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This story is continued from Nadia the Nymphomaniac - The Beginning. The wild adventures of young sex addict Nadia, fucking as many cocks as she can!
Part 6 - Can't Rape the Willing

Nadia had just turned 13 years old and had lost her virginity about 3 months prior to her 13th birthday. She had developed much faster than other girls and boys her age, becoming interested in sex by age 12 Despite her youth, she was already 5'7" and her tits were more than a handful. Her mom was white and her dad was black, and so Nadia was blessed with exotic good looks like almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones. She was already well aware of how sexy she was, and how she was driving men and boys wild all over town!

After her first night of sexual experiences, she was hooked on sex -- and already pregnant! Now the cocoa-skinned teen was fucking her bus driver, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's friends and some of his family, her uncle, her dad, her priest, some teachers, and various others! At 3 months, she didn't know she was pregnant yet. Her belly and hips did seem to be expanding, but she figured all the sex she was having was taking time away from her cheerleading practice. She was hungry often, but figured that was due to all the sex she was having, too!

Her father, John, didn't realize she was fucking a wide variety of other males -- he thought she was fucking him alone or maybe also her immature little boyfriend occasionally. John began falling for his barely-teen daughter and growing more distant from his wife. He began craving his daughter's tight cunt, being inside her slick walls, parting her pink cunt petals with the head of his huge, black mushroom cock. His thoughts became consumed by fantasies of being inside her. His wife, Michelle, was often at work or attending community events, leaving John plenty of time to fuck his daughter. Sometimes he'd fuck her for a few hours straight -- Nadia couldn't get enough of his cock!

Nadia loved fucking her dad, but she loved fucking everyone else, too! She was known at school for being fun and easy, and was a favorite amongst her teachers. One day after school she fucked 3 of her teachers on a conference room table. They took turns fucking her all evening, sperming all over her and inside her cunthole. Nadia loved being filled with sperm. She loved taking various cocks, loved feeling balls slapping at her round ass. Sometimes she'd have so many orgasms she'd start feeling delirious, forgetting her name and where she was and who was fucking her for a few moments!

One day after school she was accosted by a group of older boys outside at the playground, which was otherwise deserted. Nadia had been sitting on a bench, reading a book in the sun after the school day ended. She knew neither of her parents would be home for a few hours, and was in no hurry to get home. The boys at the playground were several years older than her -- they were all probably high school juniors and seniors, she estimated. They had been throwing a basketball around, their chiseled bodies slickening with sweat as they played. Nadia admired their physiques; all were strong and tall, and there were boys of all colors.

A few of them began walking towards Nadia when they were done throwing the ball around. She raised her eyebrows as they smiled down at her. There were four of them in front of her, and more than a half dozen others still by the basketball court. It was Spring, with some chill in the afternoon air, and the boys licked their lips at the sight of Nadia's nipples standing hard and proud through her thin pink and yellow dress short-sleeved dress. She smiled up at them as they began chatting with her, asking if she had a lighter so they could light a cigarette. Nadia shook her head.

One of the boys sat down next to her and put an arm around her. Then another sat on the other side of her and put a hand on her thigh. They grinned at the sexy 13 year old. Nadia's heart beat faster as she looked up, surrounding by the older boys. They all intended to rape her or at least force her to suck some cock -- but little did they know she was willing! Nadia gasped as one of the boys stepped in front of her and kissed her hard on the lips. After a moment she kissed him back, and then jumped as she felt hands start rubbing her bare thigh under her dress. A hand was headed towards her pussy! Nadia's breath quickened.

The boys were laughing and yammering amongst themselves, getting excited. A couple hands began pawing at Nadia's growing tits. She had developed much faster than other girls her age, and already had C cup tits that were getting even larger since she was knocked up. The boys were pulling at her dress and starting to get pretty loud. One of them had the idea to carry Nadia over to a shady spot that was a little more secluded from the road and school windows. She was picked up, a hand covering her mouth, and carried under the trees where she was then laid on her back on the grass.

