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Part XVIII: Return

Holly was coming back on the same airline that I did, her flight was getting in at eleven a.m.. I wondered if she would have the same sort of flight that I had. I sat at the airport, in a lounge, reading a magazine. Her flight was running a little bit late, so I read up on the latest motor trend. The plane pulled up to the terminal. I watched as the passengers came off the plane. I spotted Holly as she came into the terminal. “Hi babe” I said, hugging her. This was by far the longest we had been apart in the year that we had known each other. “Hey stranger” she said. “How was your flight?” I asked. “Boring” she said. “That’s interesting” I said. “What?” Holly asked, as we walked to pick up her luggage. “Well, on my flight…” I told Holly the story of my trip home.

“Where are we going?” Holly asked in the car. “Oh I didn’t tell you?” I said. “Tell me what?” she asked, knowing that I knew that I hadn’t told her. “Oh I rented a new place.” I said. “Where is it?” she asked. “It’s on Jefferson” I said. “Jefferson” she asked excitedly. “Yeah” I said, calmly. “Those are nice apartments” she said. “You don’t even know the half of it.”

I pulled into the driveway of the complex. “Is that Stephanie’s car?” Holly asked. “I don’t know…” I said. We got out of the car, walked to the trunk and got her luggage. I handed her my keys as I carried the bulk of the load, she lead the way. “Which one is it?” she asked, obviously excited. “17” I said. We stood in front of the door, her bags in my arms. “Are you going to open it?” I asked her. She fumbled around with keys until she got it right, opening the door. Holly gasped. “Oh my god, look at this place” she said, beaming. I walked in behind her, she was in shock. I led the way to our bedroom, dropping her bags on the floor at the foot of our bed. “Oh my” she said covering her mouth with her hands, so excited. “Is that our bed?” she asked. “Yep that would be ours” I said. She looked in the bathroom and the closet. “This is amazing” Holly said. “Your still not fully understanding” I said, trying to tell her some other facts. She walked out into the living room, and to the kitchen. I slowly walked out of the bedroom, and leaned against the doorframe. “What’s this?” she asked. “Guest bedroom” I said. “We have a guest bedroom?” she said in awe. She opened the door and walked in. Her awe was about to turn into absolute shock. I stood there waiting for it. She finally made it to the other side of the apartment. “Where does this door go?” she asked. She was referring to the door to Stephanie’s room. I didn’t say anything. Holly opened the door. “OH MY GOD” she screamed, in a feminine excitement reminiscent of another kind of excitement. She ran into the room, I had to walk across the living room to see. I knew Stephanie was home, I didn’t know if Sandy was. I walked through the door, and was surprised myself. Stephanie and Sandy were locked in a naked sixty nine on Stephanie’s bed. Holly was standing beside the bed, face red, almost laughing, just so happy. Stephanie had rolled off of Sandy, and then made the introductions between Holly and Sandy. Holly laughed at the name Sandy too. “I told you didn’t I” I said to Stephanie, she just shook her head and rolled her eyes.

Holly and I sat on the black couch, which came from our apartment. She had her head on my shoulder, our hands in each others on our laps. We just sat there, happy to be with each other, and in our silence we could faintly hear the moaning in the next room. “I love you Holly” I said softly. Her hands gripped mine a little tighter, giving me her response. “I’m happy for steph” I said. “Yeah, that’s great for her.” Holly said. “How was Lindsey?” I asked. “She’s great” Holly said. “I felt something with her, It’s like she was my sister and best friend” she said. “Do you love her?” I asked her, the big question. “I love her like my sister” Holly said. Good news there, because if Holly loved her that meant that her and I could be in jeopardy. “hmm, you know how old Sandra Dee in there is?” I asked Holly, head still on my shoulder. “I don’t know” she said. “Twenty one” I said. “Oh so now we have liquor I presume” Holly said. “You think just like I do” I said.

