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Different Teenagers In Love
My name is Mikey Mickels I have just turned 17 years old. I am 5' 7 inches tall, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, and I weigh about 160 pounds give or take a pound or two. It is summer time now but in the Fall I am going to be in the 11th grade that would make me an 11th grader. My Mom likes to call us Graders because she says; she does not want her kids to grow up. I think it’s just to bug me. My Mom taught in the 3rd and 4th grade before she got pregnant with us. Then again after we started School, and she went back to teaching.

I would like to say my mom got married and pregnant but that just did not happen. I do not know who my father is and my mom says he could be one of several people to include a student of hers that she tutored from time to time. What she does do is take accountability and she says that she was never forced to do anything she did not want to do.

I have always suspected my Grandfather, they were always very close, and when Grandma Died, we moved in with him and sometimes I hear noises coming from his bedroom and mom is not in her room. He is nearly 70 now so I do not hear as much as I used to but I still hear it. The morning after Mom always seems to be in a happy mood.

Grandpa pays most of the Bills but Mom could more then get by on her own. When she was younger she had earned some money and had invested that money in Wally World Stock. She has told us that Wally World was like a horny big Sister , her legs where always spread and she did splits, and then both legs would go up, then she'd split again and again. So mom and I think Grandpa are both Wally World Millionaires. Any way, we live nice but not to the extreme. Mom Tutors and Home Schools us. However she said that this year we need to go-to High School for Socialization. That She will take care of the younger kids so we can go and have a life.

I have a Sister that is 4 hours and 17 min older than me her name is Nancy Mickels; she looks about the same as me right down to her B Cup Breasts. Because of the time difference She was Born on April 6th and I was born on April 5th we were Born at Queens Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii.

The first thing that we have in common was that as soon as we were born and cleaned up we were whisked away to intensive care kept from public view and specialist where called in. Evan our Mother was not allowed to see us.

Exams and Tests had to be run, determinations had to be made, and a course of action planned. Surgery’s scheduled so forth and so on.

I of course do not remember but I was told by Grandpa that High Priced Doctors where running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Religious People where wanting to bless us and all kinds of stuff. The Security at Queens held and stories where put out that the condition of our birth had just been, Urban Myth, and after a few days things died down. My Sister was born 6lbs 3oz and I also was 6lbs 3oz, full term without any complications, to a Single White Mother, Grandfather and Grandmother where there in support of their daughter. Grandma was a Lawyer and in the Hawaii State Senate. That might be in part why everything went away quick. Grandpa liked to Fish and had some businesses related to that. Grandmother was a Grad of USC and USC Law School. It would seem that they were Oil and Water but they were both working on the same bill and met and just liked each other. They were together, Married and Grandmother was pregnant with Mom. Rumor has it, that it was a Wedding Night Conception.

They lead somewhat different lives but always found time to be together. There are four more kids, Two Uncles Two Aunts all Twins. 3 years apart the Aunts are the older twins. They are two years and five years younger than my mom. They all live on the mainland and have college degrees and careers. The last I saw them was when Grandmother Died.

Grandma died of natural causes or at least the Doctors say so when my Sister and I where 11 years old. And our Brother was 9 years old.

What our Grandmother and Grandfather did most for us was to help our mother insure that there was No Operations and No Sexual Assignments. We grow up normal and I took on more of a Male Roll and my Sister more of a Female Roll. We are both close to our younger brother and he is close to us. Over time we both developed female to a large extent.

When we are done and we can find understanding people my sister wants a husband and I want a wife. However there is plenty of time and we are very, very happy together. We live in a land that things are not always as they seem and you just accept things as they are. Our Grandpa our Mom and our Brother love us as do our Aunts and Uncles. What they don't know is who our Father is and that my sister and I sleep together and when we invite him our brother sleeps with us. That and Mother often Sleeps with or Cuddles with our Grandfather.