Instantly one of the boys was on top of her. Since they figured she wouldn't be consenting, one of the boys kept a hand over her mouth as a few others held her arms and legs down. The boy in between her legs was tall, with dark skin and dark brown eyes. His chest was bare. Nadia's eyes were on his crotch as he unzipped his shorts and pulled out a thick cock for a 17yr old boy -- at least 8" long and thick as beer bottle. Her pussy wettened instantly; she didn't even mind being held down -- she knew these boys were about to nail her good, and she needed a fix of cock meat!

"Yeah, yeah, fuck her good, Jamal! Look at this slut, she's not even wearing panties! Oh, look at that sweet, shiny cunt!" exclaimed one of the boys as Nadia's dress was pulled up to her neck, exposing her bra and bare torso and pussy.

"Fuck, she looks so sweet, hurry up and fuck her, Jamal, I wanna get in her," said another.

"Yeah, come on man, go, get in her so we can all get a turn!" said someone else. Nadia's heart beat faster -- it was just the kind of words she wanted to hear!

Jamal held his turgid cock in his hand and rubbed his cockhead against Nadia's glistening cunt petals. His friends held her down. She stared up at him, feeling the hard cockhead rubbing against her slit. In another moment his cockhead had slipped in between her pussylips, feeling the heat of her cunthole around his member. Jamal shuddered at the tight cunt he was delving into. He'd only fucked one other girl, his girlfriend, and enjoyed the feeling of a new pussy.

Nadia moaned into the hand on her mouth as she felt Jamal slide his prick further into her cunthole. He was aiming for her pregnant womb, his meat beginning to fill her up. She could feel the throbbing veins in his stiff cock and the ridge of his shaft, as well as his hard cockhead all entering her hole. Some boys in the crowd had gathered round her face to jack off, and her breasts had been pulled from her bra. Each nipple was being sucked by a different boy. She was moaning with all of the attention and the feeling of the huge meat stuffing her pussy.

"Fuck yeah, I think she likes it!"

"What a slut!"

"Hurry up, Jamal, I need to cum, come on!"

"Yeah, fuck her, fuck her, hard, hard, yeah fuck that slut..."

Jamal built up a fast, hard pace in Nadia's cunthole. She began whimpering as the huge meat slammed into her again and again. His balls slapped against her ass and thighs. She looked up and was surrounded by boys jacking pricks in her face -- she loved it! Nadia moaned as she felt an orgasm began growing inside her. Her body tensed up, still held down by the teenagers. She could feel her climax surge from her toes to her tits while Jamal kept up his athletic pace. He knew he was going to explode soon in the young cunt. His balls were tightening, and he started slowing his pace. He fucked hard and slow into Nadia's cunt, then jammed himself inside her as far as he could go, his balls pressed against her pussy gash.

Jamal gasped as his cock pulsed and then began spewing sperm deep inside Nadia, depositing his sperm into her womb which was already developing a fetus inside of it, unbeknownst to all. He grunted as his seed flooded her cunthole, his cock throbbing. Nadia felt the huge load of cum filling her up and she shuddered, loving a good dose of sperm in her holes! She groaned as Jamal pulled his large shaft from her sensitive cunthole, some cum dripping from his cockhole. Instantly another boy stepped up in between her legs with a smile on his face and his hard cock in hand. The crowd of boys continued to paw at her body and held her down.

Nadia was squirming and trying to communicate that she wanted to suck the cocks being jacked in her face, but all the boys just figured she was squirming because she was trying to get away from being gangraped, so they held her down and kept a hand on her mouth to keep her from screaming. The second boy, looking to be about 16 and Latino, pushed his hard 6" member against Nadia's wet cuntlips and was inside her seconds later. He pushed himself balls deep and was grunting in no time as he fucked her hole wildly. Nadia's tits were bouncing and getting squeezed. A couple boys couldn't hold their loads and had spermed on her belly and bald pussymound.

