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The Bike Ride, part 1

Let me introduce myself i'm John , married to Jane and we have 2 boy's, i work in a bakery which means most morning's im out of the house at 5am.
Until recently Jane could not drive so i always had the car , but after her 5th attempt she past her driving test, which ment she always complained i had the car.

As i was getting close to 36 and stopped playing football years ago my body was begining to show signs of getting out of shape, 2 many beers and takeaways acording to Jane, i decided to get a bike as work was only 4 miles away on a bike , i was lucky enough to have a bike track out the back garden gate.

At first i struggled but after 2 weeks i was getting faster and fitter , and my body began to get its shape back. Most the people i passed were quite nice with the odd hello or nice smile, some were rude and would not move for you , even let there dogs chase you and if you kicked out to stop them biting you they shouted at you.

After almost a year i had lost 4 stone and strangely my cock seemed longer and thicker , was not to sure if it was because i had lost weight and it just seemed to be bigger but was really the same size as before , but when Jane and me were enjoying each other she seemed to be tighter and she even said on odd occassion she had asked if i had on cock extension or been to a cock gym to make it bigger.

Finding her comments nice i suddenly started to get my swagger back , i started to wear nicer clothes , even started to flirt with much younger girls when i went out with my mates, if i was lucky i got a good grope and even slipped a few fingers into them whilst in middle of nightclub.

Anyhow this was all about to take a new turn, it was my birthday and Jane and the lad's got me a new bike, this one was very nice and put my other bike to shame, the presents kept coming , new bike top , new shoes , new everything but Jane smiled and said she has one for later and i would have to wait.

All day i kept asking only to be told not yet wait till the kids are at there nans , soon i was packing the kids off quicker than normal, then back at the house i looked around for Jane , not in the living room, kitchen,bedroom,bathroom then i heard her shout from the garage , as i went in she had done it up with balloons ,cakes , and she was wearing i little red thong that just covered her pussy , skin tight vest no bra and as it was cold her nipples stood out like light switchs.

As i looked at my wifes body my cock was bursting to get out to have a look to, Jane wandered over and handed me a present, it was about the size of a boxer of cereal , as i opened it Jane sank to her knees and pulled my pants down, to her surprise i had stopped wearing boxers long ago ,and my now hard cock bopped up bounced of her chin.

Inside the box was a brand new pair of cycling shorts, perplexed i asked what was so special about these as i had to weight for them, i was told to put them on , now if he top was skin tight these shorts were painted on but as i eased my hard cock into the it seemed to fall to 1 side and be held snug, Jane told me on night when i was asleep she had took measurements of my hard cock and had her sister Donna to make them!

Now was it the thought of her 19 year old sister knowing that my cock was 9 inchs long and 6 inchs round a turn on or that Jane was on her back asking me to ride her hard and fast, as i looked down at my skin tight shorts the cock pocket ( thats all i could call it ) showed off my manhood perfectly.

Slowly i lifted Jane's legs to slid of her thong , up til this point Jane was always hairy, but as i pulled them down i seen a very thin line and completly smooth pussy, my tounge and fingers were soon deep in her soaking pussy, but to my surprise the cock sock shorts seemed to hold it to my leg with ease.

Very soon my shorts were off and Jane who loves to give blow jobs was down on my cock sucking for all her worth, Jane would suck me off any moment she could, if i was on the phone and she was bored down and sucked till i hung up.

As i bent her over Jane put a hand over her pussy and said as its my birthday i get the extra tight hole, never had Jane let me slip my cock up her arse , even before it got bigger i almost got my cock tip in before she said no.

I was not going to let this pass without trying , i grabbed some oil which Jane had got for this event , and covered her arse my cock the floor her back everywhere was covered , i slipped a finger in then 2 then 3 and thought her arse was rather slack as i could only get a finger in a few years ago, but Jane looked around smiled and said for the past 2 months every time she is alone her rampant rabbit has been hitting her back door to make it welcoming .

My cock grew at this infomation and slipped my cock head in then slowly all 9 inchs were deep in my wifes arse , my balls slamming of her bald wet pussy. Just then i noticed a light and asked her what it was , she told me the only way Donna would make them was if she could watch me try them on but Jane said she would video it, my cock twiched at the info and Jane asked if i like the idea of Donna watching , mmmm i said yes its a turn on, in between her moans and pants she said i bet you would like her to join in , ( damm right would I , her sister was 19 slim 38 24 32 her boobs were firm , ass firm and long blonde hair ) but i just said it was you i married and her sister is her sister so no .

The rest of that night is just a blurr thinking about if her sister has seen it and more to the point did she like it. About a week later i was off and the kids were away for the weekend but Jane had to work.

