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My wifes drunken friend and wife
The Wife's Drunken Friend,

Hello let me tell you about a true story, i met my wife Claire 12 years ago, she looked stunning 36d boobs, slim body and long legs, nice round arse and very tight pussy, she always liked to tease me.
When ever she could she had her hands, mouth or pussy around my cock, let me tell you about myself im John 6ft6 18 stone and play rugby, my nickname is Bull, not because i play rugby but because im just over 10 inch's in the pants area.
That's enough about me ,Claire had a few friends which were hot and they were always over my house and could see them giggling and looking my way but that turned Claire on and i always got rewarded after they had left , even sometimes if i was in kitchen Claire would be under table sucking me off , letting me shoot my spunk into her mouth which she greedly swallowed and licked the rest of my come off her lips , then she went back into living room to say goodbye to her mates by giving then a quick kiss on there lips before they left, one or two even asked what lipstick or balm she used because it tasted nice.
I often though of asking if they all wanted to blow me before they left but i was to affraid Claire would blow her lid and leave, but im getting of the story, it all started when Claire asked if there was any jobs at my place as Donna had just lost her's, i always got on with Donna more than any of her other mates , we seemed to be on the same daft wave length.
Strangly there was a few jobs at my place , one of them being working the same shift as me and i managed to but a good word in and soon Donna was working at my place , as she lived next door we took turns driving, after a few years we were more like husband and wife at work the way we carried on by daft games and always coming and leaving in the same car.
One night Claire , Donna ond her other friends were going out, they all started at my house and there was 4 of them, Claire wore a tight white dress with no bra as i watched her get dressed and white thong, Donna turned up looking at bit upset with jeans and t-shirt on, i looked at her and said whats up,we found out her roof was leaking and her house was going to be out of bounds for a week and could she sleep on the sofa as her parents lived 200 miles away.
There was no bother about her staying, she looked and asked if she could use our shower to get ready so she could go out, off she popped upstairs to use the en-suite shower , Claire came in and asked what was up and i told her, about 20 mins later i heard Donna shout down to ask for a towel , Claire threw me a towel and told me to take it up to her , as i knocked on door Donna popped her head round to take it off me, as i asked her if she needed anything more i seen her naked reflection in the mirror , this was the first time i seen Donna naked and what a body she had , her bum was smaller but firmer than Claires but her boobs looked bigger.
Soon they were downstairs drinking about a bottle of wine each before they left, as they left i got up to give Claire a kiss goodbye ,as i slipped a tounge in to say night to her i playfully slapped her arse, to my surprise the other 2 girls asked where there goodbye was , i giggled and went one by one quick kiss on there cheers and as they left the door i slapped each of there arse's , but as i slapped Donna's arse i left my hand there a bit longer having a quick feel.
As soon as they had left i ran up-stairs and found a red bra and thong on the shower floor , Claire hates red so i knew they had to be Donna's, as i lifted the thong to my nose i could smell her pussy and quickly got my cock out and started to stroke the bra around it, soon i was shooting all over the shower wall but the though of what i had seen i the mirror i dropped the thong around my cock and shoot into them.
As i tidyed up i quickly give the a wash and threw them back on the floor where it wa wet of the shower, i went down stairs and watched tv and drank a few cans, it was about 2am when i heard giggling and Claire and Donna fell into the living room , after a few mins of nonsense Claire looked at me and said she was going to be sick , but before i could get her to the toilet she threw up all over me, my jeans and t-shirt was covered in bright red sickly wine, as i helped Claire upstairs Donna said she would sort out her bed on the sofa, i had earlier put quilt and pillow beside for her to use.
After putting Claire to bed and getting out of my sick soaked clothes ,Claire asked for some water , without thinking i went back to kitchen in just my boxer's, i had forgot that Donna wa on the sofa which i had to pass to get to the kitchen. Just as i was passing i heard mmmmmm thats why she married you, i looked down and Donna was on the sofa lying down with only her head popping out, my boxers were only about a foot from her head as she laid there, i stood there with my 7 soft inchs hanging down and from her angle she could see the tip sticking out from the bottom, giggling she reached out and playfully flicked it, i was in shock but as i stood there i could feel me cock starting to move and get hard, then she reached out and grabbed it outside my boxers and started to rub and grab it, just as i was going to back off she threw the quilt on the floor and she only had a blue thong on , no bra and her tits wer firm and as it was a bit cold her nipples started to stick out.