"Get her Johnny, yeah, fuck her, fuck her, cum in that pussy!"

"Look at the cum starting to ooze from her pussy!"

"What a slut! Oh, fuck, I can't wait to get in that hole..."

Johnny fucked her manically for a few minutes before adding his sperm to Nadia's pussy. He had fucked two other girls before -- his younger sisters. Johnny knew the pleasure of tight cunts! With a gasp he pulled his oozing meat from her hole with a lewd sucking sound. The boys all cheered. Another one stepped up, wearing a school basketball jersey. Nadia gasped when she felt him rub his cock against her wet pussy gash, lubing himself up. But then he rubbed his hard cockhead against her asshole! The crowd went wild with encouragement for him to fuck Nadia's ass, and hard!

"Yeah! Yeah, get in that ass, Darius!"

"Put it in her shitter!"

"Nail her ass, Darius!"

"Screw her asshole, sperm in her guts!"

Then they all began to chant in unison: "Split her ass! Split her ass!"

Darius smiled at the restrained 13yr old laying prone beneath him as he pushed his hard 7" muscle at Nadia's asshole. She gasped as she felt the hard cockhead part her anus. Darius laughed. Without further introduction, he jammed his prick deep into Nadia's rectum. She cried out into the hand covering her mouth. Hands were still rubbing all over her body, dicks even being rubbed against her feet.

Darius began a rapid pace screwing Nadia's asshole, and initially it was pretty painful. Someone started rubbing Nadia's clit, though, and soon it started to feel better. The boy rubbing her pussy massaged the leaking sperm from her pussy all over her pussylips and clit. Nadia began moaning in pleasure. Darius fucked her ass hard for several more minutes until he yelled that he was cumming. He gasped as his cock throbbed and exploded deep into Nadia's ass, his sperm filling up her guts. She loved having cum running from both holes!

Some boys high-fived Darius as he pulled his deflating meat from Nadia's asshole. The next boy fucked her ass, too. It felt better having a cock in her ass when her ass was already full of cum. The fingers rubbing her clit began sliding into her cunthole while Nadia's ass was rammed repeatedly. She could feel an orgasm beginning to grow inside her once again. Two fingers were in her cunt, and then another slipped in. Nadia was nearly delirious as her orgasm washed over her, her whole body starting to shake. The ass-fucker continued for a few more minutes before squeezing her asscheeks hard as he filled her rectum with semen.

Nadia was breathless. The next boy had the gang turn Nadia over so she was on her hands and knees. They held her down while a cock was again pressed to her asshole. Her cries were muffled into the hand of the boy fucking her asshole hard from behind. More hands reached for her tits and cunt, rubbing her pussy while her ass was nailed. Cum was running down Nadia's thighs. More sperm was added to her guts by two more boys.

The next three fucked her cunt from behind. Plenty of dicks were still being jacked in Nadia's face. They were all aiming to fill her holes with semen. After a couple more boys fucked her ass from behind, she was lifted up and suspended in the air while being fucked by a large black high school football player named Monty. A couple guys held her arms and other held her legs up as Monty screwed her cunt hard while she dangled in the air.

Nadia was going to cum again with the feeling of Monty's big, thick cock jamming itself deep into her pussyhole while she was held up by the boys. She loved the helpless feeling. Monty's balls slapped at her ass as he slammed himself into her cunthole again and again. Nadia's body tensed up as her orgasm surged through her body, her limbs shaking in the boys' hands. Monty kept fucking the cum out of her hole, globs of it oozing down her legs and down to the grass below. Her tits were being squeezed and sucked. Someone began fingering her asshole as Monty fucked her cunt.

