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Max gets his for angering Kristen!
This is my first story.

Remember: Your ratings decide weather I make a part 2 or not!

Max is a real estate agent, and he has just discovered that his new client will pay millions for the property connected to a Kristen McLaren’s residence. He has talked to her on the phone once before, and she wasn’t interested in selling. The next day he decides to pay her a visit. She seemed very annoyed on the subject, but she allows him in. Kristen is a 5'5" blond with a killer body, yet Max didn’t seem to notice. She leads him into the living room and they discuss the matter. No matter what price he offers, she won’t sell.

“How about $50,000?” Max was eggar to cash in big on this.

“No! Im not selling!” Max was losing his cool, and Kristen had completely lost hers.

“What the fuck is the matter with you?” Max was now yelling at her. “Im leaving!” Just as he was about to leave, Kristen couldn’t take it anymore, and went behind him to take him down. Max got up, and was ready to fight. But, Kristen knew how to take down a man as big as Max, by grabbing and twisting where it hurts the most! Max yelled in pain, and took Kristen to the floor.

Kristen rolled over so that she was now on top. She took of her shirt and bra, and smothered him with her breasts. She had firm, nicely sized boobs which seemed to fit in a C cup. He finally pushed her off of him, and took off his shirt in a fit of rage. He went to squeeze her breasts, but Kristen ducked and kneed him in the balls. Ouch!!!

Max went down again, and she now took off her pants and sat on his face, which caused him to pass out because of the lack of air. While he was unconscious, Kristen took of her pansies, his pants and underwear. Then she kicked him in the stomach so he would wake up.
When he finally did, he was in shock as she was standing over him, naked and wondering what to do with him. It was then he noticed her pussy: it was nicely shaved and very tight with cute, pink flesh surrounding it.

She finally got down and violently rode on his nose. He was taken by surprise as his nose was inserted into her clit as she rode him like a wild horse. Max was grasping at Kristen’s ass trying to make her stop, but he was too weak. She moaned in pleasure as she released her feminine juices all over his face. She heard him choke on and accidentally swallow some of them.

Then she further slowed him down by sucking on the astonished real estate agent’s long, hard 10" cock. He grew harder and harder inside of her mouth with each suck. She underwent another earth-shattering orgasm, spewing yet another round of her cum onto his helpless face by the time his full 10" was rock hard and ready for the hardcore sex she had in mind next. While riding on his nose, she was giving him the blowjob of his life!

Before Max knew what hit him, Kristen forced him into the hardcore sex she has wanted for a while. She got up and was ready for fucking. She commanded him to fuck her like a play toy until he was ready to swell and blow his load. He forcibly entered her so violently, she screamed in pleasure. She forced him to fuck her harder and harder. She bounced up and down him and then, when she got tired of that position, ordered him to do her doggy style.

She cupped her breasts, liked and played with them while she was getting pleasure out of the exhausted real estate agent who made the mistake of entering her home off-guard. She then reminded him that when he exploded, she wanted it all over her face. He did as he was told and obeyed. In a little while, he blew his big load all over her face, just so she could swallow every tasty drop. The last thing he remembered was her standing up and squishing his balls under her foot, knocking him out cold...

...The next thing he knew, he was out in front of her house in the middle of the night, naked and with his stuff next to him. He looked up to see a bunch of teenagers drive by, laughing at him. He knew he was never going to deal with her again. Just by looking at her, Kristen is an innocent looking woman. but if you get her mad, she will have her way with you...

To Be Continued...?


2007-10-17 09:04:55


2007-08-01 21:16:41
it was stuipid


2006-04-20 04:57:38
dont give up your day job .


2005-10-24 11:54:57
great astorie i wish i had a domnat female in my life


2005-03-29 04:30:29
too short even to get the slightest of erection

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