This is the sixth part to these stories. I'm sorry it took so long for those of you who like these. This one is long and if you don't have patience or don't like the tags I put on here, please don't bother reading. Now if you DO like the tags I put on here, Read Away! But no matter what, Thank you for reading!
I woke to the feeling of the morning sun shining in on my face from the small basement window. I kept my eyes closed as I smiled and reached my arms out in both directions; feeling around for the warmth of their bodies. My hands came up empty; there was nothing but cold sheets. My eyes snapped open and I sat up in bed and glanced to either side of me. They weren’t even in the room! I crawled out of the bed and ran over to the steps of Melanie’s basement. I quickly moved up the steps and ran right into the damn door, “Fuck!” I said quietly under my breath as I rubbed my forehead with my right hand and jiggled the door knob with my left. They locked me down here all alone? What a bitch! This had to be Melanie’s handy work.

“Hello? Is anybody there?” I yelled with my ear to the door. I could hear soft murmurs and whispers coming from the other side; and Melanie’s laughter, Andrew’s deep voice. What the fuck are they doing? “I can fucking hear you!” I screamed, and then it was quiet. A chair scooted across the floor, followed by big heavy footsteps. “Shit…” I muttered and turned around, practically flying down the stairs and I ran to the bed and plopped back down on it, sat cross legged, and held a pillow in my lap to cover my, nakedness. There’s really no point, but I’m self conscious; especially around Melanie who looks like the goddess of sex. The door creaked open and more light shined in from the opening. Andrew’s huge frame cast a shadow at the base of the steps. He walked down slowly and then at last he was in my view. I sighed and smiled at him; he didn’t smile back. He walked quickly towards me and my smile faded. When he finally reached the foot of the bed where I sat he stopped and just glared down at me.

For the first time I realized his hair was freshly wet and he overall exerted a clean sent. Then another pair of footsteps started down the steps and Melanie was at the base of the stairs peering over at us. I glanced around Andrew and looked at her, “Hi.” I said sarcastically. I’m not a morning person, she’s a bitch, and her hair is also wet. They took a shower together, without me. I turned back and glared up at Andrew. He realized why I was so angry and he laughed at me. “What are you jealous, my pet?” He just kept smiling. “Fuck you, Andrew.” I purposefully provoked him. I know exactly what he’s going to do next and my clit is already throbbing in anticipation. “What did you just say?” His face hardened and there was an acidic tone to his voice. Now he’s going to hit me, I thought to myself and I smiled up at him. I was turning into quite the masochist. But he didn’t. He just turned walked back over to where Melanie was; he brushed her damp hair over her shoulder and whispered something in her ear. She started to smile and she glanced over at me. He leaned away from her took one last look at me and headed back up the steps.

I was completely and utterly confused. I watched Melanie as she slowly walked over to me. “Now Crystal, I do not want to have to force you up those steps or hurt you in any way, but if I have to, I will. Now, will you come with me up stairs to the powder room so we can get you freshened up?” She was so innocently evil; I saw right threw her friendly demeanor but I wasn’t in the mood to fight her. I stood up and gestured for her to lead the way. “Thank you.” She said softly and started to walk. She led me up the stairs and through her futuristic looking kitchen and into her chic living room. Almost everything was black and white and leather or tile or some kind of dark stone; and extremely expensive looking. I didn’t get a chance to look around last night because the bitch had tazed me.

I trailed behind her through the huge house and into her bedroom. It was the only room that didn’t have white walls; these walls were blood red and the furniture looked old and gothic but I only got a brief look of her room before we were walking into her luxurious “powder room”; as she had recently called it. I walked over by the tub and watched her as she shut and locked the door behind us. She turned towards me and looked straight at me as she undid her robe. “Get in the tub, bitch.” She spoke the words slowly. “Oh so I finally get to see the real you? When Andrew can’t hear us anymore of course.” I glared at her. “He told me to bring you in here and get you freshened up. He didn’t say be kind to her, no, nothing like that. In fact, he said do whatever I wish to do to you.” She grinned sadistically at me as she slid her black silk robe off her shoulders. It dropped to the floor and I was once again taken aback by the beauty of her body. She was the perfect woman in my opinion. My pussy started to get wet as I let my gaze slide down from her face to her huge breasts. Her nipples were small and very pink in contrast to her ivory complexion; she was even whiter than me!

