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While growing up, my brother was always very authoritative over me. When we were young kids and when we were washing dishes, he would pull my undies down exposing my ass. Then as I got older and started wearing a bra, he hated for me to wear one. He would skillfully pull the back until the elastic wore off so I would not wear one but our parents would always buy another pair for me.

Since I enjoy being naked especially in my bedroom. One day he barged into my room and I quickly grabbed my blanket. He knew that I was very sexually active, but it was awkward that my brother would pull my blanket sway from me and leave me standing naked before him, which was the first time he saw me naked at the age of 19. I spat in his face for that matter. He was angry about something that I did, and was having a bad day or a combination of both. I could care less what he was saying but I wanted him out of my bedroom. I guess he was pissed since someone else did his sister, but it was not one of his friends, thank heavens. He called me a slut, whore, and a bitch.

The second time he barged into my bedroom I had no time to grab my blanket. He saw me naked which I didn't care since I am not ashamed of my body. I knew that he wanted to handle his sisters big tits as well as my snatch since he was mesmerized, he couldn’t take his eyes off of me..

Now going back to my brother, I saw his bare ass in the shower, it was hot to see. My cunt was sure wet and my tits were hot as I went in to pee. My brother is 13 months older than me. His chest is so fine and very suckable nipples. Perhaps he was turned on as he heard me pee and perhaps watched me as he showered.

After finishing his master’s studies, boy, his head sure did swell up. He got very dominate on me. Our mother knew that I was taking the pill, but he figured I was taking the pill to be a slut, whore, and a bitch. Since I was hardly home, his dominance turned into violence where he beat me up. I could take in his infatuation, but beating me up was another thing. At that time we were in our late 20's so I left and went over to my boyfriend's place, Lance, and as we showered, he saw bruises all over me. We didn't have sex that night. Rather he just held me and comforted me until I had fallen asleep.

My brother even hated me more when I married a black guy, Eric, and saw me as a dirty slut whore bitch. Mind you, my brother is very prejudice especially to black people. He still thought of me as a dirty slut whore bitch and would never change.

After my divorce and prior to our mom's death, he got very abusive and I just left but when I returned home he was filled with fiery darts. I told him to go back to his place and cool off. He could sure hold a grudge and needed his view point heard loud and clear. He continued on with his tantrum and I went upstairs to hide.

Shortly after our mom's death, he was sleeping in the other room. I came to him and not knowing where his head was placed though I could have patted him down. This would just upset him. I hugged his mid section and told me where his head was. This time I was aroused but I held back since I was running late from work. I left the room and he got out from the sofa. He decided that he would take me to work.

Whenever I was around him, I felt like I was walking on eggshells since he never did change when I finally left home and turned him in for what he did. He is making sure that I would be responsible for what he did to me. Many times, I have wondered what he would be liked sexually since he has that quality of being domineering and authoritative. He appears to be a breasts man and love to always focus on my big breasts.

Several times, I found myself naked when I woke up since I would remember wearing a moo-moo but nothing underneath before I went to bed. But out of respect for my family, I have to be clothed when I am around the house, but not in my bedroom. Well, at any rate, I was naked which I thought nothing of it. At least he must of have fun seeing me naked and perhaps played and sucked my big boobs and took a sniff of my cunt.

One day he barged in my room and saw me fingering my cunt and he was turn on by this that he just stood there frozen with his mouth dropped open. I did see him there but I was busy getting extremely wet. I saw his mid section get bigger, he tried to hide it. Laying there naked as I licked my fingers before him and massaging my big boobs. His friend, Vern, entered the room and his mouth also dropped. My brother asked me a question but had troubles asking me since he was dumbfounded. His friend was turned on and took no change to unzip his pants. I offered to suck his cock and had he could do anything to me. Vern obliged as my brother protested for him not to since I was a slut. Vern ignored him as he was getting the best job cock sucking ever. Before long, he relented and joined in with Vern.Feeling their hands exploring my body, especially for my brother. At least this was better than him hitting me.

