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This is the first of five chapters. The story involves teens. If that offends you, please stop reading now. Otherwise, feel free to read all five chapters, and enjoy as you see fit.
My thanks to Ghostrider939 for helping with editing and proofreading

Different Dads, Different Daughters - Chapter 1

At 16, Patty had grown and developed into a shapely young lady, 5' 4" tall, 105 pounds, with all the right bumps and curves. Her straight light auburn hair hung down to point halfway between her shoulder blades and the top of her firm little bubble butt. She sported a soft, oval-shaped face with high cheeks and turned-up button nose. Her 34B breasts contrasted with her tiny waist and her widening and full hips. She had a flat and taut stomach that she worked on with rigorous exercise.

Ryan was very aware that his daughter was a knockout. He was going to have some real problems keeping the boys out of her pants — maybe he was already too late?

Life had been difficult for Ryan over the last four years. His wife had left for work one morning, and they hadn’t seen her since. He had a theory that she had just up and left to start a new life somewhere else, and probably with someone else. He and his daughter Patty fended for themselves. It was doubly hard for Patty, who was only 12 when her mother left. There was no room for her mother in Patty’s life any more, and her Dad became the centre of her universe.

Patty had started having her periods just after her mother had deserted. Without a woman to explain the changes, the job fell to her Dad. He had done a marvellous job, in her opinion. She had found embarrassment never reared its head. He talked to her in an open and honest manner about everything. That had become a foundation for them, and that developed more love and mutual respect between them than most of her friends ever enjoyed. For that one aspect, Patty loved her Dad. She would do anything for him to show her appreciation for the way he treated her like an adult most of the time.

Patty was probably more responsible than a large majority of teenagers, and he was proud of her. She was considerate, took responsibility, was always willing to do more than her fair share in whatever she did, was respectful, and minded her manners. Well, most of the time, but the few slip-ups were inconsequential in his opinion. Her outlook and attitude was usually cheerful and optimistic. She was an easy person to be around, and it showed. She was as good for Ryan as he tried to be for her. He cherished his daughter.

Ryan’s daughter was becoming aware of her sexuality. She had discovered the delicious feelings that her body radiated whenever she rubbed her breasts and lightly tickled her nipples. They would become hard, sending shivers down her body, through her soft pubic fuzz, making her crotch tingle and her pussy moisten. The wetness felt soft and silky to her fingers. By lightly teasing her little love button, she found she could enjoy the most sensual feelings throughout her entire body. She took every opportunity to experiment further, often going to her room to masturbate when she arrived home from school.

She had gotten worked up more than usual one day, awakening new sensations in her vagina. She craved something to fill her love tunnel. Slipping a finger in, there was an experience of something like a shock running through her entire body. It has started in her vagina, then spread everywhere, eventually exploding like fireworks in her brain.

Some days later, Patty was pleasuring her body when she heard the sound of a car door. She realized that her Dad was home from work early. She was thrilled that he was home, but upset that his arrival interrupted her quest. There would be other times, she realized, and quickly slipped her clothes on, then rushed down the stairs to greet him. It was important to her that her Dad was there to protect, care for, and love her.

As Ryan walked through the door, his daughter ran down the stairs and greeted him with one of her loving hugs. He cherished her enthusiasm, but noted that there was something different about the look on her face. He couldn’t quite place it, but she seemed happier than usual, and her features were definitely enhanced by the magical glow in her eyes. He wasn’t about to question it, especially as it seemed to agree wit her so much.

“Hi Dad! Good day at work?” she inquired as she hugged him, holding her body as close to him as she could.

“Yeah, it was, actually. I got a lot accomplished, and maybe if I can get that much done tomorrow, I’ll be able to take a 3-day weekend. Then I can take time to spoil my Baby.”

Ryan had called her his “Baby” since they had begun to rebuild their lives. It had originally been a word of endearment but he was conscious that she wasn’t a baby anymore. He found himself staring more and more at the beautiful creature that she was becoming, and caught himself getting lost in her feminine charms more often than a father should. Many nights he had found himself jacking off to the visions of her nakedness, wondering just what she would look like with her clothes off. The result of those fantasies fuelled a necessity to masturbate frequently for relief.

“Baby, I’ve gotta run upstairs! Will you be okay for a minute?” It was a lame excuse, but better than nothing. He felt that it was better than telling his daughter that he just had to go beat off!

Patty resigned herself to losing his company for a few minutes, but she spied the rising tent in his pants. She knew that it was a condition that men were sometimes confronted with, but had only a vague idea of what caused it. She made a note to introduce the subject in an “educational” conversations with her Dad. They had gone through the “birds and bees” lecture, and there wasn’t anything that he had tried to hide from her. Why should this be any different?

