Hot Interracial Dream
Black Cock Dominance of a Sissy White Boy

I was painting a garage in a large single family home, when the man who owned the house walked out to inspect my work. As a straight white male, I am not one to find men attractive and generally couldn’t tell if another man was good looking or not. There are exceptions of course, and he was one of them. This tall handsome black man was muscular. It didn’t seem like he worked out, he just seemed naturally fit. He looked dominating but not in a thuggish way. I think he could tell that I felt intimidated by his presence. It was all he needed to get something started.

I had a radio and I was listening to a political talk show. The host was discussing monetary reparations to blacks for slavery. The host was obviously against it and I agreed for the most part. This black man heard it and asked me if I thought reparations were in order for blacks. That boldness stunned me and I didn’t know what to say. I could feel tremors of fright. All I could think to do was just be honest. I feared where it would lead but saying nothing or making up something could get me into hot water. So I said, “My family has no history of owning slaves. We had nothing to do with it. So why should my tax money go to pay for something I had nothing to do with.” Then he simply replied, “It’s not fair but it wasn’t fair what happened to us either. Somebody should pay for that. Isn’t paying reparation money better than being enslaved?” I couldn’t argue with that, so I agreed. He said, “I can make you want to pay reparation’s anyway but in a different way.” Then he told me to finish painting the garage and come into the house when I was done. I was perplexed and gave him an odd and curious grin.

He walked back into the house and I started to hope that my first thought would come true… “He wants to dominate me by making me suck his cock.” I had fantasized about this for years and no fantasy was as erotic to me, as sucking big black cock. I got so hard when I would masturbate on the thought. Now I was in a trance and trembling when I went back to painting. I couldn’t get our conversation out of my mind. I was getting hard and I could feel pre-cum seeping out of my small white penis. The thought of being dominated by a black man and his cock made me feel excited in my inferiority. I imagined his black cock must be far bigger than my little white penis.

I finally finished my work and went inside his house. I looked around for him a little bit, not daring to walk in on him if he didn’t want me to. He yelled to me, “Come on up, I’m upstairs in the room on the left.” I got so nervous I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I made my way up and turned left. My mouth gaped open when I saw him lying naked on his back in the bed with his long black dick lying atop his stomach. His cock was huge, domineering, beautiful and superior. It made me feel so weak, girly, and submissive.

He boldly said, “Come over here and pay reparation’s to me bitch!” I played dumb because of my nervousness and replied, “What?” He stood up and in a stern voice he said, “Put my big black cock in your mouth white boy. You know you want to just like every other white boy.” I wanted to stay but I wanted to run out of the house scared too. I had to get past this shyness but I was struggling with it. He said, “You got 5 seconds to get on your knees in front of me and submit to the black man.” I stood still. The fear locked me but the anticipation was overwhelming.

He counts, “Five…“ Now I’m confused and battling myself. “Four…” Now I’m racing to get my nerve up and my heart is beating so fast. In fact it’s pounding. “Three…” He tells me, “This is your only chance. If you don’t have your lips around my cock before I count to zero, you will never get the opportunity with me again.” Now I’m contemplating my fate. He continued, “Two…” Now I had to force myself into this opportunity. I was trying so hard to break free from my locked position. “C’mon!” I told myself. “One…” I have to do this no matter how scared I am. Finally, I quickly ran over and dropped to my knees as quickly as I could. But before I could get my mouth on his big black cock, he said, “Zero.” He pulled his large cock back away from my face, stood up and told me to get out of his house. I was stunned as I remained on my knees. A flurry of regret hit me suddenly and forcefully. I pleaded “Wait! Please… Please… don’t make me go sir… Please! At this point I was stuttering all my words. He said, “I told you to have my dick in your mouth before I got to zero, and you were too late. It was your only chance sissy.” I then stuttered some more, “I know… I know I did… but I am just so nervous. Oh please understand would you? Please? I really, really, really do want to suck your cock so bad. So, so, badly… Please! I only hesitated because I was nervous. Please, please, please give me one more chance, please!”

He finally relented and gave me the blessing of another chance by saying, “Don’t fuck it up this time punk white boy. Put your mouth on my cock after I start counting from five to zero.” He started counting and never got the word five out of his mouth before I had his huge black cock in my mouth. I sucked franticly and stopped briefly over and over again only to thank him for giving me another chance to pay tribute to him. He told me to call him master and that I was his bitch now. I replied honestly, “Yes master, I’m your bitch.” Then I received the ultimate blessing… his dominant black African seed in my mouth, in my hair, on my clothes and streaming down my face. From that day forward, I was a sissy. I gladly and eagerly worship big black cock. And now I love the idea of paying reparation’s to black men! I told him he altered my reality and I didn’t think money was enough to atone for slavery and that I would gladly give up my freedom to be his slave and little white sex toy. Now I wear make-up, girl’s clothes and high heels when I suck his cock. And we both love it.

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I will do anything for him i am is sex slave when he fucks my white arse and smacks me around i love it,one day he might go to far with me but thats up to him.


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my life with my lover has turned out so fantastic I'm white and he's black and we fit together so beautifully he's made a pussy out of me my ass hole has been stretched so wide he calls it his pussy I really don't mind I love being his woman he is such a man he will fuck me six or seven times a day its his way of womanizing me he keeps me well womanized I am one lucky white bitch that really loves her man

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2015-08-12 15:45:16
i love being womanized its just so beautiful knowing that I'm a black mans woman I felt his love gushing into my ass he told me I was his pussy and from now on you will always be my pussy I just love being fucked I love taking on the roll of being his woman I'm his tender little white sissy and I'm so happy to be his woman he's made my life so beautiful I told all my friend how wonderful he is and how adorable he is to me I just love him so much he is such a man he makes me feel so womanly specially when set on the toilet and I kneel down in front of him he puts his legs over my shoulders and lets me lick his big beautiful black balls how could you knot love a man like that before we make love he lets me kiss his bottom he pulls his cheeks apart so I can bury my face between them then he lets me French kiss his butt hole I just love kissing his big black ass after all he's my man and I'm his bitch he's so lovable

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