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My first time
Hot Summers & New Beginnings (Part 1)

The summer was hot and the days seem endless that year. I’d just turned 9 years old, and like all regular boys of that age, was into all sorts of mischief. Nothing bad just, boys stuff. In the village where I lived was an area of woodland the local kids called Monkey Island. It was a place of adventure, and of fun. My cousin Mary was lucky enough to live in one of the new houses that backed onto the woods, so we would often meet up and go exploring. Lurking the undergrowth was all manor of objects to interest the young explorer. Most of them were left behind by the builders but now had been claimed by the thick bushes and sprawling cherry trees. Mary, a tomboy at heart, was 10 months old than me, and was my best friend even if she was a little on the bossy side. To date all of our time together had been good wholesome fun, but little did I know, as I cycled my Rayleigh Roadrunner over to her house, that things were about to change out of all recognition and that we were about to discover a whole new world to explore.

I arrived quite early that day, the morning shadows were still long making the ground damp. Mary, an early riser too, was already in the garden, kicking a tennis ball against the garage wall that joined her house. She, like me was dressed in shorts and tee shirt, and smiled cheerfully as I approach.

“Hi Joe, I was hoping you’d come over today” she said brightly, thinking back she had a strange air about her that morning, like she was hiding something, but me being a typical boy didn’t pick up on it.

“Hi Mary” I replied casually “whatchya been up to” I added.

“Nothing much, hanging out with Jill, wanna go to the island?” She asked. It was a conversation we had had a thousand times before, only this morning it seemed a little more rushed that usual. Mary was rubbish at only two things as I recall, the first one was lying and the second one was keeping secrets, but like I was said, I didn’t really read much into her behaviour.

“Sure” I replied “what do you wanna play today?”. She paused for a moment trying to hid a grin, then said “I don’t know, but Jill went in this morning, lets go and find her?” “Cool, lets take the low road” I said, which meant walking to the bottom of the street and entering the woods via a little footpath, as opposed to ‘the high road’, which was coded language for jumping off the compost heap, over the fence and into the woods that way. So we set off, chatting about nothing much we soon reached the over grown footpath, and entered the dim world of Monkey Island.

It didn’t take us that long to find Jill, which was surprising, asthat end of the wood was so dense at that time of the summer few people visited it. Jill was almost a year younger that me, and was more of a girly girl that Mary, so I surprise to find that she look kind of grubby for her.
“What you been doing” I asked intrigue by her appearance and an excited, flushed look she had about her. She giggled and said she’d show us. As we followed her through the twisting pathways she explained that her dad’s new girlfriend was coming to live with them and as a result he’d been tidying the house up and cleared load of stuff out. He’d piled all the rubbish to take to tip at the back in the shed, which Jill had thought strange, even stranger when he had produces a brand new padlock and secured the sheds door.

“Oh weird, what did you do?” I asked guessing the story didn’t end there.
“What else, I went around the back of the shed and climbed in through the back window, Dad has forgotten you can’t be shut it properly”. She said giggling precociously. By now we had reached the disused bird watching hide was our HQ amongst other make believe places. “and you should see what I found” she continued as we went entered.

Once inside she picked up a carry bag laying on the floor, and produced its contents. I looked open mouths at the three gloss magazines she held in her hand. Mary giggled as said “No way” taking the top one and opening the front cover. “He’s got hundreds in a box, just I took these off the top” Jill explained. Mary slowly flicked through the pages as I looked over her shoulder. Most of the photosets were fair standard solo girls wearing (and then not wearing) various out fits. Mary flicked quiet fast through these, too fast for my liking. Towards the centre of the magazine however things got more interesting, with a multi girl set. It started of with one girl playing a photographer taking pictures of the other four in various states of un dress, then on the second page were a sequence of shots as they playfully stripped her cloths off. The final double page spread had her naked, arms held over her head, legs held wide apart and the one of the girls was touching her pussy. We looked at the magazine in silence, captivated by the images. I felt my boyish manhood stiffen, making me feel very self-conscious.

Mary broke the ice and simply said “Wow Jill, are the others like this?”. Now she was sound more like a jumping actress in her first school play.

“Yes, mostly I think” she replied, more convincingly

We scanned through the remainder of the magazine looking for the multi-girl sets and found a few more with a fantasy themes, cowgirls, cops and robbers and an xmas party themed one. I remained silent, not really knowing what to say, not wanting to miss anything but not wanting to look to eager either, by now I’d cottoned on to the fact the Mary had seen them before today and was curious as to why she arranged for me to see them in such a covert way. Finally Jill said “Why are there only girls in the magazine?”, I piped up “I think men are in some, look it says there would be in the next issue” pointing to a preview page, laughing I added “you’ll will have to find the month that followed this one, if you want to see it” half joking. To my surprise she just “Cool” and got up. “I won’t be long”. Mary interrupted her “Jill be careful, your dad will ground you for a month if he catches you”, with a hint of genuine concern. But she just replied “I will” and skipped off leaving Mary and I with the bounty.