Ryan stroked his throbbing tool. The vision of Patty naked danced in his head, teasing and titillating his mind while making him feel disgusted with himself. A father wasn’t supposed to think of his daughter that way, but he just couldn’t stop himself. As long as it remained only in his mind he’d be able to control his lust. He was also becoming aware that the intensity of his fantasies was making that line between just visualizing and desperate desire fuzzier. At first it was all just a vague thought, but with Patty’s development, the dream had begun to be a possibility, to the point of becoming almost an obsession .
With the eruption of his orgasm, Ryan let out a definitely audible groan, but he never consciously made note of it. Patty couldn’t help but hear it, and immediately began to fear that something was wrong. She was about to investigate further when she heard the sound of her father’s footsteps on his way to his bedroom. Deciding that everything was okay, she started rummaging around in the kitchen.

Cooking and kitchen duties were an activity that they usually shared. It make the chore easier and gave them more time to be together. She quite looked forward to that. She would get the food together, he would cook, and they would share clean-up chores afterwards. Ryan had become a decent cook, and Patty was learning how, with his encouragement and support.

“Dad? Are you coming down to do dinner? I’m starved!” Patty called up the stairs to her Dad.

“Be down in a minute, Baby. Just getting changed” Ryan answered her.

Walking into the kitchen, Ryan was greeted with the sight of Patty’s little bubble butt, as she bent over. He felt a desire to run his hands over the smooth cheeks of her ass. He also felt his cock becoming hard again. Shit, he’d just taken care of that, but the sight of Patty’s body was having that effect on him more and more these days. As hard as he tried to concentrate on something else, it was no use. She just turned him on too much.

Running back upstairs to the bathroom, Ryan undid his pants and whipped his hard cock out to jack off again, and he knew that it was going to take some time, considering that he had cum mere minutes earlier. In his rush he had neither ensured that the door was fully closed nor locked it. Despite his urgency, he became aware that someone was looking at the back of his neck.

“Dad, are you okay? You ran out of the kitchen in such a rush that I was . . . Holy Shit!” Patty exclaimed as she caught sight of her Dad’s erection. “That thing’s HUGE!”.

She was transfixed by the sight of his engorged organ, and her eyes flew open in shock and wonder. Her interruption had caught him off-guard, and his cock began to soften in his hand. He tucked it back in his pants, did himself up, and turned to look at his daughter. Her eyes were still as big as saucers, her mouth agape, and she was staring at his crotch.

Patty’s composure slowly returned, but the sight of a hard cock was something she’d never seen before, and it left her rivetted with fascination. This was the first time that she’d seen a real penis, and it intrigued her.

“I’m sorry, Dad. I shouldn’t have barged in like that, and I apologize. But you took off out of the kitchen so fast that I thought something was really wrong. I just wanted to see if I could help you. I had no idea I’d see that!”

“Baby, I’m sorry. It’s just that sometimes a man gets sexually excited, and that’s the result.”

“Dad, I’ve never seen a man’s penis before. I had no idea how big it was” she stated softly. “But is it always hard like that? That has to be uncomfortable as hell!”

Patty’s gaze slowly moved to her father’s eyes, but her mind was completely out of focus. Sure, she’d been curious about that bulging tent that she’d seen, and it was taking her some effort to wrap her mind around what she had seen.

“Umm, Dad? I’m just a little stunned about what I just saw, and now I have about a zillion questions running around in my head, but they’re all mixed up in there. Can you handle one of our educational discussions? I think I need one.”

Once back downstairs, Ryan decided that he could really use a stiff drink. He grabbed a bottle of rum, then reached into the fridge for two cans of Coke. Pouring himself a drink, he extended his hand towards Patty and wordlessly offered her one of the Cokes.

“Thanks, Dad, but I could use a shot of that rum to go with it.”

His reaction was to refuse, but their “educational discussion” was going to get heavy, and he conceded. He grabbed a glass, poured a short shot, and handed it to her.

“Just don’t expect one of those every time, though, okay?” he commented. She took the glass, poured the mix in, and took a sip. Not being used to the alcohol, she choked and coughed, but soon regained her composure.

“You want to sit in here, or go into the living room for this?” Ryan asked.

“Umm, I think the living room might be better.”

Patty sat beside her Dad. Ryan tried to explain the physiology of the male and female reproductive organs. He was wading into uncharted waters, and he appreciated his daughter’s ability to follow his explanation. In fact, he decided that she had a better idea of what he was thinking than he did.

“Dad, this is sort of changing the subject, but is it wrong that I want to touch myself down there? A couple of days ago, I just had to put something inside my vagina, and it felt so good! I just couldn’t stop! I felt these wonderful sensations, and I had to do it again, and again. I still want to do it! Am I weird?”.

It took Ryan a minute to comprehend that she had discovered masturbation and orgasms. It also reminded him that his little Baby was growing up.

“No, Baby, you’re not weird. What you’re describing is called masturbation -- playing with yourself -- and it’s one of the most natural things in the world. Everyone does it, although a lot of people won’t admit it. If you enjoy it, and want to pleasure yourself, go ahead, and don’t feel guilty either. It’s a part of learning what gives you pleasure, that feeling of giving yourself an orgasm. I mean, think about it. If it weren’t for the feelings of a climax, why the hell would you let someone stick their penis in you in the first place? Just to make a baby?”.

