This is the final chapter in this series. The story involves teen sexuality. If you find the subject offensive, stop reading now. Otherwise, read on and enjoy.
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Different Dads, Different Daughters - Chapter 5 (Conclusion)

It felt like a typical Monday for both Patty McDermiad and Michelle Moscrop, with school rudely interrupting the otherwise relaxed flow of their lives. The two girls, now 15, had been best friends since the first day they had ever attended school some nine years ago, and that friendship had grown and flourished over the years. Patty had become her Dad’s lover a few weeks earlier, and the revelation that Michelle and her Dad were involved in a similar relationship had drawn the girls even closer.

Patty and Ryan, her Dad, had become close to each other when his wife Megan had simply disappeared from their lives one day. She had left for work in the morning and they had never seen or heard from her again. Both had slowly worked through their individual senses of loss, one becoming reliant on the other to fill the void left behind by Megan’s departure. It had been two years now, so that neither one really felt complete without the other as a part of their lives. Patty felt that her Dad was everything she ever wanted in a man, and became the standard by which she compared every other male, both adolescent and adult.

They all seemed to come up short in her eye. As she had grown from childhood into her adolescent years, she was finding that this decided lack, especially in the boys in her life, became a strong factor in her decision to pursue a relationship with her ideal, precluding the probability of having to settle for second-best in her mind. When the opportunity presented itself to become both her Dad’s daughter and his woman, she had jumped at the chance. Her current happiness, she felt in her heart, was just the beginning of a lifelong love that was destined to do nothing but grow and develop.

When his wife had left so suddenly, Ryan had gone through all the phases of separation and feelings of abandonment. His first concern was the welfare, both financial and psychological, of his then-12-year old daughter. He had promised himself that she would always know that she was loved, that her mother’s leaving was in no way something she had any responsibility for. He also knew, deep in his heart, that if it hadn’t been for Patricia, he probably wouldn’t have survived the ordeal of adjustment. She was his anchor, his reason for living, and eventually, his best friend. With her physical development as she grew into a young lady, the complications of his own wants, needs, and desires had come about. He began to appreciate just how beautiful she really was, even factoring in his own parental prejudices, and as the time had passed, found himself drawn more and more to her physical charms. Finally, as his attraction to her had reached a level of overload, the inevitable had happened. He was helpless to resist her charm and had fallen head-over-heels in love. The fact that she, too, was wallowing in the same feelings for her Dad had been the impetus behind them becoming lovers.

Michelle Moscrop and her father, Ben, had been a different story. Out on a camping trip that his wife Dianne refused to participate on, Michelle had fallen into an ice-cold lake, and Ben had been petrified that his daughter might succumb to hypothermia as a result. He had done the only thing he could think of, which was to bundle her into sleeping bags and wrap his own body around her in an effort to bring he back from the brink with his body’s warmth. As both of them had gotten soaking wet, he never thought twice about his decision to remove their clothing and huddle together in their nakedness. When his daughter responded to his treatment, her budding sexuality had also surfaced, resulting in their accidental coupling. But that joining had made a profound difference in the nature of their relationship. Between his wife’s distancing herself from her husband as she seemed to pour herself into her work, his love for his daughter, and the fact that Michelle felt so damned good in his arms, and eventually in his heart, their sexual trysts had continued.

Michelle absolutely adored her Dad, and he, like Ryan, had become ensnared in her beauty and her feminine charms. He had realized that he loved her more than just as a daughter, to the point where their affair was now threatening both the marriage to Dianne and to their individual future happiness. The slowly expanding conflict was tearing Michelle apart even as it threatened to completely destroy her father. So it was with desperation that Michelle had confided in Patty of their affair, inspiring the latter to seek a possible resolution from the wisest man she knew, her father. So far, he hadn’t been able to formulate anything plausible, but he was a stubborn man that refused to let go of a challenge until either he did develop a workable plan or determined conclusively that the problem was, in fact, unresolvable.

Returning home, Michelle felt herself being once more overtaken by that feeling of quiet desperation that seemed to become a new definition of her situation. In her mind, the only action that might keep their family from joining the many others that had succumbed to separation and divorce was to break off her love affair with her Dad, but her heart rebelled at the prospect. She’d have to talk to her best friend, if for no other reason than to be reassured that letting her lover go was, indeed, the only solution to the escalating fracturing of the family unit. Despite Ryan McDermiad’s belief that there was a solution, her hope was fading that even he would be able to formulate a course of action in time to prevent the looming explosive conflict from overtaking her mother, her father, and herself.

A part of Michelle just wanted to run and hide, but her sense of rationality pushed her on to face the consequences of her actions. With a heavy heart and a total lack of enthusiasm, she opened the front door and dragged her sorry ass into the perceived “Den of Doom”. Sometimes she was greeted by her Dad, home from work and more than willing to devote his entire attention to his daughter. They had begun to cherish those days, wrapping themselves in that warmth of their special bond that had become the hallmark of their love, making mad, passionate love to each other as often as they could. Michelle found that she willingly gave herself to her father on those days. He seemed to be able to lift the weight of the rest of the world from her shoulders, albeit only for a short time. The reprieve, though, was her only anchor to sanity, and she would have given anything to be in his loving arms right now.

