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I was gangbanged in a bus by my classmates
I am Deepika, a 16 year old girl and I live in Kolkata, India. I have recently passed out my class X from Pratt Memorial School which is one of the all girls school in the city. So I had come from an all girl background. After passing out I enrolled in St Stephen’s school in Kolkata which is a coed institution. These incidents happened during the first few montjs in school.
Since I was from an all girls school so I was not very conscious and hence was very free flowing. That is to say that I was used to wearing short skirts an frocks and we girls were uite careless at how we sat, stood up, squatted etc. Now I was a in a new surrounding and had to get used to being more careful. But it was easier said than done. Now to get a little bit more insight to the happenings let me describe myself.
I am 5’6’’ in height. I have a full figure with larger hips and breats typically Indian. One of my most embarrassing features is my large buttocks and nipples which tend to poke out of my shirts if I wear even a flimsy bra so I have to be extra careful. My figure is 32-22-32 which is kind of good. I am very fair and don’t have a single spec of hair on my body, apart from my head ofcourse. Even my gentilas are thread bare. Once a lady doctor examined and said that it is not a very peculiar condition and I might grow some hair later.
Anyways, the school dress was a white shirt and blue skirt. I used to wear mid thigh skirts and half sleeved shirts. My skirts were among the shortest in schools. While in school I had befriended a boy named Rajiv who was the school cricket team captain. He was cute and athletically built. I was also into sports like gymnastics and short distance races. I had begun to like him and hence we always used to sit at the back benches chatting in the classes.
One day while we were sitting in the back bench, Rajiv put one of his hands on my thighs, I squirmed immediately and looked at him. He was smiling and continued caressing my thighs. I felt uite good at his sot touch. He kept caressing my thighs for the entire class. Since we were at the last bench nobody cared nor saw. I had felt very googd that day. From then on most of the times in classes his hand would always bee roaming in and around my thighs. I had begun to wear shorter skirts and always sat with my legs wide apart to provide him better access to the insides of my thighs which were most sensitive to his touch. Both of us were getting bolder by the day, especially me. I ha begun to enjoy this. Moreover I had now befriened his many friends as well. I was now always with his boys group and did not have many girl friends. Many girls gave me dirty looks. Perhaps they knew what we were up to in the last bench.
Now Rajiv me and some of hi friends used to sit in the last bench and Rajiv tried his hands at many things. Most of the times I went along with him. His friens were quite cooperative and would always cover me up. Sometimes it also led to embarrassing situations for me. One day as Rajiv was caressing my thighs and his friends were enjoying the show as I was sitting with my legss aapart, my skirt was almost up to its hems and my pink panties were visible. Most of his friends were taking in the view of my panties and my milky white smooth thighs. Myhead was down on the bench and my eyes were closed as I was enjoying his hand going up and down the entire length of my panties. Suddenly Rajiv had his hand inside the hem of my panty. My eyes opened wide as I saw Rajiv stretching the elactic of my panty. My head was own hence I could see my slit and as I knew his frinds were watching I realized that most of them could see my pussy lips and slit as well. Atleast those who sat by mide side. I gasped and tried to push his hand away. I was successful and immediately shut my legs reaarange my hiked up skirt and gave Rajiv a glare. It worked as Rajiv’s head hung with shame. That entire day he kept apologizing but I did not talk to him. I myself was embarrassed for utting up a pussy show for his friends as well. As I went home I cooled down and thought maybe I was to blame for provoking him as well.
The next day as I came into the class Rajiv looked at me expectedly, I smiled and sat beside him. One entire class went by and his hand never touched me. I was myelf desperate for his touch. I spread my legs wider but nobody touched or ev en looked. I could not resist and during the next period as we sat down after greeting the teacher. I simply took Rajiv hand and put it right up my thigh. I smiled at him and closed my heads and put my head down. He went to work immediately, and his hhands started moving up and down my thighs and today my legs were more apart than any other day. As then period bell rang, Rajiv pulled the elastic of my panty and snapped it with a loud sound. I gasped and almost the entire class turned and looked at me as the teacher was leaving. I was embarassaed and Rajiv and his friends were smiling. I gave hima a glare again but he kept smiling. He knew I needed his hands. I shook my head and sat down as the next teacher entered. Rajiv’s hands were back on my thighs but this time my skirt was almost bunched up around my butt, he had himself spread my legs apart and his hands concentrated completely on my upper thighs . I knew he would put his hands again in my panty elastic and I was ready to push his hand away. Suddenly Rajiv whispered in my ears, “If you push my hand away this time I will snap them even louder, maybe even tear them off ”. I was ashtonished, he had said it quite loudly and most of his friends sitting around him had heard that. I did not expect him to say something like that in front of his friends. I could see him smiling. But more than his hands in my paties I was worried that the teacher might stroll down and see me in this state. My skirt was bunched up , My legs were exposed from the thighs down and the feet were wide apart. Anyway as expected Rajiv pulled my panty elastic, I wanted to slap him and push his hand away bu tsommehow could not do it. My pussy was now visible. My head was down but through the corner of my eyes I could see that Rajiv friends sitting on either side of me were trying to sneak a peek. Rajiv was looking down my panty to get a peek of my pussy slit. He said “Wow, you are clean shaven down there.” Again he was loud enough for almost everybody to hear.Suddenly the bell went off and with Rajiv holding my panties out of shock and reflex I just stood up. The result was even more embarrassing than the situation I was already in. Now my panties were around my knees with Rajiv holding them , with only my short skirt covering my buttocks. As the maths teacher passed me I thought I saw him through the corner of my eyes looking at my legs, he must have seen the panties around my knees. As I reached to pull up my panties Rajiv even mmore quickly shoved them down to my ankles and put his foot on them. He lifted my leg with his hands Removed my panties and put them in his pocket. This happened within seconds and almost involuntarily. I looked at his eyes and he was still smiling. As the next teacher entered I could see Rajiv’s friends eyes were glued to me. They had seen everything happening and so knew I was completely naked naked underneath my short skirt. I was completely embarassed and looked at Rajiv hoping to get some mercy, I could not spell it out in front of everybody but he just sat down non chalantly and whispered “Don’t worry, you are not going to need your panties today.”