He explained the stimulations that resulted in a man’s hard-on. Patty then told him of her experimenting, and the effects, followed by more questions, and more answers.

Patty sat quietly, sorting out all the information in an attempt to make sense of it. Ryan sat beside her, wishing he could explain it better. He just wasn’t ready for her next question.

“Okay Dad, I think I understand most of that, but there’s one part that I don’t understand. When you got an erection . . . hard-on? . . . what was it that got you stimulated?”

Shit! She had him by the “short fuzzies”, and he wasn’t going to be able to wiggle out of this one. But how the hell does a guy explain to his daughter that she turns him on?

“I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that, but now you have. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and I could end up in a lot of shit over it, too. The short answer is . . . you.”

There! It was out, and either she’d understand, or he would have to become a eunuch.

“Me? How the hell did I do that to you? I didn’t mean to, Dad, and I’ll try not to do it again, if it leaves you like that!”

“Baby, you’re growing up, and you’re becoming a very beautiful young woman. Hell, a man would have to have ice-water in his veins to be able to resist you. It’s been over two years since I was with a woman, and now I’m living with someone that gets me horny every time I look closely at her. And the hell of the whole thing is, she’s my daughter! It’s just not right for a man to get that interested, or that turned on, by his own flesh and blood. But the truth of the matter is . . . “

Patty’s initial shock was quickly replaced with a look that Ryan couldn’t quite figure out. She looked at him as though putting the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle together.

“Dad, do you mean that you find me . . . beautiful . . . desirable . . . attractive . . . sexy?”

“Umm, yeah, I do. In spite of knowing it’s wrong, I really do. Those feelings sometimes make me feel ashamed, yet I just can’t stop them, Patricia. I love you so much! But I’ll never, ever, do anything to hurt you. Forgive me, Baby?”

Patty realized that she actually felt warmth, closeness, and love for this man. That she had this effect on him flattered her. Wow! She could get her Dad turned on. He actually wanted her!

“Dad, I’m not even upset with you. In fact, I feel flattered, and happy, and loved, all at the same time. For the last four years you’ve looked after me, taught me, and given me a love that I never knew existed before. If I was to define my Prince Charming, he’d be just like you! I love you, Dad.”

Ryan opened his arms to hold his girl. She wrapped herself in them, returning his hug as tightly as she could, then lifted her head to kiss him on the cheek. She kissed him again, but she sought his lips this time. She needed to get as close to him as possible, and let him know just how much she loved him. As their lips touched, her need burst into something stronger, something more urgent. Ryan felt the intensity of her kiss, the demand to return that kiss with more than just a light touch. God, he began to realize that she wanted him almost as much as he wanted her. His cock starting to swell. He was helpless to stop it.

Patty glanced down, noticing that her Dad’s pants had begun to tent again, and she felt a warm rush go through her. They had discussed what horniness was all about. She felt fantastic that she could kindle that flame of desire in her Dad.

“Oops, sorry Dad. Looks like I did it to you again, doesn’t it?” she whispered as she moved her hand to rub his cock. “We’ve just got to find a way for me to help you out with this, don’t we?”. Ryan felt her fingers stroking his engorging cock, and as a part of him told his brain that this was wrong, the lust in him overruled his mind. Her touch felt so good. It had been a long time since a woman had pleasured him, desired him, and loved him, and he sensed that all those years of abstinence were about to be replaced with . . . well, something.

Ryan moaned at the delicious feelings running from his cock to the rest of his body, and it sure didn’t escape Patty’s attention.

“Oh Baby! That feels so-o-o-o good! Shit, my brain is saying ’Stop it’, but my body is yelling ‘More, More’!”

“Dad, do us both a favour please? Tell your brain to shut the fuck up! If this gives you pleasure, I want to do it for you. I got you into this, and it’s up to me to get you out again . . . right?”. Her words, and especially the language, was something she never used in his presence, and it turned him on.

Just then the doorbell rang. Damn! Whoever it was had really shitty timing. With a deep groan, Ryan let his arms drop from Patty’s soft and warm shoulders, and he started to get up to answer the door. That hard cock was advertising his arousal better than a highway billboard.

“Umm, Dad, I don’t think you’re in any condition to answer that door right now”, Patty whispered. “I’ll get it.”

When the door opened, Patty stared as someone conducting another useless poll. She cut them off in mid-spiel, told them she wasn’t interested, and closed the door.

Returning, Patty sat close to her Dad, leaned against his chest, wrapped one arm around his waist, and looked into his eyes with a demand that he put his arm around her again before she ripped it off.