He ordered for me to be totally naked when I got home, but he would select the clothes I would wear for day down to my bra and panties as well as for the foods I eat. When we were out, he did not want me to wear a bra and panties. He would say, "slut, go and get the mail and I want to see you naked. Then when you return, suck my cock as I read the mail. My friends are coming by and I want you to entertain them, as he grabbed my hair."

He said "bend over bitch, let me see that dirty fat ass of yours." He said, "mmmm," as he took a big dildo and rammed it in dry. Then he took another big dildo and rammed it dry to my cunt. He told me to stand up as he placed a clit clamp as well as nipple clamps on my chocolate chip nipples. Just to prepare me for his friends, he spanked my ass as he pushed both dildo in more and said, "you love that bitch, tell me that you want more and you will call me master, you got that bitch." I nodded and he said, "bitch, I can't hear you." In a low tone, "Master, I want more." He said, "I can't hear you as he cracked the whip and whipping me in my ass and my boobs and you better give me the idea that you enjoy and want more, so tell me bitch." In a freighted voice but with a confidence tone, I said, Master, please, I want more and I am going to enjoy every bit of it. He said, "Good, we got that straight and you know my position here." As he continually reinserted both of the dildos and said good girl bitch and pulled them out. He directed for me to clean them off which I complied.

His friends arrived and said the slut is ready. He hooted and tie me down and used me for their pleasure as they blindfolded me. They were three including my brother. I had two cocks in my mouth and swallowed their cum, one on my boobs and one in my cunt. They changed where I had two cocks still on my mouth and one in my ass and one in my cunt. I had to cum each time for them as they fill my twat with their nectar. All called me their cum slut. They were so pleased but the night was not over yet. I begged for more double penetration as I continued sucking their cocks. They took turns whipping me until I wan not able to tolerate it anymore. One whipped me on my ass as one stuck a dildo in my ass. One sucked my clit while the other tug on the clamps.

When they were done, they untied me me but kept the blindfold on. They said, "you are going to suck and clean our cocks clean, bitch and get on your hands and knees. You will be guided as a dog as you clean our cocks clean. Then we want to watch you play with yourself and we are going to fuck the shit out of you, bitch as you clean our dicks clean, got that you whore." I replied "yes, masters, as I fingered my cunt and inserted a dildo that they threw at me. Unknowingly, I heard and felt something in my cunt. They took turns with the remote. They ordered me to stop and not to cum just yet. One pulled me over to him and fucked me doggie style and they all took turns fucking me doggy style.

It was getting late and I fell asleep on them. They let me rest but they said we aren't done with you bitch, so rest up bitch. It was early and the first one entered my room and told to go to the bathroom to clean up. He stood at the door and watch me . When I was done, he pinned me to the wall and sucked my nipples and grabbed my twat. The second one wake up and said, "Hey, let me have a piece of the slut too." Then my brother woke up and said after we eat, but she has to cook and you and man handle her and I want to watch you guys to her and you can do whatever you want to her. But you got to introduce yourselves to her. John, Bob, and Jay.

After cooking breakfast, John, Bob and Jay took pleasure of me eating and sucking my cunt and sucking their cocks. Then they fucked me and went home.

The End.

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2011-07-10 06:58:29
poor writing and story telling skillsm but good ideas. keep trying! I would suggest having someone proofread before you post


2011-07-05 20:42:08
I don't know why every time I see your name on a new story I read it. I am not going to sugar coat it; your storytelling ability is horrendous. It feels like you are skipping around a lot; whether or not you are is a mystery. I guess I just read your stories because you seem to have great ideas, but you just lack the skill at getting them down. I am not tearing you down or anything, but your style feels rushed and even a quick look-over before posting would benefit your writing. I am not going to tell you how you should write, but please check your work before posting. I guess a neutral vote is in order because, like I said before, you have great ideas; you just need to tell them better.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-05 20:21:01
First of all, this isn't true. It's labeled "Dark Fantasy". Secondly, why would someone who prays be on this site? You're a fucked up person!

Anyway, I really liked your story. However, the beginning was strong but then on the end with the sex, you totally let us down. Id like to read more of this story though.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-05 17:52:53
Your poor thing,it wasent fair for you at all to have to grow up with that discussting disfunctionality i hope you personnaly find peace in your life as you know it my love is praying for you.

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