My gaze slid further down, across her smooth, flat, stomach, and to her hairless pussy. I could see moisture shining between her lips and I knew she was horny too. I may not like her, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fuck her. “Are you daft? Get in the fucking tub!” She yelled at me. My head snapped up and I glared straight at her and said one word. “No.” Her eyes widened. “You fucking slut. Did you misunderstand your master last night? While you stay here, I am in control!” She screamed even louder as she walked quickly towards me. I just smiled as she shoved me against the wall beside the tub and closed her small hands around my throat. She squeezed tightly and started to smile when she saw the panic in my eyes. Fuck! Who would have known this petite bitch was so strong?

I started to shove her away from me and she slammed her body up against mine. Our breasts and our nipples were pressed perfectly together; except her monster boobs were squashing mine and it started to hurt. She still wouldn’t let go of my throat and I couldn’t get her away; my chest started to hurt like crazy because I couldn’t get any air! “Tell Mistress Melanie you’re sorry Crystal.” She whispered in my ear. I wanted to apologize to the bitch just to get some air but all that came out was a long wheezing sound. I pleaded to her with my eyes and finally she let go and I dropped to the floor coughing. I fell to my knees in front of her and I rubbed at my throat as I looked up at her. She grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back further; I didn’t fight her. “Tell me, you’re sorry Crystal.” She was really starting to scare me; she looks so beautiful and innocent but really she’s strong, confident, and a scary ass dominatrix. “I’m sorry Melanie.” I squeaked up at her. “Good girl.” She replied quickly, looked into my eyes for a long moment, and slapped me square in the face. “Shit! What was that for?” I screamed as I fell to my stomach beside the bath. She laughed sinisterly and said “That? That was just for fun.” She stood over me and started to run the water in the tub. She put the plug in the drain and it started to fill with water.

I was still lying on the floor on my stomach while I rubbed at my cheek when she reached down to grab my hair. She pulled so hard I had no choice but to get back up to my knees. “Ow! Shit, what’s your prob-“ I started to yell but she had already moved around the front of me and shoved my face into her pussy. “Lick up my juices slut.” She said as she grabbed the back of my head and grinded her pussy all over my mouth. I had no problem with this. I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out between her soft pussy lips. I rubbed my tongue around her pussy until I found her clit. I knew when I had it because her breath caught in her throat and her face softened a little. I swirled my tongue all over her clit and flicked it back and forth between my lips. She started to moan softly and I smiled up at her. “Don’t you fucking enjoy this slut!” She pushed me away and then slapped me across the face over and over while she held me in place by my hair. By the time she was done slapping me I had counted 12 slaps and my right cheek was on fire. My eyes were starting to water as she shoved my mouth back onto her pussy. I eagerly stuck my tongue straight up her cunt hole and wiggled it in and out. I tongue fucked her cunt for a long time before I moved back over to her clit. I sucked it into my mouth and just massaged it with my lips. It felt like forever before finally I could feel her clit really start to throb and pulsate between my lips. She pushed my face hard into her pussy and used her other hand to plug my nose. I couldn’t get any air and she was grinding her cunt all over my face as she came. I looked up and watched her throw her head back and moan.

At last she let go of my face and pushed me back down to the floor on my back in front of her. My face was all wet and shiny from my saliva and her pussy juices. I just laid there and breathed in and out slowly. I watched her reach over and turn the water off in the bath tub. Then she walked across the bathroom and over to her vanity. She pulled open the little drawer where I assumed she would keep her make-up but she pulled out hot pink strap-on dildo that looked like it was at least 10 inches; my pussy juices were dripping out onto the insides of my thighs. She didn’t say a word as she stepped into it and pulled it into place. She tightened the adjustable strap so it wouldn’t fall off and then still, without a word, she strode towards where I laid on the ground.

