Dave had found Catherine in a rest area on his way north. They'd enjoyed each other's intimate company after supper and a walk in Old Santa Fe.
After the session on my bed in which Catherine and I had just sort of stepped into each other’s kiss, she surprised me when she said she was going back to her bed. “I gotta think about this a little,” she said. She kissed me again, and then went to her room and shut the door. I lay awake for a little while, but eventually drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke about 5am, which is normal for me … that old alarm clock the military planted in my head way back when had never shut off, and that’s kind of the way I preferred it. I decided to put a few more miles on the clock, put on a pot of coffee and went about cleaning up and stowing various things. As soon as the coffee was ready, I made myself a cup, looked briefly at the map and went forward. We weren’t that far from the freeway, so it was just a matter of a few minutes until the bus was up to speed and headed north again.

It was a fine morning and I cracked a few vents, enjoying the cool air and a good cup of coffee. This had always, my whole life, been one of my favorite things to do. Much of it had been done on the back of a motorcycle with my then wife, then when the kids came along it was in a car or truck, but I still absolutely loved it. I guess I’ll be a wanderin’ rubber-necker till the day I die.

Wasn’t too long before I heard stirrings in the back and movement in the rear-view mirror showed Catherine go from her bedroom to the bathroom, still wearing that beat-up t-shirt. She came out soon enough, still a bit of a bed-head.

“Where are we?”, she asked sleepily.

“Only about 20 miles down the road. We should get to Raton in a couple-three hours.”

She stood there at my side with one hand on my shoulder, looking at the countryside roll by.

“Did you sleep okay?,” I asked her.

“Like a brick. I haven’t slept so well since I left El Paso.”

“El Paso? Is that where you live?”

“Lived. I’m not going back.”

“Oh,” I said, making a mental note to maybe try to draw that out in a later conversation.

“Would you like some breakfast? I saw bacon and eggs in the fridge. I can cook.”

“That would be great, if you want to!”

I listened to her puttering around back in the kitchen area for a few more miles with my stomach going nuts at the smell of cooking when she announced,

“It’s ready!”

“Great timing! There’s another rest area right ahead.”

I pulled off and got the rig parked and fairly flew to the dining table.

“I didn’t realize how close to starving I was until you got going back here!”

While I was digging in, I noticed that, although her plate was full, she wasn’t eating much, just kind of playing with it. I pulled my face out of my plate and asked,

“You okay?”

She said, “Yeah.” Short pause. “No.”

Now I was concerned.

“What’s up?”

Another short pause.

“I’m a little worried. I was thinking maybe I was too forward with you last night.”

“Too forward?”

“I shouldn’t have come onto you like that. You’re a nice guy and I didn’t mean to seem like such a slut.”

“Slut? Because of what we did you consider yourself a slut?”

“I guess so, yeah.”

“I don’t know how you’d get such a notion in your pretty head, but where I come from, acting on a heartfelt attraction isn’t being a “slut”, as you name it. And I’ll have you know the attraction was and is just as strong from my side. If anything, I should be and kinda am worried you might be thinking I took advantage of you and went too far.”

“No, you didn’t. I was thinking of you and my grandfather, and I suppose that’s what started it, but I was thinking about it, about you, during dinner and all the while we were walking last night. I was just so comfortable and you’re so caring. Nobody ever opened a door for me, or held my chair at a table. Not even my grandfather did that. That’s why I went right into my room. I was afraid of what I might do if I stayed out there with you and I didn’t want to offend or upset you. You’re not my grandfather and I know that, but I haven’t felt this way around a man since he died, and you make it so easy.”

All of this came out in a rush and I was a little speechless at the sudden outpouring.

“Catherine … Cat, it occurred to me that you might be seeing me as him, and that was both a worry and an honor to me, but last night while we were making love, you whispered my name, not your grandfather’s, and to me, that was even more of an honor. To mean something to a lady as honest and heartbreakingly beautiful as you is really something a man only dreams about.”

I reached out to lightly hold the fingers of her hand and, as soon as I touched them, she got up and came around the table to sit in my lap, wrap her arms around me and bury her face in my neck.

“Stop being so nice to me. I’m going to start thinking things about you I shouldn’t, and then where would we be?” she said into my neck.

I wrapped my arms around her and pressed my cheek to her hair.

“Couldn’t help it even if I wanted to. You just bring it out of me. Besides, you couldn’t think anything more about me than I’m already thinking about you.”

Her head came up and she looked in my eyes.

“I know what I meant by what I said, but what did you mean?”

“Ah, Catherine, I’m just an old man who thought he had few worries in this world, and now I’ve met someone who’s given me a whole new set of things to think about. What I meant was that it’s likely going to be hard for me to just drive away when I drop you off at your grandmother’s.”

She didn’t say anything, just kept looking into my eyes … felt like she was staring right into my soul … so I just opened them up and let her have it full force. I’m not trying to say that I loved her already after only knowing her for a day; heck, I didn’t even know anything about her or what she liked or didn’t like. I didn’t even know her last name. But I have to say I felt something, something deep, and there was no denying that. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, that’s what she saw when she was looking into mine.

