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I continue to explore my new-found freedom
This is the sequel to 'New Rules 1 & 2'. It will make more sense if you read them first.

Once we were all in Peter's room I quickly stripped off my few clothes then, naked, I stepped to my boss and started undressing him. I was really excited about what we were about to do and hoped that my excitement was infectious. Certainly my boss made no objection to my undressing him, raising his arms above his head to help me get his shirt off, and stepping out of his pants and undies once I had them around his ankles. Once my boss was naked I turned to Peter, only to find that he was already naked. Apparently none of us had any inhibitions!

“OK, boss. Peter's already fucked both my arse and my cunt, so I'll give you the choice. Which of my holes do you want, first?”

“First? If there's going to be a second time, I'd like your cunt for the first time. Are you really going to take both of us at the same time?”

“Fuck yes. I've only ever dreamed about it before, but suddenly I'm free to live all my fantasies. Here Peter, put some of this lube in my arsehole. I'll spread some on your beautiful cock.”

Within seconds my boss was lying on his back on the bed, with me on top of him and his cock deep inside my cunt. There had been no need for foreplay, my pussy was so wet from my excitement and two very stiff cocks suggested the two men were equally excited. I reached behind me and spread my arse cheeks for Peter. As he pushed into my arse for the third time today an enormous thrill ran through me; I was experiencing my first DP ever!

“Oh my god1 That feels so weird. I can feel Peter's cock sliding over mine through the thin membrane between us.”

“I feel so full. I've never felt like this before.”

“Uh! Uh1”

Peter was the first to cum. Almost immediately my boss and I followed him. It was all over in minutes, but Oh! It felt good! We all just lay there, one on top of the other, reveling in the after glow. Eventually both cocks slipped out of me.

“Peter, I want you to wash your cock before it goes into any other of my holes. OK?”

“Why don't we all have a shower together?” my boss suggested.

In the shower the two men spent a lot of time 'washing' my boobs, my pussy mound and my bum. They paid scant attention to the rest of my body. I, of course, took great care 'washing' their pricks but didn't worry too much about the rest of their beautiful bodies, except that I enjoyed the feel of wet skin against wet skin as we pressed together. By the time we finished in the shower there were two hard cocks, bouncing as they moved, and my cunt was wet again.

Quickly we moved together to the bed. This time Peter lay face up on the bed, I straddled him and lowered myself onto his stiff cock, and then I felt my boss' fingers pressing into my arsehole. Soon afterwards I felt his cock head pressing against my sphincter. Probably because Peter had already fucked my arse three times he slipped into me easily.

Again, the feeling was indescribably wonderful. By trying to think about filling out tax forms or washing my car or anything but what was happening to me, I managed to hang on for a few minutes before another massive orgasm swept through my body. As I came down from cumming I realised that both men were pumping their loads into me again. I remained on a high level of arousal for ages until I felt both cocks slip out of me again.

“Wow! Thank you guys. That was incredible. I hope that we'll get the chance to do that again, before my husband comes back from America.”

“Hey! I hope so too. You are really something. I think that I'll have to come back to Sydney often to check on our project. Is that OK with you both?”

“Sure.”, “Yes, of course.”

Then my boss announced that he had to get home to his wife. He showered alone, dressed and left.

“So Peter, is it OK with you if I stay the night here? I'd rather sleep beside you than at home in an empty bed.”

“Please do.”

We spooned together and fell asleep. We slept right through until Peter's wake-up call at 6am. We did not have time for another fuck because Peter had to get to the airport for an early flight home and I needed to get home for a change of clothes before going back to work.

We showered together, which very nearly ended in another fuck, then breakfasted in the hotel restaurant. Before he left he told me that he planned to come back 'to check on the progress of our project' and that he hoped that he could 'spend some time with me'.

“OK. But only if you promise to fuck me while you are here.” was my reply.

He went off in a taxi to the airport and I drove home, singing to myself.

Just before lunchtime on Wednesday I got a phone call from my boss, asking me to step into his office. Before I left I slipped my panties off and hid them in the top drawer of my desk. When I got to his office he asked me to lock the door behind me. When I walked round to his side of the desk I discovered that his pants and underpants were around his ankles and his cock was standing proudly to attention. When I saw it my cunt was instantly wet, not just moist, wet.

It was pretty obvious that neither of us needed any foreplay so I simply lifted my short skirt, exposing my bare cunt, then straddled his thighs, facing him and lowered myself onto his cock. He positioned his cock against my hole and I slipped down his pole until he was buried deep inside me.

“Oh! I feel so full! Now fuck me.”

And he did. After a few minutes of pushing his cock in and out of me, I felt him pumping his load into my cunt. When he had come down from his orgasm he realised that I had not cum. He lifted me off his cock and sat me on the very edge of his desk, then leant forward and started to eat my pussy.

He was licking his cum and mine from my cunt then moving up to my clit and squeezing it with his lips. When he licked my clit with his tongue, while still squeezing with his lips this magnificent feeling swept through me; I was cumming!

“Oh! Thank you, Kevin. That was just what I needed.”

“You're welcome, Sally. I hope that you'll come back often.”

“Well I just might do that. I told my husband about our DP the other night. He was extremely jealous.”

“Jealous? I thought that he had told you to take a lover?”

