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Part XIX: Night Out

It was Friday afternoon. School had started last week, and this was the day to loosen up after having gone through the start of another year. Holly and I have no common classes, as was the case last year. We did, however, have our last class of the day on Fridays end at the same time. I got to my car in the parking lot, Holly was already sitting in the passenger’s seat, having gotten to the car quicker than me. Holly had a key to my car, as did I to her’s. I opened the door, she had been looking down, reading a noverl. She looked over when I opened the door. “Hi babe” Holly said. “How was your day?”I pulled the lever that folded down the driver’s seat, then tossed my backpack into the back seat, pushing the seat back to it’s original position. I sat down in the seat, and turning the ignition in one motion. “Boring…, you?” Holly said, as I put the car in reverse. “Boring” I pulled out then put it in drive and pulled away “Have any plans for tonite?” I asked. “Umm… I think Steph wants to go out tonite” she said, still reading her novel. It was only a ten minute drive back to our place.

“What’s happening ladies” I said, as I walked into the apartment, Holly just behind me. “We want to go out tonite” Steph said “that restaurant on….6th street, you know, the one with the fried onions”. “That’s fine with me” I said, walking into the bedroom, past the two girls sitting watching tv. I tossed my pack to one side, and walked to the closet, taking off my shirt as I walked there. Holly walked in a moment later, closing the door behind her. She walked into the bathroom, as I looked for a decent shirt to wear. I selected a nice blue dress shirt. I threw the hanger at the hamper, missing but not caring. I put the button up shirt on, without doing any of the buttons. Holly walked back into the bedroom. “Come here baby” I said, she hugged my bare chest. She walked to the other end of the closet, where her clothes were. Actually it was more like her three fourths of the closet. She took of her t-shirt, revealing her white bra. I removed my jeans, then took my cell phone, wallet, and keys out of the pockets, setting them on the dresser. Then I selected a pair of khakis. Holly was buttoning up a black blouse, to go with her tight jeans she had on already. I put on my khakis, replacing the items back into my pockets. I walked over to Holly, she had just finished putting her blouse on. I grabbed her hands into mine, standing face to face. “Hey stranger” I said, looking into her eyes. “You going like that?” she asked. “Well… I heard that the ladies like a bare chest” I said, as she reached up with both hands, petting my chest. “You know me, always getting the women” I said. She smiled at me and nodded her head. Holly started to button my shirt up, I reached around and put my hands on the jeans covering her ass, squeezing her round smooth ass cheeks. “I don’t plan on going with a man groping my ass” she said, as she finished buttoning my shirt. “please” I said.

The four of us walked into the bar/restaurant, it was in fact the one that Holly had worked at for exactly three days, one year ago. “This is kind of like our anniversary isn’t it?” I said to Holly. “Yeah I guess it is” she said. The whole group sat down at a table. There was many singles up at the bar and the surrounding tables. We took a large table in the corner. Steph and Sandy faced towards the bar, and Holly and I faced away from it. A waitress came by and took our orders. “Look at the one with pink shorts” Stephanie said. “Oh yeah, how about the one with black hair in the corner” Sandy said. The girls were checking out other girls. “Why do you guys do that?” Holly asked. “What? girls are sexy” Stephanie said in defense. “I’m gonna have to second that” I said. Holly hit me on the arm and smirked at me. Through the entire meal, the girls opposite of us kept checking out the girls at the bar. “Are you guys going to like do anything, or just keep checking them out all night” I asked. “First were not guys, second I am already going home with a girl tonite” Sandy said. “Yeah a hot girl too” Steph said. “Then why do you keep checking them out?” I asked. “What like you don’t check girls out because you have a girlfriend?” Sandy said. “No I don’t” I said. “Haven’t you been in pornos?” Sandy said. “Yeah but that’s a lot different from sitting in the corner of a bar all night looking at girls” I said. “So what you think that if we go try and bring some girls home that it’s okay?” Steph said. “Well if you were checking them to find one to go hit on, it’s different…sort of” I said. “I agree, It’s pointless to sit there and look at them if you know you aren’t doing anything about it” Holly said. “Taking his side” Steph said. “Besides I don’t want to bother with trying to get one” Sandy said. “Sounds like someone is shy” I said. “Oh what and you aren’t?” Steph said. “What…you want me to go get a girl to bring home?” I said. “Ten dollars says you can’t take a girl home, present company excluded” steph said. I looked at Holly. “Go for it Romeo” she said. “Okay, which one do you want?” I asked the two. They shared a few suggestions with each other, then Stephanie turned to me. “Bleached blonde, black mini skirt, at the bar” Stephanie said. “So I have to take her home tonite?” “Yeah that’s the bet”. “Do I have to sleep with her, or just take her back the house?” I asked “cause it’s your girl”.