Walking into the house, Michelle realized quickly that this wasn’t to be one of those days. The dark cloud of her discomfort settled back on her shoulders, bringing with it another onslaught of depression and tears. The suppressed anger inside her had made her cry many times in the last couple of weeks, but there was no release from that feeling of hopelessness in her heart, no matter how many times she wept. With emerging resolution, she began to make her way up to her bedroom to hide in her grief and sorrow, waiting futilely for something, anything, to change the direction of this seemingly unending path to oblivion that she was on.

Trudging slowly up the stairs, being as quiet as she could, Michelle began to realize that she wasn’t alone in the building. There were noises coming from her parent’s bedroom, and her conscious mind didn’t seem to be able to identify them. Visions of attacking intruders filled her head, and she felt an overwhelming panic strongly suggesting that she turn and run. There was also a compelling curiosity in her that propelled her to find out what the noises were caused by, and it was the curiosity that won out over her fear.

Tiptoeing softly down the hall, she saw that her parent’s bedroom door was partially open, and the noises emanating from inside it sounded like her mother weeping softly is pain and despair! Michelle immediately had visions of her mother tied to the four-poster bed, bound and gagged, while a dark intruder had his way with her body. Her own safety became secondary to her as the adrenalin began to flow through her bloodstream in preparation from saving Dianne from the torture and humiliation of being raped! Michelle had no idea how she’d rescue her mother, but she’d come up with something as the defence unfolded.

Resisting the burning desire to burst into th bedroom in an attack of surprise, Michelle peeked through the small opening to survey the situation. Her mother was indeed laying on the bed on her back, and naked! But there was no one else in the room! Had she made enough noise to warn the attacker of her approach? Was he now waiting, hidden, to add her to his list of victims? If it hadn’t been for the initial rush of courage, Michelle would have turned and run in the opposite direction despite her resolve of rescue.

She continued to observe, and it took several moments for what she saw to register in her brain. Her mother was laying face up on the bed with her hands at her crotch. Dianne’s fingers were sensuously moving up and down the length of her gash, stimulating her clit as they slid into and then back out of her vagina! She wasn’t in pain and agony after all! Her moans were not those of pain, but of pleasure. As the impact of what she saw hit Michelle, she realized that her mother was masturbating, and the sight replaced her fears with the beginning fires of lust! God, the thought of her own mother busily finger-fucking herself started Michelle’s juices flowing as the heat in her own body made its way from her nipples down to her pussy, fuelling a growing desire to masturbate herself as she took in the scene of her mother’s self-pleasuring activity!

With the flooding understanding of what she was seeing, the need to touch her own clit, and to feel her fingers up her love canal overwhelmed and consumed Michelle’s libido. With bound determination to relieve her burning horniness her hand moved down her stomach under the waistbands of her pant and panties, and through the softness of her fuzz patch, until it found her hardening and moist sex button. She desperately undid the button and zipper of her jeans, totally unconcerned that the noise might alert her mother of her actions. Her cunt craved the intrusion of a finger as she found that one wasn’t enough, or that two was barely sufficient. With three fingers inside her and the heel of her hand manipulating her clit, Michelle became lost in the delicious job of satiating her own lascivious desires.

Dianne’s own climax began to take over hr body. She raised her hips at the increasing insistence of her lust’s demand for orgasm. She couldn’t help moaning at the wonder of its spread from her hand and her sex to the rest of her body, it’s progress taking her nearer and nearer to Nirvana. With its final emergence into her conscious mind, she let out a scream of ecstasy. Her entire body became rigid, then shivered, shook, and trembled from the delight and subsequent joy of it. The resulting confirmation took Michelle over the top as her own cum swept through her with an urgency that was unstoppable, and she, too, mewled reflexively with the pure beauty of its all-encompassing saturation of her senses. God, she was not only climaxing, but also indirectly a part of her mother’s orgasm, as well. She’d never been so intently taken over by the desires of her own body before! The rush of it all threatened to completely possess her!

This was the first time that Michelle had ever seen another woman play with herself, or even expose her private pleasure centre to her, so that the whole experience was not only new to her, but made her hornier than she’d ever felt before! A slow ember of recognition began to glow in the back of her mind that she wanted to see that scene again and again! And to add to her lust was the beginning of an almost insatiable need to be a part of that self-pleasuring act! She actually wanted to finger-fuck her own mother, to feel her mother’s lips caressing her own sex, and to taste another other woman’s juices! The dissipating depravity of it all hit her like a ten-ton truck!

