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I found out that all of the women in my family had made an Adult film.
Fbailey story number 600

Grandma, Mom, And My Sister Too

When I got home from school that Friday, I found a note from Mom telling me that she and my sister Dawn Marie had gone to see Grandma and that they would be spending the night. She said that she trusted me not to burn the house down and that I should order a pizza for my dinner. There was a twenty dollar bill with the note.

I had always wanted to stay home alone. While I had the chance I looked in my mother’s underwear drawer, I jerked off in my sister’s panties, and then I ran around the inside of the house naked. I even ran around the outside of the house naked. Then I searched the dirty clothes hamper for used panties and enjoyed a whole night of jerking off to the scents of my mother and my sister.

The next afternoon Mom and Dawn Marie came home with Grandma. They were excited to see that I had not destroyed anything while they were gone. Luckily they didn’t find the panties that I had used and put back in the bottom of the clothes hamper.

Mom said, “I’m going to fix us all a nice dinner. Why don’t you take this DVD up to your room and watch it. Don’t come out until you have watched it all. Understand?”

I agreed with her, took the DVD, and then I went up to my bedroom. I popped the DVD into my player and started to watch it.

Dawn Marie appeared on the screen and she smiled at me. She was wearing a very nice skirt and blouse with high heels. She was sitting in the wooden chair in Grandma’s bedroom. I recognized the background and the furniture.

Dawn Marie said, “Hello to all of you horny guys out there. I love the thought of you guys and some girls too, masturbating with me. You may be asking yourself…is this just another jerk-off movie…and I would have to say, no…this will be the best jerk-off movie that you have ever seen.”

“My name is Dawn Marie and I am thirteen years old, a natural blonde, and I have been masturbating since I was eleven. At that time I started my periods, my boobs started growing, and I got some fuzz on my pussy. I now wear a size 30-A bra, I’m still a virgin, but I’ve picked out the perfect guy to do it with the first time. That should make for another really good DVD.”

Then Dawn Marie started to do things and narrated them for me. “I’ll start by unbuttoning my blouse for you. As you can see I reveal more and more of my nice young flesh with each and every button. There, now you can see just a hint of my sexy pink bra. I just got it this morning at Victoria’s Secret. That’s how I knew that I was into a 30-A now. My titties are really growing. There I’m done with the buttons, so I’ll open it up for you and you can see how pretty my new bra really is. There, as you can see I fill it out pretty well but I’m still a growing girl. Someday I’ll have big ones like my mother and my grandmother do.”

“Now I’ll take it off for you. I have to reach back here to unhook it. It’s nice and stiff so it unhooks easily. Now to pull it off, oh yeah, my titties are tiny but Mom says that they are perfect. My nipples harden in the cool air and that excites me a lot.”

“I’ll take my skirt off for you now. There it’s loose now so I’ll lower it down just a little bit. You can see some of my pretty panties. They match my bra. There, my skirt fell to the floor and I’m standing here in just my panties. My brother would love to see me like this. He is always trying to catch me partially dressed. He doesn’t know it but I think about him whenever I masturbate. Just let me get these panties off and I’ll get on the bed for you.”

“I like my head on a pillow, my feet slightly apart, and my knees up, then down flat to the bed. That opens my pussy lips as you can see, exposing my pink insides. I usually put two fingers in my hole to get them wet and then I rub my clit very gently at first, building up as I go. I am right handed as you can see so I use my left hand to play with my right breast. I like to pinch and roll my nipple, it adds to my excitement.”

“I’m getting closer, I’m rubbing harder and faster, and…and…and there I go. Oh God, that feels so good. Oh yes. Oh damn. That was a good one too. I can’t help but wonder what a nice stiff cock will feel like inside me someday. I saw my brother’s cock once. It was an accident and it was quick but I’ll never forget it. He has a nice one. I’d suck for him if he ever asked me too.”

Dawn Marie then faded out and the screen went black. Soon Mom faded in.

“Hello boys. I’m Mommy and I’m thirty-two years old. I lost my virginity when I was fourteen and got married at seventeen. I had my son when I was eighteen and I had my daughter when I was nineteen. On our fifth wedding anniversary my husband told me that he had knocked up our sixteen-year-old babysitter and that he was leaving me to marry her. The funny thing was that on their fifth wedding anniversary he told her the very same thing. Yes, he knocked up their sixteen-year-old babysitter too. In two years we will see if he tells his third wife the same thing. He is such a jerk. I only married him because he knocked me up. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children very much and I wouldn’t trade either of them for all the money in the world.”

“I work in an advertising agency and this business suit is my normal attire, but today I’ll peel it off just for you. Like my daughter, I like to envision my son watching me undress and then masturbating me before he fucks my brains out.”