“Now, where were we?”. He felt helpless, and found that her look of innocence had been replaced with a twinkle of lust. Feeling her hand return to his now semi-erect cock as she slid it up and down his shaft, he heard her whisper, “Oh yeah . . . I remember”. She stretched up to his lips, and her kiss was passionate, warm and demanding. Her tongue began to trace itself along his lips, insisting on access. He opened up to her, feeling her tentatively explore the roof of his palette before twisting and wrestling with his tongue. His hand sought her breast, then squeezed, caressed, and fondled it. Her nipple hardened instantly at his touch, and she moaned in the delight of his attentions. Knowing that he was sinking into the depths of her warmth and loving, Ryan gave up all hope of “doing the right thing”. He wanted to feel her, taste her, touch her, pleasure her, and fuck the ass off her! No, that wasn’t quite right. He wanted to love her, to make love to her, and with her, and make her first-time something that she’d remember with joy and happiness for the rest of her life!

Patty moved her hand off Ryan’s cock just long enough to pull the zipper down and undo the button, then slid her hand inside his shorts, seeking his manhood. The contact almost made him blow his load. He moved his hand down to the hem of her T-shirt, then back up to her breast, slipping under her bra to feel its soft firmness, and the protruding hardness of her nipple, the glorious smoothness of her skin. His touch was rewarded with Patty’s moan of approval, and her demand for more.

“Oh Dad! That feels so-o-o-o good! Touch me! Don’t you dare stop!”, Patty demanded.

She wrapped her soft fingers around the girth of his shaft. His cock was hard, but his skin was soft and smooth to her touch. Almost as if by instinct she began to run her hand down his prick to the base, then slowly returned to his cockhead. As her fingers ran over the edge of his glans, he almost jumped out of his skin with the intensity of the feeling. He could feel the dewy drop of pre-cum ooze out of his jizz slit.

Moving his hand from her breast, he began to lift her T-shirt up. Patty lifted her arms, leaving his cock feeling deserted, as he pulled it off. He unfastened the clasp of her bra, exposing her firm and perky tits to his gaze. Damn, they were magnificent! Round and inviting, they stood proud of her chest, and her hard nipples screamed at him for attention. He quickly recaptured his hold on her left breast as his lips sought the nipple of her right one. Swirling his tongue around the edge of her nipple, he began to suck it gently between his lips while tracing an ever-decreasing circle over her areola. Patty purred, and quickly regained possession of his swollen cock. Finding the drop of pre-cum on his cockhead, she ran her finger through it, rubbing it over his entire cockhead, and along the ridge of his glans. She marvelled at the slickness of his juice, returning her finger to his hole for more. Soon she had spread his cock lube from the tip to the base, and was stroking him softly and slowly, thrilled with the feel and texture of his manhood.

Ryan slowly moved his hand down Patty’s stomach to the waist of her pants, then slipped under the waistband and lightly ran his fingers through the soft fuzz of her pubic hair. Lingering in its luxuriant texture for several minutes, he began to seek the mysterious slit of her pussy.

“Pull them off, Dad. My pants, pull them off!” Patty pleaded in his ear. As though to emphasis her request, she lifted her hips so that he could easily remove them, then extracted her feet. She had begun to push his own pants down his legs, then unbuttoned and tugged at his shirt. They were both naked now, and Patty returned to Ryan’s cock, her hand pumping his shaft. When she reached the base, she slipped her hand between his legs, lightly massaging and fondling his balls, then returned to his cock shaft. Her Dad began to tease and tickle the top of her slit. She could feel the wetness of her own juices ooze from her pussy. Parting her thighs, she granted him full access to her most private place, and he acknowledged it by running his hand over her clitoris. That first contact caused Patty to jump, and her earlier moan became a groan of lust.

“Yes Daddy! Touch me there again! Damn, but that feels good!”, she gurgled in his ear.

Ryan continued to tease and tickle Patty’s nub, feeling it harden under his finger as it left the confines of its protective hood in search of further pleasuring. Her breathing became more rapid as she felt the delicious sensations migrate from her clit to her labia. Her outer lips began to open like flower petals, enticing Ryan’s fingers to probe the depths of her sex. Patty had also increased the tempo of her hands up and down Ryan’s pre-cum covered cock, and he was becoming very aware of the effect as she slid over his cockhead’s ridge to the top of his prick. Sliding his finger further down her smooth pussy lips, he sought, then found, the entrance to her love hole. Teasing it with the tip of his index finger he found more of her juices waiting for his expedition into and up her love tunnel. Spreading her juice the length of her pussy slit, he began to probe her vagina, and soon had his finger inside her up to the first knuckle.

“Oh God, Daddy! That feels so . . . so . . . . Shit! Deeper! Put it in me deeper! Touch me, tickle me inside! Ahhhh! Yes!”.