Neither of us were big fans of beer. Beer is like dirt water, you drink it to get drunk. We both drank wine on occasion, and now we had two boxes of wine in our new fridge. Actually the fridge wasn’t new it came with the place, just new to us. I found the plastic wine glasses in the cupboard, and handed one to Holly. She filled up her glass from the dispenser in the fridge, and I followed suit. We both went and sat back down on the couch, glasses in hand. “I don’t think we need to worry too much about money anymore” I said. I was elaborating when Stephanie and Sandy walked out of Stephanie’s room, still naked. Sandy and her huge tits, with large dark brown nipples, on her tanned body, and shoulder brown black hair, Stephanie and her short blondish brownish hair, small tits, nice legs. They sat together on the couch adjacent to ours. “You guys want some wine?” I asked. I got a yes and a yes so I went to the kitchen to fetch two new plastic glasses and some more wine.

I returned to the living room to see Holly stripping in front of the two naked girls on the couch. I stood behind the couch watching her, as she provocatively moved her hips back and forth, hands on her beautiful ass, tugging at her jeans, her round tits already hanging out of her bra. It was like slow motion for me, watching her, she was so happy. I handed the girls their glasses of wine. Stephanie was clapping in a rhythm to help Holly in her striptease. I sat down, picking up my glass. “Enjoying the show?” Stephanie asked me. I just nodded mildly. Soon enough Holly was standing in front of us naked. She was playing with her nipples. “You should play with these” Stephanie said, while playing with Sandy’s large nipples. Holly leaned over and kissed Sandy’s nipple, as Stephanie was playing with the other. I just stopped and imagined the things that would happen in this apartment in the next year or so. Holly still bent over sucking on a nipple, Steph and Sandy started making out. It wasn’t long before the three of them were mixing together into a heap of beautiful flesh on the couch. I sat there drinking my wine, and enjoying the show.

Sandy was laying on her back on the floor, with her legs completely split, and in the air, her legs making a V in the middle of my/our living room. Holly and Stephanie were sitting on the floor; faces perched over Sandy’s cleanly shaven pussy. They took turns lapping up and down on her wet slit. I watched them as they were taking turns, and giggling at each other. Sandy was breathing heavily, and sweating noticeably, playing with her ample tits. I walked into our bedroom, probably without anyone noticing that I left. I returned with the strap on that I had bought previously. I stood over the three of them, and locked eyes with Holly as she looked up at me, smiling, I waited for Stephanie to look up. When she did, I tossed her the strapon. Her eyes lit up. Sandy had her eyes closed and missed the little exchange. Stephanie sat up and started to put on the strap on, Holly stood up and reached her arms around me, and mine around her. We sat down on the couch, she was naked, and I was still clothed. I sat with her on my lap, resting back on the couch, watching as Stepanie prepared to fuck Sandy. We watched as Stephanie penetrated Sandy, missionary position. Stephanie was fucking her into the ground, grinding their hips together. The grunting and moaning was increasing, they both played with each other’s tits. Sandy’s were almost rolling around on her chest, so large they became mounds of flesh when she was on her back.

