This is a true story that occured when I was at High School, aged 15! Some of the details aren't entirely accurate, such as conversation, but the good stuff is XD

I was at a friends party, just sitting in the garden with other friends, and the hosts brother, and we were pretty bored, so we ended up talking about school, I was asking what teachers the hosts younger brother had, I had a maths teacher in year 9 ( i was in yr 11 at the time), named Ms Sparks, I asked him if he had her, but he replied no, but some of his friends did. He was just talking about how much of a bad teacher she was, I agreed, the conversation somehow got the point where he said 'apparently, james looked through her desk when she went out of the room, and in one of the draws was her handbag, and he sifted through it and he found a dildo, he only told me and a few other friends, I don't think it was true'. I just laughed it off, thinking it was something made up but still replied 'oh my god really? haha'.

2 Days later I was back at school and had maths, I had a teacher called Mr Cuffe who didn't really pay attention to us so I was just sat doodling, being 15, horny as fuck with an erection. Then I saw Ms Sparks walk into the room to get some things from Cuffe, when I remembered what My friends brother told me, I started to remember things I used to think when she was my teacher 3 years ago, Ms Sparks was about 40, pretty slim, 5 9", with short curly hair and a pretty bland face, flat chest and weird voice, you could say a bit average, or not very attractive, but being 15, thinking 'hmm, I wonder if she has a nice pussy, I'd love to lick it', this got me super hard, coupled with the fact that I had only just been told she is rumoured to have a dildo in her handbag, my pants were starting to feel resricting around my cock.

I had this idea that when class had finished, all the students had gone to lunch, teachers as well, I'd go look in a draw, try and find her handbag, and she if the rumour was true. So I pretended to go to lunch, and watched her walk into the lunch hall, and I went back up the the classroom, it was about 200m away, our school was pretty big. I gently opened the door to the room, checked to see If anyone was around, and the coast was clear. I walked over to the door, grabbing my fat bulge in my pants, I was semi hard already. I looked in her desk, and found 4 draws, nothing in the first or second, but in the third was a brown handbag, a quickly pulled it open and placed it on the desk, unzipped it, and looked through, there was just the usual stuff that a 40 yr old teacher might keep, calculator, second wallet, lipstick, perfume, eye liner, foundation, mirror etc, nothing was in the main compartment, but then, there was a second compartment, a unzipped this, and straight away an object popped out slightly, it was a fucking dildo! 'oh fuck man' I thought in my head, I put it on the desk next to her bag, and stared, I had never seen a sex toy before, the things she must do with it, what could i do with it? Being bi-curious I had some ideas of blowing it whilst jerking my cock, but I wouldn't just steal it.

So I continued to stare, I have a perfect image of it in my head today, it was about 8 inches longs (1 inch more than me XD), a bit thicker than your average human dick, and was curved slightly, it was flesh coloured with a nice purple head that was fat n' meaty, nice, just like mine, thicker than the rest of the shaft. I picked it up and stood it on the desk, on it's base, I got my hand around the shaft just to feel, in a normal jerking position, it felt pretty real, muscly, hard but squishy, fake veins, a fat bell end, and for some reason pretty warm! More thoughts were envoked 'oh shit, it's warm, are they naturally warm or has this been used, obviously before, but recently? Today?!"

Curious, I grabbed it again, and pulled it towards my face, 'I wonder if it has had fresh use' I thought. By now I was 100% hard. I was holding the dildo shaft, and put it sideways above my lip, and under my nose, I placed my nostrills on the helmet of the dildo, and pushed my nose into the head and took a nice long sniff. I retracted my head for a second, let out a big breath, almost coughing thinking "HOLY crap, this dildo absolutely stinks! It's been used today deffinately, I've just virtually taken a sniff of my first pussy, and it stinks, but I like it'.

I was a virgin, had never never done anything, or even seen a real vagina, so this moment was a big thrill, my first encounter with something that had been up a pussy letting off a nice stinking aroma that lingers pungent in my nose, I loved it, the stench of pussy twitched my cock, and pulled it up to my face again, and pushed my nose into the head again, this time running my nose down the shaft, "jesus christ" i thought, "Ms sparks has shoved this 8 inch cock toy about 7 inches into her stinking pussy hole'. As I ran my nose down the shaft, the pussy stench stayed until about 7 inches down the dildo, she had really had fun with this, the thought of her, laying down, with her 40 year old legs wide open, really wide open, almost behind her head, her ass and pussy exposed to the air, her body angled slightly up from laying on her back, with her hand around this dildo ramming it in and out of her rancid, reaking, wet stinking pussy, her pussy juice lubricating it, the wet dildo slides in and out with the juice coating the whole thing, leaving it's stink on it, with the juice running down into her nice tight asshole, lubing that aswell, oh the things I would do with my fingers, mouth, tongue, cock, and potentially fist, getting all the stink juice all over my hands and cock, slippery, squishing noises, I could sniff the reaking pussy juice that covers my fingers, the thick goo stench, whilst me cock is being sucked, her pussy squelching with the dildo pummeling into it.