Soon i was all alone and as it was nice outside i decided to go for a ride, to on and shorts but i had another idea as Jane was out all day do i dare put the cock sock shorts on, i did and as i stood there i nearly chickened out , but soon i was out on the path , as i was sat down you could not really see the sock part so was not to obvious , the normal mornings , hello's and tuts as you past other people.

Soon it started to rain and i did not see anybody for a good hour, still raining as i headed back i could make out a bike and person sitting under a tree , as i got near the person stood up and it was like an angle , 5ft 8 , slim body , perfect tits no bra as i could see the dark nipples throug her soaking top , and tight cycling shorts, she came over from the tree and asked if i could her as her bike was broken.

Knowing we were about 7-8 miles from nearest house i said i would and cycled under the tree near her bike, forgeting i had my cock sock shorts on i got off and started to look at her bike, her chain had snapped and it was easy to fix, as i stood up she was looking right at my sock, strangley she asked what it was and as i told her it was my cock sock she laughed and went red, she said its not real is it??

I told her as it was the size it was it was difficult cycling so it gets tucked there and stops swinging, as i told her i could feel it filling the sock and getting bigger but as it holds it quite good she didnt notice, soon looking at her soaking wet nipples shown and me telling her about the size of my cock and my shorts it was very hard.

She asked if she could have a look as her boyfriend was only 6 inchs , damm the only other woman to see my cock apart from Jane was her sister Donna if she had watched the video. After a few minutes of her asking i asked her how old she was , the reply was 17 and called Jackie , damm there i am middle of nowhere and a very hot 17 year old is asking to see my cock, she looked at me and with a big smile and a very begging please i said just a look but not hear , we moved into the woods abit and found a clearing , i looked around and as nobody was about i tried to pull my shorts down but as they were wet it proved a hard job, Jackie asked if she could help and as she was going to see it i though why not let her pull them down.

Quick as a flash Jackie was on her knees infront yanking at the shorts to come down, after a few pulls they fell to my ankles , she looked at it and looked up opened mouth and said it was the biggest she had seen and was nearly 3 times thick than her boyfriends , this was making my cock get bigger and bouncier ,
she asked if she could touch it , damm i gone this far i got to see her naked , so said yes , her hands were around the shaft to the head back down, i had just trimed it so there was very little hair there.

I could see this was my chance to see her as she could not take her eyes or hands of it , i asked as you have seen and touched my prick what do i get to see of yours , she stood up and took her top off , her breasts were round and pointy but looked like they had a few more years to grow, she took my hand as if to feel her tits but took it down inside her shorts strait to a waxed fanny no knickers , my index finger soon slipped inside to find her just as wet inside as it was out side , she opened her leg a bit and 2 fingers were inside rubbing her clit , just beside us there was a tree stump and she told me to sit on it.

As i sat there she came over and took the full lenght of my cock into her mouth, there i was having a stunning 17 year old blowing me off, after about 5 minutes i told her i was about to come she took my cock all the way in and grabbed my hips so i had to shoot my spunk into her young mouth, as soon as she had licked all the spunk off her lips she took down her shorts and laid on the grass asking me to fill her young tight pussy, my cock got hard again and was soon slipping in and out her pussy , as she was tight i only put 2-3 inchs in before pulling out as i was going i she looked at me all cross and said "fuck me hard get that cock into me now" this was a turn on as i banged down into her all 9 inchs filling her she said " fucking harder fucking harder" i fely her legs around my waist tighten as she came then came again the one last time , i was nearly ready to shoot my second helping to her when she said not in her pussy in her arse, faster than lightening i span her round wiped her wet juice around her arsehole and slipped it in inch by inch , as i was about 4 inchs in she just bolted back forcing the last 5 inchs in with force, i heard her yelp i stopped but she kept bucking back and forth every time a bit harder, this made me come into her arse as she screamed and slumped to the floor i stood there massive hard on and some 17 year old in frount of me with her arse and pussy in the air, i dropped down and slipped my cock back into her pussy to make her come again, she finally sucked my cock clean and asked if i would help fix her bike every week.

Im never off my bike now, as i got home i heard a beep of a car horn , i turned around and Donna was pulling up, as she had i key i told her to let herself in as i put my bike away, yet again forgetting i had my cock sock shorts on i entered the living room where Donna was sitting facing the door, before i could even say hello she said " mmmmm nice fit" i knew she ment my shorts , but i was only ment to wear them for fun with Jane, and she knew this , quickly trying to be coy i asked her if she had seen the video, her reply was yes morning noon and night , this got me hard again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This is part 2,,,, if you like part 1 , comment , vote or get intouch with my msn addy ,,,,,,,, if you want to star or be part of this ask me,,,,,,,,,


2011-07-05 12:14:07
This was your best story so far, please continue.

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2011-07-05 05:01:13
It's not very good, you should make one that's good. I think it'd be good.

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