Holly stood up, and turned around, sitting back down on my lap, but facing me. Her knees on the couch cushion, on either side of my thighs. Holly rested her chest on mine, and our faces right together. The sounds of sex seemed to disappear, not because the sex had stopped. “I love you John” Holly said. I kissed her deeply, my arms around her naked back, her arms on the top of the couch. We stayed like this kissing for what seemed to go on forever, and I wish it could have gone on forever. She finally pulled her lips away from mine, opening her eyes. I kept my eyes open, I loved to see her face. I heard the sound of fucking for the first time in a while, as they were now on the other couch, and I couldn’t really see what was going on, not that I really cared. Holly moved up, she was on her knees. She reached down and pulled my pants down and boxers too. I was naked from waist to knees now. My cock was at semi attention. There is something strange how sexual arousal works, it hadn’t kicked in while making out with Holly, it wasn’t about sex, we loved each other. My cock seemed to realize what was coming. Holly’s pussy was quite wet already from her excited state. Holly reached to my cock with one hand, while steadying herself with the other. She slowly rested her body back down on mine, allowing my cock deep into her wet pussy. She reached the bottom, her ass resting on my thighs, my hands were still on her back. She leaned forward, resting her chest on the top of mine, her neck was in my face. She just stayed there, and I kissed and licked her neck. I rubbed my hands all over her back, she seemed to be pushing herself down on me. It was as if we were trying to get inside of each other, become one. She slowly started to raise and lower herself. I held her helping her do so. She continued in a slow pace, as we made love, not fucking. The slow movement continued as her pussy was gripping on to my cock, her ass continually pressing on my thighs and rising off them again. I could hear the screams of passion just feet away, but did not care. Holly stood up, pulling me with her. She pulled my shirt up and I pushed my boxers and pants off. We were now standing in each other’s arms, naked, with two girls just to one side on a couch going at it. Holly held my left hand in her right hand, and led me into our bedroom. She continued into the master bathroom, complete with a large tub and a shower. She walked to the side of the tub, and bent over turning on the water. As she stood back up, I reached both arms around her waist, holding her body tight to mine. My head over her right shoulder, she grasped my hands in hers. The hot water, rushing into the tub, making the crashing of water on porcelain fill the room, echoing in the small room. Our bodies pressing against each other, breathing deeply. Holly stepped into the few inches of hot water, slowly filling, and she helped me into the tub. I sat down, legs straight out, back against the smooth back of the tub. The water was not high enough to cover my legs, but getting there. Holly crouched down, guiding my cock into her wet pussy, now above the rising water. She sat down, facing away from me, leaning back on me. The slope of the tub meant we were leaning back, the top of her head under my chin. Her long brown hair resting on my chest, and my cock deep inside her pussy, the water rose high enough to submerge the sex. My hands found their way up her stomach to her breasts, massaging them. The warm water was covering our bodies up to our chests. Holly had her hands up behind her head, in my hair behind my head. Holly stretched out her leg to turn the knob on the faucet at the opposite end of the tub. The flow of hot water stopped, leaving us in a tranquil silence in the warmth of each other and our intertwined bodies. We sat there in our silence for several minutes, enjoying the warmth and contact of our bodies.

After a long while in the tub almost without moving, Holly started to slowly move her hips in a rotation and lifting up and down. The rhythmic movement,m in conjunction with her rhythmic sighs, created a slow moving wave pool, washing up on the mounds of her breasts. Our throbbing bodies melting into one in the bathtub of our home. The door opened bringing with it the giggling of two girls. Awakened from our excited yet near slumber state. Stephanie and Sandy, still naked, stumbled into the bathroom. “You guys still in there?” Stepanie said, having obviously hit the wine some more. “We were just getting out” Holly said. We were pruning up from the watery exposure. Holly stood up, and stepped out of the tub, and I followed her lead. Stephanie and Sandy got into the tub, as Holly and I left entering the bedroom. Holly and I collapsed onto the covers of our new bed, holding each other. We laid there sleepily. The sounds of sex were coming from our bathroom. Holly fell asleep, and I covered the both of us with the blanket, wet and in bed, we slept for the rest of the afternoon.

