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So, I have this costume hanging downstairs and as I stared at it, I wondered......what if.....
Kaci stood in front of the mirror surveying her appearance. The boom of the bass from the dance floor at the party outside shook her rib cage and resounded inside of her causing her to move to it without thought. She pulled back the gauzy hood of her costume and smoothed her hair. Little Red Riding Hood had definitely been the perfect costume to fit her personality. Nice and innocent at first glance, but upon further inspection, there was definitely a twist to her perception of this fairy tale character. She pulled at the laces of her corset making sure they were secure and admired the way the pale skin of her F cup breasts contrasted with the black satin and red lace of her costume. Would he recognize her?

Kaci had been talking to Bob on the internet for a couple of months now. He had seen several pictures of her, but she had no idea what Bob looked like – how tall he was, his eye color, or even hair color. Hell, for all she knew, “Bob” could be short for “Bobbette”. She giggled at that thought. Who would name their kid Bobbette? Resolutely, she guided the hood of her red cape back to her head and adjusted it - she’d know him….by instinct – and headed back out to the party.

As she made her way back to her spot with her friends, Kaci felt the hairs at the back her neck begin to stand as though someone were following her movement. She turned and scanned the crowd. Nah, it was just her imagination. She joined her group of now very tipsy friends and tried to forget about it….but, it wouldn’t go away. Was he here? Had he figured out who she was already? She hadn’t told him what she’d be wearing. Well, if he was watching, he was going to get a show.

Kaci positioned herself so that her back was to the room and slowly bent over the table giving one of her friends full view of her breasts. Her friend grinned and leaned over to lick her way up her chest to her lips to plant a long wet kiss against her lips. As their kiss began to deepen, Kaci placed her hands on the table and began to lean forward until she could feel air beginning to waft across the bare skin above her garter held stockings…….but, not far enough so that anyone would suspect her lack of “bloomers” under her skirt. As Kaci and her friend’s tongues fought for possession of each other, she could feel the moistness between her legs threaten to begin traveling a path down her thigh. Breaking away, with a wink at her friend’s obvious arousal, Kaci half turned…slipped a finger beneath her skirt to trace some of the wetness from her pussy…then turning to face the room, brought her finger to her lips and began licking and then sucking the sweetness she had captured.

It was then that their eyes locked. Yes, he had been watching her from across the room but her actions had brought him out of hiding. She watched him make his way to her. As he stepped into her space, she breathed in his scent – cologne and desire – and licked her lips in anticipation at his request for a dance. It was a slow song and she couldn’t wait to place her body next to his. They made their way to the dance floor and began moving against each other….first with him behind her, then in front of her, then back…….they traded places, hungry to touch every piece of exposed flesh. His hands roamed up her back to her neck and through her hair, then down over her encased breasts to her hips. Slowly……painfully slow…..his hands began a decent past her waist… her stocking clad legs at the hem of her short skirt. She wondered if he would….then he did. Bob began allowing his hands to creep beneath her skirt over the tops of her stockings, feeling her garters. He looked into her eyes – gauging her reaction. She merely smiled mischievously. Up and up his hands went….as though searching for something…but, that something was never found. He bent down to her and whispered in her ear, “You’re not wearing any panties.” She giggled and whispered back, “Would you like me to leave and put some on?” The flick of his fingers across her tender and protruding clit gave the answer to that question.

His head lowered to her lips and their tongues became entangled. Kaci didn’t know which excited her more….the fact that he was ravishing her mouth, his hands roaming over her bare flesh – sometimes lifting her skirt to expose it……..or that everyone was watching. She lost track of time and of the music – hearing only the thud of her heart and it’s excited rhythm and feeling only the beat of his pulse as his body melted with hers. His head lowered and his mouth began a journey across her breasts which had at some point defied gravity and sprang from the confines of her corset becoming fully exposed, nipples erect and begging for attention……attention which Bob readily gave to them. Kaci clutched at his head and breathed deeply trying to steady herself but unable to deny the sense of abandonment being awakened in her. She felt the trickle of wetness running down her leg and didn’t care……but, Bob did. Feeling the sticky sweetness between her legs, he descended to his knees. Lifting Kaci’s skirt, he began lapping at it making his way up to the flower opening to him. Kaci gasped and frantically looked around to see who was watching. Many of the party goers had followed their lead and she saw pieces of costumes scattered around the floor and various bared body parts here and there. Others just stared with an inability to believe what was happening almost as apparent as Kaci’s……but, the more Bob worked at her sopping wet pussy, the more Kaci didn’t care.

Throwing her head back with a moan, she widened her legs as far as she dared and thrust her pussy out toward Bob who greedily took this gift and ran with it. Kaci found it hard to breathe as his tongue wound it’s way through her lips to plunge into the origination of her wetness and then wind back out again. She felt the beginnings of a powerful orgasm building with in her and pushed Bob’s head against her, but all cohesive thought was driven from her as Bob’s lips wrapped around her clit and he began nursing at it as he had her nipples. She was thrown over the cliff of control and squealed in ecstasy as wave after wave rolled over her……and Bob lapped up every bit of it. She was shaking so bad, she could hardly stand, as Bob came to his feet and kissed her. She tasted herself on his lips and hungrily licked every drop from him. Then, with a smile, letting her hands roam down his front to the obvious bulge in his pants, she winked and simply said, “My turn.”

Kaci dropped to her knees and unzipped Bob’s pants. She carefully released his 7 ½” from it’s incarceration and began running her fingers lovingly over it. Looking up at Bob, she leaned forward and began letting her tongue trace the paths her fingers had started. When she heard him groan, she brought her lips to the head of his dick and in one stroke slipped the entire length of him into her mouth and down her throat. She felt his hands grab the back of her head and she began her rhythm – stroking with her lips, her fingers, her throat and playing over his thick shaft with her tongue. She had told Bob she knew how to make a man give her anything she wanted – and now she was proving it.

One hand grabbed ahold of his hips and she began driving her face into his crotch….over and over, sliding her lips up and down him speeding up then slowing down….first shallowly then harder and deeper….sucking at him and barely allowing her teeth to scrape down his shaft. Bob was panting hard now and fighting for control…..but, Kaci wanted him to lose that control – just the way she had. She felt his legs begin to shake and knew what was coming, so she began taking his full length into her throat – nearly gagging herself in the process – and sucking for all she was worth as though she could suck the cum from his balls…..or, maybe that’s exactly what she did. With a grunt and a moan, Bob’s cock exploded in Kaci’s mouth and she struggled to swallow it all – not wanting to waste one drop. Those that did slip from between her lips, she allowed to fall onto her breasts and immediately began massaging the gooey mess in. She continued stroking and sucking Bob’s cock lovingly with her mouth while massaging his balls until she felt his gentle pressure on her shoulders drawing her up.

As she stood he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her deeply sharing in what little was left of his cum that she hadn’t swallowed. He leaned down and licked the dried cum from her tits and then worked his way back up her neck, along her jawbone, to her ear and whispered to her…”You should see this hotel room I got for the night.” With a laugh she grabbed his hand and headed toward the exit. “I’d love to.”


2008-08-18 16:38:48
top story ;-)


2004-11-19 04:44:22
wow, nice! it's sooooo hard to find something as well written as this story, and so frusterating looking for one, so when u finally find one, it's very rewarding. i look forward to reading more of your stories


2004-09-27 00:33:23
You're an exceptional writer, hard to find writing at this level these days.


2004-09-22 23:03:32
titman AI UR A SICK FUCK having a family member watch and frig themselves is jsut nasty


2004-09-20 21:46:30
very good made my pussy very wet keep up the good work babe

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