With the ferocity of her orgasm, Michelle’s body exploded with feelings and sensations that brought her to a place of convulsions, where her young body trembled and shook involuntarily, forced her to gasp in deeply for breath, and obliterated her connection to the 3-dimensional world around her. It was all she could do to keep herself from screaming loudly with the rapture that possessed her, but the moans of her release escaped from her lips in one long and continuous sound. That moan alerted Dianne to the fact that she was no longer alone with her pleasure, causing her to quickly cover herself with the bedsheet, and unforgivingly driving her out of the afterglow of her climax. It took her a few moments to regain her focus of the room, and she was more than just a little off-guard at the sight of her daughter standing at her bedroom door with her hands in her crotch. How was she going to explain herself to Michelle? But the sight of her daughter experiencing her own sexual release also excited her! That her daughter had grown to become a sexual being, too, aroused her almost as much as her own touching had. Dianne watched lustfully as her daughter fondled and manipulated her own sex organs in the throes of her orgasm.

As Michelle became aware of the world outside her body’s reactions to the self-induced pleasure, she could feel her mother’s eyes watching her, and the embarrassment threatened to wash all the joy and beauty out of her that sexual release had brought. To catch her mother masturbating was one thing, but to exhibit her own depraved activity was something else again. Fearing that her mother would scold and humiliate her no end, she had a burning desire to run and hide, but before she could move a muscle, her mother was calling her in a voice that said nothing to her about repercussions.

“Michelle? Are you okay?” her mother softly inquired with a tone of love and understanding that she hadn’t used for a long time with her daughter.

“I . . . I’‘m . . . Oh Momma, I’m so sorry for barging in on you like that! It was wrong of me, I know, but I thought you were in trouble, or being attacked, and I just had to try and help. Then, when I saw what you were doing, I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t tear my eyes away! I just had to watch you, and it made me feel so wonderfully horny that . . . well, I just had to do it, too!”. With that, the young girl began to sob, with tears of shame rushing down her face, waiting to pool at the bottom of her jaw before continuing their fall to the floor beneath her feet. “Please, Momma? Please don’t hate me. I promise, I’ll never tell a living soul as long as I live. Please? Momma?”

Dianne’s heart rushed out to her daughter with warmth and love, and Michelle could feel it in her soul. It was something that she had almost forgotten about, especially with the situation between her and her Dad almost relegating her mother to being her adversary in a quest for Ben’s love, to become his exclusively.

“Oh, come here, my precious! I’m not mad, I promise. More than anything, I was a little scared that it was you that wouldn’t understand, or would be too embarrassed to talk to me, or give me the chance to explain. Michelle, would you crawl up here with me, and let me try to help you come to grips with all this? Please? I need to talk to you, to explain things, and to get back to being a proper mother to you. Sweetheart, I’m so confused sometimes, almost like I’m losing my mind. It scares the shit out of me.” Dianne never used that kind of language around Michelle, which made the young girl clue into her mother’s despair.

Curling into he mother’s offered embrace, Michelle began to feel so much better, to feel that weight lifting off her again, and had no idea of why. She didn’t care. She only knew that her heart didn’t feel like a lead weight right now. If it only lasted a few minutes, the reprieve was more than worth the price she’d have to pay. Her mother’s warmth permeated her very soul, and she hugged her mother back with an almost desperate clinging of her own.

“Sweetheart, let me give you some background about me that might help you understand how I feel, okay?”

“When I was a girl, I always wanted a sister. Someone that I could play with, be best friends with, or go on adventures with. In my mind, we’d be invincible, and there would ne nothing that we wouldn’t be able to overcome. I even asked my mother -- your grandmother -- when would we have another baby, preferably a girl, but she told me that she didn’t want kids -- any kids -- and to never bring that subject up again. Your grandmother was, and still is, a prude, for lack of a better word. Any talk of sex was completely forbidden in our house. But, oh, how I wanted a sister!”

“Then I met your Dad, and he was everything I had dreamed of. He was warm, kind, loving, and the kind of man that wanted to give me anything my heart desired. I fell head over heels in love with him. After the first time we made love, I couldn’t get enough of him. Still can’t, to be honest. He wanted children, and coming from a family of five, he implied but never actually said that he wanted a family almost as big. When I became pregnant with you, I was the happiest woman alive. At long last I had found something I could give your Dad that was what he wanted. And we were both in seventh heaven”.

“When you were born, there were some major complications during the delivery, and we almost lost you. God, but I was so scared that the one thing I could give your Dad to show him how much I loved him would be taken away from us. I’ve never been a religious person, but I prayed and prayed every waking minute, until that doctor told us that you’d live, and then I prayed and said my thanks for another week. I’d never before seen that look of love that your Dad had on his face whenever he held you, nor have I seen it as strong as on your Dad. But the doctor told us that if I were to go through another pregnancy, it would probably kill me. Ben, your Dad, was devastated. I’m not sure if it was because he’d never have the houseful of sons and daughters he dreamed of, or because he was afraid of losing me. I’d like to think it was the latter, but some days I wonder. Anyway, when we heard what the doctor had to say, we both agreed that one of us should go through the procedures for voluntary sterilization, and I had my tubes tied. Your Dad was more than willing to get a vasectomy, but I’ve always felt that if something ever happened to me, maybe he’d find another woman to make his dream come true. It just wasn’t fair to put him through that process when it was me that was the problem.”

