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Awaking from his daydream, Jake finds himself face to face with the goddess across the hall.
After dreaming about Erin, my bombshell of a neighbor, in the shower, it seemed like I willed her to come knocking at my door. Smiling shyly as I let her in, I noticed that she was holding a handle of Vodka. Looking at her, I asked “don’t you think it’s a little early to drink?”
“Haha true…well I was just about to get dressed and come on over. So did your roommate come yet?”
“No, she moves in tomorrow I guess…so do you have any cups?”
I pointed to the stack of disposable cups in the little kitchen area, which just consisted of a sink, mini-fridge, and microwave. I grabbed a pair of shorts and another t-shirt from my drawer and said that I would be back in a sec, and headed off to the bathroom to change.

As I was getting changed, I heard my fridge door open. I guess she was searching around for a chaser of some sort. I wasn’t the most experienced drinker, but I knew that the apple juice would go best with the vodka, especially because it was Vladimir (the college drink of champions, only $13 a handle!).
Exiting the bathroom, making sure to tuck away my semi-hard cock, I grabbed my glasses off of the counter. Seeing that she had already poured 2 drinks, I settled down next to the table.

“Cheers!” she said as she downed the rest of her drink.
“Yep” I said as I took my first sip. Damn it was either really strong or I was that big of a pussy.
Seeing my face, she started laughing, saying that it was about 5 shots in the drink, and the rest was the apple juice she saw in the fridge and that she hoped I didn’t mind that she took the juice. Telling her that it was the least I could do, I settled back with the rest of my drink, staring at her. Taking her in, she seemed even hotter than before. Replacing the short denim skirt was a white one, even shorter than before. Her black top showed a lot of cleavage, and I could see her areolas and the start of her nipples, meaning that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Those perky bastards really didn’t need one, as there was no sag whatsoever.

“So, tell me a little about yourself,” she said, fixing herself another drink.
“Well, I’m from a really small school and town a little bit East of Erie. I have a sister who is a year younger than me and my dad left us when she was born. My mom never remarried or dated. I played football and basketball all four years, and worked as a lifeguard at the local waterpark. What about you?” Taking another big gulp of the drink, I found out that it seemed to get a little better.

“I grew up just outside of the city. My dad left us too a couple years back, but I have a sister who is a year older and goes to Robert Morris. Ran cross-country, track, and played soccer. AND no Boyfriend!” She smiled at me when she said this, as if telling me that she wanted to know about my love-life. Taking the hint, I told her the same, that I didn’t have a girlfriend, leaving out the fact that I never really had one to begin with. I finished my drink, and went to go get some more. Her hand fell on top of my own, stopping me.

“Nope, I got it,” she said smiling. Pouring out about 4 more shots, she filled the rest with the apple juice, took a small sip, and handed it to me. I could swear that she was trying to get me drunk.

