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First time story didnt know whether to continue it or not so some good feed back is always good.

3 main races on the planet, red blood, blue blood and humes. There were many other races but none in such vastness, for instance the raiders of the north who lived in the mountains and a small entirely female race who lived in shrouded secrecy, the native black elves- very few and lived in the forests their brown skin disguising them from intruders. Many other creatures lived but few others with opposable thumbs.
Nikita was a blue blood elf living on the outskirts of the main city, its high walls sounded by farming villages on one side and sea the other, birds flying overhead carrying other elf’s or precious cargo. Nikita was proud owner of one of the biggest farms, boasting 6 fields of the finest yielding crop over half the land, the gentle vines maintained by en slaved red bloods or half breeds- where red and blue where combined this elf race was, very little survived birth and those not killed soon after where forced into the life of slavery. Unlike others Nikita was mostly kind to her slaves and in turn they worked hard, they all wore simple clothing and lived in the best housing the law would give them. Often they breaded allowing Nikita to have more slaves who learned how to grow crop. Standing at the door of her house hold atop a hill she looked across her surrounding fields. Red women with their pinkish skin tending younglings and crop, their breasts where firm but swayed as they bent over to rid crop of weeds, their children running naked through the crop- this was a better atmosphere then having a scene of whipping and displeasure. Male’s muscles budged as they lifted heavy equipment, their penises dangling below a loin cloth or standing erect by their women and children. This is what Nikita enjoyed the most her slim body was more than enough for them to ‘come to attention’ occasionally treating herself to these pleasures or any of the surrounding. She walked out to the first field exchanging talk with the women about crop and children’s progress in the world, children coming up for help finding their mother, talking to men about wife’s and families as well as the payment and accommodation (very few where used for unconventional purposes). As she carried on through the small gaps in the crop she came across a young male red laying down tugging at his penis.
‘What are you doing young red?’ Nikita asked staring down upon him.
He yelped and stumbled on the ground. ‘I was doing nothing...Ma’lady’
‘ ah but you where young man’ she bent over and lightly touched his penis laying the small three incher in her hand ‘being so rough will achieve nothing’
he looked very embarrassed and shocked as she gently licked the tip and sucked on it. When her mouth came off of it the penis was still small ‘be older before trying again your penis has not developed like others, but feeling the opposite sex is something you should be involved in’ Nikita put her hand under her short skirt and re produced two long fingers covered in a viscous liquid ‘suck them and taste what women taste of’. The boy obliged.
She was soon on her way through the crop going from field to field; it was all to present the amount of sexual frustration in the air. Girls touching themselves young ones humping each other boys feeling girl’s women touching themselves, men receiving pleasures from other women.
Reaching the 5th field children ran to her making her hurry and a birth was about to commence in a hut. She was soon there. The red was her legs spread and stomach bulging her breather short and fast, her face young.
‘Girl you should be too young for this birth’ the girl replied with a scream of pain. Nikita came close and spread the red girl’s legs wider. The juices of passion where spewing from her- no blood because all elves bones where flexible and internals expandable her cervix would be enlarged by this permanently but not by huge amounts. Nikita pushed her long fingers deep in the girl making her scream, she could feel the head, juices now flowed from her pussy and it was not a moment later the foetus made slow but steady progress out. The girl was screaming and breathing heavy but the baby came soon, a little girl red. The new mother was soon holding it, its screams small in comparison to a humes baby. Nikita would question her later, but for now massaged her own reproductive organ- her own juices now on the floor mixing with the red girls- who’s own was raw and stretched but was slowly tightening up again.
As Nikita came closer to her domain on the hill she felt herself grow hotter and hotter her juices soon trickling down her legs. Red children where following up behind her as she reached her house she went indoors and was immediately on hands and knees ‘CHILD!!’ Nikita yelled out most children ran but one hurried forward.
‘Yes ma’am....’ it was worried.
Nikita didn’t care ‘you! Put your hand in here now!’ Nikita indicated her vagina with her finger and soon felt a small fist being pushed in her. ‘DEEPER!! HARDER!!’ the child was sobbing but she didn’t care her walls where being stretched, her juices flowing freely on the floor, her body hot. She began to drool and cry from pleasure as the child fisted her deep.
‘Harder!’ Nikita cried out as the child fisted her harder, her cum now forming a larger and larger puddle on the floor.
Soon after her tenth body rocking orgasm she collapsed on the floor her joints spasming. The child was still there crying from fear of what might happen next. ‘Come here child’ said Nikita- her words mumbled. The child stepped next to her face. ‘Ah a young red girl, you’ll come to this house every evening till I say so, child do not cry it is a good thing you have done. Now go’ and with that the child ran.
I was not expecting this so soon Nikita thought. Blue elves had bodies like Humes, wanting to breed but after the first child the compulsion would stop. Many blue women got pregnant but terminated the child after birth, Nikita wasn’t like them if she had the child she would keep it, but with it came the eternal urges of a human man. So the older she got in her never ending life the compulsion would grow. A compulsion to maintain her race.