Ryan began to slide further into Patty’s cunt, and as he reached deeply with his finger, felt her maidenhead against his fingertip. Moving to the ridges of her inner walls, he lightly rubbed them, eliciting a gasping inhalation, followed by the tightening grip of her hand on his cock as she succumbed to the pleasure. He began to slide his finger out, then back into her cunt, slowly increasing the frequency, and she matched his speed with the stroking of his cock. Reaching up to her clit with his thumb, he started to manipulate that pleasure centre too, and Patty’s breathing became more shallow and ragged.

“Damn Dad! That feels awesome! More! More! You’re making my whole pussy tingle! Shit, you’re gonna make me . . . !”

Before the words were out of her mouth, she began the ascent to the peak of her pleasure. The tingling began to spread from her clit to her vagina, then to her entire crotch and up to her tummy. The more her Dad slid his fingers up her love tube and over her nub, the more intense the tingling became, until it engulfed her entire body. Lights exploded in her consciousness like fireworks, and the rush of her orgasm overtook and consumed her. She gasped deeply, began trembling and shaking, then began a moan that slowly built up to a scream of ecstasy.

Ryan continued to stroke and rub Patty’s pussy but slowed down his ministrations. He let the afterglow wrap around and embrace her. The grip on his cock remained tight, and as she slowly recovered, Patty began to pump her Dad’s cock faster and faster, milking the pre-cum out of his jizz hole and spreading it up and down the entire length of his shaft. Ryan could feel his balls begin to tighten and his shaft twitch and thicken, and his cum started to fill the base of is cock with that delirious pressure that implied he would shoot a big wad of his spunk soon.

“Oh yeah, Baby! You’re gonna do it! You’re gonna make me spurt my seed, my cum! I’m getting so close! Yes! Do it! Make me cream, Baby! Ahhhh!”, and with that the first thick rope of his sticky white goo erupted out of his jizz slit and landed on his shoulder, then dribbled onto Patty’s hair.

“Oh God, Baby! Yes! Milk the cum outta my cock! Make it spurt!”. A second hot gooey rope landed on his chest, followed by a third, fourth, and fifth rope that sprayed spunk over his belly and Patty’s arm, breast, and hip. She continued to pump his cock, milking the last of his scalding cum.

“Wow! So that’s what it looks like when a man spurts his seed, huh? Awesome! Shit, Dad, that’s so . . . hot! I gotta do that again! Wow!”, Patty exclaimed. The feel of her Dad’s cock as it pumped his jism out, the twitch as it pushed, and the sight of his cum spurting almost gave her another orgasm while just watching!

Ryan fought to regain his breath and heart rate as the realization hit him like a freight train the he had not only given his daughter maybe the best orgasm she had ever experienced, but that she has jacked him off! Not only that, but she really loved giving him a handjob.

“Oh Baby! Wow! That was absolutely fabulous!” He leaned over and kissed her as passionately as his exhausted body would allow, and she returned his kiss with all the passion, warmth, and love in her soul.

“Dad? When you were . . . had your finger in me, I felt that ‘fireworks explosion’ again, but it was stronger than when I do it. Dumb question probably, but why?”.

“Phew! Well, when you’re fingering yourself, a part of you can anticipate what’s going to happen next. But when it’s someone else, there’s a delicious sense of the unknown that comes into it. You can’t predict, or anticipate, or even guess what they’ll do next. That anticipation just makes it more intense. It’s the same for me. If I stroke my cock, I pretty much know where my hand is going to go. But when you did it, I had no idea, and all I could do was wait until you’d already stroked me a certain way, or on a certain place. That made it more intense, and the . . . what did you call it, the ‘fireworks explosion’ . . . was stronger and better than anything I could have given myself”.

“I’m glad I could do that for you, Dad. After all, it was me that got you hard in the first place . . . wasn’t it?”

“Umm, yes, I guess you did,” Ryan confessed, “and solved the problem, too, didn’t you?” He surveyed the moist gleam of his daughter’s thighs. “But there is one problem that we have to do something about.”

With a face that was full of inquisitiveness, Patty asked, “What’s that, Dad?”

“Well, Baby, your pussy is all covered in girl-cum, and I think it needs to be cleaned up a bit.”

Patty’s expression took on a reluctance to even consider trying to move, but she began to raise herself up in an attempt to stand.

“And just where do you think you’re going, young lady?”, Ryan quizzed with a hint of a giggle in his voice.

“Dad, you just said to go clean my pussy off, and the bathroom’s upstairs.”

“True, but I don’t remember saying anything about you cleaning it up. I made the mess, so now it’s my job to clean it . . . right?”

Patty didn’t comprehend that. Before she could move or object, Ryan slid off the sofa and onto the floor, his face mere inches from his daughter’s inviting pussy. Without a word, he slipped his shoulders underneath her thighs and raised himself up, forcing her to spread her legs as far apart as she could, exposing her sex. Looking into her eyes, he slowly moved closer to her pussy, then without warning, he dove into her crotch, planting his mouth over her opening with the tip of his nose against her clit. Extending his tongue as far up her cunt as he could, he began to swirl it back and forth, and from side to side, reaming out all her juices. God, she tasted so good! He couldn’t get enough of her, and when he had her cunt cleaned out, he began to lick and cleanse her lips. First her inner lips, then the outer ones, all the while pressing her sex button with his nose as it tried to become as hard as his cock had been.