“For years I was so afraid that he’d find someone else, fall in love, and leave me. A lesser man would have, but your Dad has stuck by me, supported me, and helped me raise our girl to become the wonderful person she is. Oh Michelle, we’re both so proud of you! All your life you’ve been the most precious thing in our lives, and we both love you so very much.”

Dianne paused, took a deep breath, and gave herself some time to collect her thoughts.

“Momma, do you still love Daddy as much now as when you married him?” Michelle wanted to know.

“Yeah, I do, and maybe more than I ever thought I could. He’s the only man I’ve ever been with in my whole life, and the only man I ever want to be with. Does that make sense, Sweetheart?” Dianne replied.

Michelle thought silently for a few moments, and her mother gave her the space she seemed to need. The guilt that she was putting herself through was huge, as she began to understand that it was her that had made her Dad’s infidelity a reality. For the sake of their family, she’d just have to give him up, but her heart was screaming at her as it began to break, and she couldn’t stop the flood that was beginning to well up inside her again.

“Momma, what’s it like to love just one man, and to have him love you back? I mean, how do you know that he’s that special man?”

“I’m not sure that a woman ever really knows why she wants to be with that one man. She just knows, Sweetheart. Why? Is there someone in your life that you feel that strongly about?”

Michelle wanted to say yes, but her fear of becoming a homewrecker stopped her. For the first time in her life, she deliberately told her mother a fib, and instantly hated herself for it.

“No, not really Momma. I was just wondering. You know, like all girls do. Like, I have a friend that met a guy, and she swears up and down that they’ll be together forever. Don’t ask me how she knows, but that’s what she truly believes. I was just wondering what that feels like, ya know?”. There was no way that she was going to tell her mother the truth. Yeah, I met a guy, Momma, and he’s the most wonderful man in the whole world . . . and you’re married to him!

“So, do you and Dad still make love like you did when you had me? I mean, is it still special, even after 16 years? Or does it get boring, like I hear so many women telling people?”

“Sweetheart, your Dad is the only person that can give me everything a man can possibly give a woman. I have no idea how he does it, exactly, but he still makes me feel as loved, as desired, and as wanted as he did the first time we made love. But sometimes I get the feeling that he wants more, and I don’t know how to give him that. That’s what scares me, Michelle. That if I’m right, he’ll find another woman, and I’ll lose the only man I’ve ever loved, or wanted to love. I don’t know what I’d do if he left.”

“Momma, if Dad is so good in bed, then why were you touching yourself? I mean, I’m not saying that it’s bad, or anything, or that you shouldn’t do it. Hell, I play with myself . . . well . . . almost every night, but I don’t have someone special like Dad. I mean, we both know we do it now, and in a way, I’m kind of glad you know. But you have Dad, and I can’t figure out why you masturbate when you can have the real thing?”

Dianne was silent and still, gathering her thoughts while searching desperately for an answer that would fit her daughter’s question. Slowly she pulled her daughter close to her and kissed her lovingly on the forehead. Michelle felt so protected in her mother’s arms, and pressed herself as close as she could get to the older woman. Then her mother did something that Michelle just wasn’t prepared for, she put her finger under Michelle’s jaw, lifted her face to gaze in her eyes, and kissed her daughter’s lips. At first is was soft and gently, but became harder, more insistent, demanding, almost wanton. At first Michelle enjoyed the feelings, but as they lingered and became more sexual than parental, she felt fear. Not her normal fear of the unknown, but of the uncomprehensible. She struggled to get away from her mother so that she could understand what had just happened.

With eyes as big as saucers, Michelle pulled her head back and stared her mother in the eye. She was quite shocked at what they had done, but not repulsed, and she had no desire to leave the warmth and security of her mother’s arms. But she sure had questions.

“Mom! What the fuck was that all about? Jesus, I wasn’t ready for that one, that’s for fucking sure!” and she immediately regretted letting her mouth run away with her. “I’m sorry, Momma. I know I shouldn’t use that kind of language. But you did catch me off-guard.”

“Sweetheart! I’m sorry! It just came over me, and I couldn’t help myself. God, you must think I’m a pervert or something. It’s just that I sometimes think that everyone is moving away from me, leaving me behind, and I get so scared. I just wanted to hold you, to never let you go. I guess I got carried away. Can you ever forgive me?”

Michelle stared at her mother’s eye, searching desperately for the vaguest clue as to what the woman was thinking, feeling, and the turmoil she was going through. She wanted so badly to connect with her mother at that moment, and she felt that there was nothing her mother could possibly do that would change her mind.