I awoke in the darkened bedroom, alone and naked in the bed. I sat up but couldn’t see anything. I walked out into the living room, not knowing the time, no alarm clock in the bedroom yet. Stepping into the living room, I saw Holly Stephanie and Sandy huddling at my computer, watching one of the pornos we made in LA. Stephanie was in my rolling chair, Sandy was standing over her left shoulder, Holly over her right shoulder. I was walking up behind them, as they faced away from my bedroom. They were all still naked. I presume Holly had awoken very recently by these two, but couldn’t be sure. I wondered how long they had gone on fucking in here, but forgot it just as quickly. I stood behind Holly, not alerting any of the trio to my presence. “Whoa” they all erupted into at the same time. I had just blown my load in the video, all over some pornstar who’s name I couldn’t remember and never had tried to learn to begin with. “I’ve seen bigger” I said, to their surprise. “How long have you been there?” Holly asked. “Long enough” I said, still naked myself. “I was just showing them what we did this summer” Holly said. “Jesus you guys are like celebrities” Sandy said. “No, I mean we were just in a few movies, It’s not like she’s fucking Jenna Jameson, and I am no Ron Jeremy” I said. “Who’s Ron Jeremy?” Sandy asked. I just chuckled at her, “nevermind”. “You must be a hard man to please after getting some from a bunch of pornstars” Stephanie said. “No, that was just fucking” I looked into Holly’s eyes “there are more important things.” Holly returned a warm smile. “I think the real question is if she can be pleased without the footlong cock” I said. “There are more important things” Holly said. “But you know, big tits are nice” I said joking, and then turning to look at Sandy. She shook her head. “Men” Sandy mumbled. “Oh what like these two don’t like your tits too?’ I said, and getting nods from the other two. “There is something to be said about all shapes and sizes, whether they be very large, medium or small” I said, looking at the corresponding set of tits for each size. “Thanks for your pity” Stephanie said. “No seriously, the male attraction, I guess it doesn’t work for females, but the male attraction to breasts is based on the ass. The cleavage resembles the top of the ass, and a very healthy ass looks like big tits. It’s an evolutionary things, just like you aren’t attracted to someone that is unhealthy in some way”. “Well thanks for that Darwin” Stephanie said. “It’s true”. “What are you a pre-med?” Sandy asked. “No actually I’m in engineering” I said. I reached out to Sandy’s right breast, and jiggled it with my left hand, “See that’s what I’m talking about, how can you not like that” I said. Stephanie reached out a hand and cupped my balls, jiggling them. “I think you’ve met your match” Holly said. I had to laugh at the pun. “The best part of it all, Is the not knowing” I said. “What does that mean?” Holly asked. “Okay…Let’s do this” I said. “Holly sit on the couch” I requested. Holly sat down, still naked. Sandy was standing behind her and the couch, Stephanie was standing next to me, in front of Holly. “Okay, take your hand, and put it on your stomach, so that only the tips of your fingers are touching your stomach.” Holly does so. “Now move your hand around, just randomly, wherever” I said. Holly moves her hand around. “Sandy, take her hands” Holly put her hands above her head, and Sandy held them together, restraining her gently. “Now close your eyes” I said. Holly now had her arms above her head, back arched, tits shoving into the air. I placed my hand on her stomach, just the five finger tips, and moved my hand in erratic circles, eliciting a series of giggles and twitches. “That tickles!” Holly said. “It’s the not knowing, you can’t tickle yourself, because you know what’s going to happen” I said. “And that’s why you can’t get the same feeling from masturbating, as when your with someone, it’s just a different experience.” “Watch this” I said. Holly still with eyes shut, Stephanie got down to her knees, spreading Holly’s knees apart. “You don’t know what’s coming, and what to expect, therefore anything is a surprise.” I said. The immediate expectation that I thought she would have is mouth or tongue to her pussy, and I didn’t want to do the expected. So I waited a few moments in silence, then leaned close to her wet pussy, breathing on her. Instead of engaging in the predictable oral sex, I run my hand at varying speed up her leg to her upper thighs but stopping short of her pussy. Then I waited a few more moments, before running my fingers across her stomach, on their way to her breasts, which received some attention, but without lingering on any one place for very long. Holly was trembling, her breaths in not overly fast, yet in a nervous manner that told the tale of her physical state. I licked and lapped my way from her breasts slowly and in a nonlinear fashion. My tongue finally making contact with her pussy, lapping gently at her lips. I now have my hands teasing her nipples with stints of caressing countered with periods without touch. I gently penetrate the very beginning of her lips, barely parting them, and traveling the length of the opening. I kept the momentum at the bottom of her slit into the voyage of my tongue all the way down her leg to her ankles. I had my hands around her right knee, and I was licking the top of her foot, and moving around. The great deception, she was getting used to the expectation, I wasn’t changing locations very quickly at all, and now her pussy was expecting nothing, and with all of my immediately useful extremities in contact, she especially expected nothing, when I told Stephanie what to do with my eyes. She obliged my veiled request by penetrating her pussy with her tongue, in a quick darting motion. The shuddered response of Holly’s illustrated the entire idea behind this whole thing. I moved up to Holly’s pussy again, as steph moved onto the couch, almost sitting in Holly’s lap, but elevated enough that Holly’s pussy was fully accessible. Looking up, steph was kissing and sucking on Holly’s neck and massaging her tits with her hands, Sandy was no longer holding Holly’s hands, quite the contrary, Holly was grabbing Sandy’s tits, and I think Sandy was playing with herself behind the couch. The aroma of female arousal filled the air. I resumed on Holly’s extremely wet pussy, alternating tongue fucks with sucking her clit, all the while running my hands up and down her thighs. Muffled groans sighs squeals and grunts filtered through my head whilst I delved deeper into her. Holly was melting before me, her pussy begging for more, her breathing indicating the same, and her skin seemed to drip with excitement. My cock, needless to say, was at full attention from the combination of the scents, sounds and sights.