“No! No! Not jealous that I was fucking someone else. He has never been part of a DP and now he wants to be. He asked me to invite someone to be part of a DP as soon as he gets home. When I told him that I thought that I could line up two other men so that I would be fucked in all three holes simultaneously he actually blew his load. I was watching him on his web cam.”

“Wow! My wife had pretty much the same reaction when I told her about giving you a DP. In fact she wants me to invite you home this Saturday night.”

“She's not wanting to murder me, is she?”

“No. Not at all. I think that she is more likely to want a MFF threesome. Are you up for that?”

“Fuck, yes. I don't know if it is something that I will enjoy, but I want to try everything. I've never felt so wild before. I love it.”

That night I spoke to my husband again and told him about Kevin's invitation for Saturday night. Again he was very jealous, until I reassured him that I thought that Kevin and his wife would be up for a foursome with him and me, after he gets home. He didn't actually blow his load this time but his prick was very stiff as he stroked it while I watched on the web cam. We were both naked and watching each other thanks to Skype.

“Ted. I'm so glad that you told me to take a lover while you were away, and I'm so glad that you want to share with me in exploring DPs and other combinations of lovers.”

That's when he lost his load again.

“I guess that that means that you want to explore these new fantasies with me?”

On Saturday night, when I knocked on Kevin's door, I was wearing an overcoat which hid the little that I was wearing underneath: a see-through top which revealed my upper body, especially my unrestrained boobs and my nipples which were already erect, and a tiny skirt which only just covered my bum and my bare pussy. My legs were bare and I wore high heels.

Kevin met me at the door, dressed only in track-suit pants. He gave me a lover's kiss, then took my coat and led me into the house to meet Alicia, his wife, who was dressed like me. Alicia rushed to give me a big bear hug and a sloppy kiss. I did not detect any negative vibes that I might have expected from the wife of a man that I fucked every day that week.

“Sally! Kevin's been telling me wonderful things about you. I do hope that you are in a playful mood tonight?”

And she squeezed one of my nipples through my top.

“I've not had any experience playing with a man and his wife, but I'm keen to learn. Will you teach me?”

“I think that it will come naturally to you. Kevin says that you are really into sex. Why don't we both strip while Kevin pours drinks for us.”

So, five minutes after I walked through the front door, there I was naked, except that I kept my heels on, sipping a cold glass of wine and chatting with an equally naked Alicia and her husband, who was still in his pants.

“So Sally. I hope that you don't mind. Dinner wont be ready for a while yet, because I deliberately left time for a first play period before we ate. That way Kevin should be up to a second fuck after we've eaten.”

She organised us so that she was lying on a couple of cushions on the floor with her legs spread wide apart. Then she pulled my head into her crotch ready to eat her pussy. Kevin slipped out of his track-suit pants and his prick was stiff and ready to fuck. I was kneeling between Alicia's spread legs, with my bum in the air. As I started licking between Alicia's labia, I felt Kevin's cock slide into my cunt. Because we had fucked so many times that week, and also because I was wet with excitement he slid easily into me.

While I was so full of Kevin's cock it was difficult to concentrate on giving Alicia the stimulation that she craved and I wanted to give her. It seems that I didn't do too bad a job however because Alicia was the first to cum. Her orgasm triggered mine and for the next ... I have no idea how long it lasted, I just know that when I came to my senses, Kevin's cock had shriveled and slipped out of me and his cum was dribbling out of my cunt.

Alicia went to the kitchen to dish the meal and Kevin poured more wine. Since neither of them made any move to cover their nudity, I stayed naked too. Over dinner the only topic of conversation was sex, how much we enjoyed it and what we had tried or wanted to try. Kevin had repeated to Alicia my story about Fred shooting his load when I told him that I wanted him and two other cocks to fuck my three holes at the same time.

“So Sally, I'm sure that Kevin could recruit a couple of other cocks if you want to experience a triple penetration before your husband gets back from America. Would you like that?”

“No. I want to save that for my husband. I'm having a wonderful time exploring my new-found wild sexuality – like this evening for example. My husband has given me the freedom to do anything but I want to share my first triple with him. I think that is one way that I can show him that I still do love him, despite all the other partners that I'm fucking while he's away. Besides, it should mean that I don't have to go back to being his faithful wife after he comes home.”

“Have you discussed that with him?” Kevin wanted to know.

“Well. The other night when I told him about tonight he was jealous until I told him that I hoped that you two would be up for a foursome with him and me, after he got back. That's when he lost his load again. Unless he changes his mind, I think that's all the answer that I need. Don't you think so?”

After dinner we moved to their bed. This time I sat against the head-board with my legs spread wide, Alicia dived into my cunt and started to eat my pussy, with her bum stuck up in the air. I watched Kevin push into Alicia's cunt and start stroking in and out. I wondered what Fred's reaction would be when I gave him all the details of this evening. It wouldn't surprise me if he blew another load.

My orgasm, when it hit me was as mind blowing as the first one this evening. I may even have blacked out for a bit because Kevin and Alicia were looking at me anxiously when I became aware of my surroundings.

“Wow! You guys have given me the two most mind-blowing orgasms of my life. I don't know how to thank you both, enough.”

“Well. Why don't you stay here for tonight, and tomorrow you might find a way to thank us both.”

To be continued in “New Rules 4”

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