“Momma, there’s nothing to forgive, okay? But I really would love to know what brought that on. Would you tell me, please? I feel like I’ve lost my Momma, and I need her back. Besides, you are my Momma, always have been, and always will be!”

And then Michelle did something that she never would have dreamed of before. She leaned into her mother and kissed her lips, deeply, fully, and with all the passion and need in her being. When her kiss was returned, she found her tongue searching, wanting, needing to twist and turn until she found her mother’s, waiting patiently for the exchange that they both knew they craved. It almost seemed like a natural extension of their forming union for her to grasp and touch her mother’s breast, tweaking and pulling her nipple as it hardened between her finger and thumb. Dianne responded to her daughter’s manipulation of her body with a moan of approval as she pulled Michelle’s body into her tightly.

They broke from their passionate embrace, and Michelle kissed her mother’s cheek, then rolled off the bed, tugged her shirt up over her head, removed her bra, and slid her pants and panties down her shapely legs and over her ankles. Now as totally naked as her mother, she returned to her mother’s side and resumed squeezing, fondling, and enjoying the breast that had given her nourishment as a baby. The soft texture of her mother’s skin against her own was like nothing she had experienced before. She took her mother’s other nipple in between her lips, licking, sucking, teasing it until both nipples were hard little pebbles that protruded longingly from Dianne’s large, firm breasts. In turn, Dianne lavished all her attention on Michelle’s young and pert tits, with one hand on each magnificent round orb. Michelle was in heaven with the sensuousness of their lovemaking.

Dianne rolled Michelle over on her back and returned the attention she had received back to her daughter’s body, sucking and lightly biting her young nipples, then kissing her way down to the young girl’s belly button. Only stopping momentarily, she continued through Michelle’s fuzz patch on her way to her daughter’s love button. Teasing it with her tongue, she felt Michelle lift her hips to present an unhindered access to her mound, and gasp deeply at the electric sensitivity of he mother’s touch.

“Oh God, Momma! I love that! You make my clit tingle so good, and you do that so right! Lick me? Kiss me? Love me!”

Dianne eased her body between Michelle’s soft thighs, spread them as wide as she thought was comfortable, and erotically slid her tongue through her daughter’s love canyon, stopping to quench her lustful thirst with the love juices forming on her daughter’s outer labia lips. Michelle again lifted her hips, pressing her sex tight to her new lover. God! She was being eaten out by the last person she would have ever expected to take her, want her, and desire her. She was beyond being in heaven!

Licking and lathering Michelle’s entire pussy, Dianne continued to cycle between Michelle’s clit and the bottom of her slit, fascinated by the sweet tastes and soft textures of her daughter. She so desperately wanted to give Michelle the kind of climax only another woman can give. Soon Michelle’s breathing became faster, shallower, more ragged, and the tingling in her pussy expanded itself to her tummy, down her legs, and eventually reigned from her toes to the top of her head.

“Damn, Momma! So good! Feels so good! Love me! Make me cum for you! Lick my cunt, deep, with your tongue! Shit, Momma! I’m gonna . . . I’m C-C-U-U-U-M-M-M-N-N-N-G-G-G!”, and her orgasm consumed her completely. Her mind shut down from all other outside stimuli, capable only of registering the explosion within her. Every muscle tensed and tightened until she shook and trembled in delight. As she began to slip down from her high, her mother continued to nurse on her clitoris,, and another wave of pure joy started to sweep over her before the first one was even half-way finished.

“Momma! It’s happening again! I’m gonna . . . C-C-U-U-U-M-M-M!”

Dianne eased off slightly from loving her daughter’s body enough to allow Michelle to recover from the assault on her senses that each climax had exerted. Slowly she felt her muscles relax as the afterglow began to permeate all through her. Every nerve ending in her pussy screamed with the intensity that her mother had inflicted on her daughter’s delicious young body. Holding Dianne’s head tightly to her, Michelle felt herself floating in a cloud of love and warmth. She’d never been with a woman before, nor had she even thought of doing it, but her mother had taken her to a place that she could not have comprehended in her wildest dreams!

As she slowly returned to a more normal state, she became aware that someone else was in the room, looking with eyes that bore into her, but not menacingly. She opened her eyes slowly and focussed on a man she knew from somewhere before. Her brain was still too foggy to identify the face. Her first instinct was to cover herself up until she recognized the voice.

“Umm, I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I think my feelings are more than just hurt. Would one of you two mind explaining all this?” It was Ben, her father. “Oh God! He’s going to kill us both for this!” the panic in her head screamed out.

Dianne jumped from between Michelle’s thighs as she cringed from her husband’s gaze. “Oh God, Ben! I’m so sorry! How . . . how long were you there watching?”

