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A woman, her son and a chair that causes orgasms

My name is Thomas and the best years of my life began in 1993 when I was 11. My mother Jennifer was raising me and my 9 year old sister Nadia while working a part time job at the local galleria. Mom was a voluptuous woman of 35, her breasts were 36c and her short dark hair hung in bangs. Her ass had a nice shape to it that complimented her long smooth legs.

The day that changed things was the day she bought one of those full-body massage chairs they sell in the malls. It came with black sunglasses that were so dark you couldn’t even see through them. Not a thing, it may as well have been a blindfold! Also included were big headphones that covered the entire ear and played whatever music the listener wanted. I even commented on how I had never seen such big headphones.

“Back before you were born those were the ONLY kind of headphones we had” She informed me with a grin.

“Well…” I thought. With a serious look on my face I said “…I guess it’s lucky I was born then.”

My mother laughed her light laugh, got down on her knees and gave me a tight hug. Her big tits squeezed tightly against my lower face.

“Where did I get such a funny kid from, huh?”

“Thanks mom.” My muffled voice mumbled.

Let me add here that my mom has always dressed appropriately. Sweatshirts and blue jeans or Pantsuits and pumps. Her short hair was dark with two thin purple streaks that were barely noticeable. It was teased to appear as though she had just rolled out of bed and had the effect of making her look like a twenty year old clubber rather than a mother of two.

That night my mother came down wearing her standard issue pajamas; shorts and a t-shirt. She sat in the chair and placed the headphones on her head, she fitted the sunglasses and briefly fumbled with the remote control before settling back for her massage. I stopped paying attention to her and continued watching cartoons while my little sister lay on her belly on the floor.

That when I heard her. At first it was a small sound, just a slight gasp. My eyes flicked in my moms direction for an instant. The rabbit on the TV was just about to pull ‘the old switcheroo’ when I heard a clearly audible intake of breath, this time I turned my head and gazed at at wonder I had never known.

The chair had reclined to a flat position. As my mother lay back in her new chair the motors or rotors or whatever began vibrating as well. The white t-shirt my mom was wearing covered her slightly jiggling breasts. Her boobs jumped and bounced with a braless enthusiasm that would be played in slo-motion if viewed on television.

“AHhhh…” my mother quietly whispered while slightly arching her back. By now my attention fully focused on my mother, her tits violently jiggled and she reached a hand to her chest to steady their sway and for a brief second I thought I was going to be caught ogling my mother.

Fortunately my mother didn’t remove the blindfold glasses and after a second her hand fell back to her side as she grasped the arm of the chair. “AH AH AH” she quickly spat out as she squirmed in the chair, her breathing was becoming labored and I could almost see the tendons in her neck and arms. Her muscles were clenched as though she were burdened by a heavy weight.

Fascinated I watched with increasing interest as my mom moved her body on the chair and made sounds of pleasure. Since she was almost flat the slow humping motion she began to make was enhanced by the chair, what was meant to be a slight indiscretion appeared more like a lewd sex act. Her brow furrowed as small beads of perspiration built, a thin film of sweat developed on her body as she tensed and strained towards climax.

For her part Jen had no idea she was being so loud on her journey to climax. Her body writhed and grinded the seat, she could feel her tits almost bounce as the chair worked her body but since she had no company she let them be. She wasn’t aware her eleven year old son stared on as her body was racked with the most satisfying orgasm of her life. Spasming she let out a moan that she new was all too loud and tried to contain herself as she came down from her high.

Suddenly aware that her kids might have heard her last lustful cries she sat in embarrassment and waited in the dark. The Rolling Stones finished one song as Britney Spears began another. Her cheeks were red and she wanted to look like everything was fine, that she hadn’t just been groped and taken past the brink by a…by a chair!

She was nearing a second orgasm when she felt enough time had passed, she wouldn’t be able to help herself if she came again so she removed the sunglasses and surveyed the gloomy room. Her son sat on the couch and her daughter on the floor, one lamp on the corner coffee table cast a dull yellow light and the TV glowed with bright colors.

They Don’t Suspect A Thing. I can’t believe a chair gave me an orgasm!

She smiled to herself as she stood up and turned the chair off. She noticed her white t-shirt clung to her chest. Her sweat had made the shirt almost see-thru, she pulled the material away from her body and went upstairs to shower.

Tommy sat with a hunched back as his mothers breasts became visible, they jiggled and moved while the hard brown nipple dragged against the material of her shirt. He felt the blood rush to his cock, which grew hard in a few seconds, and he was suddenly sporting his first boner. His dick throbbed as he observed his mothers grinding motions. All of a sudden her back arched so quickly I thought it was a seizure, but then she let out two loud cries and fell back into the chair. Almost melting into the chair she relaxed and just sat there.

Tommy was sure something special had just happened and didn’t want to be caught bearing witness to whatever it was he had just seen. He turned his head back to the TV but watched his mother out of the corner of his eye, finally she got up and left the room.