I was trembling with anxiousness and was feeling vulnerable. I was used to wearing no underwear but this time almost half the male population in the class knew I was not wearing anything underneath. My skirt was quite short although not short enough to be revealing but I had to watch it if I squatted.
The period was mathematics and I was not very proficient and the old teacher Mr. Mathur would regularly call me to the board. As I sat down Rajiv, as usual spread my legs amnd 98started caressing mmy upper thighs. I was sweating with embarassement as Rajiv’s friends enjoyed the show which I had put on. Suddenly Mr. Mathur called me up to the board and with a frown asked me to solve an equation on the board. As I was abou8t to take the chalk from his hands it fell down and I just knelt down to pick up the chalk. My back was towards Mr. Mathur and as I knelt down my short skirt rode up. I didn’t realize immediztely but as I picked up the chalk I felt that my skirt was now high enough to reveal my buttocks and along with that mmy pussy to the old teacher. As I quickly aju98sted and pulled my skirt I saw Mr..Mathur gazing at me thighs. He was also the principal of our school. I failed to solve the equation and then he thundered..
“I want to see you during the break in my office” I realized he had seen mme without panties and I am in for a hard time. As the period passed and the break came I walked towards the principals office and looked at Rajiv who was standing with his friends laughing away and looking at me.
I entered Mr..Mathuur’s office and he immediately asked me to sit and closed the door. He said sharply
“How old are you? I saw you not wearing any panties today? I want to see your parents first thing in the morning. I have observed, you sitting with boys in the last bench with your legs apart. I know you are a slut but today was disgusting”
I began to sob and fell down on his feet.
“Please Sir don’t call my parents, I will be 9tarnished for life. Please let me go it will not happen again. The real culprit is Rajiv, he forcibly removed my panties in front of his friends”
Mathur - “I know Rajiv is a scoundrel but you will be punished. I will let it be light this time and will not call your parents. Come over here at once”
He motioned at his lap. I was a bit taken aback. I walked up to him, he immediately took my hand orced me down on my stomach so that I was resting on his lap. I could not understand what was happening. He pulled over my skirt, I was completely naked underneath and he started to spank me hard. I began to shout at the top of my voice, the room was sound proof, noboy could hear me. He kept on spanking , He hit harder and harder and my butt was stinging. The soft flesh was burning like I was on coals. My leags were apart again. Mathur began to caress my clit and pussy which was thread bare. With my butt burning his large rough hands massaging my pussy were like god sent. He kept on massaging and I began to moan. He sensed that I was enjoying it too. And suddenly he pushed 2 fingers inside me. I was already wet but being a virgin it was very painful as if a hot poker had been pushed inside. I yelped loudly.
Mathur “Shut up bitch, you will enjoy this soon enough”
He kept grinding my insides with 3 fingers now keeping me doen with his other hands. I was just a girl and could only fight. He kept pushing his fingers for around 15 minutes till I came. I began to leak and squirt like a fountain. He just pushed me aside and thundered
“I let you go lightly. I will let you know the next time I want to punish you, You might also have to visit my house this weekend. Get out”
As he unlocked the door, I ran out at the top of my speed. School had ended by that time and I jumped on the school bus as it was about to leave.
There was no seat or me as I was late. I saw Rajiv standing at the back with his friends. He motioned me and I went to him in anger. He could see the look in my eyes and he just said, loud enough to be audible to his friends only.
“I know what the old man did to you. You are not the first one. And don’t say a thing to anybody or I will destroy your reputation, if everyone already does not know that you are a bitchy slut”
As he said so, he showed me some of my clippings on the mobile phone, which his friends must have taken. They had all of them. He caressing my thighs, pulling my panties, kissing, suezzing my boobs. Todays entire incident with many of my upskirt shots were also available. My pussy was there for everybody to see. As I glanced around I saw each and everyboy looking at me and smiling.
The bus had boys mostly at the back and the girls, aprt from me at the front.
Suddenly Rajesh put his finger on my lips, indicating that I make no noise, as one o his hands casually lifted up my skirt. As I was about to pull my skirt down I found that both my hands were no held behind my back by his friends. I was now completely naked below my navel in front of almost all the boys in my class along with some juniors as well, that too in a bus. Cell phones began to appear as recordings started. Rajjiv had already planned it out. My milky white thighs and puffed out clean shaven pussy lips which were glistening due to the finger fucking half an hour ago we ere in full view of everybody. Some one from behind pushed me so that now I was bent over resting my hands in the seat in ront of me, with my skirt pulled up and legs apart. Before I could process what was happening I elt a searing pain in my abdomen as I realized something large and big had been pushed inside my pussy. Someone was pushing and pulling out and the people in front began to sueeze my breasts which had been released from the confins of my shirt. The group had ormed a circle, covered my mouth and so my screams were not heard in the bus which was speeding away in noisy Kolkata traffic. Nobody in the front rows could see what was happening at the back.
I was almost naked as boy after boy violated me. After some time the pain subsided and I began to enjoy the fucking. As my home came cum was oozing out of my pussy som Rajiv put my panties on and let me go.
“I hope you are comi9ng to school tomorrow. You are going to enjoy it”
I drowsily alighted the bus with legs trembling put of exhaustion and cum drenched panty, amid peals of laughter


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