Rising up from the position between her legs, I positioned my self for penetration. Steph still making their faces combine into one, with their tits rubbing together, and a large set just above their heads, the object of their caressing. I held my cock at the entrance of her slit, and pushed it in quickly, she was incredibly wet and so hot in her tight pussy. I thrusted in and out quickly, deepening the stroke as I went, until our bodies slapped together. She was gripping me intensely, as she came unleashing a series of tremors and vibrations through her whole body, as well as squeals muffled by the mouth that was on top of hers. I continued thrusting varying the speed from fast to slow back to fast, whilst varying the depth of penetration into her dripping wetness. I was surprised when I realized that Stephanie’s pussy was quite close to me, in her attacking position on Holly, I reached up with one hand and fingered her wet pussy, stroking quickly. Steph enjoyed the attention but I had an ulterior motive, after a few moments of wettening warmth inside of her, while I continued the thrusts into Holly’s throbbing pussy, I removed my fingers and moved them down to Holly’s ass just below the dripping wet area subject to repeated thrusting. I placed my fingers at the opening to her ass, and pressed slightly increasing pressure until penetration, one finger sliding slowly in and out of her ass. Keeping up my separate thrusting, I looked up to see that Stephanie was now focusing exclusively on Holly’s tits and nipples, and Sandy was leaning over the couch and making out with Holly while their faces were inverted about each other. I knew that Holly was almost lost in ecstasy as she had the concentration of three people on her, and with the lingering effects of wine from earlier. I decided to drive her further over the edge. I pulled my finger out of her ass, and held her hips in my hands, and thrusted furiously, pounding her pussy mercilessly, and I was rewarded with pussy contractions and more squeals, as she orgasmed again. I know that the activities would maintain a level of excitement in her, so I decided to change it up again. I pulled out of her freshly orgasmed pussy, still quivering, and placed my cock at the entrance to her ass, pushing my juice covered cock into her ass, sliding with less friction than I expected. The natural lubricant of two pussies combined to an incredible extent. My cock throbbing in her amazingly tight asshole, pushing in and out slowly, as I began two finger pumping in her pussy, and switching it up with massaging her clit between my thumb and forefinger. Holly was cumming again and in a very short time span since the last one. They were piling up on each other, and her body was trying to cope with the signals it was receiving. She was shaking and trembling. She was screaming uncontrollably, but was being restricted by the tongue in her mouth. The orgasm was too much for me as it sent me over the edge to my own. I pulled out of her ass. Standing up with all three of them in a line, Steph’s back to me, and the other two facing towards me. I held my cock at a high angle, knowing what was coming. I blasted up and over Steph and hitting Sandy’s tits in an amazing arc, then subsequently closer and closer, pelting Steph’s back and covering both Holly’s and Stephanie’s stomachs with thick jizz. Steph and Holly were rubbing chests and stomachs together with my cum acting as a lubricant between their warm surfaces. Sandy walked around to the front of the couch, and got on her knees, between Holly’s legs, and paid attention to both pussies before her. I stood back for a moment watching the show. Sandy was on all fours, with her face buried in Holly’s pussy, and Steph’s poised just above it. The visuals brought my cock back to attention. I got behind Sandy, and penetrated into her wet pussy. I fucked her doggystyle, her ass pushing against my hips in the slap at the end of each thrust. She continued to eat as she was fucked. As I was fucking Sandy, her massive tits swinging under her chest, Holly came again, this time marked by intense screams that were not kept quiet. Stephanie rolled off of Holly. Sandy followed her pulling away from me. Sandy was now on top of Stephanie on the couch, making out, as they both played with the other. Holly laid back on the couch, recovering from the orgasms that were still lined up waiting to finish. I sat down, from the kneel I was in, to the carpet. I sat there watching Holly, as she breathed quickly sitting there in silence. Holly opened her eyes, looking down to me, her eyes made her look like a puppy dog, she was melting from looking at me. Her love for me, and her passion, and her pleasure I gave her, and her desire to return it, all combined into a singular driving force of sexual drive. Holly came down from the couch, sliding off, almost falling. “That was incredible” she said, exasperated. “I thought you enjoyed it” I said, almost sarcastically, it was obvious she had enjoyed it. “I love you” she said. “Your turn” Holly said quickly.
She pushed me onto my back, and quickly grabbed my cock, giving it a quick stroke, it had juices from her and Sandy. Holly sucked and prodded me with her tongue, while stroking with her hand. She was determined to pleasure me in return for what she had received earlier. She was sucking incredibly fast, her neck moving with incredible speed, maybe it was adrenaline. She deepthroated my whole cock, up and down the full length, continuing the playful motion of her tongue on my head. Steph and Sandy were locked into a sixty nine on the couch now. Holly was giving me sweet head at an incredible pace. My cock was glistening from all kinds of juices. I felt the twinge, and told her of the impending situation. Holly kept sucking as I came, the cum going straight down her throat, she swallowed it all, and kept sucking and playing with me as my cock went limp. Holly grabbed my hand, and we stood, she led me into the bathroom. Holly turned on the shower, and pulled me in after her, to the hot warmth of the shower. The water crashing against us and the floor. Holly washed me clean, using soap and shampoo, she cleaned me up. Then I cleaned her. The wandering hands of the cleaner enjoyed small pleasures of caressing the washee. Once we were both freshly clean in the warm water, we stood in each others arms, staring into each other’s eyes. Times like this we didn’t need words, the eyes and the touches said everything there was to be said. I turned off the water, and grabbed a towel. Holly grabbed another towel, and we dried took turns drying each other off with the blue towels. I took her hand into mine, and walked into the bedroom, the bed was still cluttered up from the earlier nap. Holly hopped into bed, and I retrieved a large blanked from the closet, and threw it over the bed, then laid down next to her. Holly held her body up against mine, her front to my back, and we fell into a deep clean wet sleep for the second time that day.

