The first of a sequel that is on here - but the original mysteriously gone??
Read the themes above all. If it is there and you dont like that - then it is undoubtedly in this story and you wont like it any more here! This is the first in a series of two - havent gotten past the second one yet. The original (this one) seems to have lost its way on here - not sure why. So posting this again. I am sure if there is a reason for its deletion then someone will let me know - anyways - enough of that and here is the story!

Billy watched as his little sister Rosalyn as she walked down the sidewalk and got into their parents car. She turned her head back and smiled at him just as she closed the door. Billy was 17, Rosalyn 14. Once again they had a fight that he came out on the short end of the stick on. His punishment was cleaning out the back yard of all the brush, weeds, dog shit and general debris that just always seemed to gather there. Every time there was an argument it seemed that he came on the short side of it and they sided with his lil sister. Billy had talked to his friends about it – all of the boys with younger sisters telling much the same story. They came up with a vengeful plan. A plan that the next time it happened they would put into place. It just happened to be fate that Rosalyn was the first one to have it happen to.

Billy called his friends and told them what happened. Soon after that they all showed up and parked their cars down the block in case his parents came home sooner than expected. They all pitched in with getting the yard work done. That was the first part of the plan; for all to help out so they would have time, and hopefully leniency, to be let off the hook for anything else that day. Yeah it could all wait until a later time, but then it wouldn’t have the same meaning behind it and then who knows what else their bitchy lil sisters would have done by then and probably forgotten the event they were supposed to be punished for.

Billy was getting cleaned up when his parent arrived. His friends had all left about 15 minutes before that. When they came into the house his dad immediately headed for the back yard and was shocked to see it looking better than it had in years. He called Billy down to the family room where he and his wife waited for him. He told him he was impressed and asked how he got it done so quickly. Billy told them that he was still pretty pissed and that gave him an avenue to release some pent up energy. His parents gave him a good stern talking to and told him how he should be a lil more tolerant of his younger sister and try to set more of an example for her and not let her get to him. Billy agreed and sugar coated everything to make his parents feel better and then excused himself to finish getting cleaned up. He also asked if he could go hang out with his friends since he had gotten everything done they asked him. They looked at each other and feeling good about the situation said ok. Billy turned and smiled – so far everything was working as planned!

As he was getting cleaned up he called his friend who in turn called everyone else. Mike showed up at his house 15 minutes later and picked him up. Rosalyn was hanging out at the mall with his younger sister Emily. The two of them immediately headed that way knowing the rest of their friends would be waiting. Once there all the boys; Mike, Derek, Tony and Matt, went inside. Billy stayed in the car as he was still supposedly cleaning a yard. They watched the two girls from a distance to keep from being seen over the next hour. Then finally the girls walked outside to go home. Emily called her mom for a ride. Almost immediately Mike’s cell phone rang with his mom asking if he would pick her up at the mall. He pretended to put up a protest but agreed and went back to his car. He told Billy how everything was going and then Billy got out of the car and headed towards the pickup truck parked at the back of the mall with the horse trailer attached to it. He waited in the smelly trailer til his sister arrived.

Mike pulled up at the back entrance to the mall, which worked better for their plan, and when his sister opened the door and they both went to get in he stopped them.

“Wait a minute! I was told to pick up one little bitch, not two!”

Emily pleaded with him to give them both a ride home but he wasn’t having any of it. He told Rosalyn that maybe next time she would think twice about getting his friend into shit all the time. Rosalyn laughed at that comment, telling Mike how Billy was in shit this time with cleaning the back yard. She already knew she was going to have to call for her own ride and wasn’t too concerned about burning a bridge with one of Billy’s asshole friends. The two girls said goodbye and said they would talk later as Mike pulled away. Emily pissed at him the whole way home. When she got there she immediately told her mom what he had done. Of course he was mildly scolded for it but did explain that he was told to only pick her up and nothing was said about Rosalyn. He then excused himself and said he was going to go over and pick up Billy and go out with him and his other friends as he was done with his punishment for the day. Emily smirked at him as he walked away knowing that she had gotten him into some trouble at least. Mike smiled as he got in his car. If this works out like they want – she may just have to be next!

Rosalyn decided that she would give her mom a call to get a ride home. It was a call she never made. Mike had intentionally pulled up at the back entrance of the mall where there is never very many people at and called his lil bitch sister and told her if she wanted a ride that is where he would be. He was also down a bit and not right at the entrance of the mall. Rosalyn was standing there about to make a phone call and then head to the front of the mall where any normal human being would go when a hand came around her face with a cloth in it. Derek had soaked it in starting fluid. The ether of the fluid was enough in such a concentrated dose that it only took a minute before she was passing out. He picked the girl up and threw her over his shoulder. Derek played linebacker on the varsity team and Rosalyn barely weighed a 100 pounds. Even of the few people that were at the back of the mall they all knew Derek and most knew Rosalyn as well and wouldn’t think anything of her brothers’ friend playing a joke with her.