We got ourselves comfortable in the floor, and settled down for a more careful inspection of the magazine’s contents. Mary said “Have you seen this one?” turning the magazine around and show me the pages. Again they hinted at an underlay theme of playfulness but laced with cohesion, in this case, two girl playing tennis had stripped there female umpire and had her straddling the net. I felt my cock twitch. “Wow no I hadn’t …. do … do you like these ones I asked”, Mary snapped “I’m not a lezza Joe” she snapped but after a pause continued more softly“ but yes kinda, they give me a funny feeling”

We continued to look at the set more closely, as we slowly worked our way thought the pages. Mary starting reading aloud the captions, and then making a few up for pictures without any, giggling as she did so.

It wasn’t long before Jill return, clearly she been running, she was clutching she rucksack. “Dad “ she breathed hard “…….had to go to the garage, so I grabbed a few more” she said catching her breathe. Jill hadn’t found the magazine she had gone back for, there were simply too many to hunt through, but she had found other magazines with both sexes in. They were still only top-shelve soft-core but to us they we very edifying.

We spent the next 30 mins or so looking through them all, and asking each other questions like ‘which to you like best?’ etc etc, Jill said, “we should play game?”, it was a bolt from the blue and I though she was getting bored of looking at the mags, which I certainly wasn’t. By now my cock was beginning to ache and I was thinking I need to be alone and relieve the tension but Mary said “Yes, I do too, what do you have in mind?”, to be honest there was only one thing on my mind.

Jill said “Ok. we could play photographer and models” she said giggling. My stiff cock gave an excited twitch. “Yes” I chipped in, but Mary wanted set out more details and to set some ground rules for us. “Ok” she said “here is what we will do then”. Bossy as she was she also had a great imagination, and the structure she gave us made many of our other, more innocent, games work.
“We’ll pick a theme to start with, one of us will choose to first pose, the next chooses the next one and so on. Oh and captions we got to have a few captions too”. I was a little confused at this point but the thought that if I got to see Mary and Jill naked meant I wasn’t going to ask questions, but Jill wanted further clarifications “Ok so we are all model’s together then?”
“Yes, that way its fair to everyone” Mary responded.
“Ok and there is no chickening out, if its in the magazine then you gotta do what your told?” she continued.
“Yes” Mary confirmed “ We ALL HAVE to do it”

I wasn’t about to disagree, and Jill knodded too. It was at this point it dawned on my that maybe they had been planning this from the start.

Mary continued “Ok then, I think we should do something on this theme” returning the tennis set.
Jill said “But its only got girls in it”
Mary eyes rolled “We are only using the theme Jill, say we have been asked to re-shoot it, but better”, she shook here head slowly

Jill seemed happier by this “Ok, bagsy I’m a tennis player then”, I said “Me too” quickly thinking safety in number, but Mary overrode me “No you’re the umpire, and we are the players, the intro is that you been giving out unfair penalties ok and we are not happy about it”.

“why can’t I be a player?” I asked, Mary jumped in “There is no such thing as mixed singles matches” and as Mary was cleaver than me I didn’t question her further.

Jill said “yes”, I was still felt a little uncertain and nervous, they had said they wouldn’t chicken out, I wondering if either of them would when it came to the crunch, but in truth they both seemed more relaxed about it than I was.

I guess we all found getting started the hardest bit. Even with the rules of a game set out things still felt a bit clumsy. Mary said I could pose the opening picture, was really turned into just describing it as it was not that exciting. I told them that I was sitting up on the umpire chair and they were both standing with there arms folding looking cross at me. It broke the ice nicely.

Mary said “Seems like a good start “ then turning to Jill said, “Your turn next“ she said.
“Ok you and me will get either side of Joe, Mary your pulling his t-shirt up”, Jill guided Mary and me into the pose. I was off the chair now and Mary had my t-shirted half over my head, covering my face. “That’s it your pulling his t-shirt up, and I’m pulling his these down”, she already had her finger hooking under the waist band of my shorts and she tugged them down as far a my thighs. Jill hand brushed over my pants a times, rubbing me hard cock ‘by accident’ in the process. Both Mary and Jill continue tugging at my cloths, finally leaving me stand just in my underwear. Mary commented “Jill that’s was a good one too”, she giggled “ok my turn” She paused of a moment thinking, I could hear my heart pounding in my chest.