“So, what’s your major?” I asked after a little bit of awkward silence.
“Pre-med, but I really don’t know about that. My sis is doing that and it’s so hard I think I might switch but I really don’t know.” This was probably the first time she showed any weakness at all.
“Yeah, I hear it’s hard as well. I’m planning on doing either Bio or Chem.”
“Oh that’s cool! So, do you know anyone on our floor at all? I only know one other girl. I saw her when I got off the elevator.”
“Yeah some girl from my school, but I really don’t know her too well.” I left out that she was a total slut, the same one who got drunk and gave me half a blowjob the last week of school, before passing out, leaving me to finish myself off in the bathroom. I kind of hoped that she wouldn’t ask me any more about that, and my wish came true. After another couple of minutes of chatting, she fixed another 2 drinks and said that we should play some sort of drinking game. The only one I knew about was beer pong, so I asked if she knew of any.
“Well, there’s Truth or Dare,” she said winking at me. “Or, Never-Have-I-Ever. How about that one?”
I asked her how to play and she said we take turns saying something that we have never done, and if the other person had done that, they take a swig.
“OK, I’ll go first. Never have I ever…gotten drunk”. She quickly took a long swig and looked at me puzzling. I explained to her that between sports and school, I never really had time to party.
“Ok…hmmm…Never have I ever…gotten a C on a paper”. I drank. The game started slowly like this until we both felt getting a little tipsy, where it soon got a little risqué.
She started asking more and more provocative questions, and my shyness started to creep out.
“Never have I ever…slept with someone other than a person I was in a relationship with.” Of course, being a virgin, I drank to this.
“Never have I ever had a relationship,” I quickly retorted, with a look of almost-shock on her face. Finishing her drink, she looked at me.
“Really? Damn at my school the girls would have been all over you!” She struggled to pour her next drink, showing that she was clearly drunk. I started laughing a bit and offered her a hand, because she was maybe 3 shots heavier than I was. Pouring 3 shots into the cup, I finished off the juice.
“Well, I guess we better switch to beer now.” I went into the fridge and got a case of beer that my uncle (who was like a father to me) had snuck up when my mom wasn’t paying attention. I grabbed 2 bottles of Rolling Rock, twisting the top off of one. I finished the last of my drink, threw my cup into the sink, and sipped a bit of the beer. For not being an experienced drinker, I did love the taste of beer.
“Alright my turn,” I said slurring my words a bit. “How about…never have I ever…had sex”.
“What!!!...Really? Never would have thought it…how could someone like you be a virgin!”, she said gulping down half of her drink.
I explained my story as she drank that last of her drink, reaching for the other beer.
“Well, that’s going to change in college”, she said slyly.
I could feel myself blushing, and had to take my glasses off. Pretending to clean them to hide my blushing, I noticed that she started looking at me strangely. Asking her if anything was wrong, she said “well, you look so much better without glasses…”
Keeping them off, she asked me how far I had gone with a girl.
“Well, are you going to ask that for the game, or what?”
“Oh fuck this game! Let’s just talk”
“Well, I made out with some girls and got a BJ once (leaving out the details).”
“Sooooooooo…wanna see the double,” she asked directly. Realizing the look on my face, she quickly retorted "Oh haha you know, to change the scenery a bit."
“What about the RA? Should I bring a beer?”
Taking charge of the situation, she went over to my bed and emptied my book bag, then went over to the fridge and put a couple of beers in the bag. She left the room, looking back to beckon me to follow. I waited for her to leave and reached into my dresser drawer and grabbed a condom just in case. I really didn’t think that anything would happen, but the last thing I wanted was to lose out on a chance to get laid. Steadying myself, I walked out of the door, locking it. Seeing a door that said “Erin Williams & Katie Myers”, I knocked. The slight pressure against the door opened it slightly, meaning that it wasn’t really closed. Looking around, I saw a furnished double, with a kitchen like my own and 2 beds occupying a room that was little larger than my own. Not seeing her, I thought that maybe she was in the bathroom. I settled down at a table, opened my bag and grabbed a beer. I just realized that I had to piss like a racehorse, so I knocked on the door, and heard the water running in the sink. She opened the door, smiling.
“It’s all yours Jake,” she said, walking past me. Because of the small doorway, I brushed her tit as she moved to go past me, sending a shiver up my spine. Muttering a quick “my bad”, I closed the door and barely got my dick out in time before it shot off like a rocket, almost missing the bowl. Letting a sigh leave my lips, I finished up and flushed. When I returned, I was startled to say the least. Right in front of me was Erin, as in directly in front of me. She grinned, and said “So did you like it?”
“Haha yeah I needed to piss real badly”.
“No, not that, my boob.”
I didn’t know what to say, but she knew what to do. She leaned forward and kissed me. Her lips opened up, and her tongue quickly engulfed my own. I could feel her hand on my back as I raised mine to caress her cheek. Suddenly, her hand found my semi-hard cock and grabbed it through my shorts. Startled, I gasped a bit, and she broke our embrace, still holding onto my dick. Grinning at me, she finally let go and said “Now, I guess we are even”, as she turned around and walked back to the table, swaying her tight ass along the way.