The next morning soon came she got up and left the hut to examine her ever growing land. The reds where working hard than ever, but as she approached the first field a messenger speedily arrived and took one knee before her.
‘Dear lady of farm Cheydin’ the boy said to the floor.
‘Yes runner?’ she looked down upon him as he rose to look up at her.
‘Queens’s advisors have sent a warning and advice of keeping red’s as slaves-‘he was cut off.
‘Though the elf’s work my fields do so under my will they are not slaves but workers whom obeyed me. Carry on’ Nikita announced it heavy.
‘Sorry. Red workers are to be tested for a new decease that is spreading. It is beginning to affect them in large proportions and now farm owners are not allowed to trade sla-- workers with one another in order to quarantine the infected’.
‘Alright and how do we ‘test’ them for this disease?’
‘simple reproductive test my lady spell of healing upon a open sample it should’nt separate but should stay cloudy and normal as us’.
‘good, what do I do if I come across an infected worker?’
‘a formal issue hasn’t been come up with but as far as the order is concerned they only pass infertility and give half a humes life to who’s infected, it doesn’t transfer to blue blood so it is apparent you may keep the workers but preferably separate from the others. Good day my lady’
and with his finish the runner lightly darted away, probably to another farm.
Nikita paced herself at the front of the first field. ‘Workers of first field!’ her voice echoed out across the first field and the movement of workers stopped and faces turned to her.
‘You must all line in front of the main house please form separate sex lines’.
Soon she was in the main hall of her house with the two lines of reds outside.
‘First male please enter’ one of the red males entered looking very nervous.
‘Well this is a simple test of a spreading disease; all I need you to do is produce a reproductive sample in this’ Nikita produced a small blue elf ceramic cup and handed it to the male.
He pulled his clothe to one side and handled his penis. Not to soon after his muscles tensed and his hard penis erupted a large shot of cum. Nikita's pussy was already dripping wet as the red handed her the cup she looked at it, it was almost filled she inserted two fingers into it and felt the warm of the cum, she swirled it around and closed her eyes and preformed the spell of healing. The cum stayed cloudy. The red stayed still and quite a few beads of sweat broke on his fore head, his penis already retracted into its sheath and was now hidden behind his clothe. Nikita licked her fingers. ‘You are clear you may resume work once more’.
He exhaled and left. Nikita quickly ‘disposed’ of the cum a small bead of it left on the corner of her mouth which was soon taken by her toung. ‘First female please’
a young red girl came in probably past her 20th winter.
‘testing for an infection I require you to produce reproductive juice into this’ Nikita handed her the same cup now clean of cum and the red girl squatted and began rubbing her bald pussy, little more time than the previous male but she was soon panting for breathe as she orgasmed producing her juice into the cup and onto some of the floor. Nikita preformed the same procedure as the last and the test was negative.
The sun was going down when she finally had finished checking. Ironically only 3 red had turned up with the infection and all surprisingly young reds. 2 female one male one, the male had come from another farm recently and the one of the girls had been infected by him. The other was a more curious case.
‘You will stay in the house grounds; you will not leave the grounds or work on the fields. No contact will be made with any of the others. This is punishable by death.

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2013-02-16 03:42:21
Yay good story brother up gotta make more!


2011-11-21 18:54:09
Yeah, it was a good start. Interesting imagination. I would say continue it, but perhaps a little better knowing in the English language would help. Overall, not bad, just hard to read at points.

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2011-07-04 15:56:17
Unfortunately 'Office' programmes will only correct words that they think are incorrect. As you may know there are a number of English words that are spelt the same but meaning different things.

A second and maybe third part would be nice, but you are the writer so take the story whichever way you want, don't be too influenced by other people's desires.



2011-07-03 13:28:35
few more positives and i do another one with requests for what could happen?


2011-07-03 12:10:09
yes i got a english word office 10 i thought it would correct mistakes correctly for me so i could just copy paste it. try better with words next time haha.

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