Nadia nearly passed out after her climax. Monty lasted a few more minutes, then pulled all the way out before jamming himself hard all the way inside her one last time. He grunted as his cockhead flared and released jets of cum into Nadia's pregnant womb. She was breathless and helpless, a fuck toy hanging in the air. Monty pulled out and in seconds a new cock was in her pussy. Nadia's eyes rolled back in her head. Her whole body felt limp and weak. Someone slapped a cock against her forehead to keep her conscious. Cum continued to dribble from her holes.

The next few fucked her ass while she was bounced around in the air and held up. After a few more cum loads, one of the black boys laid down on his back on the grass and Nadia was forced down on top of his cock. She straddled him, his stiff pole sinking into her hot, wet cunt. Someone behind her pushed her down flat against the black boy's chest as his member sank deep into her gushy pussy. Nadia gasped as a hand covered her mouth from behind and a body was pressed against her back. She felt a cock start pushing at her ass while her cunt was filled by the black kid!

Nadia cried out as she felt her asshole begin splitting open with a large, hard prick. She was being double-penetrated! Never had she been double-fucked before, though she'd seen movies with women getting two cocks at once. The boy beneath her held still so the one on her back could get his cock into her asshole. Nadia shrieked into the hand covering her mouth. The boys were all going wild, creating quite a stir. Once the prick was fully in her ass, the boys began sawing in and out of her holes for a few minutes. Nadia was overwhelmed with the feeling of being so full of cocks -- this was an intense pleasure for her. She knew she loved cockmeat, and enjoyed feeling both cocks at once despite her weakened state.

Suddenly, the crowd of boys began clamoring to zip their pants up and hollering to run. They dispersed in various directions. The boy in Nadia's ass pulled out abruptly and painfully and the boy beneath her shoved her off his prick and pulled his pants up as he ran away. Nadia looked up and saw one of her teachers yelling at the running boys. They had all taken off in multiple directions, leaving Nadia on hands and knees on the dirty ground.

Mr. Green walked up to Nadia, a girl he knew was sexually voracious -- he couldn't believe she was already gangbanging! He'd fucked her himself several times and knew she was fucking a few other male teachers. She was definitely a straight A student! He looked down at her pussyhole as it gaped and her ass leaked loads of cum. Cum was crusting along the backs of her legs. Her dress was pulled up, and her breasts were hanging out of her bra and heaving with her hard breaths.

"Oh, Nadia, honey..." said Mr. Green softly. "You can't be fucking around so blatantly right here in the schoolyard. Look at you! You have how many loads of cum dripping from your cunt? And from your ass? You were taking boys in your pussy and your asshole? How many boys did you just fuck? Answer me, young lady."

"Um, I, uh... Maybe about 12 or so? Most came back for seconds, though!" she giggled weakly.

"Nadia. I hate to tell your parents what you did..." he said.

"No! No, don't tell my folks! Come on, Mr. Green... You wouldn't do that!"

"Maybe I would. Maybe I wouldn't," he said, walking up to her, rubbing the bulge forming in his trousers. Nadia sat up, looking up at her teacher, her legs spread. Cum oozing out of her. She smiled as she watched him pull his stiffening prick from his pants. He smiled back, pulling his hard cock free and stroking it to its full length of 8". Nadia chuckled; she was always ready for more.

Mr. Green stood in front of the young girl as she laid on her back, legs wide. He could smell her cunt as he stood over her. She stared innocently up at him. He knelt down over her, his cock in hand and rubbing against her swollen cunt. Her pussy was so engorged, so hot, so wet!

"Yeah, Mr. Green -- fuck me like a man! I need a man after all those boys!" moaned Nadia as his cock pressed against her thick cuntlips.

"You're gonna get it, girl," he said through clenched teeth. She grinned at him.

"Give it to me! Come on, get that cock inside me! Get it in my little 13yr old cunt, Mr. Green!"

