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Part 4
Gifted Hands
Colleen lay on the bed. Gavin covered Colleen’s legs with the sheet and folded it at her lower back. Retrieving a bottle from his tunic, he dabbed some ointment into the palm of his right hand and rubbed his hands together briskly. The unmistakable scent of lavender filled the air. Gavin lightly stroked his fingers over Colleen’s back causing her to shiver. Momentarily, he placed his palms flat on her back, matching his breathing with her own. Colleen felt a peace come over her as she became more aware of her own body. She noticed her heartbeat, felt the pulse and heard the blood flowing thru her veins. She became aware of the tension in her arms, shoulders and legs. Gavin made several long strokes over her back to spread the oil. Then, he took the heels of his hands and walked them up the sides of Colleen’s spine, sending tingles to her fingertips and up into her head. Doing this several more times, he slowly stroked his hands over her back in broad circles and followed by kneading her shoulders with his strong fingers, tracing the tense muscles of her neck. Colleen willed herself to relax. After this, he massaged her wrists and arms, draining the stress from them and then worked his way back down to invigorate them. The hands and fingers followed as he traced the tendons all the way to her fingertips and then worked the joints to relax them. Gently shaking her arms he then cupped her head in his hands. Rocking it side to side, he gently pulled toward himself, stretching her neck and shoulder muscles. He stroked her head, letting his fingers trace thru her hair. His finger tips pressed tenderly into her scalp and a feeling of wellbeing emanated thru her body. Although she remained completely relaxed, this made Colleen very excited. Then, came her legs. By now, she was hot and sweating . Her vagina was leaking. She hoped Gavin wouldn’t notice. He worked upwards, relaxing her feet by working tension out even from her toes. As he rubbed her calves, Gavin noticed how toned she was, muscular but not masculine. Up over her knees, avoiding danger spots with arteries and nerves, he came to her hamstrings. At this point, Gavin realized several things: One, her hams were rock hard with stress, Two, she was gushing between the legs, which turned him on, and Three, she had a sexy synonym for a donkey. He grabbed her glutes and expertly found the muscles that take the brunt of lady weight. The sensations made Colleen jump because they tickled, but after a while the feeling went away and she relaxed.
Colleen thought to herself, “Gavin’s hands were special. He has a magical touch, and I want no one else to experience this.”
She was called out of her thoughts as Gavin told her to turn over again. Reluctantly, Colleen turned over as Gavin held the sheet open away from him, but Colleen grabbed it and threw it on the ground.
“I want you to enjoy watching me, none of this modesty, Gavin.”
Gavin didn’t complain.
Gavin began to rub Colleen’s face, feeling with his fingers, watching her for any sign that he was hurting her. As he finished and made motions to move to her stomach, Colleen, with her eyes closed, asked,
“Could you please rub my breasts?”
Gavin, unsure of what he had just heard, asked what she had said. Colleen repeated herself more slowly.
Tenderly, Gavin began to knead her bosom, and having been trained, easily found areas of tension that felt like rice grains. While working these out, Colleen giggled.
An unexpected command followed,
“Suckle me.”
Obediently, Gavin bent and began titillating her tit with his tongue. He moved to do likewise to the other breast and then let the cool, autumn air strike the moist peaks, making Colleen both hot and cold as she shivered from the excitement. He followed by sucking upon them to the rhythm of her breathing. Colleen moaned in satisfaction.
Reluctantly relinquishing his grip on her nipple, Gavin apologized, “Now, I’m gonna have to hurt you like hell, my lady, but then I will pleasure you in a way you’ve never experienced before.
Colleen trusted him and acquiesced.
Gavin’s fingers sought a triangular shaped cavity above Colleen’s pelvic bone and began to rub it deeply. He was right, it hurt like the (dickens). The pain radiated down her legs and thru her stomach, but finally, finally subsided and seemed to relax. His hand teasingly brushed against her lady lips. Her hunger was almost unbearable. Colleen said, “Stop teasing me, I need relief, Gavin!” Gavin simply smiled. Immediately, Gavin’s two middle fingers went gently into her so that he would not penetrate her barrier. Slowly, he started moving his fingers up and down, holding her down with the other hand and bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Picking up speed, Colleen began to feel a building tension. Her breathing increased, her heart beat faster, she felt more alert, entered that state where she was in tune with her body. She felt an impending release, except this time, it was stronger. With a few more gyrations of his finger, Colleen found herself convulsing from head to toe. For the second time that day, cum gushed out of her like a river. Her fists and teeth clenched, and every muscle in her body felt rock hard. Her back arched, and her legs followed. Gavin’s was busy drinking her nectar.
As the two of them lay exhausted, there came a knock at the door.
Colleen calmly called, “Yes, Who is it?”
“It is I,” came Hannah’s voice. “It is time for your school lessons.”
“I’ll be there in a minute,” Colleen almost cried from pleasure and disappointment.

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