She put the palm of her hand up to my cheek (I needed a shave) and whispered, “Dave.” She suddenly came into me again, hugging me with all the strength she had in that little body. “Make love to me again. Hold me tight.”

I held her to me, stood up from the dinette and walked back to my bedroom where I let her down to stand in front of me. Pulling that tattered old t-shirt over her head, I really saw her for the first time. Her skin was so smooth … flawless except for a tiny mole on her left shoulder. My hands went to her shoulders as I let her t-shirt fall to the floor and I ran them down her arms to her full hips. I kissed her as I pulled her close to me and picked her up again by her tight little ass. She wrapped her arms and her legs around me and returned the kiss with passion, our tongues finding each other’s through our parted lips. I held her up with one hand under her butt and lightly rubbed her back with the other. She leaned back and I went for her breasts, sucking and biting one and then the other, finally ending up between them as I licked and kissed my way up her neck.

As I lowered her gently to the bed, I bit her neck, and not gently. She growled as she felt my teeth. “Fuck me, Dave. Fuck me good.” Her legs stayed around me as I began to work my way down her body, lingering on her tits, then her taut little belly. I stuck my tongue in her belly button and nipped at her skin a few more times as she arched herself into me and rubbed my back. I got hold of the sides of her panties, kissing and sucking and licking her as I pulled them down. She lowered her legs to let me take them off and, as they passed her knees, my mouth got to her pussy.

I sucked her mound and without releasing the suction, slid my mouth down to her slit where I sucked on her opening. I pushed my tongue into her and heard her sharp gasp.

“Dave! Oh, yes, suck me! Suck my pussy!”

She pulled her legs up and wrapped them around my neck while reaching between them to pull my head into her pussy. I licked her and I sucked her, and then found her stiff little clit. I flicked it with my tongue and bit it with my lips.

“OH! AH! OH, DAVE!” She was bucking her hips wildly, keeping my mouth locked into her with her hands. She suddenly arched her back and screamed “Dave! DAVE! HAAAANNGGH!” started gushing like a river.

Her clenched hands felt like she was going to rip the hair out of the back of my head by the roots while her thighs held me in a vise so tight I almost couldn’t breathe. I licked and sucked her even harder, stabbing my tongue into her hole as far as it would reach. I got to my knees, pulling her hips up with me while her shoulders stayed on the bed. I pushed two fingers into her pussy, quickly finding the rough spot just inside and above her opening and rubbed and pushed on it.

She gasped again, crying out as another even more intense orgasm immediately followed the first. I jerked her hips from side to side as I rode it out, pumping my fingers in and out while I assaulted her g-spot. She curled up to me with the force of it and I lowered her a little, keeping my fingers in her pussy and my thumb working her clit while I sucked one tit into my mouth, flicking the nipple with my tongue and biting and pulling on it with my teeth.

The force of the orgasm had released her a little, so I laid her back down on the bed and moved my cock into position between her legs. She reached between us and grabbed my rod with both hands, pulling it toward her ready opening.

“Put it in! Give it to me, please! Put your cock in me now!”

I pushed the head of my cock up to her opening and she moved it up and down, coating it with her flow. I pushed a little harder and she quickly aligned it with her opening and I moved forward, entering her a little at a time. She never relinquished her hold on my dick but kept pulling, trying to get me deeper into her. I backed out, then right back in, sinking further on every stroke. She finally had to move her hands and I pushed all the way into her tight pussy.

“unhaaaahhhh! Oh, Dave, that feels so good!”

I kissed her lips and her arms locked around my neck, both of us panting through our noses rather than break the kiss as I got a good, strong and steady rhythm going, pushing my dick all the way in and grinding against her each time I felt my nuts up against her ass.

I rolled onto my back and she sat up and rode my cock, bouncing up and down, her long black hair hanging down. I grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples between my finger and thumb, rolling and pulling on them as I met each of her down strokes with an upward thrust of my own. She was still working her ass on my cock but I could tell she was tiring, so I sat up and flipped her over. She locked her legs around my waist and I really tore into her, again and again ramming my cock into her. “Ungh Ungh Ungh” was the only noise that came out of her clenched teeth as I banged her as hard as I could. I could feel her pussy walls tighten, and then it was “HnnNNNGGHH AH! AH! AH!” as she went over the edge and into another orgasm. Her clamping down on my dick and a couple more strokes was all it took for me and I exploded into her, filling her little womb with shot after shot of hot sperm.

We slowed as I gave her a couple more small spurts, then I rolled off of her to lay on my back panting. She came over with me and laid beside me, one arm and a leg across me. I moved a little and got my arm around her, holding her tightly to me as the last of my tremors ceased. I turned to look at her.

“Like that?” I panted and smiled at her. She laughed and put her arm around my neck. She nuzzled her pretty little face into my neck and whispered,

“Just like that,” and kissed me.

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