He groaned as his cockhead began slipping into her pussyhole. Cum oozed out of her. She was so wet that he slipped easily inside of her. They both moaned as his stiff meat began penetrating her hole. He loved fucking the sexy cheerleader slut! Once inside, he began fucking her with a steady, strong pace. Her tits bounced with his thrusts and he began sucking and nibbling them as he fucked her harder. Nadia was struggling to keep her moans from getting too loud as they fucked under the trees in the schoolyard.

The sound of her cunt squelching around his cock was delightful to both their ears. Cum leaked out of her with each of his thrusts. His hands were holding firmly to her hips as his prickhead reached to the developing embryo in her womb. He had masturbated before school that morning and lasted for at least 15 minutes inside the young girl's cunt. She orgasmed twice more, and by the time he finally added his sperm to her overflowing cunt she felt limp with exhaustion. He groaned as his cock pulsated in the 13yr old pussy and flooded her insides. After his cock stopped throbbing and they both calmed down a little, he finally pulled himself out of her and told her to get on her way home.

She had decided to her ride her bike to school that day, and as the sun began setting she climbed on top of it to begin the journey home. Cum leaked out of her holes as she sat down on the hard bicycle seat. She loved the feeling of the bike seat against her aroused cunt. Nadia smiled and waved at Mr. Green as she rode away. It was her first gangbang -- she enjoyed it, and was eager to try more double penetration soon!

Part 7 - Taking Multiple Shots on Goal from the Football Team

Nadia's dad, John, was falling in love with his daughter. It was beginning to further strain his already tempestuous marriage to her mother. They had already talked about separation before Nadia and her father had started fucking. He now obsessively thought of his daughter, wanted to fuck only her... wanted to fuck her all the time. He hated having to sneak around on Michelle with their daughter.

It had been about 3 and a half months since Nadia lost her virginity and got pregnant. Those that knew her knew she seemed to be getting thicker, but no one realized she was knocked up yet. John fucked his daughter every chance he could get, and the thought of her being fertile often crossed his mind. Though he never actually took any precaution to keep her from getting pregnant... He always came inside her -- and he looked forward to doing so as often as possible.

Meanwhile, Nadia continued her sexcapades with boys at school, some teachers, her uncle, her family's priest, and others, but increasingly grew to enjoy group fucks. Her first-time gangbang under the school trees was pretty fun. At nearly 4 months pregnant, Nadia found herself hornier than ever. After a school dance one night, she found herself fucking the entire high school football team. Some of them had fucked her before during her first gangbang under the trees and eventually realized she was a willing young cock slut.

Nadia was taken to the empty library while the dance in the gymnasium winded down. Kids began leaving as the dance ended, but Nadia and the jocks stayed behind, hiding out in the library. Nadia was giving them blowjobs and they were sucking and fingering her cunt on the long wooden table. They all tried to be quiet as they started taking turns fucking Nadia while she laid on her back on the table. Cum began oozing out of her after the second guy deposited his load inside her. Cocks were slapped against her face and she was busy jerking multiple dicks in her hands. Her tits were squeezed and sucked while her cunt was stuffed again and again.

After awhile, someone ventured out to the hallway to confirm everyone had left -- the gym was empty. Nadia was lifted off the table and carried to the gym, where a gym mat had been laid down for her. The guys surrounded her, eager to get in her cunthole. Sperm leaked out and smeared all over the mat. Some guys fucked her asshole. The team moved her around in various positions, and brought out some of the gym equipment as they played with her. Nadia was having a blast!

While one of them was fucking her cunt and holding on to her hips tightly, Nadia's heart skipped a beat as he suddenly said:

"Damn, Nadia -- you're gettin' thick! You pregnant?"

"Hells yeah, I always wanted to fuck a pregnant girl!" said one of the other players. Nadia's heart beat fast. She hadn't been getting her period, but it was never really regular anyway. The boy fucking her pussy continued on -- he didn't care if she was knocked up or not! He began sperming inside her cunthole and laughed as he pulled his still-erupting cock out of her hole, letting it finish spraying jets of cum all over her swelling belly.