Soon her hand was inside m boxers getting a good feel , i looked back to the bedroom door but i was quiet,as i turned around Donna pulled my boxers down letting all 10 inchs bob up and down, Claire never lied hair so my cock and balls were hair free , even my arse hairs were gone but after ever wax or shave i got blown or was alowwed to give Claire anal as a reward.
As i stood there Donna got on her knees and took my cock tip in her lips and began sucking little by little she had more in her mouth, i knew there and then i wanted to see Donna naked , even more i wanted more to fuck her. I lifted her up and placed her on the sofa i looked down and removed her thong , the aroma was strong and her thong was wet, her pussy was smooth as i licked up and down and slipped 1,2,3,4 fingers in there was still room for my thumb, i could only get 4 fingers in Claire so i tried my luck as i was moving my fingers and thumb in and out i could feel my hand going in further , soon my hole had was inside her pussy upto my wrist.
This did it for me and i told her i was coming she span around nearly snapping my fingers and took my cock into her mouth, all 10 inchs were inside her mouth and i shoot into her mouth, as she swallowed and scooped the cum of her chest she licked her lips and said mmmmmmm Claires lip balm.
I pulled my hand out and licked her juice off , and she even sucked 3 fingers clean,i place my cock at her soaking pussy in slipped it in , as i went ball deep she was biting my ear asking me when i was going to come if i would stick it up her arse , hearing this i built up speed and even lifted her up and laid her on the dinner table so i could get harder and more forse into her pussy, i felt my balls building up , i lifted her legs wet her arsehole with her pussy juice and slipped my cock in, 2 inchs were in and i heard her wimper, i stopped but she pulled herself off the table so all remaining 8 inchs shoot inside her arsehole , this made me fall on my back where Donna proceded to to ride my cock in her arse like her life depended on it.
Just as i was about to come i looked up and seen a naked Claire stand over me with a ankle either side of my head, my heart raced , there i was her best mate riding my cock in her arse , Donna looked up and smiled , reached over and grabbed Claires hips , pulling her towards her Donna started to lick and suck Claires pussy, i reached up and grabbed her arse and started to finger her pussy, as i pulled it out Donna was quick to suck it , i reached her arse and slowly slipped a finger then 2 into Claires arse , as i pulled out Donna as before was quick to suck them clean, she stopped and looked down smiled and went back to sucking them, she then took my to finger and placed one in her pussy and one in her arse , slipped them up and down took them out and sucked them clean, this made me explode into her arse, i felt her tighten as she came.
It was Claires turn to get the attention , as i helped her to the floor she looked and smiled and give me a kiss , her pusy was soaking so my cock slipped in no bother , as i looked to see what Donna was doing she sat down on Claires face , i could see that these to had pussy licked before , but then i noticed Claire was licking and sucking the cum out of Donnas arse then with it still on her tounge licking deep in her pussy.
My cock pumped and pumped deep into my wifes pussy, i found out later that Donna's roof ok and it was there idea that they cooked up a few weeks before, now i sometimes sleep at Donna's , she sleeps here or the 3 of us have loads more fun.
Nobody at work knows about how the husband and wife work team have took it to new levels.

please add me on to chat and if you want will write a story about us

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2012-07-08 17:18:17
In the last true story you did, your dick was 8 inches with your sister. The only way your dick is 8 ir ten inches is if you measure it from your asshole. wtf.

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2012-02-12 02:30:18
x6J5PV I am amazed with the abundance of interesting articles on your site! The author - good luck and wish you the new interesting posts..!

Magpie AmyReport

2011-07-04 12:00:37
I find with stories like this I need to review/edit them 24hrs later.... but I have been writing for 10 years!
Excellent first effort though..


2011-07-04 09:07:12
Nice story, interesting and exciting, but a little 'choppy'. Very 'stream of consciousness', I would suggest slowing it down a bit, rereading what you've written ten minutes after you have typed it so you can approve or improve how your sentences stand alone--and work together.

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