I sat at the stool adjacent to the girl. “Hi” I said. “Hi” she said. “I’m John” I said. “Dana” she said, shaking my hand. “Are you … umm.. you into girls at all?” I said. “What?” she said. “You see those three girls at the table in the corner?” “Ya” “The one facing away is my girlfriend, the other two, they live with us, they’ve been checking you out all night, but they were too shy to come over here” I said. She didn’t say anything. “So if your at all interested, you have an open invitation to come back to our place.” I said. Dana still didn’t say anything, gave me a strange look. “Well, we’ll be in the corner there for a while, if you want to come over there you can, if not that’s fine too.” I said, standing up and walking back to the table.

“Well Romeo, didn’t go so well huh?” Steph said, as I sat down. “I think you underestimate me” I said. “Shot down?” Holly said, “Looks like you aren’t getting any tonite” she said joking. “Actually I think it’s these two that aren’t getting any tonite” I said. “what the fuck are you talking about, we are all getting some tonite” Sandy said. “Did you use some lame pick up line?” Steph asked me. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” I said in a stupid sounding voice. “Hey if a girl walked up to me and said that, if she ain’t a fat chick, I would go for that” I said, still in the idiot voice. I looked at the faces across the table, and they had strange looks. “What?” I said, looking at Sandy and Stephanie. No response. “What?!?” I said again. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” I heard behind me, I turned my head quickly, to see Dana behind me, looking down at me provocatively. I stared at her for a second, just trying to think. Dana had bleached very light blonde hair, she stood at around five six, very skinny, I would be surprised if she was more than 100 pounds. After I thought for a second “Deal” I said. Dana laughed, so did Holly, but the opposite side of the table wasn’t laughing. We were in the corner of the place, and Dana was facing towards the corner. Dana lifter her shirt up showing her braless chest, small tits, then lowered her shirt. I stood up, “I guess I have to whip it out then” I said, reaching down. “Whoa there Romeo” Steph said. I pulled a chair from another table, and set it next at the table. “Thanks” Dana said, sitting down, next to me and Steph. “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Dana” I said, the only ‘gentlemen’ there was me. “Hi” Dana said. “Dana this is Holly, my girlfriend, Stephanie and Sandy, the lesbians.” I said. “Oh shut up were not all lesbian” Steph said. “Well, you aren’t but I think she’s a card carrying member of the little pink mafia” I said, referring to Sandy. “kidding” I said in response to the look I got. “They make porn” Sandy said. “Would you stop telling everyone that, I don’t tell everyone that you watch my pornos” I said to her. “Well Dana it’s pretty simple, Sandy is the tits, Stephanie is the trouble maker, Holly is the cocksucker, and I’m the brains, where do you fit in” I said. “Right… the brains” Stephanie said. “More like the dick” Sandy said. “Or the one that has balls” I said. “So Dana, are you into guys or girls” Holly asked. “Both I guess” she said. “How old are you” I asked. “I’m twenty” she said. “We are all nineteen, except for big tits, she’s twenty one.” I said. “So are you interested in getting some tonite?” I asked her. “Maybe” Dana said. “It’s getting kind of late, so we’re going to go back to our place, if you want to come…” I said. “I’ll follow you in my car” Dana said.