Mom stood up and turned slowly to give us a full view of her luscious figure. She was narrating her movements too. She removed her jacket and hung it on a clothes hanger like a proper lady would. She unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her new sexy yellow bra. As she placed it over the back of Grandma’s chair she explained that she wore a 34-C bra and that over the years she has learned to pull her arms out of the straps and crank it around to where she could unhook it from the front. She said that a lot of ladies she knew did the very same thing. She removed her bra, placed it over her blouse, and then she rubbed her big breasts with her hands. Mom’s areolas and nipples were much darker than my sister’s were. Mom then removed her skirt to show her matching yellow panties. As she turned around I could see that her panties were thong and that the strap in the back was tucked right into her butt cheeks. Mom bent way over to slowly pull them down her long legs and then she stood up naked. The camera got closer to her pussy as she said that she keeps it trimmed short and usually with a heart shape at the top on her love mound. Mom got on the bed and took another ten minutes to give herself three orgasms before the picture faded to black.

Grandma appeared on the screen. “You boys can call me Granny. I’m fifty years old, I lost my virginity to my father when I was eleven. My brothers fucked me every day until I ran away from home. I had three children by three different men. I never married any of the bastards though. I had a son at sixteen and at seventeen, and then I had my daughter at eighteen years old. When I did finally decide to get married, it was for love and it lasted until he died in the saddle, so to speak. My second husband used to kid me that he wanted to go the same way. One day he was thrusting into me like a jockey on a horse, he came, I came, and he died of a heart attack right there and then. My girlfriends started calling me The Fuck of Death.”

After that Grandma started to undress and talk to the camera. Her blouse came off then she unhooked her bra from the front. It was like Dawn Marie’s bra and Mom’s bra but black in color. It was a front clasp and it was a 38-DD. Grandma sure had big ones! When she was finally naked she had a hairy bush between her legs. Her lips opened up, her gaping hole was exposed, and her clit glistened. Grandma rubbed herself, screamed out loudly, and she gave herself so many orgasms that I lost track.

The screen faded to black one more time and then reveled Dawn Marie, Mom, and Grandma. There were all naked, standing next to one another, and facing the camera.

Mom said, “Honey we only made this one copy for you. We want to add a scene with all of us girls in it together…but we need you to film it for us. We can sell it on the Internet and maybe make a fortune doing it. Those child porn guys will love Dawn Marie.”

Grandma said, “We could really use the money.”

Dawn Marie said, “We have ideas for more DVDs too. Would you like to take my virginity on film?”

Mom talked again and said, “If you like the idea of helping us make more DVDs then just come downstairs naked and ask your sister for a blowjob. I’ll have the camera ready. We can use it in an upcoming DVD.”

I walked down the stairs, I was naked, and I said, “Dawn Marie I need a blowjob.”

She smiled at me and got down on her hands and knees and then she crawled across the linoleum floor to me. She sat back on her heels and she sucked my hard cock into her mouth. I sighed and then she pulled off from it and said, “I’ve never done this before so let me know if I do something wrong.”

Dawn Marie slipped her mouth over the head of my cock again and started sucking on it. It was the first time for both of us so neither one of us knew if she was doing anything wrong or not. It felt so good that I grabbed two handfuls of hair and started fucking her wonderful mouth. I think I gagged her a little and caused her to choke and cough but I was lost in the moment and not even aware that I was hurting her.

When I had finished cumming I pulled her head back but kept my fingers intertwined in her hair so that she couldn’t get away.

I said, “I’m sorry if I hurt you but it just felt so damn good to have it inside you.”

Dawn Marie replied, “It’s okay, I loved it, I want you to fuck my face just like that anytime that you want too.” There was a slight pause then, “I have two other holes too, you know.”

Mom turned off the camera and gave me a big hug. All three women were naked and Grandma pressed her big tits into my chest as she hugged me.

After dinner I got to film the three of them together in Mom’s bed. It sure wasn’t their first time. They already knew what the others liked and gave them the royal treatment. Mom and Grandma ganged up on Dawn Marie and practically caused her to pass out from sheer delight. Mom had a series of orgasms as her mother and her daughter worked her over. Then there was Grandma, she went off the deep end kissing her daughter, getting her big breasts mangled by her daughter, and her granddaughter shoving her fist up her pussy until she screamed in ecstasy. I had to admit that a good time was had by all.

Later that night Mom and Grandma wanted to show me some of the skills that they had learned as strippers. Yes, both my mother and my grandmother had been strippers when they started out.

Mom told me that she was the Queen of lap dances. To prove it she sat me in a kitchen chair and tied my hands to it with silk scarves. Then the music came on, Mom started to gyrate, and I was hard as a nail. God, she was good. She could get so close that I could feel the heat coming off from her pussy but she never touched me. Then she started slipping her pussy over the head of my cock and off again as if it were nothing. She had absolute control and aim. Just as I was about to cum she held her breasts so that I could cum on both of them. Then Mom licked my cum off from them as if she had done it a million times. Of course everything was filmed.