“Long enough to see you give our daughter one hell of a cum” he softly answered. His facial features looked relaxed and almost joyous. Dianne fully expected him to turn and storm out the door, leaving both her and Michelle alone for the rest of her life. Instead, he was beginning to smile? She was totally confused. “I am a little pissed off at both of you, though.”

Before Dianne could say anything, Michelle looked up at her Dad with those wondering eyes that he was getting to know so well.

“Pissed off at us, Dad? For what?”

“For starting without me? Damn, here are the two most sexy women on the planet, and I’m left at the side of the road? If you were in my place, you’d be pissed off too!”

Dianne’s fear left her instantly, replaced with the understanding of the depth of her husband’s love, and she wanted -- no, needed -- his body to mingle and join with her . . . and with their daughter.

“Well, “she crooned to him, “get your gorgeous ass out of all those rags, and get the hell over here! How long do you expect us horny women to have to wait?”

Michelle added softly to her mother’s invitation, “Sounds like a plan.”

* * * * *

As Ryan slowly drifted out of the cocoon of sleep, he became aware that he was not alone in his bed. Someone was definitely using his legs as a resting place. He peeked under the sheet to find Patty laying on top of them, her head using his hip as a pillow, and her arms wrapped around his thighs. Her soft and full lips were just brushing the tip of his cock which was lightly coated with the last traces of his semen. He could feel the vibration from her light snores travelling softly down his shaft as she exhaled. “What a place to sleep”, he thought to himself. He really didn’t want to disturb her sleep, but the call of nature was strong and getting stronger.

“Morning, my love”, he intoned, hoping that his voice was loud enough to get her attention, but also wishing he didn’t have to.

Patty stirred slowly, her sleepiness in no hurry to leave her. Her eyelids pried themselves apart with great difficulty, and she moved her head to look up her Dad’s torso and into his face.

“Umm. Morning Dad. I’m just waiting for my breakfast in bed, but the service here is lousy.”

Ryan chuckled to himself at his daughter’s reference to the fact that she usually woke him by taking his cock in her mouth and sucking on it until he had a hard-on, then waiting until he was awake to give him an orgasmic start to their day. But they had been late to get to sleep last night, although in bed relatively early. His desire for her loving had become more pronounced over the course of the four hours between bedtime and sleep. He hazily remembered thinking that she had drained his balls dry enough that he wouldn’t be able to successfully ejaculate for a week. But by the look of the cum trail on his lower abdomen, it would appear that she had managed to extract at least a partial load out of him this morning.

“Looks like you already got something this morning. But after you drained me last night, I guess it wasn’t the ‘Full Meal Deal’, was it? You gonna scoot up here and give me a kiss, or are you homesteading down there?” Ryan teased his daughter.

“Oh shut up and give room service a call, would you? I need a refill” she quipped back, then kissed his tip lovingly and crawled up to rest her head on his chest, forcing his arm to hold her as it wound around her shoulder. She ran her fingers lightly up and down his flaccid manhood in a vain attempt to get another rise out of it. She had tried to lick and suck it to its full erect massiveness as an attempt to wake him before he had flooded her throat with his hot cream, but with no real success.

Ryan chuckled at her comments, holding her against himself in a protective grasp. She really was a fantastic lover, and his heart swelled at the recollection of their lovemaking the previous night. She had climaxed so many times with him that he had lost count. His own orgasms had numbered at least five that he remembered, and there had been more after that. The volume of his seed that she had induced from his straining balls almost made him wonder if they would be able to produce any more, at least while he was still young enough to be on solid food.

Glancing at the bedside clock, he came to the conclusion that there was enough time before they had to get up for them to lay in each other’s warmth for another fifteen minutes or so, then it would be time to start getting ready for the day. He had to be off to work in a little over an hour, and Patty would need to be out the door and on her way to school at about the same time. But she felt so good resting on his chest. The idea of taking the day off crossed his consciousness more than once. Staying home to make sweet love to her for the entire day was, at the moment, a real consideration. Too bad that the probabilities of it actually happening were slim, but he could always dream.

She broke into his reverie with a soft whisper that said she, too, would love to just stay right where they were. However, for her, there was a matter of having a shower to clean herself up from the residue of the passion of the previous night.

“Dad, I need a shower so bad right now. You coated my pussy with so much spunk last night that I’m beginning to feel like you’ve glued me shut! Oh shit, what a horrible thought -- all that beautiful cock, and I won’t be able to get it inside me. That’s like going hunting with a game warden, isn’t it?”

He had to agree with her idea of a shower. With all their physical activity of the previous evening he was coated with the salty residue of their combined sweat, making his skin feel like it was too tight to properly cover his body.

“Yeah, know what you mean” he replied. “I feel like a race horse after . . . “

“Running six in a row?” she finished the sentence for him. Damn, she was getting to know him too well, he reminded himself.

“Yeah, something like that” and he whipped the sheet back so he could pry himself out of their bed.