Mary then said “Joe you grabbed hold of Jill t-shirt pull it up, Jill I want you to get down on your knees and reach up and hold him like this” Mary took her hand and cupped my balls through my pants like we have seen in the magazines. Jill hand replaced Mary, supporting my balls gently but firmly. “I’m holding you like this”, still through my pants she curled her small hands around my stiff shaft and easy my cock forward. Although she wasn’t rubbing it or anything, in fact she hardly moved it still felt divine.
Both girls manipulated my cock a bit to, as Jill put it, “get the best shot”
“Its my turn again” I said after a short while silent touching “ok Mary, I’m going to sit down again, take you top off” as I got settled and Jill wasted no time in putting her hand back on my balls. Mary stood there toplesss, her small pert breast jutting forward, nipples hard, although I didn’t recognise this at the time. “Now Mary, I’m going to pull these right down” I pull both her shorts and panties down together, reveal her bald pussy, I paused for a moment, taking in the smooth folds of skin then I made her bent forward a bit, so I could touch her pussy from behind her. It was such a thrill, I told her to arch her back like the girls in a magazine did, which she emulated beautifully. Jill giggled at the pose then asked what am I doing in this one? I had a mind to get her to strip too, but somehow leaving her where she was appealed to me more. “Jill you can carry on as you are”, I said, but Jill had other ideas “Ok, what if I just do….” She pulled my pants down a little, to reveal the head of my cock “just a bit”, I said “ok”, as she took hold of my fleshy member again. I touched Mary pussy for a bit, clueless of what I should be do but really just copying the magazines.

Jill starting giggling, “Is it my turn yet?” she asked, “come on it should I’ve had an idea”, “Yes its your turn, do your worst” I laughed back, intrigued. “ok ok” Jill continued excitedly as she pulled down my pants saying “We need these down. ,now Mary bend over more”, she guided Mary head to within inches of my cock, and said “Now do like they do in the mags, you stick your tongue out”, “No that’s gross” Mary retorted “I’m not doing that”, Jill giggled and said “You got to, we said the rules at the start, didn’t we Joe”, I agreed with Jill, and Mary was forced to agree too. Gingerly she lowered her head close enough for me to feel she breath blowing over my sensitive head. I couldn’t see her tongue but from Jill’s encouragement I guess she had it out and only millimetres from me. Jill took my cock in her hand pulling it upward, briefly bring my cock and Mary tongue into contact. I felt my body shiver.

After a few minutes in that positions Mary said her neck was starting to ache and that it was her turn now. It wasn’t only her neck that was aching, While in many way this sexual experience was exciting, it was also frustrating. I’m be masturbating regular for about a year, and I badly need to relieve the tension growing in my loins, so I chipped in “ok Mary, last turn, that lets do something else.” Mary lifted her head with a wicked look in her eye, “I’m cool with that, …… Now Jill, its my turn and as this is the final shot in the set I’d better make it a good one” she said was a huge smile on her face. I had no idea what she was cooking up, but I knew, Mary intended some kind of playful revenge on Jill, and I think Jill sensed it too, but said cheerily “Go for it Mary” in a challenging tones.

“Ok Jill, we need you naked, get ‘em all off” Mary said. I watched a Jill slipped her shorts and panties down, and pulled her t-shirt over her head. My eyes roved over her naked body. “There, happy” Jill reply, “Nearly Jill, get on your back and layback a bit, no not that much, use your elbows to support you, yes that’s it. Jill got into position giving me a great view of you pussy, which I just stared at so intently that I didn’t hear Mary talking to me

“Joe Joe. Mary calling Joe” she laughed as a snapped out of it. “Oh sorry, what to I do.” Said told me to kneel up by Jill’s shoulder, again my cock was tantalising close of a girls lips, not that I knew about blow jobs. Mary lifted Jill legs now, and got me to hold then up. “Joe, push them wider part, wide as you can got.” I did as I was told, I pushed them open wide to the point where Jill pussy lips are parting. Jill look a little embarrassed now, her being so exposed, something that Mary was clearly enjoying.

Now Mary joined the action, with her left hand to parted Jill pussy wider open like the girls in the magazined did, and with her right she grabbed my cock, pushing it against the side of Jills face. Mary was moving my cock about on Jill face now, and I was getting more excited than ever. I feel my hips tensing as Mary held my cock against Jill’s face but the motion wasn’t enough for me to climax. But after a few minutes the game, as agree, was at an end.

There was another, slightly awkward moment as none of us knew what to do next, Jill made the first move picking up her shorts, and quickly Mary and I followed suit. Me struggling to manoeuvre my still hard cock into the pants as I noticed that both girls looked very flushed and I wondered if they were are frustrated as I was.

(watch out of part 2)

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Dude, you need to do part 2. Good story.


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Proof read, proof read, proof read. Good story but did I mention you should proof read?


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Proof read, proof read, proof read. Good story but did I mention you should proof read?

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