw them away afterwards. I put on some rubber gloves (which I’d worn when I’d explored her house) so that I’d leave no fingerprints. I had a ski mask and some strips of cloth that I’d cut from another second hand shirt.

I swung up into our attic and replaced the trap then I took the bricks out of the wall and crept into the neighbor’s house. Putting the bricks back was the most difficult thing. It didn’t matter how they looked on our side but I didn’t want anyone in their attic getting suspicious. I’d bought a tube of filler and one of those caulking guns and used it to put the bricks back. Then I covered then with dust so the patch would blend with the rest of the wall. It didn’t look too bad and I shifted a couple of boxes of books that were stored there so they’d mask some of the outline of the patch.

Next down into the spare room with my caulking gun. I replaced the trap and moved the chair back to its original place. I checked that I hadn’t forgotten anything and moved down to Caroline’s parents’ room. I slid under the bed and waited. It seemed like forever but was probably more like an hour before Caroline came home. I heard her close and lock the front door, come upstairs go into her room and then come out and go to the backroom. It was strange listening and imagining what was happening. I had decided to wait until she was in bed with the light off before I moved.

After a while I heard her leave the bathroom and go back into her room. I crept out from under the bed and cracked open the door. After a while the light in her room went out. I waited longer, making sure my eyes were adjusted to the dark and hoping that she’d be asleep. I checked my face to be sure the ski mask was firmly on and then checked the strips of cloth in my pocket. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer and I went across the hall. I put the caulking gun down right outside her door so I wouldn’t forget it. Her door wasn’t fully shut and I pushed it open. She slept with a night-light and it was bright enough that I could see her blonde hair shining in the reflection. She was asleep, lying on her side, one arm hanging over the side of the bed.

I’d reached the point of no return and there was no turning back. I slapped my gloved hand over her mouth and pushed her onto her back. She woke up with a start and began to struggle. “ Don’t fight me bitch, or you’re dead” I tried to put as much menace as I could into my voice and it worked. Caroline stopped struggling and lay there limply. “You obey me or else” I used the same tone of menace. “ Give me your hands.” Obediently she put both her arms out of the bed. I took my hand from her mouth and warned her not to make a sound and she just lay there breathing shallowly as I tied her wrists together and then pulled them over her head to tie them to one of the posts of her bed.

Once she was secure I got up and turned on the bedroom light. Her face was white with fear and her blue eyes wide as they followed my every move. I came back to the bed and pulled off the sheet and blanket. She was wearing just the kind of shortie nightdress I’d have expected in a pastel yellow that matched the color of her hair. The nightdress hardly covered her crotch. Her lightly tanned, beautifully shaped legs seemed to stretch forever. I could tell from her eyes that she understood why I was there.

She started to tell me that I’d better stop – that I’d never get away with it. I looked at her and took the top of her nightdress in my hands and ripped it off. The suddenness made her cry out. I pulled the cloth out from under her leaving her completely naked. Something in the violence of the move frightened her badly. She stopped threatening me and started pleading for me not to hurt her. She was trembling as she promised that she’d let me do whatever I wanted if I wouldn’t hurt her.

God! It felt great. Here was this girl who’d treated me like shit for six years begging me for her life. This was more than I’d dreamed. I circled her neck with my hands and started to squeeze. I told her that, if she behaved, I wouldn’t kill her and did she understand? She said, through trembling lips, “Yes sir I promise, I’ll behave.” It was fantastic I had the girl completely dominated. I felt eight-foot tall and powerful as Conan. Taking two strips of material I stretched her legs apart and tied each ankle to the corner posts at the bottom of her bed. I took off my gloves and dropped them outside the door with the caulking gun.

Now she was not only completely naked but completely helpless. This was something I’d dreamed off for a long time. And I meant to take a long time to enjoy. I let my hands roam her body, stroking her smooth skin, enjoying the sight and touch of those parts of Christine that had always been covered by the bikini when she was in the back garden. I rolled my hands around her breasts and brought her nipples erect. I tiptoed my fingers through her blonde, curly pubic hair and tickled her clitoris. She started whimpering and then moaned as my fingers slipped inside her, she was warm and tightened her muscles as I explored further.

The sounds of her response to my touch added to my excitement and I felt my erection building. If I didn’t get inside her soon in would be too late. I unzipped my top and my pants and kicked off my shoes. She moaned louder as she saw me naked with my penis swollen with desire. I climbed on the bed and lay between her spread legs. I was a little nervous as I was a virgin and had only seen this in porno magazines and heard about it from friends but it went smoothly enough. I had to push to get inside her but, once in, I slid further in easily. I held myself up on my elbows with my face a few inches above hers. My groin pressed down on hers as I thrust in and out. Christine started twisting but as she did her nipples brushed my chest and all that did was to excite me more.

