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This story was inspired by Timcan
Stephen felt that he was a decent guy. A good son who kept out of trouble and did as his mother told him. He had gone to school, kept his grades up, gotten a part-time job to augment his mother’s income from her witnessing job, helped around the house and kept his room clean. He really had only a few problems that he could think of. One; he was twenty-one, had no steady girlfriend and lived at home with his forty-nine year old mother, Jan, and two; he liked to peek in on her when she had one of the men over that she frequently picked up at the local bar she went to after work.

This had been going on since he was twelve when he’d found a tiny hole in the wall between her bedroom and the heater room next to it. It emerged in a dark corner near her vanity and allowed a clear view of her when she was sitting there or on her bed. For a while he’d just peeked in when she was getting dressed or ready for bed and had seen her nude several times. He had thrilled at the sight of her full breasts with their milk pale skin, the large dark areolas and thick nipples and the dark curly triangle of hair at the juncture of her thighs. He had played with his stiffened peter on several nights in his bed after such sightings.
Later, though, he had seen her masturbating and couldn’t help jerking his hardened dick while watching her, afraid the whole time that he would give himself away with his heavy breathing as he ejaculated into a sock he brought to prevent his staining the wall.

But when he was sixteen she began having drinks with the other girls from her job at the bar. She’d come home drunk a few times with her stockings half undone, and once without her panties on at all. He’d seen her put them on that morning but when she fell into bed asleep her waitresses’ skirt had ridden up and he’d seen her naked ass showing from underneath.
Then she began bringing men home. Not often at first but after a few months it was nearly every Saturday night. Both of them would be drunk and the men would have sex with her.

Not making love. Sex. Fucking. Like animals.
Steve’s mom had become a slut. And worse, as far as Steve was concerned, he liked watching her getting fucked. He felt it was sinful, as his Sunday-School teachers had always said, but he couldn’t keep from watching. And he was terrified that someday he’d be caught.
Like a moth to a flame, he felt himself drawn back to his peep-hole every time a man was in his mother’s bedroom. It fascinated him and drew him back again and again to see her sweating under some strange man, or on top as she straddled him. Several times he’d seen her taking a man’s hard cock in her mouth and sucking on it. A few of those times it was covered with his sperm and had just come from between her legs.

And the most recent time he’d seen a man who had been over several times put his hard penis between the soft , pale globes of her ass and thrust into her, drawing out the loudest moans Steve had ever heard her make. He thought she’d been hurt badly as she seemed to cry and arch her back in pain, but his mom had pushed back against the man’s shaft as if she wanted more of it in her just the same. Somehow it seemed she liked being hurt that way. After the man had filled her bowels with his sperm he’d taken her by the hair and pushed his filthy cock into her mouth, telling her to clean it off, and she had, seeming to like being forced to do it.
Steve ejaculated three times into his sock as he watched that performance.

Later, when he was sure the man had gone, he snuck back to his room and lay naked on his own bed, thinking of what he’d seen. He had a dildo he had purchased at an adult novelty store (he really couldn’t have said why beyond curiosity) and he was looking at it, wondering how it must have felt for his mother to have had something that size forced into her ass, and how she could have liked it. She was, he thought, what was called a submissive type, who would do whatever she was told and gain enjoyment from it. Even if it was a lot like she was being raped.
He feared he was the same way, as several boys from school had bullied him for years, making him do whatever they said. Sometimes even making him do truly sinful things like taking down his pants to let them see his fairly average sized penis, or holding their larger organs and jerking them off. One boy had even made Steve take his cock and place it in his mouth, though Steve had spit it right out as they had laughed at him.
He was sure that he wasn’t gay as he hadn’t liked that at all and really wanted to do such things with a girl, but he was too shy to ask any out.
Steve thought about what the man’s cock had felt like in his mother’s ass as he stared at the dildo, and even went as far as to put a dab of Vaseline on the end of it, then ease it against his own anus.