One last thing Nancy and Mikey Mickels are fully functioning Hermaphrodites. Or Intersexed sometimes called Hermes. Rare in the first place, rarer still for twins and fully functioning even rarer, The chances of being born, living and not being killed or sexually assigned rarer still. Over the years we have chosen to function and present as female, At 12 we both got Periods, and grew Small Breasts, I am a good A Cup, and my sister is a Small B Cup. Our Penises also work both for the bathroom and for Sex. No we cannot do it with ourselves not for the lack of trying. We started goofing around at 12 and had Sex with each other on our 14th Birthday. We consider our self’s
Female and refer to each other as She, Our Brother also refers to us as his Sisters, our first names or she.

Family members refer to us by our first name or she.

That said we both like Dick, up to now our dicks have only been in each other but we hope to change that soon, we are about 5” long and almost two inches around. We lost our Virginity to each other on our 14th Birthday, It was up in and over before we knew it. We were very moist and there was little pain and not much blood, My Sister took mine first as I sucked on her breast. I took hers soon after as she held my butt to hold me in deeper. We both came. Afterwards we showered together and cleaned up. Grandpa had a Bidet put in our bathroom so we could clean up better, germs and infections being of great concern to us.

After we were born and the excitement went down, and we were finally released from Queens after being pulled, poked, swabbed, probed, x-ray d, stared at admired, hated, called names, blessed, cursed, so forth and so own. DNA samples, taken, and other checks of the five senses. Also from where and how we peed and whether or not we could poop, how much we could poop, and so forth and so on. I am sure it was very painful and that we cried a lot, but Science and Myth seem to trump pain. Mom and Grandmother held us a lot and mother against the advice of Doctors that did not quite know why they were advising her of this Nursed my sister and I, one on each of her Breasts, we also received bottles as we were always hungry.

Of course a full CPS investigation was conducted as to our care nurturing and wellbeing. Grandmother put a quick stop to that after having a conversation with the head of CPS. She also offered to sue the hospital if the results of the DNA Tests were made public, or sold or leaked. Grandpa was not asked to take one and did not volunteer. Grandpa is a Fisherman and a business man and is considered by some family members as beneath my Grandmother that said, they always got along great. They had things worked out from A to Z. Grandpa had been known to take time off to make Campaign Signs and to Sign Wave. However he was not much for the social events. We think it was when Grand Ma was on the Mainland that our mother and him first got together, that would make her somewhere between 14 and 16. Neither is talking, yet they do not say things did not happen. We also know that Grandma knew yet the situation never bothered her as she was away, and what better person to have stand in for her, much better than a mistress or girlfriend that told or got discovered.
When she was home it was just Grandmother and Grandfather, up until the day she died, even though the Death Certificate says natural causes some people in the family think that Grandma Died while having Sex with Grandpa, which does not endure Grandpa to her side of the family. If having Sex in your middle 60’s cause you to die, then what more natural would be the cause. Grandma was proud of the fact that she never said No.

Grandma had a big funeral and hundreds of people attended to include the Gov. Not as big as IZ's by any means but big. She got her desire to be cremated and her ashes are on a shelf in a Hutch in Grandpas Living Room, We call it Grandpas House even though we all live there Grandpa loves all of us and we love him. He is 70ish he does not need help now but he likes help and wants people around. The young Great grandkids bother him somewhat but he gets over it hugs them, holds them and in a pinch will change a diaper or give a bottle.

Now you want to get to My Sister and I and our Brother, or George Boy as he is called. In Hawaii if any Son is named after the father he is called Boy as in Jr. Because we do not know who his father is, our mother named him after Grandpa whose name is George. Because they live in the same house he is George Boy. In custom he will always be known in the family, neighbors and friends as George Boy even if he grows up has a PhD and is 6'5” tall and weighs 350 pounds, Even if Grandpa Dies his name will still be George Boy Mickels.

The Three of us think that Grandpa wants our mom to have one more baby before he dies. We suspect their trying but George Boy says he would be more the happy to step in and do the deed. Mother is not a Beauty but far from a Boom Batcha Pig. A little heavy nice C Cup Breasts still gets a lot of attention.