“Oh Shit, Dad! Damn, that’s feels so good! Yes, lick me, lick my pussy! Stick your tongue back up me! God dammit, you’re gonna make me cum again! Oh shit! Yes!”, Patty squealed with mingled shock and lust. Ryan kept on licking Patty’s pussy until her breathing again became shallow and ragged. He knew that if he could just find that one super-sensitive spot, he could give her another explosive orgasm, and he wasn’t going to stop until he did.

“Oh God, Daddy! It’s happening again! Lick me, right there! Yes! I’m gonna explode!”, and she involuntarily tensed every muscle in her body, pushing her mound tighter to her Dad’s hungry mouth, and drizzled her girl-cum over his face. She wasn’t a squirter; not yet, anyways, but there was enough of her juices to give him a reasonable mouthful, and he savoured its sweet taste, then swallowed it slowly.

As Patty reached her orgasmic plateau, Ryan eased the pressure of his nose on her nub, and concentrated on her outer lips, lathering her slit from just below her clit to its end just before her asshole. Even that hole begged his tongue to run around its pucker and rim her.

Maybe some night soon, but not tonight. He knew, deep inside him, that there were going to be other nights, and lots of them, too. For this one, though, he burned to love his daughter, and if she was ready, to share that magical journey into womanhood with her.

Patty looked at her Dad with eyes that glowed pure love, opening her heart and her soul to him in unquestionable love and trust.

“Wow! That was . . . give me a minute, Dad. I gotta find the words for it! Awesome? Fantastic? Nah, more like Unbelievable! What the hell did you do to me, anyway? That was more than just a clean-up, that’s for sure! Shit! If I hadn’t felt it, I wouldn’t think it was possible!”

“That, my Little One, was called ‘having your pussy eaten’, and if there’s anything that tastes better than pussy, I sure haven’t found it! Damn, I could lick and suck you all night long! It’s that sweet!”

“There’s only two problems with having my pussy eaten like that. First, my pussy is so sensitive right now that I can barely stand it! Second, it’s addictive. I could learn to really enjoy you licking me all night. But not tonight. I’m just way too sensitive. But it feels s-o-o-o-o . . . g-o-o-o-o-d!”

Ryan lifted himself off the floor and began to kiss the top of his daughter’s mound, then ran his nose lightly through her pussy fuzz, up over her belly button, and towards her waiting lips. As he paused to suck the nipple on her left breast, he cupped her right breast in his hand, tweaking and twisting her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Patty gasped at the thrill. Just to make sure he had her full attention, he readied two fingers at her entrance, then quickly slid them into her cunt as he moved up to Patty’s soft and sensuous lips. The unexpected assault on her love tunnel made her inhale quickly and deeply, and her eyes were wide with the shock of unexpected pleasure.

“Sorry, Baby, but I just couldn’t resist. Maybe I should take them out?”

“You son-of-a-bitch! Don’t you even think of it! If you pull those fingers out of me now, I’ll . . . I’ll . . . I’ll cut your cock off! Damn, I feel so full right now! I love it, love it, love it!”, Patty screamed at him.

“Cut my cock off? Hmm, you sure know how to hurt a guy, don’t you?” and before she could say a word, he pushed his lips and tongue against her. She opened up to greet him with her own tongue, and they wrestled until they had to break for a gasp of cool air.

“Oh Wow! My head is starting to spin! I had no idea that sex could possibly be this wonderful! Can we do it again tomorrow, Dad?”

“What, you wanna quit so early in the evening? What’s the matter, can’t keep up with us ‘Old Folks’, youngster?”, Ryan chided her. “If I had my way, you wouldn’t get to sleep until sunrise. Or did I wear you out already?”

“You figure you’re up to more, ‘Old Man’?” Patty quipped back at her Dad. “I can take anything you can dish out! Come on, give me your best shot, ‘Grandpa’!”

“Deal! But I gotta have something to eat first. Gotta keep my strength up, ya know!” He plunked down beside his daughter on the sofa, and she rearranged herself so that she was cuddled against his chest and under his arm.

They slowly ate some sandwiches, and Patty took several sips from her drink. The rum had tasted different when she had first tried it, but now that she was getting used to the flavour, she quite liked it.
“Hey, easy on that stuff, Baby.” Ryan warned.

“Okay, okay. But I’m gonna have a refill before the night’s out, Buddy!”

“Buddy”? She never called him “Buddy” unless she was playfully challenging him. Well, he’d give her a challenge alright. She was ticklish, and he wasn’t, and as everyone knows, all’s fair in love and war. This wasn’t war.

A few minutes later, she looked at him and said, “Dad, it’s getting cold in here. I’m gonna go upstairs and get a blanket. You want anything while I’m up there?”