Suddenly he had the awful premonition that the man he had watched sodomize his mother hadn’t actually left the house and might have seen him leaving his peeping spot. He looked around but saw and heard nothing in his darkened bedroom.
Then something gripped his arm, forcing it up behind him and pushing his face into his pillow, cutting off his cry for help. He tried to get up but only succeeded in raising to his knees as a weight pressed down on top of him.
Then, to his horror, he felt the hard, thick length of the man’s cock lay against the cleft of his ass!

“You like to watch when someone is doing your mom, boy?” a harsh voice whispered nastily in his ear. “I bet you’d even like to join in, wouldn’t you?”

“Please don’t hurt me,” Steve begged, ashamed of hearing the fear in his own voice.

“I won’t hurt you much,” the man said, “and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it as much as your mother does.”

Steve felt the man’s fingers probing his asshole as the cool slickness of the Vaseline was forced up into him. Then he gasped in pain as he felt himself stretched open and forced to accept inch after inch of the man’s cock in his rectum. His moans and cries were muffled in the pillow. Then the man took Steve’s used briefs and forced them into his mouth, gagging him.
Steve was pulled back onto the man’s hard dick, being violated for the first time by who knew how many inches of penis. Then the man frog walked him back to his mother’s room impaled on that thick pole. The pain was terrible but even worse, Steve had an erection from being penetrated sexually. And there didn’t seem to be anything he could do about it. It was one thing to be raped but another to have such an obvious sign that he might enjoy it. If nothing else happened to him he feared he would die of the shame.

When they entered his mother’s room he saw that she was passed out from being drunk and maybe from drugs. She sometimes took Ecstasy or smoked Marijuana. Once she had even taken a Ruffies tablet just to see what it felt like so she’d know if she ever was dosed with it. She had passed out for hours and Steve had felt up her tits, ass and pussy while she slept. He wondered if the man had dosed her in the wine she’d been drinking and thought he probably had.
The man forced Steve to get onto the bed and climbed on with him, keeping his dick in Steve’s ass and holding him tightly by the hips. He’d seen Steve’s erection and chuckled cruelly.

“Put your cock in her mouth,” he ordered Steve. “She’s the best cocksucker I’ve had in a long time. No reason I can think of that she shouldn’t suck your’s.”

The lights were out in the room, the only illumination coming through the window from the full moon outside, and she was drunk and probably drugged, but Steve was terrified of having her realize he had put his cock in her mouth and begged the man not to make him do it. But the man would not listen to his pleas and thrust his cock hard into Steve’s tender ass to force him to obey.
He made Steve lift his mother’s head by her hair, rousing her a bit from her stupor, and push his penis into her mouth. Right away she started sucking him as if by reflex, unknowingly giving her son the first blow job he’d ever had. Her hand came up and squeezed his ass, pulling his unwilling dick even further into her warm mouth and making him gasp at the sensation, nearly forgetting the man who held him in place and was slowly easing his cock in and out of Steve’s ass. In only a few minutes Steve tensed as he tried to hold back, then orgasmed, ejaculating into her mouth thick streams of his cum. His mom sucked it down then fell back on her pillows, licking her son’s sperm from her lips.

“Now you return her the favor, boy,” the man said, making Steve move down the bed and pushing he face down between her spread thighs.

He made Steve put his tongue out and lick her pussy, tasting and smelling the mix of her muskiness and the cum that the man had deposited within her when he had fucked her earlier. He could feel her clit swelling under his tongue and taste the moisture gathering within her as she sighed and spread her legs even farther open, arching her hips to get him to reach into her and stroke her sticky labia. Her breathing deepened and she groaned as a wash of hot juices flooded her pussy, and Steve knew she had cum in his mouth. He lapped at her until she relaxed again.

“Good,” the man hissed in his ear. “Now stick that cock of yours in her cunt and fuck this bitch.”