He walked to the back of the lot with Rosalyn in tow and was met up by Tony and Matt on the way. When they got there Tony opened the door to the trailer and Derek dropped the girl inside and Billy was sitting there smiling. The boys all talked and decided that no one suspected anything. Billy grabbed his lil sister and had Tony and Matt hold her standing up. He took off her blouse and her jeans and tossed them to a corner of the trailer as he then tied her to the hooks at the top of the trailer that the harnesses of the horses were usually tied to. Derek and Matt got in the cab of the truck and then Tony closed the door of the trailer with Billy and his sister inside. They made sure to take a couple of pics of her naked body hanging there first. Tony got in the driver’s seat and headed out of town.

It was a 30 minute ride out to the stables where Tony’s parents kept their horse at. During the week it was always quiet out here and no other cars in the lot except for the one that belongs to the person that rents horses by the hour and tends to the place. That building was a quarter mile up the road from the stables anyways with a little bit of a hill as well. Rosalyn had begun to wake up on the ride over there with the cool air blowing over her and taking place of the ether. As she did she woke with a pounding headache and also the feeling that something had gone drastically wrong. She knew her bra and panties were still on but the air was chilling wearing just that and her nipples stood at erection. Also her hands were tied and she just hung there in the trailer that she couldn’t really identify with the blindfold tightly over her eyes. It smelled of animal and she tried to free herself to no avail. Finally the vehicle stopped and she heard voices as the truck doors opened then they went quiet. Before the door of the trailer opened, Rosalyn felt a sharp pain across her ass as someone slapped her. She cried out and realized that the person must have been there the whole time – watching her struggle and insuring that she didn’t escape. The door opened and she started to scream and kick as she heard people enter the trailer. Matt grabbed one leg as she tried to kick him with the other and before Tony could grab the other. Billy grabbed her blonde hair and pulled it hard and tight snapping her head back and growled into her ear,

“Scream all you want bitch! No one will hear you where we are! But keep kicking and trying to hurt us and the only one getting hurt is going to be you!”

Billy pushed her head back as he let go of the girls head. The thought of “us” sunk into her head. She knew there were at least three other people there and she knew she couldn’t over power them all. Just then Derek picked her up and Billy untied her wrists as she flipped over Derek’s shoulder and then she knew there were four. As he walked out with her Mike was already waiting there for them and smiled as he saw her half naked body. He carried her into the barn where the stables were. Mike had already set up the table they use for breeding horses. There was a box there that she could put her feet on and Derek dropped her on her feet there. Immediately Tony and Mike grabbed her and bent her over as she started to struggle again. Billy grabbed a set of reigns from the wall and slapped across the cheeks of her ass. Rosalyn screamed out loud as he did a second time and then stopped kicking and twisting remembering his words earlier and feeling the stinging sensation on her ass.

They took her bra from her and then she felt herself being bent over. Her B cup sized breasts with her hard nipples were against a piece of wood that she could barely move against as she was tied to it. She felt a couple of pairs of hands at her waist and soon her panties were pulled down and taken off of her and her legs tied to the legs of the table leaving her vulnerable for whatever and she then realized the impending fear of what was going to happen. She lay there tied and spread and hearing nothing of her captures when she heard the click of a camera over and over from different parts of the room she was in. Then she felt it! One of the men who had done this was standing directly behind her. She couldn’t feel any clothing on him – just skin. She started to scream again – pleading with her captures to stop this and let her go. She wouldn’t tell anyone, she promised and just as she was about to continue it happened, every girls worst nightmare.

Billy had taken his lil sister’s virginity. He rudely forced his hard cock inside her, breaking her hymen. Blood ran down his cock only helping to slicken it as he pushed farther inside. Rosalyn shrieked at the pain and cried at what was happening to her. Billy started to fuck her harder, faster. All of his frustrations of his little sister getting him into trouble. Treating him as if he were stupid and always getting her way – this time he was going to get his. He violently fucked her as she lay there crying and then he stopped for a few seconds with his cock inside her and she realized that the warmth inside her was his cum that he had just deposited inside her; oh my God she thought, I could be pregnant!

The boys took turns – each one raping her tight pussy and each one filling her with their seed. After Billy was Mike; then Matt and Tony and then Derek. They all figured that as big as Derek was that if he went first she wouldn’t feel anything else! After they had finished with her pussy Billy was hard again, as well as, Mike. Billy stood behind her and wiped his hard cock with the cum dripping from her cunt. She was dripping wet and he thought it was just their cum. Rosalyn had actually came herself though … twice; once when Tony took her and then with Derek. She couldn’t help it. Her tits being pushed against the rough wood and rubbing back and forth as they fucked her made her nipples even harder and sent a sensation straight to her clit. Feeling it being rubbed like she never had before she came but her cries kept the boys from knowing. But then she realized once again what was happening. She tried to close the muscles to her ass but Billy grabbed her hair and pulled hard, she thought he was going to rip it out if he didn’t stop pulling. He also smacked her ass as he did and she unclenched her muscles and let him fuck her ass.