*** Author’s Notes ***

I put this in the comments of some of them, but I will just put this in here. I want as many comments as possible. Tell me what works what doesn’t, what you liked what your didn’t like, etc. I originally sat down and wrote parts 1 through three, which I think are some of the worst ones because I wrote them first, and afterwards I didn’t really have any goals in mind. So I sat down and wrote a plan of fifty parts to do, all just like a three or four word phrase, like “the lesbian lover”. So when I went to write I already had ideas as to what I wanted to do, and so I sat down with one basic premise, just one thing that will be the main idea of the story, and I would write straight through without stopping and without revising. My writing process is somewhat hit and miss, and its very kinetic. I wrote 4-10 based on the “roadmap” as I call it, then I started to look over the plan that I had laid down. I realized that part 1-10 all take place freshman year, and that by part 22 we were graduating from college, and then moving on to careers and the real world. I started to realize that the stories really work well when they hook together, giving the feeling that several parts are right after each other, without really saying it. So I disregarded the roadmap and just continued writing whatever I thought of. I came up with the whole porn and going to LA thing, and it was in the original roadmap but it happened much later in the timeline, so after I finished 15 and the porn was finished, I sat down to rewrite the roadmap. I then expanded it to over seventy parts. Then I looked at it and realized that 1-18 all take place within 1 year, and that part 70 was way down the timeline (I don’t want to give anything away, just a long way off). So I did some brainstorming and the roadmap I currently have running is sitting at an even 100 parts, but I guarantee that it won’t be followed exactly. So I really had the quandary that the parts being close together and didn’t have forced plotlines, such as the porno, worked well, and yet I had this plan to make all these storylines that I sat and brainstormed. So now I have the question, do I disregard the roadmap and just keep writing off the top of my head, or do I keep hitting plotlines. For example all the parts that take place in LA are somewhat forced, and this part (18), was on the roadmap simply as holly returns, and I was left to just do whatever I wanted and all that I had to do was have her comeback, and so it seemed to flow freely to me. This is also by far the longest part, coming in at 4958 words, and Part X is second with 3773 words, and after that there are several parts that come in the 2000 word range, and a few that are under 2000 words. Personally I liked Part X the most of the first 10. And now I like XVIII the most of the ones since then. So the question I have is whether I hit these larger plots and storylines, or do I just write freely, which probably will result in a lot of parts that are back to back without a larger idea involved. The latter is tempting for several reasons, but the writing I feel is forced, there are only so many ways I can describe the same things, and the visceral language feels recycled and thrown in rather than thought through. So then I risk killing the series with lots of redundant parts that are essentially the same, with different acts going on. One of my favorite things is that on the roadmap I keep having these recurring characters that are introduced and disappear for a while and then return for almost cameos. The idea that as someone reads all these they will be almost reminiscent of earlier sections is attractive to me. I was also wondering if people read all the parts in order, or if they jump around. I could imagine someone who reads them all in order seeing this part differently from someone who is reading this one first. For one thing I don’t do the redundant deions of the characters that are in earlier parts. I don’t think I have described the main character since part 1 or 2, I may be wrong. And holly and Stephanie don’t receive deep deions because they were described earlier. People reading these in order will read the