“Not unless you can duck into the can and take a leak for me. Oh wait, maybe grab the pillows off my bed?”

“Okay to the pillows, but you’ll have to piss for yourself. My bladder is full enough for both of us. I’d race you for it, but if I lose, you’ll have to wash the floor!”

Ryan got off the sofa and headed for the stairs. He made sure that his daughter got to use the bathroom first.

Returning to the sofa, they curled up in each others arms and spread the blanket over them for warmth.

“Ya know, we could have just put our clothes back on and saved all this fuss of blankets”, Ryan commented.

“What? And miss the feel of your skin next to mine? No way! I’ve never felt so comfortable naked in my life. I’m not giving it up until I absolutely have to” she lectured him. With her soft lips this close, Ryan couldn’t pass up the opportunity to kiss her, and he put his arm around her shoulder, pulling her tight, and kissed her deeply. She returned it with just as much urgency. “Dad, I love you. Maybe this might be considered wrong by some people, but if it is, why does it feel so right?”

“Baby, I feel another discussion coming on, but not tonight. For right now, there’s you and there’s me, and the rest of the world can go to . . . wherever. For right now, all I know is that I love you, I need you and I want you. I want you so bad it almost hurts.”

Patty slid up Ryan’s shoulder until her lips were at his ear, then she kissed his earlobe and dipped her tongue inside. The effect sent shivers down his neck, through his entire torso, and into the base of his cock. That started his prick hardening again, and he felt another wave of horniness coursing through his body.

“Dad, I’ve waited to hear that for over a year, ya know”, Patty whispered lightly in his ear.

“You what? What’s that supposed to mean?”, he squeaked in total surprise.

“All those times I was playing with myself? Who do you think I fantasized was making love to me? Who was teasing me, touching me, pleasuring me? And if you say, ‘The Pope’, I’m gonna have to hurt you! Seriously though, Dad, I’ve always wondered who I’d give myself to first, and of all the people in the world, you’ve always been at the top of the list. Now that I know you want me, I want you too. I want to feel you deep inside me, filling me up, loving me, and spurting your seed in me. After tonight, there’s no other man that I want to be my first more than you. So, if you’ll have me, I just want to give myself to the man that I love more than anyone in the whole world.”

Reaching down, Patty wrapped her fingers around her Dad’s semi-erect cock and began to stroke it, feeling it harden with her touch. She knew she wanted it, needed it, and had to have it deep inside her. Ryan hugged her. His hand searched longingly for her soft and supple young breast, with its delicious nipple that he so wanted to feel react to his touch, to taste in his mouth, to pleasure in every way possible.

“Yes Dad. Touch me, tease me! I want you. I need you, I need to feel you inside me, filling me, making me a woman. Damn, I love you, Dad. So much!”

Rolling over so that his daughter lay on her back, resting against his side, Ryan kissed her lightly just at the hairline, then her forehead, the bridge of her nose, the tip of her nose, her lips, her chin, and down her neck. He paused at her breasts, first sucking one nipple and tracing his tongue around its areola, then the other. Continuing his journey, he planted several soft kisses on her tummy, ran his tongue into her belly button, and through her pussy fuzz. Emerging from her feminine forest, he let his tongue slip into her slit, paying gentle attention to her clit as it lifted from under her hood before he lathered her labia. The outer lips once again opened to him like a flower and revealed her soft pink inner lips to his probing tongue. Patty’s moans and groans of approval greeted him every step of the way, increasing in volume as her excitement rose. As he kissed the opening to her sex, she tensed up in expectant bliss, desperate for his throbbing manhood to replace his tongue. When her pussy was thoroughly soaked in her love juices, he returned to her lips, then rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. She slid down his stomach until his cockhead lightly touched her entrance, then began to slowly welcome him into her. His purple helmet pressed against her opening until she had stretched enough to take it inside. As it eased into her, deeper and deeper, she had an uncontrollable desire to take its full length all in one big push, but Ryan held her back just enough to allow his cockhead to barely greet the maidenhead that would soon be his conquest.

“Baby, that’s as far as I can go until we break your hymen. It’s gonna hurt when it rips, and you’re gonna feel pain. If there was another way, I’d do it, but there isn’t. When it breaks, just lay still until the pain starts to subside, then take me as slowly as you’re comfortable. Your vagina is going to have to stretch to be able to take all of me, so don’t be in a rush. Just remember that this is the only time that we’ll have to go through this. After tonight, you’ll be able to take me easily, any time you want me. When you’re ready . . .”

Every emotion in Patty’s mind emerged, fighting, arguing, determined to confuse her, but her need and her want of her Dad inside her triumphed, and she impaled herself on his pole. The pain was intense, invading her entire lower abdomen. She screamed at the intensity, burying her face in her Dad’s shoulder, biting against him to divert the pain, her teeth breaking the surface of his skin. He held her tightly, feeling her pain, yet understanding her want and need. He was completely unaware of the punctures on his shoulder, and even if he had known of them, he would have immediately labelled them as a loving memento of this special night.

