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Second part to the School Series.
Enjoy ;)

School Series-I'm a Virgin!

"I want to learn how to fuck my teacher." I heard the words come out of mouth, but I wasn't sure what was happening to me. All the sudden I wanted to do what he was doing to that other girl.

Mr. Teman turned around, and saw that I was naked and slowly a smile formed on his lips. Realizing that I wanted to see how he tasted I walked toward him, and allowed him to kiss me. His lips were soft, and taste like cherry lip gloss, probably from that girl. His arm loosely wound around my waist, his hand lightly on my stomach. I felt his dick pressing up against me. I felt his hand move up to cup my breast, and he slowly headed south. Stopping to kiss and suck on my nipples as he backed me up against the wall.
"You really want to do this?" Stopping to look me in the eyes waiting for me to answer.
"Yes. I really want--" His lips crush mine before I could even get the whole sentence out.
"Call me Josh by the way." He shrugged out of his shirt, and took my hand to put it in his pants.
"Is this your first time?" Pushing my hand deeper, and deeper.

A lot of things ran through my mind, I didn't say anything, and I didn't have to before he told me to take off his pants. I undid his pants, and tossed them aside. Then getting on my knees I pulled down his boxers as well. I wasn't surprised to see his penis rock hard, and pointing straight out. It was just as big before, maybe bigger. I took it in my hands and looked up at him. He knodded at me, and I took some of it in my mouth. And wow did it take amazing! Nothing I have ever tasted was compared to this. I start giving he the best blowjob I could. I heard him groan, and gave his dick a long lick. He pull me up and began kissing me. His kisses got harder, and he push me against the wall. His hand went down between my legs, and he began finger fucking me. My breathing got heavier, and so did his. I could tell he was enjoying this as much as I was. His lifted me up, and laid me down gently running his hands all over my body.

Josh leaned down, brought his face close to mine and kissed me. His tongue drove into my mouth, making my heart wildly. I loved the way Josh kissed me with so much passion and intensity. I didn’t want him to stop. Josh got on top of me, his body weight pressing down onto me; his hard dick grinding against my stomach, his hot breath on my neck. He postioned his dick at the entrance of my labia.
"This might hurt a bit. Your a virgin right?" He said pushing just a bit more.
"Yeah..I'm a virgin." I whispered.
"You won't ever tell anyone about us doing this will you?" He asked drawing imaginary lines up and down my stomach.
"Of course not. I want this. What happens, happens no matter what. I'm on the pill anyways. So don't worry about anything." I say watching his finger.

Josh rub the wet head of his cock. He rubbed up and down the shaft slowly, until his dick was hard as wood. His large hands immediately found their way to my ass and he squeezed it tightly. He lowered his head, brought his face close to mine, and kissed me, hard and long. His wet, hot tongue drove into my mouth again and our tongues clashed and caressed each other. All the sudden he thrust very hard into me. I scream into his mouth, pain taking over, and he began the best fucking I have ever had.

All the tim he thrust harder, and harder into me. His kisses only got sweeter, and I only wanted him more. My vagina hurt, but in a good way. His dick felt so hot inside me.
"Damn." He growled. "Your so fucking tight!"
He lifted my body to pess me aganist him, and leaned down to kiss my breast. He'd kiss the left, and suck on the right taking his time. Enjoying me while I enjoyed him. Josh groaned and his body went still. Then I felt him blow his cum straight up into me. It was a big blow, and it set me off too. I moan and he started fucking me once the he shoot the last drop. He ground his hips softly against me as we kissed.
"Lay on your stomach. I'm going to fuck that ass of yours." He said very soft and gently to me.

I did what he wanted me to do because I wanted it so badly. This was that best fucking day of my life. Now I knew what I had been missing when the girls all talked about sex with their boyfriends. Josh pushed my legs back so that my buttcrack would open, and he could get to the hole easier. Josh spit on his dick to get it wet, and then on my ass whole. Then he gently push his finger inside my butt. I instinctively clenched my ass together, trapping his finger inside of me. But when I got used to the feeling of Josh's finger inside of me, I relaxed and he began to slowly, and very carefully fuck me. He got faster and faster until I was almost at the verge of begging Josh to just shove his dick into my ass. Josh knew that I was waiting for him to stick the real thing in, so he snatched his finger out, flattened his body on mine. He pressed his dick into me, and slow started to enter me. At first it hurt like hell, but it got better, and soon he was thrusting in me just like before. It felt just as good, maybe even better.

Josh fucked me for almost almost a hour. In the ass, in my vagina, and even in my mouth. I loved every moment of it. But I didn't want him to fuck other girls, and when I looked in his eyes I knew he wanted only me. When we were done I text my mom, and told her I was staying over at a friends house. That I wouldn't make it home, and I just come in the mourning to get my things. It was Friday anyway.
"Are you going home to pick up some clothes first before we head to my house?" He ask wrapping his arms around my waist.
"No, I'll just borrow your clothes." I said turning to face him. He leaned down and kissed me. Then turned to get his stuff gathered. "So then it's official, your mine."
"All yours." He said grabbing the last of his things. He wrapped an arm around me, and we walked out of the school together to his car. There was nobody around so we didn't have to worry.

He drove to his apartment downtown, and he carried me inside to his bed. We amde out for a few minutes, and then we fucked. We fucked all night, and fell asleep in one anothers arms. He fell asleep, but I didn't. I stay away thinking about what would happen if the girl didn't like not getting to fuck Josh again because of me. Would she say anything to anyone?

Hope you like!

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2011-09-07 20:18:46
Work on your words. You should read over the story once or twice. Good story line though. You can do a lot with it. Just watch how you end them and add more details... you will be fine...

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