Just as the first time he pushed in hard and fast – no care for her well-being. Soon he had the entire length of his cock inside her, fucking her where she had never even thought of before. It was a different feeling; the pain was intense but fleeting. It rubbed her in a different way and she couldn’t believe that she was about to have another orgasm. Just before she could though it stopped; Billy pulled his cock from her ass before she could cum. She felt his hand tight in her hair again and she went to scream out ouch as it happened, but as she opened her mouth Billy came in it. She could feel it on her face and it tasted salty in her mouth. He leaned down and growled in her ear once more,

“Swallow it bitch!”

She did but still could feel the cum running down her face. After each fuck and each shot of cum in her mouth and on her face pictures were taken of her – none of the boys in them except for the rare shot of a dick in her cunt or ass – but no faces and very little of their bodies. Rosalyn was spent; emotionally and physically. She had come 3 more times as they fucked her ass and hated herself for doing it. She was torn with the idea that this may be the only type of guilty pleasure she would have before they killed her, not knowing who her captures were or what her fate was. Thoughts of movies she had seen and stories on the internet of girls abducted flooded her head and she cried once more thinking of all the horrors that waited for her.

As she lay there she heard the clop of hooves and her abductors laughing. With all of the cum inside her and the fucking and prodding she hadn’t even really noticed the lubricant they had smeared over her used little cunt. It simulated the smell of a horse in heat and the stallion had caught the scent. His cock hung out of the sheath it was in and started to harden. Rosalyn heard the whinny of the horse and didn’t think the impossible until she heard the hooves of the animal on either side of her and its hair against her back. She immediately started to scream no and tried to move against the restraints but just as before she was stuck. Screaming louder she felt it, felt the mushroom head of the horses cock against her cunt, Tony guiding it to her waiting hole. In one quick push the animal was inside her. The horse moved forward forcing his cock farther into her and Rosalyn thought she was going to be ripped in two from his size.

The animal fucked her with quick short strokes but violent none the less. She couldn’t believe that she was about to cum from being fucked by some animal when the thrusting stopped and the horse whinnied again. As he did this time she felt his massive cock pulse inside her and then felt his hot sperm shoot into her; that was all she need to cum herself. As he withdrew his cock a flood of horse semen gushed from her, along with the boys cum and ran down her legs. Pictures were fine for everything else but Billy made sure to get his little sister getting fucked by a horse on video.

Rosalyn thought she had passed out after that. Maybe she did or maybe her captures did something to her like before to knock her out. The boys cleaned up everything, including Rosalyn and got her dressed again. They even ran a douche through her to get their cum out of her although they were pretty sure the horse had done that for them. When she woke up she was in her own bed. She didn’t have a clue how she got there. Did her parents know? They had to of for her to be in bed?? It was dark out now and she looked at her clock, 10pm. Her headache had returned and she went to get out of bed and found the other parts of her that hurt as well. Her thighs were sore, as well as her ass and pussy. As she got to her door there was an envelope stapled to it.

Rosalyn took the envelope from the door, opened it, and took the contents out. The first thing she noticed were the pictures of her bent over and fucked and also of her and the horse; then she read the note attached with it:

“No one knows except for you. Keep it that way and the sample of pictures that you have and the video will never be shown to anyone. If anyone is told then the school, your friends and family will see all there is of this afternoon’s events.”

The note ended with stop being such a little bitch! When she read that she knew! Rosalyn knew that it was Billy that was responsible for all of this. She walked gingerly down the stairs and found her parents sitting in the family room watching a movie. As she walked in they asked how she was and that Billy said she wasn’t feeling well and had lay down to rest. Just as she was about to speak, Billy walked up behind her and smacked her on the ass,

“Hey sis! You feeling better?”

She grimaced as the slap on her ass reminded her just how sore she was. His mom told him to be nice to her as she wasn’t feeling good. But as Billy sat down her parents looked at Rosalyn – still waiting for an answer as to how she was feeling. Finally the silence was broken as she was tired of everyone looking at her and she said she was fine and thought she would be better in the morning once she got some rest. Billy sat back, satisfied and couldn’t wait to let the rest of his friends know how things turned out. He was sure that it wouldn’t be long before Emily was feeling much the same way.

Well there yo all go. For those that read this before - hope you still enjoyed! For those first time readers Hope ya enjoyed as well. If you made it this far at least take 30 seconds to click yay or nay. Comments are always good too but I do realize that they take longer and sometimes you are pressed for time and trying to get as much porn in as possible - I understand! :) The yes or no is quick and easy though - hit one of those and then happy surfing all!

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