Clearing my head, I followed her, sitting down in the chair directly next to her. I quickly chugged the rest of my beer and reached for another. She stopped me, and the look in her green eyes told me all that I needed to know. I returned my attention to her, and leaned in for a kiss. She quickly thrust her head forward, meeting me in the middle. Our tongues darted back and forth as she stood up and sat on my lap. With my right arm around the small of her back, my left started to fondle her breast. Lifting it up and out of her top, my previous thoughts were validated, as she was not wearing a bra. Her hands alternated from rubbing and scratching my back, to stroking my now hard cock through my pants. Slowly, I lifted her up and laid her down on the table, so that she was sitting and I was standing between her golden tan legs. I got a glimpse under her skirt, seeing a black lace thong. Smiling, I lifted her shirt over her head, and returned my mouth to hers, while lifting off my own shirt. Seeing my pride and joy (the 6-pack that I worked all summer on), I could feel her hands start to pull my pants off. Breaking our kiss one last time, I yanked her skirt off of her hips in one fluid motion, leaving Erin completely naked, except for her thong. She leaned back on the table and breathed out “Eat my pussy Jake”.
Not having to be told twice, I pulled her thong to the side. Staring into her snatch, I noticed that she had a cute little landing strip of dark brown hair, cut close to her fully tanned skin. Looking up at her, I noticed that her tits were just as I had dreamt of them. Perfectly perky with puffy pink nipples, they were no tan lines to be seen. Lifting her hips in the air I was able to get her thong completely off. I came up and kissed her briefly before turning my mouth to her right tit. Swirling my tongue around her now-hard nipple, I massaged and tweaked her other with my hand. I could hear her slight moaning, begging me to move forward. I switched and started sucking on her left breast, massaging her right. After a minute or so, I stopped. She squeaked a bit, her head rocking up just in time to meet my lips. Tasting her body on her tongue she sat up to embrace me. Slowly, I picked her up and lowered her onto the bed that had covers on it, assuming that it was hers. Breaking away from her lips, I kissed myself down her body, finding myself at her landing strip. Her moaning begged me to go further, so I did what I saw in the porn movies.
Parting he little lips, I licked at the top of her pussy, feeling a slightly protruding bump. Finding her small little clit, I took it in my mouth. Sucking on it slightly, her body raised up and her legs locked around my head.
“Jesus FUCKKKKK I’m cummming!” she squealed, breathing heavily. All of a sudden, her pussy started gushing, her juices rolling down my chin onto her sheets. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuckkkkkkk”, she exclaimed as I started flicking my tongue against her clit. When her orgasm subsided, I looked up at her heaving tits, her head still back resting on her pillow. I slid down her snatch, sticking my tongue into her hole while moving one of my hands to rub her tit, the other to rub her clit. She started moaning again, and I knew that it wouldn’t be too long before she came again. Boy was I right. Within a couple of minutes, her arm shot out, grabbing my hair, and pulling me closer into her, willing me to consume her entire pussy. Finally, she screamed, releasing squirt after squirt of juices into my mouth. Ready for them this time, I happily swallowed every last drop up, satisfying my thirst. When she finished, I crawled up her body and, seeing her eyes shut in bliss, her tits heaving up and down trying to catch her breath, I locked lips with her, letting her taste her own cunt juices. Smiling seductively, she engulfed my mouth with her own while propping herself up on her elbows. Tasting her pussy juices in my mouth, she moaned slightly. Breaking my grasp, she simply stated, “My turn.” Rolling me off of her, she straddled my body, her pussy still leaking onto my abs. Sliding down my chest, she slowly started to lick and kiss until she reached pay dirt, my thick 8” cock.
Looking up at me with those amazing green eyes, Erin slowly reached down and grasped my cock. With caution, she slowly ran her tongue up and down the shaft, licking the head every so often like an ice-cream cone. Soon, my cock was wet with her saliva and she pounced on it ferociously. Bobbing up and down, taking about half of my 8”, she sucked like there was no tomorrow. Quickly, she was able to reach all the way down, deep-throating my member. Up and down she went, until she felt the tightening of my balls. I yelled “I’m gonna cum”, she started to suck on my head while jacking me off. It only took a few seconds before I shot load after load into the back of her throat.
Propping myself up onto my elbows, I looked over to see her gulp down my entire load, not spilling a drop. Sliding in next to me, she quickly put her firm ass against my now-soft cock. Wrapping her in my embrace, I quickly found myself drifting off to sleep, dreaming about what the next few days might bring.

There are 3 or so ways that I think the story can go, so I want to hear from you guys (and gals) any possible direction i could go with this. Thanks! I hoped you enjoyed!

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2014-03-10 12:49:10
Keep up the great story build a relation ship and maybe add one with the roomy as well. All in all amazing story

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2014-03-10 12:48:58
Keep up the great story build a relation ship and maybe add one with the roomy as well. All in all amazing story

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2014-03-10 12:39:30
Keep up the great story build a relation ship and maybe add one with the roomy as well. All in all amazing story

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2012-05-12 10:29:32
They can fuck all night then move to his room and fuck somemore

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2012-02-12 14:53:34
Three ways it could go are
The roommate comes in
They call it a night and continue the fun later
They wake up and have sex

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