Then it was Grandma’s turn. She explained that in her day she was an exotic dancer and not just some bimbo stripper. She then proceeded to attach tassels to her nipples. Grandma then spun them both clockwise and then counterclockwise, she spun just one at a time in both directions, and then she spun them opposite to one another. She was impressive.

Grandma then went into the kitchen and we all followed her. She got a twelve-ounce bottle of beer out of the refrigerator and placed it on the floor. She then squatted down slipping her pussy down over it. She stood up taking the bottle with her, she walked across the floor, and then she squalled down until that bottle rested on the floor again. When she stood up the bottle stayed where it had been placed. Grandma then took a quarter and a shot glass off the counter. She stood the quarter up on end, squatted down over it and made it disappear. She walked across the kitchen, sat the shot glass on the floor, squatted down to within a few inches of that glass, and released the quarter. She was rewarded with a triumphant clink in the glass, a prefect shot. What control that woman had.

Dawn Marie told me that she didn’t have any skills like that yet but as soon as she does, she would show them to me. I can hardly wait.

Sunday was my day! It started out with me taking my sister’s virginity and loosing mine at the same time. It took place in her bedroom with her Princess sheets on her bed and her Princess bra and panties. Her hair was in pigtails to give her that little girl look. She really didn’t need that look because she really was a little girl.

We were brother and sister so of course we started out playing doctor. We undressed and I showed her mine and she showed me hers. We played touchy feelie for a while then I wanted to taste her pussy. That led to my getting so hard that it hurt. Finally out of desperation she allowed me to stick it in her pussy before I exploded. I liked it and she liked it. Soon we were into a rather anxious rhythm that took our breath away. We were both huffing and puffing when I felt the desire to shoot my cum into her womb. Dawn Marie felt her orgasm coming on. Then we melted in unison. It was the best feeling in the whole world…even better than cumming in her mouth. We could hardly move for a couple of minutes as we rested.

Mom asked, “How was it?”

Dawn Marie said, “I loved the feel of his cock inside me. I can hardly wait for him to do it again.”

Mom said, “Wait your turn girl, he is mine next, and then your grandmothers.”

I followed Mom into the living room where she did a very nice striptease. I got to enter her from behind as she knelt on her hands and knees over a coffee table. Her breasts were pressed into the glass top and flattened out nicely. When I plunged into Mom her ass cheeks jiggled a little, her spine was quite pronounced, and her shoulder blades rippled. Mom was in the throws of an orgasm and I was the one that was causing it. I grabbed onto her long hair and pretended that I was on a bucking bronco. A short while later I was pumping gobs of cum into her as she was screaming to God.

Grandma was next on the list but she didn’t want to wait. She wanted to be the one to get me hard and to make me soft again. She wanted to be on top and do all of the work. She also wanted me to last as long as possible. Grandma wanted to be last on my list. She said something about saving the best for last. I must say that I was really looking forward to it. I had already seen the control that she had with her pussy. She had gone straight from the beer bottle to grabbing a quarter with it.

It was my lucky day. Grandma latched onto my cock with her mouth and tried to suck my balls through my dick. She sucked the blood right into it and made it hard. Grandma straddled my face and let me breath in her scent, she slid her pussy right down my body leaving a slim trail as she went. When her breasts got to my face I latched onto one of her nipples and felt her pussy slipping over my cock. She pulled her nipple from my mouth, straightened up, and dropped onto me as hard as she could, forcing my cock up into her as far as it would go. I just lay there and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy muscles massaging my cock. It was sort of like what she did with her mouth but different. In a few minutes I could feel my climax coming on, Grandma felt it too, and then the fun began. She grabbed onto my cock like she did that quarter and lifted up off from me, she dropped down on it as if it were that beer bottle, and she did that until I started cumming in her.

Monday at school I seemed different and one girl noticed. Trish asked me if something had happened over the weekend. I almost told her but said that I had had sex for the first time. Trish asked me how it was and we talked during lunch and I walked her home after school. She asked me if I would have sex with her and make her first time as nice as my first time had been. I told her that we should talk to my mother about that. Reluctantly Trish asked her mother if she could eat dinner with me and we left.

Mom was impressed when I came home with a girl, so was Dawn Marie. Mom made Trish feel right at home. She suggested that we think about having sex for a while before we actually did it. Then Mom suggested that Trish let her film her loosing her virginity with me. The idea excited her but Mom wanted her to be sure about it and told Trish to think it over for a week or so before making up her mind.

I was impressed with the women in my life Grandma, Mom, and my sister too. They were wonderful, they loved each other, they loved me, and they found a great way to make money. Trish would fit in perfectly.

The End
Grandma, Mom, And My Sister Too
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