I wanted to suck the dildo now, get her dried up pussy juice stink into my mouth, but the bell rang, I panicked slightly, quickly putting it into the bag, just throwing it in, no care if it goes into the right place, and put it into the draw closest to me, 'is that the right one'? 'Nevermind, I need to get out'. So i quickly left and went back to maths, and watched Ms Sparks return to the classroom, back to work now.

It was the day after now and I was sat in maths again, the lesson was pertty average, Cuffe told us to leave whilst the bell rang, as we were leaving the classroom, Cuffe peered over his book, looked at me and said 'oh that reminds me, Ms Sparks needs to speak to you in about 20 minutes is that ok?'. A huge sinking feeling hit me in the pit of my stomach 'shit', I whispered, she's found out. I just replied 'um yes sir' and I went to the library.

Those 20 minutes were both the fastest, and slowest moments of my life, I was sat in the library pretending to do homework, but I was just thinking about what would be said, what I would do, and what the consequences would be, the time just dragged on, eventualy 15 minutes passed and I walked to sparks classroom, these were the faster moments, one minute I was sat in the library swallowing my nerves, now I'm nearly at her classroom 'oh no, I am at her classroom i thought' As I slowly opened the door, I gently closed it behind me, stood straight, silent, and saw her sat at her desk, also reading a book, eating an apple, she glanced over at me as I stood at the door, and spoke 'you know, there funny aren't they, relationships'. "Um, I don't know what you mean" I replied. "Well, i've never been good at them, I'm not married, I've never had a real boyfriend, and, hmm, how shall I put this, I'm not active participant , and never have been, not once".

"um I don't know what you mean Miss", I replied, she shook her head 'nevermind, but I suppose it is relavent, you see, I know you were in here when I wasn't present yesterday, I know you were looking in my desk, and going through my things, looking for things". I was pretty shaken "um, um, how do you know" I replied. "Well, look into the top left corner of the room, can you see? Can you see the camera, we had them fitted 2 weeks ago because of violence in the classrooms, why were you looking in my desk drawers, and more importatnly, going through my handbag?" She quizzed. "erm, well Miss, I don't really know, I was erm, just looking for some cash because I needed to get home and no friends had enough money" I replied.
"Really, you expect me to believe that, now don't be stupid, I have the camera right there, and I've checked the footage, after I noticed my bag was not in the draw I left it in, and some contents had, let's say, been moved around, what was the real reason, don't worry, you won't get into bother." She smiled.

"erm ok then, I heard from a couple of people that you keep something in your bag, I think, or thought it was just a rumour but they said you keep a" She quickly interupted and said, "come over to my desk". She put her book down, threw the apple core in the bin, still sat down, leaned over towards my face, and told me to turn my ear to her. "well is the rumour true did you find what you were looking for?". I stood silent, akward, confused, nervous and kinda weird, but I managed a reply, "erm, ok, I think i found what they said, i think i found", she quickly whispered in my ear again, "you found my great big sex toy didn't you, my personal dildo, didn't you, and I saw what you did with it, were you curious, you know I had only just used it that very morning, I could see you know I used it only a few hours before, you grabbed it and started to sniff it, I watched as you sniffed the linger of my vagina, I bet you liked it, then you wanted to perform a little act on it, you wanted to suck my dried up woman aroma and juice, but you were scared off by the bell"

I just stood there, for some reason begining to get hard, but was scared as fuck, she continued to speak, "you loved my dildo, i know, it's our secret don't worry". She then stood up and walked to the door, put the blind over the glass and locked it, "it's lunch period now, everyone is out, I'd like to reveal a secret to you, I've been using that very same dildo for 20 years you know, every morning and every afternoon after school I use it, it's the only way I can get any release, any pleasure at all, the only pleasure I have had in my life, look at my face, I'm not pretty, I'm not even really acceptable, I have bad hair, and I am scrawny, I have never had a boy or man have their way with me in my life, and I'm 40! Since 20 years old I have used that device to pleasure myself, it broke my virgin skin, but I am still technicaly pure, I have never seen a man naked in the flesh, nor a woman, never seen a real cock, never touched, or anything, and I doubt you have seen anything of either male or female either, I can see from the camera you are bi curious, well I can fill one half of those desired, I am desperate and need to expirience it, I am doing you a favour, but so are you, and so will you".

I just stood shocked, with a fully hard cock, she quickly stood up in front of me and reached for my crotch, opened her palm wide and groped my bulge, squeezing quite hard, gripping my cock and balls, it felt amazing, my cock felt like a rock, she put her hand under my balls, with her palm resting on my shaft, and lifted her hand up, moving my cock and balls up towards my stomach, my pants still on, she then let go and the full weight dropped down, she spoke "that felt nice, for me and you, now then, how about we both have our first sexual expirience, I'll jerk your cock and maybe even give you a blowjob, I've seen enough internet sites to have an idea.