Dana followed me back to the apartment, Stephanie rode with Dana. They got caught by a red light that missed us, Steph was with her so we just kept going. Holly Sandy and I got back to the apartment, “where’s my money” I said. Holly and I sat on the couch, Sandy sat on the other couch. The front door opened. “Here it is” Steph said. “This place is nice” Dana said. Stephanie sat next to Sandy, and Dana sat in the reclining chair opposite the two couches. “Who’s turn is it?” I said. “I’ll go” Stephanie said, walking over to the Dana, and leaning over to kiss her on the mouth. As their lips parted, their tongues were visible, massaging each other. After a few moments of kissing, steph turned around and walked back to the couch sitting back down, next to Sandy. “Who’s next?” I asked. I expected the other half of the lesbians to go, but Holly volunteered. Holly walked to the chair, leaning down to Dana, and embracing her face with her hands, their mouths met, tongues hard at work. Holly stood up straight and walked back to sit next to me. I was expecting Sandy to go now, but instead Stephanie stood up and in the middle of the group. As we all watched wondering what she would do, Holly put her hand on my crotch, squeezing my growing cock through my pants. “Tops or Bottoms?” Steph asked, looking at Dana. “Tops” Dana said. Steph crossed her arms over her chest, tugging upward on her tight shirt, lifting it free of her tits, and up over her head, dropping it to the floor beside her. Steph then maneuvered on top of Dana, giving her a lap dance, pushing her tits into Dana’s face. Steph was grinding her hips into Dana’s. Steph stepped off and stood next to Dana. Sandy stood up and walked over to the pair. “Tops or bottoms?” she asked. “Tops!” Dana said excited. “Good answer” I said. Holly and I watched as Sandy pulled off her shirt, revealing her large bra, then she undid that freeing her massive tits. They hung off her chest, and jiggled and swayed at her every move. Sandy moved onto Dana’s lap as Steph had done, and allowed Dana to suck on her nipples, and play with her tits. Stephanie joined it, with her hands cupping and jiggling Sandy’s tits. “I guess I’m next” Holly said quietly to me. “No” I said, and walked in front of Dana. Sandy got up and stood on the other side of Dana, with steph on the opposite side. I stood in front of Dana. “Tops or Bottoms” I said. “Bottoms” Dana said nearly before I finished saying that. I slowly unzipped my pants, opening them up, and slowly dropping them to my ankles. I slowly stepped out of them, then reached down to my boxers, and pushed them off slowly. My cock was fully erect. Dana’s eyes lit up as I moved towards her. I leaned over her, resting my hands on the top of the chair and moved my hips all around. Dana reached out with one hand grabbing my cock, and swingin it about. “You like that” I said, making thrusts with my hips. Dana was giggling. “Okay that’s enough romeo” Sandy said, pushing me out of the way. Sandy and Steph helped Dana up and immediately went to work undressing her. I walked back to the couch and Holly. As I got to the couch, Holly grabbed my cock with one hand, and pushed my chest, stopping me from getting to the couch, standing in front of her. Holly put both her hands on my ass, and started sucking my cock, hands free. Sucking hard deep and fast, as she pulled my ass towards her. I started to unbutton my shirt. Holly’s mouth was making my hard cock melt in her mouth, as she was bobbing her head sucking and massaging, the wetness and warmth unbelievable. I had trouble making my hands unbutton my shirt, I was in too much pleasure to make my hands work. “No, I want to have fun with him before he’s done” Dana protested. Holly stopped blowing me, and pushed me toward the girls. All three of them were naked from head to toe. Stephanie was on her knees, with pussy on either side of her face, switching between the two. Sandy and Dana were feeling each other’s tits, and exploring their bodies. I walked over to the trio. My cock was ust next to Steph’s face, buried in pink lips at the moment. Dana reached out and grabbed my cock again, stroking it ever so slowly. I reached to Dana’s tits, squeezing the flesh in my hands. Dana, still holding my cock, turned around, placing a hand on the seat of the chair, bending over. She pulled my cock towards her exposed pussy. She guided me to the wet opening of her slit. I slowly pushed inside of her. “Fuck me hard” Dana said. I started to thrust faster. “Fuck me harder, smack my ass” she said. “Harder, Fuck my pussy harder” She said. “You like to talk dirty?” I asked her. “Fuck me you bastard” Dana said. I started to pound her pussy, thrusting into her, smacking her ass into my pelvis. I swatted the side of her ass with my hand. “You like that bitch” I said. “Fuck me harder, harder, HARDER” she screamed. I grabbed her tits, and fucked her as hard and fast as I could. “Like that slut” I yelled. “Fuck my tight pussy, Fuck me” she screamed back. I noticed Holly standing next to me now, naked. She was watching me fuck this girl. “Oh, YES, Fuck, YES, Ohhh, YES YES” Dana screamed as she came, squeezing my cock with her pussy. Dana pulled away, dropping to her knees in front of me. She thrusted her face onto my cock, sucking me with her mouth and tongue. The slurps and wet noises were getting me. Holly got on her knees and next to Dana. Holly grabbed Dana’s face and started to lick her cheek, as she continued sucking my cock. Dana slowed to a stop, holding the head of my cock in her mouth, and flicking all around with her tongue. Holly started licking the side of Dana’s face. Dana pulled her mouth off my cock, and turned to kiss Holly, their tongues interacting between their faces. Holly grabbed my cock, and pulled me so that my cock was right between their mouths. Their tongue kissing turned into licking the head of my cock and making out between them. My cock was in the middle of their making out. I heard screams of pleasure behind me. Holly stood up to bend over the chair just as Dana had. Dana remained on her knees, face against Holly’s ass cheek. Dana held my cock, guiding it to Holly’s dripping pussy. “Fuck her pussy” Dana said. I shoved my cock all the way into Holly’s slit. I thrusted quickly in and out of Holly’s dripping wetness. “Fuck her ass, Fuck that ass” Dana said. I pulled my saliva and pussy juice soaked cock out of Holly’s pussy and pushed at the opening of her tight ass. Dana guided my cock as before, as I penetrated her ass. Dana smacked Holly’s ass. “Fuck that tight asshole” she said. I pumped slowly at first then increasing into Holly’s ass. Dana was fingering Holly’s pussy as I fucked her ass. Holly came, gushing fluid down her thighs. Her ass squeezed tight on my cock, milking me to orgasm. I pulled out of her ass, and blasted stream after stream of thick white jizz onto Holly’s ass and back. Dana reached forward and started licking up stream after stream of cum off of Holly, taking in my jizz. Holly turned around and got back on her knees, embracing Dana’s mouth with her’s. They made out for several minutes as I , then Steph and Sandy watched, jizz and saliva running down their faces and necks from their aggressive tongue exploration. Steph and Sandy almost jumped on top of Dana and Holly, they were all four on the floor. I sat down on the couch watching. Holly and Dana were eating each other out, and Steph and Sandy were rolling around making out on the floor. I walked into my bedroom. I returned with the little pink toy, and the strap on. I handed the Strap on to Holly, and the toy to Steph. Holly got behind Dana, and fucked her doggystyle on the floor. Meanwhile Dana was eating out Sandy, as she was on her knees in front of her. And Sandy was using the pink toy on Steph as she laid alongside of Dana. From the sight my cock was again ready. I walked to Holly’s side. Holly turned her head, as she continued fucking Dana, and sucked my cock for all she was worth, her thrusts into Dana countering her neck’s thrusts on my cock. After a while of Holly giving me a blowjob I pulled away from her. I stood with my legs on opposite sides of Dana, her head underneath me. Steph was on the floor to one side, and my cock was right in Sandy’s face, as she was being eaten and toying steph. Dana and Steph were both coming at the same time. I shoved my cock at Sandy’s face. She reached with her free hand guiding my wet cock into her mouth. Sandy gave me a sloppy wet blowjob as her tits swung and jiggled with her movements. I pulled away from her as I came for a second time, spraying her huge tits with my cum.