“Hey, asshole! It’s damned cold out there! Get your hot little ass back in here and warm me up! Now!” she protested as the cooler air of the room engulfed her beautifully taut body. He was beginning to be able to anticipate her almost as well as she could him. He let go of a chuckle that leaked out of his chest as he reached down and patted her firm ass cheek in a half-hearted attempt to wake her enough to get her out of bed. She retaliated by tightening her grip on him, desperately seeking sufficient warmth to preclude having to move, or giving up this envelope of love that surrounded them both.

Breaking into their little world was an insistent knock at the front door. Both of them understood that the intrusion wouldn’t go away without one of them answering the call. By the sound of the rhythm of the knock, it was probably Michelle Moscrop, although it was too early for her to be banging for admittance.

“Who the hell is that?” Patty asked quietly. “Sounds like Michelle, but she’s awfully early for school. Shit! I hope her Mom hasn’t thrown both her and her Dad out. Mrs. Moscrop might have found out about the two of them, and the fan got hit?” she speculated.

“Hmm. You get the shower ready, and I’ll go answer the door” Ryan volunteered. “And if it isn’t Michelle, call the morgue and tell them we had a dead body on our front steps” he added.

They each wrapped themselves in a bath robe as Patty stumbled into the bathroom to ready the shower as Ryan made his way down to alleviate the intrusion that was still pounding on their front door.

“Hold on! I’m coming, I’m coming!” he bellowed at whoever was busily attempting to reduce the door to so many toothpicks.

Unlocking it, he cracked the door open just enough to survey who it was that might be on the other side. Before he could get that far though, Michelle exploded over the threshold, nearly giving him a black eye.
“You’d better have a damned good reason for this attempted demolition so early in the morning, Missy!” Ryan greeted her. But her face was simply radiant with happiness, and it seemed that her mood was infectious. He couldn’t help but feel her joy, although he had no idea of what had created it.

Inhaling deeply as she gained entrance to the front foyer, Michelle looked at Ryan with that magical twinkle in her eyes, then remarked, “Coming, huh? You smell like you already did, and several times, I’m guessing!”

“Hey, what’s with you this morning? You look like the cat that ate the canary!” Ryan greeted her.

“Oh, I ate something, but it sure wasn’t a canary! Where’s Patty? I gotta tell you both this!” and she started to search for her best friend in the kitchen.

“Umm, she’s upstairs, trying to take a shower, and I’m hoping to join her before all the hot water’s gone. Why?” he answered her, the decided uncertainty of whether he could handle this early-morning intrusion making itself a part of his voice.

Michelle grabbed Ryan by the waist, spun him around, aimed him towards the stairs, and insistently pushed him to the bottom landing. “Move it, Buster! I’ve got something to share with both of you, and it just can’t wait!”

Climbing the stairs in an attempt at self-preservation, Ryan could hear the shower running and wondered what the hell was so important that it couldn’t wait until they had both cleaned themselves off. Michelle pushed him down the hall and into the bathroom, following right behind him as she closed the door.

“Well, it’s about time you got your ass in here, Dad!” Patty opined from inside the shower stall. “What took you so long? And who was at the . . . Michelle?” Michelle had ripped the tie off Ryan’s robe and was in the middle of prying it from his body as he stood there in mild shock. Despite the intimate details of her and her Dad’s love affair, he wasn’t at all comfortable about being naked in front of her, let alone having her undress him. Especially with his own daughter in the same room.

“Hey, Girl! Get your fucking hands off my guy! I told you before, he’s mine, and I’m not going to share him with anybody! Not even you!” Patty screamed at her friend. Michelle silently ignored her, finished stripping Ryan’s robe off, then propelled him towards the shower.

“You must have fucked his brains out last night! He stinks of sex! Just a whiff of it and I’m getting horny as hell, and I can’t stand it!” Michelle screamed back. “Besides, I’ve got something to tell you both that’s great news!”.

“Umm, I hope you’re not planning to turn this shower into a conference centre“ Ryan intoned. Whatever it was must be pretty important for Michelle to invade the already cramped quarters of their bathroom. It had been designed for occupancy by one person -- two was pushing its limit, and three was definitely a crowd.

“Oh shut up and get your daughter’s cum off you! But I just had to tell you both! I think my prayers have been answered!”

As he stepped into the shower and crowded against Patty’s wet and slippery body, she grabbed the body wash bottle and began to lather up his back, running her hands over every inch of him from his neck to mid-thigh -- and not missing one spot in between. She even made sure that she cleaned his anus by slipping her finger in his asshole and teasing it as she wiggled her finger. She then turned him around to be rinsed off by as she washed the front of him, starting at his mid-thighs and working back up. He noted that she seemed to invest an inordinate amount of time ensuring that his cock and balls were thoroughly tended to.

“Mr. D? Remember you told me that something would work out for my Dad and me?” Michelle burst into the middle of his enjoyment of his daughter’s attentions. “Well, you were right! But you’ll never guess what happened!” and she let the intrusion hang until one or the other of them gave her a response.