I could see her cheeks and breasts begin to flush as, despite her reluctance, her body began to respond to my penetration. Her breathing quickened and her moans fell into rhythm with my thrusts and when I climaxed and felt my semen squirting inside her she cried out and then went limp.

I let myself relax and feel the wave of pleasurable satisfaction wash over me. This was what I needed. I felt so good I could have laughed but, instead, I said “Bitch, this is only the beginning.” I could feel my prick shrinking so I pulled back out of her vagina and sat back on my heels. Then I moved up the bed so that I was kneeling, one knee each side of her and my penis dripping over her face. “Lick it.” I ordered and, when she kept her mouth closed, I pinched her nose so she couldn’t breath. Reluctantly she opened her mouth and I lowered my prick so her tongue could reach it. As she began to lick I felt my body respond and my prick started to swell and straighten. I lowered it further into her mouth and told her to suck. Tears welled out of her eyes as she obeyed and a pleasure, almost intense as the first time, filled my body and, before long, I was squirting my sperm into her mouth and she gagged as it started to trickle down her throat. I left my prick there until she had licked it clean and then pulled back out.

I wondered what to do next. I had the feeling that I needed a little time to get ready before I could climax for a third time. I slid off the bed and stood looking at her body. She really was beautiful even with tear-stained cheeks. I bent over and fondled her breasts again and then slid my hands down the length of her body all the way to her ankles. I undid the strips of cloth that tied her to the bedposts and ordered her to turn over and lie on her stomach. There seemed to be no resistance in her anymore and she rolled over. I moved her back to the middle of the bed and explored this side of her naked body with my hands.

As I let my fingers slip between her ass cheeks and push at her anus she started to tremble again and I could hear her moan with fear. I’d seen photos of girls being buggered but it didn’t really appeal to me so I moved on until I found the hole I’d already used. Christine whimpered as I pushed my fingers in. She was nice and wet now and the feel of her juices worked to get me excited again. I ordered her to kneel and she struggled to do as I asked. It was hard for her with her hands tied to the head of the bed but she managed. I spread her legs apart and she didn’t resist. It seemed that she had given up and I could do what I wanted with her.

I knelt behind her and jerked my prick a few times so that it got hard and then moved forward to push into her doggy style. She cried out with the pain but stayed still as I got into my rhythm. I held her waist and pulled her back onto me as I moved forward. She moaned each time I thrust. I liked it this way, the feel of her ass cheeks on my belly and the swing of my testicles. I slowed down to enjoy the feeling for a longer time.

Finally I couldn’t hold off any longer and grunted as I shot another load into Christine. She fell forward on her face sobbing as I got off the bed. I dried myself with some of her clothes and then tied her ankles together and then to a bedpost. The girl was stretched diagonally across the bed.

Just to finish I balled up her nightdress and shoved it in her mouth as a gag. I’d noticed that she had a thin leather belt hanging over a chair. She wasn’t the stuck up bitch she’d been before as she lay there helpless; but she still deserved a whipping for all the insult she’d put me through these last six years. I beat her until her ass and thighs were red and then I dropped the belt and got dressed.

I went out of Christine’s bedroom, put on my gloves and picked up the caulking gun. I went downstairs, found the drinks cabinet and had myself a tumbler of whisky. I went out through the French doors into their back garden. Once outside I broke a pane of glass in the door and made it look as if Christine’s rapist had come in that way.

I hopped over the fence, put the caulking gun back in the garden shed, opened the back door and tiptoed upstairs. It was about three in the morning. As I was on the landing outside my parent’s room the floor creaked and my Dad called out. I told him it was me and I’d just come down to use the bathroom. He grunted and went back to sleep.

I thought I’d have a hard time to get to sleep but I dozed off almost immediately and slept until Mum called me to come down for breakfast. I had quite an appetite that morning! Christine stayed tied up on her bed until Monday afternoon when the police found her after the people at the place she was interning got worried that she didn’t show up. They never had much success in finding the man who raped her.

It was funny but, after that, I didn’t have any trouble getting girls. Maybe I was more relaxed, maybe I looked more capable but, whatever it was, girls now found me attractive. I never went to a party that summer without ending up with a girl and, more times than not, going all the way with her. After school started I even got lucky with a student teacher ten years older than me. I never had to rape again.

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Yeah what's up with the name change mid story? Besides that I would give you 5 out of 10. Was ok but kind of boring.

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Is her name Christine or Caroline? O_o

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We call 'em duplexes. The singular being a duplex.

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