The team laughed. Nadia was suddenly quiet. Someone else stepped up in between her legs to unload in her. Nadia's tits jiggled with the thrusts, and the cock did feel good inside her, but her mind was racing. She thought about being full of child. Child and cock! Suddenly she started feeling even more aroused. She loved her womb feeling stuffed! Then she began to feel an orgasm building inside of her. The cock inside her hole plunged in and out of her, squelching echoes and slapping sounds filling the gym. Nadia's moans filled the echoing room as her orgasm surged from limb to limb, making her shake and squirm. The boy fucking her didn't skip a beat.

After another load was added she was moved so that she was on her hands and knees. Someone began fucking her ass hard from behind. Nadia's tits swung, feeling tender from being grabbed. She reached down and ran her hand over her hard, swollen belly and down to her pussy mound, rubbing her clit. Her ass was fucked by two more boys before someone slid beneath her and stuffed a cock in her cunt.

Nadia bounced up and down on the prick inside her for a few moments until she felt someone stepping up behind her. A hard cock pressed against her asscheek and she slowed down. Suddenly a hard knob was forcing her asshole open as another cock stayed still in her cunthole. Nadia groaned as she was filled up. She loved it! She loved the feeling of being full of cock, in her ass, in her cunt. And her womb was filling, too! With a baby! She was somewhat delirious from shock and sex.

The boys built up a rhythm in her ass and pussyhole, sawing their stiff pricks in and out of her. She groaned with the feeling of being so full. The boy beneath her held her thick waist as he pushed his cock in and out of her cunt. She loved the feeling of the cocks alternately stuffing her holes! Nadia started to feel hooked on the feeling of multiple cocks at once! She knew was definitely a young nymphomaniac -- the only thing that really mattered to her was getting more cock! Without cock she felt so empty, so restless...

She felt the cock in her ass start throbbing and heard the boy behind her grunting and knew he was cumming in her bowels. The boy in her cunt stayed still, and Nadia wondered if he could feel the other guy sperming in her ass through the walls of her ass and cunt. Once the kid was finished unloading in her ass, he pulled his dripping cock from her guts and someone took his place immediately. The new ass-fucker began a rhythmic pace with the guy fucking her cunt. Nadia felt semen oozing from both her holes as she was over-stuffed. Her moans echoed throughout the gym.

Her football player gangbang went on nearly till dawn. Sperm oozed from her pussy and ass, and crusted to her hair and tits and the gym mat. Her parents thought she was sleeping at a friend's house. Nadia spent the night orgasming again and again, each time savoring the feelings surging through her pregnant, cock-stuffed pussy!

Part 8 - Fucking Daughter and Grandchild at the Same Time

Nadia's mom Michelle had already begun looking for apartments for herself. She knew if she split up with John, her daughter would likely want to stay with him -- they'd grown close, it seemed, even closer the last few weeks. Michelle and John decided if they separated, Michelle would move out and Nadia would stay and live with her father. This was fine with Michelle; no matter how hard she tried, her daughter was often cold and distant to her -- yet warm and loving to her dad.

And so with Nadia 4 months pregnant, just realizing she was knocked up, her mother and father separated. Nadia was elated! She was happy to have her father all to herself. Her mother moved to an apartment a couple hours away, and Nadia was soon fucking her dad all weekend long. Soon she'd be out of school for the summer, and she planned to fuck him all summer long, too. As well as many others! Nadia was hornier than ever now.

As soon as Michelle was out of the house, John and his daughter began marathon sexcapades, fucking day and night. Nadia started fantasizing about fucking her dad and her uncle Derrick at the same time. She didn't know how either her dad or her uncle would feel about this, though. They were both big, strong black men with huge cocks nearing 11" long. As the days went on, she grew hornier and hornier, and felt her belly swelling even more.