I leaned forward into a sitting position and just looked up at her. She smiled at me and stroked my bruised cheek softly, “You know you can be a good little slave, sometimes. But you still need training… you’re still too fucking defiant.” I watched her face turn mean and sadistic as she spoke. She grabbed me by my hair roughly and I couldn’t help but whimper in response. She dragged me over to the huge bath tub and right up to the edge of it. I looked at the water and realized there was no steam this whole time; the mirror wasn’t even fogged up. Right when I realized she was about to dunk my face into freezing cold water it was too late. She pushed me over the side of the tub and I started to scream as my face hit the cold water. She pushed my head all the way in and kept shoving violently until my face hit the bottom of the tub and my tits scraped roughly over the side and into the water too. My ass was in the air and the strap-on she was wearing was digging into my ass cheeks as she kept my head under. I started to panic and I was thrashing back and forth. “We need to clean up that bad attitude slut!” I heard her scream at me; but the sound was warped and I could barely hear anything because the water was filling my ears.

Right when I thought I was going to pass out and start to suck in water she pulled my head out and I gasped for air. “Are you going to be a defiant little slave whore still?” She asked me as she held me up against her chest. I could feel her tits pressing into my back. I didn’t answer her, I just tried to catch my breath. “Alright, take a deep breath whore.” She growled in my ear and then shoved my head back under. I screamed into the water as I felt her position the dildo at my ass. It was completely dry and she started to push it in. I tried to get away from her but she just pushed my head under the water with her left hand and held the plastic cock up to my ass with her right. Once she felt like it was positioned well enough she just leaned forward and shoved it in 3 or 4 inches. But to me it felt like she was sticking a white hot poker up my ass. I screamed even louder and I was started to lose all my air. She thrust her hips forward again and didn’t stop shoving till it was buried to the hilt in my ass. She heard me start to choke on the water and she pulled my head back out again.

I coughed and gasped for air and I couldn’t see anything because my hair was stuck to my face. I started to scrape and pull it off my face just in time to see Melanie grab a bar of soap. My eyes went wide as she grabbed me by my hair and tried to shove the soap in my mouth. “Fuck no! You stupid whore get that fucking soap away from me!” I screamed at her and turned my face away. She just grabbed my hair and slammed my face down on the side of the tub. I just went limp from the blow and she shoved the soap in my mouth then while I couldn’t fight her. The taste was disgusting and sour and it immediately snapped me out of it. I tried to push it out with my tongue and she put her entire left hand over my mouth and squeezed.

She held her hand over my mouth firmly to keep the soap inside and tears started to run down my cheeks. She started to bite and lick down my back while she thrust the dildo in my ass. It burnt like crazy but started to stretch to accommodate the huge rubber cock. She just fucked the dildo in my ass long and hard while I cried and slobbered all over her hand. It was so degrading having soap shoved in my mouth like I was 9 years old again. Finally she let go and I spit the soap into the water. The taste in my mouth was horrible and my ass was burning; and my pussy was still throbbing this whole time. She put both her hands on my hips and started to really fuck my ass. She was pounding it relentlessly and laughing as I cried. “You fucking little whore, I haven’t even started.” She giggled in triumph as I whimpered and whined. Then she ripped the dildo out of my ass so fast it made me scream. She placed it up to my pussy and then slammed it all the way in.

I moaned loudly and grinded my ass back against her. She grabbed my hips again and started pounding my pussy. She fucked my cunt long and hard and even though my ass and my head hurt like crazy I couldn’t stop the orgasm from building up inside me. I started to moan louder as she fucked me. I was getting so close and I was slamming my ass back against her in time with her thrusts when she just pulled out and grabbed me by the back of my neck and turned me around to face her. “Aww, what were you almost there? Was that tight little whore cunt about to cum?” She just held me by my throat and watched the tears fall down my face. She smiled sweetly and then licked the salty tears off my cheeks. “Poor thing…” She said mockingly.

I glared at her and then shoved her back so hard she fell backwards and hit her head on the bathroom sink. She just sat there all shocked as the rubber dick bounced between her legs. I lunged forward at her and grabbed her by her hair and started to smash her head back on the floor beneath the sink. She was screaming at me and I was screaming at her that we both didn’t notice that Andrew had unlocked the bathroom door and was standing there watching us struggle on the bathroom floor. I’m proud to say I was kicking Melanie’s ass; at least for a few seconds. She noticed him there first before I did though. I only noticed because her expression wasn’t so panicked anymore and I knew instantly he was there. I released my hands from around her throat and pulled them back to my sides. I was lying on top of her so I pushed myself up onto my knees and she scooted back away from me towards him. I didn’t look at him once I was so fucking terrified.