We sometimes call George Boy, George Curious and at School some section 8 boys tried to call him Boy George till we cornered one and he had to have the State buy him new teeth and wires for his jaw. One reason we are Home Schooled. Nancy has a mean streak you do not want to mess with. George when he started school always hung out with us. We love George so it was okay. We went to School as Girls and used the Girls Room but always sat down; it’s a position of the feet thing. We did that at Church also until one day my Sister forgot and went to the Men’s Room wearing a dress, she went into a stall and pulled the dress up and sat down and doubled peed, but the boy in the next stall saw the dress and had a Major, Major, Melt Down. Told his mom she told the Bishop and the shit hit the fan.

A little history! Our great grandparents, where Calvinist Missionary’s, sent to convert the heathen natives to Western Christianity Our Grandparents not being a pal of John Calvin became non active when they got married. Then the Missionary’s came knocking Bible and magazines in hand and they let them in and listened. They didn’t like everything but they like the family aspect of things and read and believed enough to become baptized which they both did. Over time they lost some interest and did not do much beyond attend. At the end of the day Grandpa likes a Beer so did Grandma. They did attend and Raise mother, and our Aunts and Uncles. Time went on and when we were born so called out of wedlock there were some issues, however the Pastor named and blessed us as Girls and another Pastor a greater man then you might realize Baptized us as Girls when we were age 8 and our Brother 2 years later when he was 8. Everything was cool we wore dresses and taped our dicks up and life went on until Nancy used the wrong Bathroom.

As a result we were less then active for a while. When we both became PG that of course changed things for the better or worse depending on how you look at it.

We did not give up the father(s) name and of course rumors abound. However No One tagged our brother except one person and he is a bit of a psycho so they just ignore him.

Now I bet you are dying to find out how Sister and our Brother and I came about.

Well it was really quite simple, we all have had our separate rooms but from the earliest time we can remember. My Sister slept in my room or I slept in hers. Our Brother who came along 2 years later also had his own room. Like I said Mom is a School Teacher and when we started school Mom thought at the same school we attended, our brother stayed with Grandma or Grandpa or now and then in Day Care, however only now and then. Our little brother talked too much. The Teachers and Aids talked to mother often about how he made up stories about his older sisters having both Sex Organs. They never bought this, so things, where cool.

Mother has always been well off in her own right, She is a Grad of University of The Pacific, She was there because of Good Grades and a Volleyball Scholarship and perhaps, or perhaps not a push from Grandma.

Mom says she was a Virgin for the entire time she was there, although she was tempted many times to not be, she never gave in. She says she obeyed every rule she was supposed to. She however does not say much about before she went there or after she left. Mom was/is very healthy and pretty. Not Petite but far from fat, tall and strong like Grandma. Smart like Grandma only No Love for the Law or Government. So she had US and our Brother and let her money work for her and she became well off in her own right. She also likes to writes Adult Romance and Adult Science Fiction Romance and hopes to be published.

As we got older we became close liked the same things and liked to cuddle. When our Brother was 5 and truly potty and night trained we let him join us. We did not want him to be lonely and we liked him. We were never Siblings at each other’s throat.

We were also never shy around each other, we saw each other often and noticed the differences and just accepted the sameness. When Grandma Died and we moved in with Grandpa we all had not only our own rooms but our own wing Mom and we kids had one wing and Grandpa has a smaller wing with 3 rooms and large bath. And Hot Tub. We have a free pass to use and share the Hot Tub. Of course mom spends most of her time sleeping in Grandpas Wing taking care of him. The Kitchen and living room are in the middle. A 3rd wing is a Garage and is also used for a Work Shop and Food Storage. We live on an Island and like to be ready. There is also Intercom, Internet, and Cellphone, as well as Smoke Detectors and a Defibulator. Gas Grill, Generator and a not used Fire Place with compressed logs. Spare Gas and spare water. Rain Barrels etc. Exercise equipment because My Sister and I cannot go to the Gym. Hardons look funny when you have tits.