She knew she was going to have to admit to her dad soon that she was pregnant. One weekend, at about 4 and a half months pregnant, John fucked his daughter as she lay spread out on her back with his hands on her hips and his cock deep in her cunt. He looked down at her swollen belly. He looked at her thickening hips. He squeezed her soft ass in his hands as his cock buried itself in her velvety depths. His cock was about to burst inside her teen cunthole.

"Uh, God, oh yes, Nadia...Oh, yes... You feel so good, baby..."

"Yes, Daddy... Oh, ohhh you feel so good in my pussy..."

"Nadia..." he said breathlessly as he kept fucking her. "Nadia, are you pregnant?" She gasped and looked up at him. He didn't slow his pace as he pounded in and out of her womb.

"Oh, yes, yes, Daddy... I must be... I've fucked so many men... I love sperm so much, I long for it! Please don't stop, Daddy... Please don't be mad. Oh, you feel so good -- please cum in me, Daddy. Please cum in my pregnant pussy!" moaned Nadia. John shivered. He had suspected she was pregnant, but had been avoiding the conversation for weeks now.

"I'm not mad, honey... I won't stop fucking you, either! I'll keep giving you sperm till you're ready to go into labor! Always wanted to fuck a pregnant woman! Your mother was such a prude!" he chuckled, slowing his pace in her cunt. Nadia grinned at her dad. She was so relieved!

"Oh, Daddy... I'm so horny now that I'm pregnant... I want as many cocks as possible! I even want Uncle Derrick's!"

John suddenly stopped, his cock deep inside Nadia's cunt. She looked up at him innocently. "What, baby?" said John. "You want Uncle Derrick, my brother?"

"Yes! I already fucked him, Daddy..." Nadia cried out as John pulled out only to slam hard back into her.

"What! Nadia, you slut!"

"Ohh, ohh yes Daddy, I am a slut! Oh, I love when you fuck my pregnant cunt hard like that! Yes, I want Uncle Derrick to fuck me up the ass while you fuck my cunthole!"

John paused, his nuts swinging to a stop. What an insatiable slut! Despite his shock, he was turned on. He wanted to see his daughter get fucked. And he was now even more aroused knowing she was pregnant. He began picking up his pace again, fucking her fast and hard while thinking of his daughter getting double-stuffed. She was so young! But already a young woman. His nuts slapped against her ass as he pounded her hard.

Nadia moaned, about to cum. John knew he would be cumming soon himself. He would soon be sperming in her already pregnant womb! They moaned together as John maintained his steady pace. His cock slammed into her cunt again and again as he fucked her on her girly pink bedspread. The bed creaked under the animalistic fucking. Nadia's pussy squeezed John's cock as her orgasm began, sending John over the edge.

He moaned as his cock throbbed and began exploding semen into Nadia's teen cunthole. She screamed and clawed his back as a powerful climax surged through her body. John's cockhead pulsed as jets of cum erupted inside of his daughter. Her limbs tensed up and he knew she was cumming with him. When they were both finished climaxing, John stayed still inside his daughter as their breathing began to calm. He pulled out of her cunthole with a sick sucking noise a few minutes later, cum dribbling from his prickhead.

"So honey, do you know who the father is?" asked John as he got to his feet.

"No... It could be a lot of people. Even you, Daddy!" she said, looking up at him with her long legs splayed wide.

"We'll see, perhaps. Either way, I think you're even sexier now that you're getting full of child," he said, eying her swelling abdomen.

"Thanks, Daddy," Nadia giggled.

"Well, baby, I'll talk to Derrick... See what he wants to do... It would be hot to fuck your cunt while your ass is stuffed with cock and your womb filling with a baby," said John, his cock deflating.

"Yes! I agree! I love you, Daddy!" exclaimed Nadia, cum seeping out of her slit.

"I love you, too, baby," said John, his eyes affixed to his 13yr old daughter's oozing pregnant cunt, imagining fucking it while his brother filled up her asshole...

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