I slowly turned my face towards him and my gaze trailed over his muscled legs, over the bulge in his boxers, across his hard chiseled chest and finally his gorgeous face. He looked so angry; a lump formed in my throat and my breath quickened in response. “Get. Up.” He said very slowly and his voice was stern. I immediately stood up and faced him. He gestured for me to move closer to him. I took one step closer warily, and then another, and another and finally I was so close to him I had to crane my neck up to see his face because he was so tall. He took that last step closing the distance between us and my bare tits were pressed against his chest. He lightly dragged his finger tips up my arms, over my shoulders, and then he stopped at my neck. He pressed his index finger lightly over the indention at the base of my throat. I could feel my feel my heart beating lightening fast and he knew I was terrified of what he would do to punish me. He started to lightly apply pressure around my throat as he looked into my eyes. I didn’t try to pull his hands away. Then all of a sudden he let go and quickly grabbed my right wrist and dragged me through the bathroom door into Melanie’s bedroom. She was already in the room standing over by her huge black wardrobe; I hadn’t even noticed she’d left. Andrew dragged me over to the side of the tall king sized bed and bent me over it like it was a table. I turned my head to the right and watched Melanie open the wardrobe door. There weren’t any clothes inside that is for sure.

There were handcuffs, whips, and paddles hanging off hooks inside of it. There were all sorts of sex toys aligned neatly inside on a shelf. And there was an electric cattle prod propped up in one corner inside. Then I felt him drag his hand down my back and when he reached the top of my ass he brought his hand up and let it come crashing down. I jerked and whimpered from the pain but I didn’t dare try to move away. “What did I tell you Crystal? Was I not clear enough about Melanie?” He asked me. “No master, you were very clear.” I said softly into the sheets. “Then what was it that I said?” I paused for a second and he slapped my ass again and this time it really hurt. “What did I fucking say?!” He yelled from behind me. “You said that while we stay here over the next couple of weeks, Melanie is to me what you are!” I yelled back. “And what’s that?” He asked. “Mm-Master.” I stumbled over the word. “Yes. But you will call her Mistress. Now is that understood?” “Yes Master. I’m sorry.” I said softly and he just laughed. “No you’re not. But you will be.” I got goose bumps all over my body from his words.

I watched Melanie pick up a leather riding crop off one of the hooks. She walked over to where Andrew stood behind me. “You will receive 100 lashings in all Crystal. 25 on your ass, your cunt, your tits, and your inner thighs. But Crystal, you can choose where you want to receive your first 25 lashings. Your Mistress will administer them while you suck my cock.” He spoke quickly while he walked around to the other side of the bed. He stood for a moment and took his boxers off; his cock was already rock hard. He got up onto the bed and moved over toward me. “Oh and Crystal, I don’t want to feel your fucking teeth. Not even once. Understand?” He asked. “Yes Master.” I assured him even though I wasn’t sure if I could promise that. “Good. Where do you want it first?” I thought for a moment. “My ass.” That’s as good as any place. It’s all going to fuckin hurt, I thought to myself. And yet, I was excited. “Fine.” He said as he pulled me all the way onto the bed. I got up onto my hands and knees and crawled over between his legs. I bent my head down to his cock and took it in my mouth and immediately began to suck. I rubbed my tongue underneath his shaft while I moved my mouth up and down over his cock. I heard him say quietly, “You may begin.” And at first I thought he was talking to me, but then I remembered Melanie.

The first hit landed on my right ass cheek and it stung horribly. The second landed on my left, and then my right again. I jerked forward with each hit because it stung so much and I tried to keep my mouth open as wide as possible so I didn’t bite down. Andrew put his hand behind my head and shoved his cock all the way down my throat. He held it there until Melanie had whipped my ass10 times. I started to struggle and he let go. I pulled my mouth off his cock and gasped for air. He let me breath for a short while before he slammed my head back down on his cock and he held it there until she reached 20. I started to get light headed and my ass felt raw. He let go and I gasped for air again quickly and then I took him back into my mouth before he even had a chance to shove my head down. His cock was starting to release pre cum and it was lubricating my throat so I could take all 11 inches of him in. I counted to 24 and then stopped to breath. Melanie whipped my ass for the last time and then in one swift movement she had me flipped over on my back with my legs spread and my pussy right in front of her.

