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If you don't like the story, don't read it. More to come hopefully.
Again I want to tell you if you don't like my story, I'm not MAKING you read it. There are tons of other stories out there to read.

School Series
One Day

Sundays were the best. Saturdays were good too. But the weekend was better.
A lot of times I ask myself if I should be doing this, and I keep telling myself to shut up. I know one of these days I'm going to get caught, and then I don't know what will happen. For now though, I just keep fucking my teacher.

Lets go back tothe beginning first. So you can get to how my sex life officially started.

It started awhile ago, maybe seven months ago, I start to actually think my teacher was cute. Hot even. His name was Ryan Teman. Mr. Teman we called him. All the other girls would go, "Oh, look at him. He's so hot!" or "Look there's Mr.T!" Me. I didn't really see it until seven months ago. Just one day he walking past me, and he winked at me. Just one wink, but it was enough to make me go crazy. Insane even.

At first I was wondering why he would wink at me. Then I was wondering why I would even care. I didn't like him, and then slowly he seemed more appealing. I look at his ass, or I'd raise my hand more even though I didn't know the correct answer. Then out of nowhere I started getting better grades on my home work. I would get my papers back, and I would be in shock. I'd look up at him, and be like "are you sure you graded this right?". He'd just smile at me, and move on to the next person. Then next thing I know I was standing in front of his desk after class demanding how I got the grades I was getting. Most of the working I did wasn't even correct, and I had rushed to fill in answers before we handed them in.
"Mr. Teman I don't think your grading my papers right." I had told him.
"Why? What's wrong with the grade you got?" He asked taking the papers from me, looking them over.
"They're too high. I never get grades like this. Plus all my work is wrong. I don't even know how to do have this stuff because I don't pay attention in school." I had said exasperated.
All the sudden he stood up, and came around the front of his desk. He gestured for me to sit down, and I did.

"If you don't know what were doing maybe you should stay after school, and I can help you with your homework." He said handing me my homework. "And second of all I gave you those grades so that you could come to me in private, and not have to ask in front of your friends."
"Oh.....well I guess I could stay after school, but you are going to give me the right grades again, aren't you?" I asked him looking up at him. I was kind of an honest person.
He laid a hand on my shoulder, and gave it a sueeze. "Of course."

Then started my daily-after-school lesson with Mr.Teman. Everyday I would go to school, and afterwards I would sit in his class for a half hour, and he'd help me out with my homework. It did work. I start getting better grades, and it wasn't because he was giving them to me. One day I was walking to his classroom after school, and I saw him talking to another girl. She was leaning towards him, and he had his arm around her waist. What suprised me next was that he pulled her down on his lap so she was straddling him.

Suddenly I heard foot steps coming, and I quickly hid behind somes stairs behind me. As soon as I heard then disappear I tiptoed to his room again, and I saw Mr.Teman's hand up the girl's skirt, and they were making out on his desk. They had moved to where she was laying across his desk, and he was on top of her. I had a full view up her skirt, and she was wearing anything. I know I should have looked away, but it was hard. I meant his penis was hard. His pants were tented, and she was undoing his buttons. He got up off here, and pull her with him. She lifted up her skirt, and when I looked back at him he had his penis out, and was rubing it up and down. She suddenly dropped to her knees, and took his penis in her hands. Then I gasped in surprise as she took it in her month. Which I thought was impossible with the size of it. It was at least 8' or more. He turned a little bit and all I could see was her head bobbing back and forth. I watched for awhile, and then she stopped.

He moved again, and I saw her face was covered in cum. Lots of cum. She stood up and kissed him while he picked her up to set her down on the desk. Then he got down on his knees, and started to lick her pussy. Wow! I was really getting turned on at this point. I could believe I was watching this. But then again I couldn't believe they were doing this. I saw her lift her head back, and he stood up. He squared himself with her, and then rubbed his penis again her lips. Then suddenly he pushed his penis into her, and she cried out. At first it looked like it hurt from her face, but them slowly she got this new look of lust on her face. I reached down, and started to fondle my breast. I had 32B breasts. Pretty good sizes. I heard several gasps, and I look up to see him banging her hard. I was amazed as I saw each time he only pushed harder into her. She held tighter to the desk as he push, and then slowly he came to a stop. He pulled her into his arms, and kissed her gently on the lips.

They started getting dressed, and I thought I should make it look like I was just coming down the stairs. So when I heard the door open I went down the stairs to see her coming out of his class room.
"Hi." She said walking past me.
"Hey Lilly. Glad you could make it." He told me putting on a very charming smile.
"Yeah sorry I'm late I had to do an errand for one of my teachers." I say walking into his classroom.
"No, hey, that's fine. Now what are you learning how to do today." He says earasing some things on the board. He wasn't watching what I was doing. I had taken off my shirt, and my bra. Then I slipped off my pants, and panties to stand completely naked.
"I want to learn how to fuck my teacher."

Thanks for reading!

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