Our Brother knows we are Hermes and has from an early age how rare that is has not touched him even yet.

As time has goes on we have become closer and closer, and as we all reached Puberty and we stayed more or less normal for each gender so my sister and I grew Breasts and started Periods although not regular and not as controlled as we might like but we voted against the pill. We of course also have Penises as well about 5 inches long; we hope to top out at 7” but not real thick. Many people like us have sex organs that are small or deformed, so we are grateful. George has about 6” kind of thick. Hard almost all the time so it does takes us both to take care of him and of course our self’s.

Like I said we started at 16 and 14 to have real sex, not that we did not play around before, just becoming more mature and use to our bodies and each other.

My Sister and I agreed to do the same thing at the same time at least a first, and we did not invite our Brother. So we hugged, kissed and played with and sucked our small breast and sucked and licked each other’s pussy. We suck each other’s fem juices and each other’s clits until we both Cum. We are blessed to be completely functional so our Pussys are normal depth and function like every other female and our Dicks uncut get hard and when we give each other blow or hand jobs until we cum and we mostly swallow and lick up everything.

Like I said our Dicks are normal and uncut and we cum, we have normal cum and normal sperm count, me a little higher than my sister and my T level is a little higher. Perhaps explains my smaller Breasts although my Sister says more then she can put in her mouth is a waste but miss B Cups likes to hang her breasts over my face when she is on top. I love sucking on her breast while she has her Dick deep in my Pussy.

We were lying in bed one day cuddling and because we mostly think as girls we were playing with our Pussys and wondering what we should do with ourselves, I had just fucked Nancy a few hours before, we enjoyed each other and I had cum as a Male and She had Cum about 3 times as a female, she also Squirts, I Cum but I do not squirt nearly as much, Mom got each of us a Queen size Water Bed with a full wave mattress so as not to ruin the Mattresses. George Boy got a Twin Mattress with his. We also got six drawers on each side and Posters. Mother had a friend buy her the Mattresses and another friend she paid well to make the Beds and set them up. Mine has a deep brown stain, my Sisters a lighter stain. Our Brother has a clear stain because he likes the Raw and the natural Wood, but was told to protect the wood he had to have it stained. He also thought us how to repair leaks and refill and maintain the bed and how to drain the bed. Also we have to keep them covered, because if it’s cool out at night and we have heated beds our cats will want to sleep on them and cats have claws and make leaks. My Sister and I love our Cats and would not want our Pussys to get cold.

What we decided was that now that George Boy was 14 we should allow him to fuck us whenever he wanted to as long as he kept things about equal. Behaved his self, and did not talk. We would suck his dick and he could fuck us and if he wanted to suck our dicks. At which point that conversation started getting Nancy horny and she turned me on my back, climbed on top of me kissed me and because I was moist she slipped her Dick inside me in one thrust. I moaned loudly and opened my legs and throw them back which moved my pelvis forward and she started to Piston Fuck me hard. She can last awhile and as a result my hips bucked up and down and I began to cum just as she started Cumming. We laid on each and she said that was fantastic and I love you so much. I told her I loved her also and thanked her for the earlier fuck. Now how do we get our brother in on this?

Well Nancy said lets go take a shower together clean up and go in his room and give him some pussy. So we cleaned up and had a nice time groping each other and as soon as we were out mother called us to dinner. We can well afford staff but we do not have staff because of the situation. Grandpa, George Boy, Mom Sis and I sat at the table eating our Rice, Steak and Cut Veggies We were Drinking Green Tea, with Ginseng which we all love.

Side Bar
We had been hoping to get each other Pregnant but it had not happened yet but we were far from giving up trying. Heck we were just 16 and going into 11th grade at a real school so perhaps we should not do that. A couple of Doctors had told us, we would not be able to get pregnant ever, it was even suggested that we become sterile both as so as not to make babies and perhaps pass on our condition and the tragic situation in our lives that it caused. Pick our Sex have the Operations and live our lives a best we could.