That night the frustrated preteen boy lay in his bed humping at his mattress with his hairless five inch penis, trying to release the pressure in his pants. But to no avail, the youngster suffered through a hot sweaty night of no sleep.

Things in the house continued as usual…with one exception. Every night before her daily shower Jennifer changed into her fluffy white bath robe. She uploaded her favorite MP3’s, blasted the tunes and (unknowingly) had a, raunchy, half hour sex session in front of her kids. Nadia never noticed her moms moans or the huge shaking tits. She never saw the urgent movement of her mothers body as she worked herself into a frenzy. And as for Jen; her music was so loud she couldn’t hear how loud her grunts were becoming, the glasses so dark she never saw her prepubescent son humping at the couch cushions. The mother thought herself quite clever in her private game of seduction, seduction by a CHAIR! Ha. She would think to herself some nights.

Nadia and Tommy snuggled with their mother on the couch as images of an animated cat flickered across the screen. Jen had her arms around kids as her mind wandered. Tommy on the hand could help but notice he was getting an unobstructed view of his moms heavy breast through the sleeveless arm hole on her black t-shirt. The problem was he had to turn his head to peer directly at his mom’s soft, dark nipple. So instead he contented himself with pressing the side of his face into the warm, exposed skin of his mother’s side boob.

Jen sighed as her son cuddled closer. She had an arm around his shoulder and gave him a quick squeeze before getting up and headed to the kitchen to make dinner

Tommy had a hard on like he couldn’t believe. He knew his mother was the source and cure to his dilemma, he didn’t know about sex or masturbation so his need turned to agony. Despair for relief was trumping his common sense, he knew that his best chance for success of any sort was when his mom was actually in the chair. His ultimate goal was unknown to him but he knew he needed something and he needed something that his mom had plenty of in supply.

Tommy pretended not to notice his mother enter the living room and sit in her sex chair. She put on the headphones and adjusted the glasses before laying back to begin.

Tommy waited.

Timing would be everything. Like his karate teacher always said “Striking too early may end in failure. Wait for the right moment then strike them a blow that will daze and confuse them.”

His mother began with the sighs and a low moan. The chair reclined and his mother had a look of concentration on her face. After what felt like hours his mother finally seemed to relax and really start enjoying herself. Her heavy breath was pocked with quiet moans and her face showed flashes of a smile as her pussy was worked over by high-speed robot fingers, slightly probing but always vibrating in the most pleasurable manner. Sweat formed on her brow and she cold feel the build-up.

And then there was someone between her parted legs! She gasped audibly and sat upright like a sprung mouse trap, from the massage chair her hand quickly flew to her face and pulled the glasses off. Her son sat there looking at her with wide, frightened eyes.

He had his back to her so he could watch cartoons but now his upper-body was half turned to face her with a look of fear and surprise on his face. He had wedged himself between her thighs to sit on the chair with her.

“I-I’m sorry mom!” the boy said with his voice almost cracking. “I-I-I’ll just go sit on the couch.” He made to get up.

Jennifer had a realization that the expression on her face was one of anger and accusation. Guilt washed over her in a tidal wave and she felt ashamed she would scare her son in her startled surprise.

“Oh, honey.” She replied as she seated him, this time a little more comfortably, on the chair with her. “You just scared mommy is all.” She smiled reassuringly at him and stroked his hair as she drew his head to her breast. The hug lasted a half-second then she laid back to continue her massage.

Of course, it would be cut short until the kids were sleeping but she would sit here for a few moments longer, if only to not arouse suspicion to the true nature of the chair.

She lay in the darkness provided by the blacked out glasses and listened to The Tragically Hip as the fell back into her own mind. At that moment, a robotic probe sent a jab into her ass-cheek causing her to thrust her hips quickly upwards, her panty covered mound scraped up Tommy’s back and back down again as she relaxed. The stimulation from the chair now focused on her pelvic region, blindly she grasped for the chairs remote but it had fallen to the floor when she violently sat up the last time.

She strained her arm to its limit trying to grope for the remote control on the floor. She adjusted her body and was now able to touch the carpeted floor but still could not stop the chair from rubbing her wet pussy. When her son began to rock his body from side to side she felt the friction of his bare skin against her moistened panties. She let in a sharp in-take of breath and stopped feeling for the remote, instead she removed the sunglasses to see what her son was doing. His back was to her as he watched TV but now he slowly rocked side to side, apparently moving to some song on his television show. The chairs stimulation combined with warmth of a person, any person, aroused Jennifer more then she cold have imagined.

She parted her legs a bit and hips began to hump her son’s back ever-so-slightly. What the fuck am I doing??? But before she could have any second thoughts her son turned around and laid beside her, he cuddled his face into the softness of her robe. Hugging her waist he positioned himself between her open legs, the tent in his shorts compressed as it folded between his mom’s cunt and his belly. He neglected to wear underwear so the only thing between their naughty parts were his shorts and her panties.

