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It started when we were just young when we used to bath together as children with not a care in the world, but now has turned into a obsession.....
When we were kids me and my cousin (samantha) had often talked about sex and had sometimes played with her barbie dollls in erotic fashin, but as we got older i moved away and when i visited we just acted like two freindly cousins. We watched films went to cinemas etc..
She lived quite far away so i didnt see her often. But as i started to reach my teens i started to fantasis about her alot more. And all year long before i visited i used to dream and wonder if she felt the same way about me. It was whan i was 15, when my hormones were in overdrive that i finally couldn´'t hold in my feelings anymore. This is my story....

It was sunday afternoon my nan had picked us up from the airport and we were just arriving at her house. The whole way there i was wondering if my cousin would be there to greet us. As we pulled up i saw a couple of faces in my nans living room, i thought to myself (it must be her). As we pulled into the driveway my little cousin came running out, and then slowly walking behind was my beautiful delicous ssmantha :brown eyes with dark tanned skin she was wearing tight jeans with a nike t-shirt on. Her fine boobs standed out. She smiled at me as i got out of the car and said
(hi, how was the trip)
i smiled back and answered
(It was a bit bumpy but otherwise it was ok.)I wanted to say something else but my Dad and sister were there. Me and my dad carried the suitcases in and my little cousin,sister,nan and Samantha followed. The house was huge much bigger than mine in the city. It had a living room a kitchen two bathrooms one with a shower and one with a bath. And five bedrooms, one of which was mine. I walked into the room and layed down. The bed was so comfortable, i got out my bag with my ps2 and dvd's and set them up. I stayed in my room for the rest of the day and played playstation with samantha all the time trying to hold my cock down. My cousin left with my aunt about 9. As soon as she left i reached down into my boxers and rubbed myself as hard as i could.
It felt so good. I then put my boxers and tanktop on and went to sleep.

The next morning i had a huge hard on, i didnt here anyone in the house so i imagined that everyone was out shopping. I reached in my boxers and started to rub myself, when suddenly i heard the door slowly open. I quickly got my hands out of my boxers and layed on my tummy to cover my erection. It was my Samantha she was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Sorry she said blushing. Iwas totally embarrased but i changed the subject.
(i thought you've got school today)
(no she answered ive got a day of, i just came here to take a shower or a bath)
(oh i answered i dont think nan or grandad are in)
(Yeah i know she replied their coming back tonight)
She walked into the bathroom and started to run her bath. Then she came back and took her top of. My cock was gettimg harder and harder. Her boobs where even more sexier than i thought. Then out of nowhere she undid her bra and turned me over upright so i was facing her. She feel ed my legs up and down and grabbed my cock with a firm but gentle grip. I was nervous for few seconds and hesitated but then i undid her jeans pulled the down and started to rub on her knickers. She nelt down on one knee pulled of my boxers and slowly then fastly started licking my cock. I stood up and shoved it in her moth at the same time feeling her lovely tits. Ahhhh i let out a slight moan. And my cum spat out everywhere. She then got up took my hand and escorted me to the bathtub. She turned of the taps and got in, with me following. To be continued...........

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2013-08-11 20:05:28
It was too short and bad spelling


2005-12-12 22:20:58
sucked -10/10


2004-10-31 12:50:53
you need to go to your nearest Community College and take a creative writing course. You have a good imagination but you would be easier to read and be more understandable. Good story otherwise


2004-09-13 17:27:51
great but put some cum on that slut's face and then let nan notice the white stuff and wipe it off with her finger and then nan tastes it and remarks you're going to tell me who shot cum on your face or you're grounded ''more more''

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