original deion of a character, vague as it may be, and form their own perception of that person, a face a body etc.. and If I try to later on describe that person in greater detail it may contradict some reader’s version of that character. The purpose of these stories isn’t to tell the definitive story, but to give the ideas light, and each person will have their own imagination, and therefore their own version of things. I may be the writer, but it belongs to each reader just as much as it belongs to me, we all own our own visions of the characters. So as I finish my ranting and raving, I want to know a lot of things, not just “That was cool” and ‘That got me hot’, I want to know, do you read these in order, or skip around, do you want broader storylines, or the quicker more personal activities. Do you like the way things are worded, or can I improve, is my writing overly redundant, or does it neglect things for fear of being redundant? As you can see I overanalyze things, so please post comments on anything and everything, Things that may seem obvious to you, may not be to me. Any good writer, and I am not saying that I am a good writer, is their own worst critic, seeing the flaws of their creation, and not seeing the good things. I have several times told myself that I was done writing these, that they were just terrible and I need to stop writing, only to get good comments from people. So if you want these to keep coming tell me so, cause if not, I have other (non sex related) ideas I want to do. I could be called an aspiring writer, and I think that if I ever did become a writer it would be quite funny if my first real work was on an amateur sex story website. And if you guys didn’t get the allusion earlier, John Morrison is not my real name, it’s a combination of John Lennon and Jim Morrison, as I am a fan of sixties music which is something that my generation seems to dismiss outright in favor of rap music and these shallow ‘hits’ on the radio all the time. I guess I have wandered off topic.
Summary of ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ = post comments….i write too much….

Another note, I am in the middle of 19 at the moment, and having a hard time with it, I am very seriously considering just stopping right now, and never finishing 19, and just moving on to a new story, one that won’t involve sex, ‘legitimate’ writing. I think I will probably quit after 19, if I actually finish it, and maybe start to do these again in a few months or a year from now, or never. I have lost the drive to do it, unless I get serious good feedback I will probably stop right here.

Another note, I want to know…If I keep writing these, do you want me to do these notes anymore? I am kind of worried that it will ruin the fantasy, but also wonder if the insight into what I am thinking is helpful. I am finishing up 19 and I was thinking about leaving a note on it explaining what I was going to do initially, as in the roadmap, but what I ended up doing instead, and I want to know if that would be a good or bad thing to do.


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to be honest keep =writing stories becuz um are fucking awsome


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Honestly, given the paragraphical errors and tossing them aside, I would have to say that this series of stories is one of the best on the entire site, You should definately keep up the great work, You have caught alot of posotive attention from this series, I hope you don't mind, I have been sending the link to the first part to everyone that I know that likes to read stories like this. I definately hope to read more in the future.


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kinda ironic how I can't spell "spell"...


2005-03-07 01:53:12
I know this is late, but... paragraphs!!
And speel check too...
Also, I hope you haven't added comments to the end of later stories, they're better without.
And I do like it how each part is connected within a larger story.


2004-10-20 16:48:49
A before e unless after c except in meighbor or way or your raising the level of duschbaggery for shaggery

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