He lay still. He felt the hotness radiating from his mom’s pussy. She felt the hardness of his cock. An awkward silence hung in the air for the next few seconds but the chair couldn’t feel it. It’s “Vibrating Massage Action” (that promises complete comfort and relaxation on those when you just don’t want to get out of bed.) kicked in and sent shivers up Jen’s spine. She spread her legs further and wrapped them around her little son, feverishly she ground her hips up and down the underside of little Tommy’s five inch swollen member. The combined effort of both parties succeeded in freeing Tommys cock from it’s confines, springing free it’s full length rubbed up and down Jen’s soaked crotch.

She gasped. She was lost. To hell with everything, all there is is this moment. Fuck after, that’s later. This is NOW. Now she needed cock.

With a few expert movements on her part her, suddenly exposed, pussy found it’s mark and sank down on to her preteen sons dick. He looked down at her with his mouth in the big ‘O’ of surprise, although it looked like he was doing push-ups his mother was doing all the work. She thrust her hungry thighs upward at her son causing him to rise and fall. Even though she was on the bottom she was fucking up at her son like a wild animal.

He lay on his mother as her cunt engulfed his engorged member. Her legs were hanging over the arms of the massage chair and she used to the momentum to push up at him, her robe fell open exposing her entire body to his glazed over eyes. Her huge tits swayed and bounced with her efforts and he reached up a grabbed the left one. Gently he played with it, massaged it and felt it’s softness and warmth. He poked the nipple inward and it sprang back, he tweaked it and gave it a little twist. The dark nipple hardened and stood straight out, that’s when inspiration struck Tommy. He opened his mouth and sucked as much of his mom tit into his as he could.

The sensation of her sons hot wet mouth on her tit sent her over the edge and she came. Tommy sucked on her breast as he flicked his tongue over the hard small nipple. Jen fucked up hard and faster. She moaned and grunted and bucked like a rodeo horse. Tommys mouth was attached to her tit and his hand gripped her hips, he peered at hismom’s face as she looked up at him. His hair was matted to his head, he didn’t smile but stared a sexy smoldering look into her eyes as she pumped his cock in and out of her tight wet cunt. Overwhelmed she held the back of her sons head and drew him in for a deep passionate kiss, their tongues danced and played with each. Soft and light at first but harder and deeper as their mutual lust increased.

Guttural sounds of passion filled the room. Not the gentle sound of love-making women always coo about but the harsh pornographic sound of hardcore fucking as the two animals sweated and thrust at each other. The woman more than twice the height of the little boy but his cock was enough for the woman to have a third (and this time earth shattering) orgasm. The white goo that had accumulated from Jen’s previous orgasms converted to liquid and squirted from her pussy. Her shocked son could only watch as his mother fucked him and came all over his cock. The sight of a beautiful, naked woman bouncing under him was enough for Tommy.

He spasmed and his body went taut. Every muscle flexed as he went stiff as a board, his mother fucked his throbbing cock and began to milk him when she felt his peaking climax. He stared down at her and she smiled up as she quickly thrust up at her boy, he rotated his hips and ground into as hard as he could. The clear liquid that shot from his dick seemed to drain out of him and he collapsed onto his sweat-soaked mom.

Both of them were exhausted and drenched in sweat. Their hair on their heads was matted down and Jen’s body was completely exposed, gleaming with perspiration in the semi-darkness of the room. Tommy still lay on his mother, his head moved up and down as he used her heaving breast as a pillow. Jen’s breath was labored as she hugged her son.

“Did you guys just sex?” Asked Nadia in an incredulous voice.

Jen quickly tried to close her robe as she let out of gasp of surprise. Nadia! SHIT! What had she done. What would happen NOW?

Worried thoughts traveled through Jen’s head. A thousand questions, a million problems. She almost had her robe pulled closed when Tommy grasped one her tits in one hand and suckled the nipple.

“UHhh…” Jen let out before her little boy released her tit and got off her.

He stared at the floor for the next week. Words were far and few for the that week, except of course for Nadia who had a million questions. Jen explained she shouldn’t tell people about their privates, she told her how there are some things you didn’t tell people who weren’t family.

“That means; Me, you and Tommy. K sweetie?” He smiled worriedly at her daughter. “ We’re the only people who count as family.”

Things were a little weird for a while. But soon they got better. Jen started to use her chair again (for the first time in a long time) and a little while after that Tommy began to join her on the chair too. Not long after that Tommy began sleeping in his moms room at night. And even though he was only two years older then Nadia, when it was just family around, she started calling Tommy “Daddy”.

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2014-02-20 01:33:32
Oedipus complex, DEFINITELY!!!
However, in those times, his mother probably would have been about 14 when she had him, though after that, I don't know.

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2013-03-23 03:48:11
Umm... Oedipus complex anyone? I'm not saying this story is poorly written, just the subject matter is a bit... i came here searching to see if women can really get an orgasm via chair, but I didn't expect this.

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Please don't label true story if it is not a true story. Your age says 18 but in the story it says you were 11 in 1993. Please give credit to REAL author.


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yes this is a good story cant wait for the next part

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you went from 1st person to 3rd person...nice story. Looking forward to a part 2.

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