Andrew roughly grabbed my hair and bent my head back so he could stuff his cock back down my throat. He leaned forward over me and pinched my nipples while he fucked my throat. His balls were slapping my face and my mouth felt so full. I felt Melanie slide two fingers straight up my cunt. She finger fucked my pussy roughly long enough to get my to start to whimper and then she pulled them out and started to whip my pussy. The first on land right over my clit and I almost scraped Andrew’s cock with my teeth so he slapped my tits and pinched my nipples as hard as he could and my eyes started to water again. Melanie was on the 7th lashing and my cunt already felt raw and it was burning. She started whipping faster and harder. She didn’t even take a break in between hits. It was just one after the other and it hurt so much worse on my pussy that I lost count. Andrew pulled his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it on my face. His cock was spreading all of his pre cum and my spit all over my face. Then he slapped my face hard and the tears fell over and onto my cheeks. He stuck his fingers down my throat and then spread my mouth open wide with his hands and he slammed his cock back down my throat. I started to gag and I felt my spit run down my chin onto my neck.

Finally Melanie whipped my pussy one last time and I thought she was going to just start to whip my thighs but she walked away back over to the wardrobe. Andrew pulled his cock out of my mouth and grabbed me by my hair while he said, “I want you to watch the rest of this Crystal.” I looked up at him with no doubt panic in my eyes. Then I turned my head quickly to watch Melanie. She had already picked up another item from her wardrobe. It just looked like it was a long, thin, piece of wood that had been sharpened into a point at the end. She walked slowly over to me running it through her hand. Andrew leaned forward to grab my legs from underneath my knees. He pulled my legs back and wide apart; I couldn’t push them back down if my life depended on it because he was so strong. I watched Melanie as she approached me. She swung the piece of wood through the air quickly so I could hear the sound it made and she smiled at the look of terror on my face. Then in a blindingly fast movement she slapped it down on my left thigh; I’m sure you could hear me scream from outside of the house.

She whipped my thighs back and forth, again and again, while I thrashed against Andrew’s secure hold he had on me. I arched my back and tried to buck my ass around to get my legs free of his hands but it was no use. I looked down at my thighs and there were long and thin shaped welts all over them. Some of them were bleeding but mostly they were just red, purple, and mean looking. It burnt more than the riding crop on my clit. All I could do was scream and cry and beg with them. “Fuuuuuck, please Andrew! Stop, I’m so sorry! Melanie please I know you’re my mistress now. You have control over me! I won’t fight you anymore!” But she didn’t stop. She had an evil looking grin on her face and she just brought the whip down over and over again. I counted 32 before she finally stopped; I didn’t care, I was starting to get numb.
Andrew just dropped my legs and the fabric of the bed hurt like hell against my ass, my pussy too, but mainly my thighs. I could barely walk so he lifted me off the bed and I thought it was over; it wasn’t. He set me on my feet under a steal ring in the ceiling. Melanie grabbed rope from underneath her bed and brought it to him. I just looked up at him trying to plead with my eyes. He grabbed my wrists roughly, “You need to learn Crystal. You have no say in your life now. You are here to pleasure me, and whoever else I tell you to.” He said as he began to bind my wrists. I just dropped my head and stared at the floor. When my wrists were tied he looped the rest of the rope through the ring in the ceiling and started to pull. My arms rose above my head first, then the rope started to pinch my wrists as the rest of my body started to lift up. I was starting to wince in pain just as he stopped. My toes were barely touching the floor. He took the rope and tied it off with another steal ring in the floor below.

