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The Bank Robbery, This is a story about my unexpected day at the bank , it all started out a very hot Monday in sunny Newcastle Upon Tyne, i was luck enough to have the week off work and there was a heatwave forecast, but i never expected it to get as hot as it did. I got up and looked at my wife who was naked as it was to hot to wear any bed clothes , if i didnt have the morning glory hard-on the look of the sun creeping though the gap in the curtain's and shining on the crease of her bum would have made me stand to attention, but needs must and went to the toilet for a pee , as i came out the toilet the oldest lad was up was saying his younger sister and brother were downstairs , so all idea's of fun in the sun with the wife was out the question. So off down to the kitchen i went, the kids were already for school as they had a day trip and wont be back till half 5 , the wife came in and made the breakfasts , she was complaining of her busy day at work and winding me up about being off , but hey thats her problem , soon the kids had left and the wife was just getting all her stuff ready , she had a light top on and her size 38dd breasts were streaching the top and a pair of pants as she bent over i could see she had no knickers on, I said hey you got no knickers on ,which her reply was its to hot to wear them and giggled , i went over and playfully slapped her bum cheek , leaving my hand on to see if i was getting lucky , but to my dissapointment she stood up grabbed my semi cock and said wait till tonight giving my cock a squeeze as she kissed me goodbye. I looked at the house and thought what can i do today, do i watch porn ? do i tidy up ? but as i went to my secret stash of porn my mobile went off , its the wife saying to go pay some bills and get food in , damm porn will have to wait, as it was to hot to wear jeans i put on a t-shirt and lose boxers and shorts . As i walked down to the high street the amount of scantly clad females in very little clothes walked past i could not help myself staring and wondering if they had knickers on unlike my wife, it was now 30c and in the bank was nice and cool as the air con was on , still in my little world of wondering, i felt a hand on my shoulder nearly making me jump out my shorts , it was my mate's wife Kelly, she was every mans dream woman , slim, nice 36c ,boobs long ,blonde hair to her bum and the nicest peachy bum you could want, as i said hello i could see her sexy figure being shown off by her tight white backless dress , as she turned around to look out the window i could see she had no bra on but her boobs were firm and round , there was only 1 staff on and the que was not to big, soon there was just me , my wifes mate and the bank teller. Just as i was about to get to the counter 3 armed men burst in and said nobody move, i stood scared out my life , my mates wife ran to stand beside me and grabbed my arm, one of the men said hey you two love birds get over there in the corner, the thought of being her being my love bird was quite arrousing , soon the bank was locked up and 2 men were behind the counter , but as it was early the manager had not opened the safe up, after what seemed a hour or so i could see the men talking , where i was sitting i could see out the window and now the police had arrived, to my surprise and kelly's one of the men said look we need your clothes to prove we have hostages , he told us to go in the store cupboard and strip to out underware , all i could think about was seeing Kelly's boob's, in the room i was taking my top off and waited to see if she was stripping , the look of terror on her face was enought to make me go give her a securing cuddle, as i did she wispered in my ear that not only did she have no bra on was no knickers on , it occured that she was nacked and i would see, but i said i would turn my back and not look, soon i was in my boxers and felt her had her dress to me to pass to the robber , as i did he pushed me back into the room and locked the door. I could hear her crying and trying not to look i said " dont worry we will be safe soon" but the idea of her being naked 2ft from me was stirring my cock into life, time past and we made light chat to pass the time , about 7pm one of the robbers opened the door and said get comfy your hear for the night , it was now getting cold in the room as the air con was still on, Kelly said she was cold and would i cuddle her so this was my first time to see her naked, her boobs were pert and her dark pink nipples were standind about half inch out , her tanned body had no white lines and her pussy was smooth and tanned , soon she was in my arms and getting warm, after 10 minutes of cuddling i said if we sit down in corner you can sit in front of me and cuddle in and try to get some sleep, as i sat down she turned and i was about a foot from her perfect bum as she sat down. Soon my arm were resting on the tops of her boobs, and my cock was getting hard knowning her bum was inchs from it , to my surprise she took my hand and placed it on her breast where i found her pert nipple, soon she turned around and straddled my legs , looking right into my eyes she said when she was scared only a good fucking would help her , as she offered me a nipple to suck on i felt her hot wet pussy on my leg, my 9 inchs of cock nearly ripped out my boxers , as i sucked i felt her hand slipping inside my boxers ans soon had a firm grasp of it , i lifted my bum and she slipped my boxers off , she gasped as she seen my shaven hot cock and said her husband my (my mate ) was only 5 inchs fully erect , soon she had it in her mouth sucking , biting ,licking and sucking my balls, i thought i would never cheat on my wife but there i was, my cock being sucked the best it ever had been , Kelly looked up and said she wanted it deep in her but i had other ideas , i laided her on her back and lifted her legs , her moist wet hole was now open , i lent forward and drove my tounge deep into her pussy , the cock wasnt the only long thing i had my tounge could stick out nearly 3 inchs and all of it was inside her soaking hole, i dropped down and licked and kissed her bum cheeks and arsehole, my tounge slipped up inside her bum and i knew there and then i was going to come in her arse, soon my cock was lined up at her wet pussy hole and slipped it in half way in i felt her tighten up as if she was in pain , i stopped but she flipped me over and rode my cock like a bike she took it all the way in then just till the tip was there then back down, i felt her tighten up as she orgasemed this was my choice i turned her over into doggy style and slipped it into her arse , my hole 9 inchs slipped in upto the balls as i banged away mt balls slapped of her clit sending her into another orgasm, as she tightened my cock blew its load right up her arse, as i pulled it out she turned around and sucked every bit of cum off my cock, just then we heard lots of noise and quickly put my boxers back on and Kelly hid behind me, the door opened and it was the police, they quickly hade us our clothes , as we dressed Kelly looked at me and said our little secret , which i said yes with a big smile on my face, soon after the police said it was ok for us to go my wife and her husband quickly ran up and hugged both us, he said thanks to me for taking care of his wife , but said i would do it again without fear, i seen a nice big smile on Kellys face when i said this, soon i was home and said i needed a shower half way through i felt a hand on my cock , the wife had joined me and she was all naked and wet , she sank to her knees and sucked my cock and looked up and said you must of been hot in the back this tastes all sweaty , i dint have the heart to tell her she was sucking my cum and Kellys arse juice off my cock. About a day or 2 later the police came to my house with Kelly and her husband , my heart missed a beat and thought i was i trouble , but to my joy they came to tell me that to help me get over mine and Kellys ordeal they had a week long help course for the 2 of us and advised that the other halfs stay at home,,,,,,, thats part 2 to come,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if you want to be in one of my storys get in touch and let me know ,,,,, please leave feedback or vote if you liked it thank you

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mzMSid Excellent! Got a real pleasure..!


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