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New experiance opens a whole new world of new sensations
I'll share with you a story that I have told nobody yet. It consists of me having sex with my sister.
It all started on the night of May 2nd at approximately 11:00pm. I was living with my parents, but they usually went out at this time and only my sister and I were left with the house to ourselves.
They had a strict rule about not inviting anybody while they were away, which we adhered to.

It all stared with me hearing moans in the room across from mine. This room was my sisters.
I wasn't really sure what they signified, but I had my assumptions.
I decided I would open the door ever so slightly to investigate. I was greeted by an amazing sight. My sister was laying on the bed, legs spread wide, rubbing her vagina.
I assumed she was trying to keep quiet, but she couldn't help it and her moans kept getting louder.
I could see a small stream of fluid leaking from her vagina as she kept pleasuring herself. Finally, there was one last moan and she orgasmed.
You could see her contractions, even from a distance. It was amazing. The next few days I contemplated whether or not she felt the same way about me.
My plan was to masturbate in my room and see how she would react. I knew at approximately which time she would come to check up on me, as she always did.
This would be the perfect time to act. On August 3rd at 10:00pm,
I started to masturbate on my bed and moan (just loud enough so she could hear). I heard the door creak open and saw her gasp.
I pretended to ignore her and kept masturbating. She didn't leave. She just kept her gaze on my PENIS, stroke after stroke, she was in a trance. I eventually orgasmed, as I found my current situation so exciting.

My door isn't far from my bed, so I had decided I would aim my PENIS at my sister to see if I could hit her. Keep in mind, she still didn't think I noticed her, so she wouldn't be able to get upset with me.

I carefully aimed and some landed on her arm. She gathered it with her other hand and rubbed it between her two fingers, admiring the texture and smell.
She quickly realized my eyes could open any minute now and suddenly walked out. She quickly walked to her room and closed her door. Usually, after an orgasm, I'm not aroused, but today was entirely different.
I decided I would go observe her some more. As I opened the door, I saw the fingers that had my semen on them in her mouth.
This had me hard again, but I managed to keep my composure. She eventually decided she would just go to sleep and I returned to my bed as well.

My sister had a habit of taking strong sleeping pills before going to bed due to insomnia, so I knew she would be out for a while.
I simply could not fall asleep and had no idea what was keeping me awake.
I suddenly had a sinister idea. I would sneak into her room and see exactly how good of a peak I could get at her body.
I needed to see her, fully, not just through the crack of a door. This made me very excited, but also nervous, as the repercussions for getting caught would be severe.

I decided I would act on my desires and slowly creeped into her room.She was laying on her back. I slowly slid her blanket off of her and revealed a magnificent sight. She was wearing only a t-shirt and her panties. Her nipples poked at the fabric of the shirt. I could also see the outline of her pussy against the panties.

I decided to take a risky action. I proceeded to slowly slide her shirt off of her. This was very difficult as she was laying on her back. It was almost impossible, but somehow I managed to reveal her wonderful C cup breasts.
They jiggled as they slipped out of the shirt. I reached out and grabbed one of her nipples. I slowly tugged at it and heard a moan emanate from her mouth.
I rolled it between my two fingers, and still, she kept on quietly moaning. This had me rock hard, but decided I would wait. After massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples for a good 5 minutes,
I decided I would venture lower.

It was dark, but I could still see her panties glistening from the light in the hall. I could tell she was aroused. I placed my index finger in between her vaginal lips and started rubbing up and down.

She was getting wetter every minute.

I decided I had to see more and proceeded to remove her panties. This was an easier task as her legs weren't laying flat. As I slid the panties to her knees, I suddenly heard her speak, “What's going on?”, my anxiety was eased as she spoke again, “where are the others?” I could tell she was dreaming.

I ignored this and eventually got her panties off completely. The first time seeing my sister's breasts was one thing, but her vagina was truly a sight to behold.

I slowly inserted a finger and could feel her love tunnel pulsating against it. She moaned again. I began to pump the finger inside and out.
Her moans increased with intensity and she kept getting wetter. Her fluids were all over the sheets. Eventually, she orgasmed. I could feel her pussy contracting against my finger.

Her moans kept getting louder, but stopped when she finally reached the end of her climax. All this foreplay had me very aroused and I had to do something to alleviate this. Suddenly, my sister changed positions and was laying flat on her stomach.
She revealed her wonderful ass to me and I decided I penetrating it would be the next course of action.
I left her room and tried to find something that could be used as lube. I entered the bathroom and found some conditioner and figured this would work.
I crept back into her room and knelt by her. I poured some conditioner into my hand and spread it on her ass. I climbed on top of her bed and carefully positioned my penis and rested it on her asshole.

I slowly pushed.
I could hear my sister groaning, presumably from pain, but she did not wake up. I had the head of my dick inside her, it was so tight.
I could see tears forming in her eyes, but it was too late to stop now. I slowly inserted the end of my penis into her asshole until it was fully inside. I slowly pumped. I could hear her whimpers in her sleep, but I was selfish, I kept on going. Eventually, I could feel myself about to orgasm.

I kept on pumping and felt myself ejaculating. I deposited my semen into her ass. As I pulled it, it leaked down to her vagina, lubricating it. Suddenly, I felt her stirring underneath me. I attempted to run for the door, her panties in my hand. She suddenly yelled, “STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM! Nobody breaks the law on my watch! I'm confiscating your stolen goods. Now pay the fine or it's off to jail!”

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2014-04-19 10:38:40
"Stop right there, criminal scum! Nobody breaks the law on my watch! I'm confiscating your stolen goods. Now pay your fine or it's off to jail."

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2013-07-21 08:02:17
Eh, random two posts below me, I very much hope that this does NOT sound like your 'jeonruy into homeschooling'. That would be weird. ;)

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2013-06-27 04:22:19
dat...just dat ending XD

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2013-01-13 13:02:26
I think your post sounds so much like our jeonruy into Homeschooling. My son is Autistic, and we have homeschooled him now for 3 years. I have never heard of the program you have used as the model though. My son's problem was his label .being labeled high functioning autism they put him in a class with other kids with the same label. Well he definatly did not fit there. Thankfully his wonderful teacher realized it and he did completely different things. But 6 months later when he was required to get a new class the teacher was horrible and we only made it to 3 classes before he asked me to never go back .and we didn't. Then they wanted a behavioral class, my son does not have any behavioral problems outside of being a boy, but he is very much into repeating the patterns of other people so that wasn't going to happen. In the end we had always been teaching him at home. My son loves to learn and they were taking that away. So instead we made the radical choice to teach him ou

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2012-02-11 19:01:00
zG90Nl I almost accidentally visited to this site, but stayed here for a long time. Stayed because everything was very interesting. Surely will share with all my friends!...

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