This might extend our life span and one Doctor said gives us our only chance of ever going to heaven.

We both said at the same time Bite. Also the Counselors we see when we have to because we are at a high risk for suicide, said that it would be better if we did not reproduce or even attempt to as Sex would-be bad for us and the people who would have sex with us male or female would only turn out to be disturbed people who would treat us badly. We were also where a bad example with our Brother and his emerging Sexual Identity and his Gender Security if he found out about us. Again our response was Bite Us. We were also told that we would turn in to depressed drug abusers if we did not choose one gender or another. Also that if a naked picture of us showed up on the Internet that it would be tragic and we could not join the Service because if we were discovered we might be hurt or killed and would surely be killed if captured by the enemy. So choosing a gender and having the operations and becoming Sterile was a must. Since we are going to real School this fall This Doctor gave us a note excusing us from dressing out for gym, mostly for fear of detection and our safety.

This was a Mainland Doctor who had No Clue what went on and goes on in Hawaii, and Points West. Nancy told him that we would not join the Marines Air Force or Army but we both loved water and we might join the navy and be in the Submarine Service so we could get on the same Sub and Hot Rack.

Of course it would be the worst kind of Incest for us to do things together. We should even have the operations separate just in case one of us should die.

Now I admit that yeast and bladder infections can be a bitch, and we can die for health reasons rather quickly and there is not much we can do about this. That is why we eat well and Exercise and stay healthy. Also fuck our brains out just in case one of us has to go wherever people like us go if we do not have operations to have a gender. However they can get hit by a truck long before we die of anything remotely related to being a Hermes
End Side Bar

Mom said you girls are 16 now and tomorrow you are going to get your permits and when you get your licenses I will get you reasonable cars, perhaps one a Car and one a Small Truck. I said I want the Truck. Why Mom asked? Flat Bed in back I replied.

Mom then said your Brother is 14 and I know you are close don't you think one or both of you should start taking care of him.

We have both thought of that mom, and we have decided to do that. When Mom asked? Tonight after supper we said in Unison.

George Boy let out a gasp dropped his Chop Sticks, picked up a spoon and increased the pace of his eating.

After Dinner and the dishes done we went back to our Rooms in our wing of the house.

Nancy said, let’s go to his room and give him some pussy. Oldest goes first.

So off we go to George Boys Room. We enter and George Boy is lying on his bed naked. George Boy we love you and you are 14 now and it is time for you to enjoy having Sex with Nancy and me. Our intention to night is to let you have some of each of our Pussys as we enjoy your Dick. Do not worry about anything you are to cum inside us and it does not matter how quick or how often you cum or whether or not we cum. This is a Heterosexual Night and we would never make you do anything you might not want to do so just ignore our Dicks. You can cum in us when you want to and we will stay with you all night if need be. The only thing is that things have to be more or less equal. You do not play favorites, you do not separate us and you do not come between us, and if you tell anyone outside the family we will kill you, BBQ you and eat your flesh, Do you understand. George Boy Nodded, saying yes in a low voice. George Boy did not fear his Sisters he loved them, but he also knew that, Nancy and Mikey meant what they said. He might get over with Mikey but Nancy could go from friendly to Bitch in 2.5 seconds. On top of that the flip side was in Female Mode not in Male Mode. He did not want to piss either one off he just wanted to finally fuck them as females, Weather he wanted to suck their Dicks or have their dicks in his butt or perhaps one in his butt and the other in his mouth was a question to be answered with time.
Right now he just wanted to Pussy Fuck Them and feel his cum go into them. He was one horny not so little 14 year old teenager.