The distraction of her rant into the sensuous ministrations of his daughter on his body was almost resentful, but she had something on her mind that she felt was worth that violation of their privacy. Besides, with him facing Patty like this, he had taken advantage of their positioning to reciprocate by lathering up her firm and perky breasts, paying particular attention to her now-hardening nipples. The fact that she was jacking his cock didn’t slow down the rush of his lust, either. He could feel that delicious sensation of his cock beginning to harden. In fact, if she didn’t move her focus pretty soon, he just knew he’d fuck her right then and there in the shower, and to hell with whether Michelle was watching or not! God, his daughter could get him horny easily. His growing cock wasn’t lost on her, either.

“Shit, it figures,” she whispered in his ear, “I wait all morning for room service, and it arrives right in the middle of a crowded room! If she wasn’t here, I’d suck you off right now.”

Ryan groaned in the unrequited anticipation of feeling her lips sliding over his cockhead and down his shaft. He’d give almost anything to feel her take his body and abuse it, right now. Almost in reaction to her suggestion, he slid his hand over her mound and down her slit, searching for and finding her love entrance, then quickly inserting two fingers up her cunt. Patty gasped deeply at the much-awaited filling of her love tunnel.

“Patricia, if you don’t quit jacking me off like that, I’m gonna shove my cock right up your cunt until I hit your cervix, and then I’m gonna fuck you until I spurt so much jism in there that you’ll drip all goddamned day!” he growled at her in his lust. “The only thing that’s saving you right now is her, and you’re getting me horny enough that even that isn’t gonna help you for much longer.”

“Gonna fuck me senseless, are you?” Patty whispered back in his ear as she stroked his cock with a growing determination to feel him spurt his hot sticky cream all over her pubic patch. “Promises, promises, promises! That’s all you ever give me! Well, that, and enough horniness that I’m already changing panties at lunch time because of how wet they get. Mind you, if it was your cum instead, I might just let it smear all over my pussy for the whole day. Maybe I should tell her to fuck off for a couple of minutes?”

“Yeah, Right! By the sounds of her blabbering, I doubt you’d get much success.”

Patty turned to yell out the shower door at her friend. “Michelle, what the hell are you going on about? You’re costing me one hell of a great fuck here, so this better be good . . . or I’m gonna pull your boobs off and tie ‘em behind your back!”

“Oh fuck off! Would you two horny assholes quit fucking around and stop acting like two rodents in heat for a minute?” Michelle screamed back. “I didn’t come up here to watch a sex show! Now pay attention!”

Ryan asked Michelle what was so important that they had to relinquish their morning privacy. Michelle related the whole story of how her and her mother had started to make love. But how had Michelle and Dianne integrated Ben into the whole scenario? He interrupted her spiel to find out.

“Okay, okay! But how does this affect things between you and you Dad? If I remember, that was a big part of the problem, wasn’t it? I mean, I doubt he’s gonna relinquish you so that your mother can have your body any time she wants, right?”

Excitedly, Michelle skipped to the part where her Dad had discovered the two females engaged in the throes of lust, and her mother had not only invited him to join them, but had actually encouraged him to take their daughter as well. And he had, while her mother had watched in lustful fascination. Not once, not twice, but three times. He had also made love to his wife while she devoured her daughter’s pussy while Ben pounded her cunt, doggy style. Then Michelle had changed places with her mother, lapping her Dad’s cum from Momma’s oozing cunt as he plowed his engorged cock in and out of his daughter’s tight fuck-hole while watching her eat her mother. The lustful orgy of sex had gone on for most of the night! And the best part? They had all agreed that it was only the first of many more to come for as long as Michelle wanted to be a part of their triangle.

That was it! Her mother had lusted for Michelle too! That facial expression that Michelle had as she came flying through their door this morning now made sense. That was the missing key to their dilemma.

Both Patty and Ryan were stunned at the story, but were also joyously happy for the resolution to what could have been a divisive family conflict. But he just had to ask Michelle whether her mother had known about her and her Dad’s affair from before last night’s events.

“Oh, she had her suspicions, but wasn’t about to press anything on Dad. After all, he was still making love to her, and satisfying her needs for a man. It’s just that Momma has other needs that no man can fulfill, but I can! This morning, I’m beginning to find that I have some of those same needs, too! And Momma not only can satisfy them, but is more than willing to!” Michelle almost crowed. Her enthusiasm seemed to know no bounds this morning.

“Hey, Michelle, this is really great news, but I’m still waiting for Dad to make me some breakfast . . . if you know what I mean” Patty reminded her friend while she went back to stroking her Dad’s cock.

“Oh, okay. Does this mean that you two want some privacy, or something?”

Patty and Ryan looked at each other quickly, than back to Michelle, as they both answered in unison, “Sounds like a plan!”

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