He moved close behind me and began to squeeze and fondle my ass cheeks. He reached between my legs and stuck his middle finger into my pussy and I moaned because it felt so nice. He started to finger fuck my pussy really fast and just as it started feeling really good he stopped and pulled his fingers out. He walked around in front of me, “Open your mouth.” I obeyed immediately and he stuck those same fingers in. “Lick my fingers clean you horny little slut. You’re fucking sopping wet even after all of this.” I licked and sucked his fingers clean and then he walked back around behind me and reached his arm around my stomach and lifted me the rest of the way off the floor. He held me up with both his arms and didn’t even need to guide his huge cock into my pussy. He just bent down a little and then slammed it straight up to the hilt. I gasped out in surprise at first but then he started thrusting his cock into my pussy faster and harder than I ever remember him being able to. I could feel my pussy squeeze his cock like it was pumping him for cum already. “Oooh, fuck Master! Thank you so much-mmmm- fuck me, yeah, yeah, yeah!” I was moaning and screaming at him to fuck me so loud I almost didn’t notice Melanie start to whip my tits.

She hit my left tit so hard I screamed at the top of my lungs and immediately looked down to see the damage. Sure enough there was a long, thin gash diagonally on my tit. But as I stared at the pink line and felt the burning sensation it started to turn me on even more. I looked up at Melanie and bit my lip and she smiled and whipped my right tit even harder. I moaned out in a mixture of pain and pleasure and Andrew just kept pounding my pussy so hard my tits were bouncing up and down. Melanie kept whipping my tits and they burned so much that it started to feel good. Then she dropped the long piece of wood on the ground and moved toward me. She grabbed my tits in her hands and dug her nails in them as she watched my face as I neared orgasm.

Andrew slammed his dick in and out of my pussy so hard and so deep and it felt so good I had to keep my eyes from rolling back in my head. Melanie grabbed my face and squeezed my cheeks so that I would open my mouth. “Open that fuckin mouth slut!” I opened my mouth wide and she spit in my mouth and slapped my face, “Swallow it whore!” and I did and it made me feel so dirty I knew I would cum any second when she dropped to her knees and started flicking my clit with her tongue and it was just all too much. That same feeling started tingling in my groin except I felt like I had to pee and my pussy started to squirt and Melanie opened her mouth and licked and sucked all my juices out of my sopping cunt.
I went completely limp and Andrew pulled his cock out of my pussy and Melanie crawled over to him and she took his cock in her mouth. She swallowed it down her throat like a pro and he grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth. I watched him slam his cock all the way down her throat a couple more times before pulling out and shooting his load all over her face. Some of his cum shot on her cheeks and she scraped it off into her mouth and swallowed it. I was starting to get jealous that she got to swallow his cum and suck his cock dry when Andrew started untying the rope. He slowly loosened it till I was flat on my feet and then he completely untied my wrists and I couldn’t control myself.

I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck before he could stop me and I pressed my lips against his. I started to kiss him passionately and he returned the kiss although I could tell he was surprised. Too soon he pulled my arms from around his neck and I let my hands glide slowly over his shoulders and down his chest. I leaned my forehead against his and closed my eyes; I could feel his hot breath on my lips and my pussy started to ache in anticipation again when Melanie spoke up, “What? And I get nothing?” She asked sarcastically and I don’t know what came over me but all of a sudden I wanted her to hold me in her arms too. I pushed away from Andrew and ran to her but I slowed down and walked the rest of the way to her. She watched me cautiously while I just stood in front of her and I just looked into her eyes for a long time. Finally I reached up and squeezed both her huge tits and puckered my lips up at her sarcastically. She was fighting a smile as she shoved me on the bed and climbed on top of me.

I reached underneath her with my right hand and rubbed her pussy lips slowly. She started to breathe heavy over my mouth and moan quietly so I roughly pressed my lips to hers. She returned the kiss just as rough and it felt like we were fighting again but it was so much more pleasurable this time. I slid two fingers into her pussy and shoved them in deep and hard so I could rub her G-spot. She pulled her mouth away from mine and started to moan loudly. I shoved her off to the side so I could climb on top of her and I reached between her legs again to finger her cunt. “Mistress, you’re so fucking wet.” I whispered in her ear softly as she rolled her head back and kept on moaning. I completely forgot about Andrew who had climbed up on the bed beside us to watch; he stroked his cock which was already regaining its size and I thought to myself, this is going to be one hell of a night.

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