I just stood silent, with my bulge in her face, she slowly unzipped my pants, undid the top button, hooked her fingers round my trousers and boxers and quickly pulled them down around my thighs. She was knelt down, just staring at my fully hard, slightly curved up, 7 inch cock from the side slightly, she opened her mouth and let out a little gasp, and covered her mouth with her hand 'it's amazing' she said. She looked at it from all angles, from the side, straight on, underneath and the poition she would most love, the top view, how I see it, she quickly darted her hand and gripped the shaft, squeezing slightly, her hand only just fitting around it, I was about as thick as her dildo and 1 inch shorter, "it feels so warm, and hard, it's so strong, muscly, my dildo doesn't quite have the same ridges and veins as yours, it feels so, so manly, I love looking at it from the top" I knew she would, "I love the head, it's colour, nice and purple, so shiny, so fat, what do they call it, a helmet? It looks like one" she said.

She knelt back down again, sat by the side, still holding it, I contorted and twitched it in her hand, expanding it in length and width slightly, she clearly loved the girth, sat there, smiling. She started to rub it slowly, just her hand moving down the shaft "faster, squeeze harder" I said, she followed. She was pumping my cock now, her hand feeling the full lenth from base to head tip, my foreskin only covering the head slightly on the up stroke "it feels absolutely massive she said, it's just like my toy, except harder, and little nuances with the bumbs and your purple helmet, nice ridges, it's so fat, and pretty long".

What a sight it was, my teacher pumping my 7 inch thick cut cock, her hand barely reaching around the shaft, she just sat smiling. "right, I'm going to suck it for you now". I just stood in silence as she kneeled infont of me, she let go of it, I put my first and second finger under my balls and thumb on the base, putting pressure on it to curve it more right into her face. "I'm going to do what you did now" and she took a sniff of the helmet, and ran her nose down the shaft, "mmm, it smells just like my vagina juice, especially the shiny purple helmet, I hope I can fit it into my mouth, they say the head is the easy bit, what would you like me to do?" She said

I replied, with a slight quiver in my voice "erm, just lick the purple head first, then open wide and ram the head into the side of your cheek, rub it on the walls of your cheek for a while, then try and get some of the fat shaft in you mouth, put it as far down as you can without gagging, keep licking the helmet, and use lots and lots of saliva" She followed, she licked my hemlet, it felt nice and tingly, she salivated lots on it, some dripping onto the floor and her lap, then she quickly moved her head down and put my fully engorged head in, my cock was swollen like never before, so fat, hard and long, she used so much saliva it was amazing, my cock head was rubbing against the cheek walls in her mouth, I groaned and twiched my cock, she then move her head further, but took it out slightly, and spat all over it, spitting into her hand, she salivated a lot, and had so much thick slippery mouth goo it was great, she pumped my wet, shiny cock some more, with a big grin on her face, and saliva and pre cum dribbling down her chin, she spat a few more times onto the head, and spat on the shaft and got all that thick goo to lube it, she pulled her head right onto it and got her mouth around half of the 7 inches, it was the most amzing feeling ever, so wet and warm, so good. Her head rocked back and forth sucking my big cock, the sound was amazing too. The squelching of her saliva, the thick goo all over her mouth, her chin, her nose and my cock, she rubbed the head on the cheek walls some more. I was climaxing now.

We just stayed silent, she then grabged my cock and pumped more, "squelch sqluech sqluech" she lapped up all the saliva off the shaft, rubbed the shaft, and put the swollen, engorged helmet in simultaniously, I was groaning more, "tell me when you are going to ejaculate" she whispered. She took almost the full lenth of my cock in her mouth one more time, my cock was stretching her mouth out, no saliva could escpare, it was all over my shaft and head, she pushed the helmet onto the cheek one more time and stretched her cheek far out, "i'm nearly done" i wimpered.

So she took it out of her mouth, and grabbed it hard, pumping pretty fast, the saliva lube felt great, she had her eyes close, and mouth closed too, my cock contorted and I shot a fat wad of cum all over her face, one batch of cum all over her chin and mouth, the second shot all over her cheek, nose and general face, and the third wad all in her hair, eye lids and forehead, I hadn't jerked off in 2 days, this was a big ejaculate she held her hand infront for the last shot, catching a load of cum goo in her fingers and palm.

She let out a gasp "that was amazing". I quickly put it in my pants and stared at the most amazing sight, the thought of my first blowjob, handjob and expirience from my teacher, the teacher who had saliva all over her blouse, cum covering her hands, and face plastered with my gunk goo, so much of it, "mmm, it's so nice and warm", she rubbed her hands together, mixing in all the goo, then she rubbed all the cum around her face, sqelching it, the thickness, she opened her mouth and poured some in, but quickly spat it out.

"You can go now, let's never speak of this, our first expirience, it was amazing" she said. I walked to the door and turned to the sight of my teacher with a cum covered face, licking her hands, with a nice squichy noise, my first bj and handjob, amazing. She wiped it off with a cloth, smiled at me, and I walked out.


If like that then there is only one more story, and only one more expirience of mine, taking place again at school! The last expirience :(

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2011-07-20 17:12:45
it was a great story though loopy but great

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I am curious. If she could see him going through her drawers from the camera that was likely posted in the office, then other people would be able to see what she was doing with her student. This story is bs

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Dam i wish i had it that good in school


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great story keep it up

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Bloody great Story mate. Keep up the good work.

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