Slowly the pain dissipated, replaced as it retreated by a glorious sensation of completeness that filled Patty’s very being. As it did, she began to push herself further and further onto her Dad’s cock until she felt the base of it pushing against her hard clit, sending thrills of ecstasy through her whole body. God, she felt him deep inside, filling her, taking her, completing her. She began to slide up and down on him, and the glorious wonder of him swept through her, begging for more. Lifting her shoulders, Ryan sought her soft lips, kissing her with a joy in his heart that he’d almost forgot could exist, and she returned his kiss with more strength and love than she realized she had in her.

As her rhythm increased and her strokes lengthened, Ryan rolled over so that Patty was now underneath him. He slowly slid his cock out of her until only his cockhead remained inside, then pushed forward to refill her. With those long deliberate strokes he felt her walls pulling him in, fluttering against his cock and trying desperately to milk the seed out of his balls. The feeling of her cunt was like velvet on his hard thick cock, and her heat radiated out of her pleasure palace, washing his nut sac with its insistence. She had wrapped her legs around his waist somewhere during all this, holding him in her, forcing him deeper and deeper inside her with a want, a need, that engulfed her completely.

“Oh God, Daddy! So good! You make me feel so full, so complete! Take me! Take every part of me! Just love me! Don’t ever stop!” as her screams of ecstasy reverberated inside his skull.

He could hear her breathing change, signalling her imminent orgasm, and the tightening of his balls, along with the pressure at the base of his cock, told him his own cum wouldn’t be far behind hers. With quickening speed he rammed his prick into her as far as it would go, hitting her cervix, feeling it open in anticipation of his pending spray of hot white spunk.

“Oh God, Dad! More! More! Shit! I can feel it, exploding in my head, my whole body! Ahhhh! I’m C-C-U-U-U-M-M-M-I-I-I-G-G-G-!”, and with that, every muscle in her body tensed, quivered and shook, pushing her tight to him as she went over the top into a massive climax.

Ryan could feel the heat of his own cum surging, racing, desperately expanding, and he shot stream after stream of his hot seed into her, filling her, spraying every corner of her. Her walls sucked and pulled on him in an attempt to milk every last drop of him into her.

“Baby! God, I’m C-C-U-U-U-M-M-M-I-I-I-G-G-G! Feels so good! Oh Patty, I love you, so damned much!”

Their climaxes were intense. As their rhythm slowed and the afterglow of their lovemaking swept through them, Ryan felt that delicious relaxation sweep through him. He was barely able to hold himself up enough to keep from crushing his daughter, yet he also wanted to hold her tight to him, getting close to her body. Rolling onto his side so that she was between him and the back of the sofa, he continued to hold her tightly, garnering his little remaining strength to find her soft sweet lips, kissing them lightly but insistently, letting the rapture of their love wash over them.

As their breathing and heartbeats returned to a slower rate, Ryan found the strength to open his eyes and gaze at the wondrous girl who had given herself to him, sharing her voyage into womanhood with the man she loved more than anything else in the world. Eventually the fog lifted in her brain as she became more aware of reality. Patty could feel the warmth and tenderness of her Dad’s kisses, and struggled to meet his every touch.

“Oh God, Dad! That was incredible! No, more than that, but I can’t find the word. Maybe this is supposed to be wrong, but you feel so right, so good, so . . . everything! And I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone else says! Your cock is mine for the rest of whatever, and my pussy is yours, always! God, but I love you, more than you’ll ever know!”, and with that she kissed him as hard as she could, then let her head fall onto his shoulder.

Kissing her lightly on her forehead, Ryan looked at his new lover with pure adoration.

“Baby? I love you too, so very much ...”

As an afterthought, he added softly, “ I guess I really can’t call you ‘Baby’ any more, can I? Guess I’ll have to find something else for a nickname. Got any preferences?”

“Yeah, actually, I do”

“Hmm. Care to give me a hint?”

“Um-hmm. My Dad named me Patricia Dianne. Would one of them do?”

“Hmm, that’s a lot of syllables for an old man like me. How about just good old Patty?”

“Sure, that’ll work, except I’m not old. Maybe with a little more practise making love, I’ll get good?” They both chuckled before Patty added, “Dad, I have one more question, then I’m gonna give up and fall asleep in your loving arms”

“What’s that, my love?”

“You got anything planned for tomorrow night?”

“Well, I have a hot date with a special lady that I know, and if she doesn’t shut up and get some sleep, I’m gonna screw her brains out!”

“Promises, promises, promises . . . ” she threatened as the bliss of sleep swept through both of them while Ryan’s softening cock remained trapped inside Patty’s cunt.

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That was pure sex and love for his daughter and her love for him, They say, "Love concurs all !" I was lucky to have an older sister to give me my first taste of sex and I never had better since then..

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