Nancy being the oldest was first up and walked over to the twin waterbed and kissed her brother, this was no problem as they had been doing this for many years they had always been kissy and huggie from the time they had started hanging out together. Nancy was also naked she did not believe in cloths if she did not need to wear them, Girl cloths got in the way of her dick she more than loved her dick but sometimes it got in the way of being female. Nancy loved to be female; she loved her sister to put her dick in her, loved the feel of her cum going inside of her and loved the feeling of her own release. She also loved to ride her sister reverse cow girl with her sisters dick in her pussy and her dick hanging over the bed bouncing up and down with pre cum leaking out. Nancy’s Dick leaked no matter in which mode she fucked or got fucked. Mikey’s dick was the only dick she had ever had she got fucked often and very well. She would have gladly given Grandpa some Pussy but he never asked. As for fucking with her Dick, not a good thing unless she was fucking the shit out of her sister. It was too dangerous in her situation to try to get some other Pussy maybe mom someday but mom had all she could do to keep up with Grandpa even at 70. You could hear licking and fucking noises coming from their wing of the house over the intercom. They kept leaving it on and when it was not on; George Boy would sneak in and turn it on. Before moving in with Grandpa she heard the same noises coming from their house when Grandpa came to visit. Well known if not proven that Grandpa and her Mom fucked their brains out when Grandma was away and she did not have to be away for long or a long period of time.

Now she was going to get George Boy's 6” dick, she was still a little moist from the fucking her sister had given her. Now Dick would go where no dick had gone before.

George Boy returned her kiss and laid her back on the warm waterbed covers. Nancy spread her legs and her brother climbed between them at 14 he was almost as tall as his sisters. He moved up so that her tits where on his chest and his dick at her entrance, her pussy was completely hairless as the girls shaved and so did George. George tenderly kissed his sisters neck and shoulders and slowly worked his way down her neck and to her perky B Cup Breasts sucking on each as if for his very life, George could hear his Sister Moan and feel her getting wet, He moved down over her flat belly and her innie bellybutton stopping to lick her bellybutton and down to the top of her Pussy, Nancy had her Dick taped and George could feel that it was hard and throbbing. He wondered if she could cum from both at once.

George moved back up her belly and moved his 6” rock hard dick over her he wanted to lap her juices from her pussy but he wanted inside her now. She felt his sister’s right hand reach down and grab his dick and guide it to her opening and slide his dick head in. Nancy removed her hand moving it up to his face and he responded by licking her juices off herself.

George slid his dick in slowly. There was no need to Nancy’s pussy was well lubed and well used by her sister. George's Dick went slowly in and Nancy felt a little twinge when his Dick went a little further then Dick had ever gone in her before. Oh an inch can make such a difference, Nancy thought.

Now George pull back thrust in and fuck your sister hard, remember just cum when you cum and don't worry about me. Nancy reminded him.

George tried to kiss his sister at the same time he was stroking in and out of her as well as play with her breasts; He did not want to neglect those perky little titties.

George had not been pumping very long when he felt his cum building up, George had thick cum and it expanded the width of his dick and because his dick was deep inside his sister she could feel the cum expanding his dick. The increase in size increased her pleasure and pushed her over the edge. She started to explode with the force of her fem cum almost driving him out of her pussy. She could feel George pushing harder and holding back. Nancy put her hands and arms around his butt and held him inside her as she came. She moaned fucking cum little brother come in me now.
Cum in me deep, knock me the fuck up, like our sister can't do.

George Boy could hold himself no longer and just exploded inside his oldest sister, he had never come so hard in his life, he loved fucking her and he loved her. Both spent he rolled off of her kissing her. He thought that she was going to get up and run to the bathroom but she just laid there with the cum in her letting it soak up and hoping to find an egg, In the end she would not clean up till morning.

She rested a few moments and gained control of her breathing then looked at her Sister and said, your turn.

Mikey look at her and said Sister and Brother, I do not want to fuck tonight and I am not sure if I want to fuck either one of you either for the first time or ever again. Tears where running down her eyes as she ran, from the room crying.

Nancy and George Boy worn out held each other and where soon asleep on George Boys Bed.

At some point in the night Sperm found egg and they joined in Nancy’s Womb and for the Billionth upon billionth time conception took place somewhere. Sperm met egg and another human life was started. This time life started between two very young lovers a little different yet still very young and still lovers. Nancy Mickels was Pregnant.

End Part 1

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