It was the most terribly sinful thing that Steve had ever heard of, even though he’d imagined doing it a hundred times. It was incest and it was wrong, but the pressure from the cock in Steve’s ass was unrelenting. He parted the lips of his mother’s sex with the head of his penis and pushed it in, laying on her as he did and taking a handful of her breast.
She moaned as he squeezed her nipple and rolled her hips, causing him to slide into her until his young balls were getting wet from the moisture between her legs. The feeling of the dick in his ass and his own dick in his mother’s pussy was almost more than he could stand but he held back from cumming right away, managing to stroke in and out of her a few times against the pressure of the man behind him.

“Don’t cum in her yet,” the man said. “I’ve got better for you to do. I just wanted you to know what it felt like to lay between your momma’s legs. Now turn her over and pull a pillow under her belly.”

Steve did as he was ordered, exposing his mother’s ass and leaving her totally vulnerable to whatever violation the man had in mind, knowing he had no choice but to obey.

“Lick her asshole,” he ordered. “And do a good job of it like you did on her cunt.”
He must have felt Steve’s hesitation because he added “Or I’ll fuck you till your own ass is so torn open that everything you eat will fall straight out of your pant legs.”

It was obvious to Steve that he had no choice. He bent down to his mother’s ass and licked her recently fucked hole, both smelling and tasting the earthy scent as he did. Even nearly unconscious, she moved her hips in a slow circle as her tongued her anus and licked the tender skin between it and her pussy.

“Now, take that tube on the table and stick the end in her, then squirt some lube up in her,” the man said.

Steve found the indicated tube of anal lube and pushed it into his mother’s anus, then squirted some in her. A bit leaked out and he smoothed it around her asshole with his finger, sometimes poking his finger in her to see how tight she was as he did.

“Stop fucking around,” the man hissed in his ear as he gave Steve a hard thrust in the ass with his cock. “Now stick your dick in her ass and sodomize her. Fucking a woman in the ass is the best thing a guy can feel and it’s way better than fucking you is.”

Maybe if I’d had this lube it would feel better, Steve though darkly. But he knew there was no choice and he had to obey. Incest, now sodomy of his own mother. Even if she never remembered he knew that he would go to hell for enjoying cumming in her mouth and he would cum in her ass as well. He pushed the head of his cock against her ass and pushed. It was tight and for a minute he thought he couldn’t get it in her, but a forceful thrust from the man’s dick in his as made him shove his way into his mother’s rear end.
Her eyes opened and she moaned loudly as he pushed himself into her ass, trying to go slow but unable to resist the pressure from behind him. Soon his stomach was firmly against her rounded butt and he started stroking in and out, the pressure of her anus on his shaft as tight as anything he’d ever felt, even when he’d been jerking off the hardest.
He fucked in and out of her ass, feeling the dick in his own bowels moving with him as the man forced him to use his own mother in such a shameful fashion. He felt her hand between her legs, masturbating herself and stroking his balls as he fucked her.
After only a few minutes he came, thrusting hard into her ejaculating shot after shot of hot cum in her asshole as she moaned and cried with every stroke of his cock.
He finally pulled out and his slimy cum ran out of her overfull ass, streaking the insides of her thighs. She sighed at the easing of her abuse and passed out, her naked and cum stained ass and legs displayed for anyone to see, one finger buried deep in her own pussy.

Steve felt the pressure of the cock in his ass ease as it slipped out of him and imagined the man had cum in his ass. He looked around but saw no one, then found his dildo on the bed between his legs. He stared at it, then at his mother’s violated ass.

“I’ll be back,” he heard the man’s evil whisper from the darkness. “I’m not done using you yet, boy. Or her, either…”

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I fucked my mother's pussy about 3 times aweek. Mom did not allow me to put my manhood in her ass. She said it was dirty and not right. A hard dick should be in woman's hot cunt. I loved fucking mom very hard and violent and cum thick sperm in her soft belly. I guess with mom I would never know about ass fucking. But, what do I care.

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