2004-09-17 14:34:31
I am working on Part XX, and I think it will be everyone's new favorite, including me. I don't mean to hype it or anything, I am just wondering why the latest ones aren't getting as many hits as the early ones have, i think most people wont read later in the hopefully they will read this one(XX)


2004-09-16 18:37:16
I am starting to see a flaw in this voting system. This part is rated lower than Part II ?? i don't understand that at all. I think that if i made all these into one big story, or maybe two big stories, instead of posting them seperately by part, they would get much higher ratings. Look at The Camp nurse, It is a good story, but it really should be divided down into smaller ones, and it is quite repeptive, with some very weird stuff, i think you know what i mean. So i feel that longer stories are rated higher than they should be. Maybe i should just post the next two or three as one.... tell me what you think


2004-09-15 19:49:22
john... you're obviously getting bored and tired and the stories aren't as good anymore. plus, w/ 19 stories, well... there's only so much you can do. on to the legit stuff! come back when you're refreshed!


2004-09-13 22:20:27
Bug eyed is what reading your stories has done to me.there is nothing wrong with the content, but the way you structure your stories needs alot of work.


2004-09-13 19:51:32
Great Story..I love the way you introduce more characters even if is just for a short time.. By the time this is over i'm gonna guess there like 6-7 people living in the house in a constant orgy.. LOL

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